Oak Veneered Skirting Boards

Here at SkirtingBoards.com, we offer a wide range of Oak Veneered Skirting Board profiles all available to order online today via our online shop. We never compromise on the quality when manufacturing our Oak Veneered Skirting boards, buy online from the UK’s most trusted Skirting Board supplier.

Veneered skirting are relatively new products that didn’t exist many years ago. It is more environment-friendly, more cost-effective, more stable than real wood and still maintains the wood finish most clients want.

Veneered skirting has moisture resistant MDF underneath, with one or more layers of real wood on top. With the MR MDF skirting boards underneath, it makes the products more stable so it is unlikely to bend, cup, or shake as most real wood products do. And also you wouldn’t have dead knots like a lot of real wood skirting boards.

I found this site, they offer double fleece veneered skirting boards, which means they put one layer in one direction and another layer on top in a different direction, so when you cut the skirting boards, you wouldn’t end up with a rough or split top as most of the single fleece veneered skirting boards would. Also with two layers of wood, not only you get the beautiful grain from the wood but also the skirting boards can take oil, lacquering products very well.

Commonly, there are two main materials — oak veneered and walnut veneered because oak and walnut are the most popular wood for floorings, furniture, doors etc. A layman normally wouldn’t tell the difference between the veneered skirting boards and the solid oak or walnut skirting boards, because they have the same wood finish but just with a less of a price tag. A lot of high-end showrooms use veneered products to achieve their desired designs.