fitting skirting boards

This Christmas, you might be thinking that its about time that you gotten around to fitting skirting boards that have been sitting around in your garage for months that need fitting. But, you might find that you’re a few boards short. NO trouble! drop us a line for those additional skirting boards and you’ll be fitting them in no time!!

ThermoWood Timber Cladding

A unique and extremely durable timber cladding product is known as ThermoWood Timber Cladding, a heat treated timber which makes for a fantastic cladding product.

Bathroom Cladding

We are happy to announce the launch of our new product range, which is exclusive in the UK for heat treated wood, which ensure that the wood will not move, bend, warp or otherwise change shape when in contact with water.

Essentially the glucose is removed from the wood when it is heat treated and therefore is unable to take on any water of moisture.

This makes it perfect for use for bathroom cladding and bathroom ceiling cladding

However if you still prefer to use Bathroom UPVC Cladding, we have a great range of that, too.

MDF Skirting Boards

MDF Skirting Boards are available in a full range of profiles. If you are looking for long length boards that are double primed and sanded, then we are the only UK supplier that will use MR (Moisture Resistant MDF) that you will buy with confidence and receive back the best quality products are you use us comfortable and easily to fulfill all of your MDF Skirting Boards orders and requirements


Window Boards

At you are able to puchase window boards at variable sizes, widths, finishes and thicknesses. If you are decorating your home, rebuilding or otherwise designing an interior, you will need window boards to finish the job. be sure to check them out here! check here for details

Timber Merchants

We have recently acquired a partnership that will ensure that we are the most effective Timber Merchants that you are likely to find in the UK – whatever your timber requirements are, give us a call and we’ll provide what you need.