Unique skirting profiles

At skirtingboards.com we pride ourselves on bringing you unique skirting profiles that you cannot find anywhere else.

New in this endeavour are:

Jazz 2
Modern 2

Take a look at these design on our mdf skirting page

If however you’re looking for a more standard skirting, check out our ogee skirting ( ogee skirting boards )

Oak Skirting – A thing of beauty.

So how come we’re so enthusiastic about skirting boards? Well.. It dates back to my father being a wood machinist by trade, and my interest in the beautiful natural qualitites of wood began to grow (no pun intended …)

So now, over 30 years later here I am – making beautiful oak skirting and oak architrave.

I’m so proud of the quality of products we produce, and am pleased to show in detail the accuracy and beautiful finish we are producing – and making my father proud of our business. I give you oak skirting – in all its beauty:


Wooden Flooring

We’ve recieived a number of requests for quality wooden flooring lately, so we’ve decided that its only best if we serve our loyal customer base with what they require!

So, if you’re after solid wood flooring, click flooring, laminate flooring, or any other hardwood flooring just give us a call and we’ll give you a competitive quote whilst guaranteeing the very best quality as with all of our products!