UPVC / PVC / PVCU Skirting Boards

We’re having a flurry of orders in for Plastic, A.K.A UPVC Skirting boards, or.. PCV Skirting Boards or.. PVCU Skirting Boards.. well, you get the idea… They’re basically Plastic Skirting Boards which offer a great way of low maintenance skirting which also offer the great function of covering up your old skirting boards instead of ripping them off and having to redecorate the walls and replaster everywhere…

This has been in fact the primary request for these boards, because many work-from-home builders are now using the fastest, cheapest and easiest methods of decorating and redecorating without it looking as though its been done on a shoestring!

So when you’re looking at softwood skirting boards and mdf skirting boards, give a second thought to upcv skirting as alternative! The added bonus is that they come in longer lengths too …

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Torus Skirting

Torus Skirting is often confused with other profiles, since there are a few different types of Torus Skirting. You may have seent the Torus profile with a very deep rounded section, or perhaps the rather shallow rounded section – but either way, they do go by the same name, often deliminated as Torus 1, Torus 2 and so on …

One of the most common things which is quite peculiar, is that people always point out ogee skirting and ask, “Is this Torus Skirting” ? How odd? I’m not sure where this fairly common mistake has arisen from but please don’t worry if you find yourself in this crowd – some skirting board profile names have been interchanged over time, and as always its the result that counts. Just make sure that you give us a photo of the skirting profile you’re trying to match, we’ll double check for you and make sure your order is ideal!

For a final check, here is our Torus video hosted on youtube.com on our Skirting Boards channel SkirtingBoards.TV

Wooden Toy box ! from SkirtingBoards.com

Here at SkirtingBoards.com we’re now moving into some great wooden projects, including wooden toy boxes – just let us know what custom design you would like, with Christmas just around the corner it would make an idea Christmas Gift !!

Skirting Boards – Toy Box

Tox boxes available from SkirtingBoards.com!

You can also get skirting boards direct from us


Ogee Skirting … the test of time?

Whether its oak ogee skirting, or mdf ogee skirting, it would seem that ogee skirting has stood the test of time, and remains to be one of the leading profiles we’re selling at skirtingboards.com.

If you want to take an even closer look at our ogee profiles, we have a close up video on our youtube channel SkirtingBoards.TV – in fact, we have videos of many skirting profiles there too, but for ogee:

Fixing Skirting Boards

We had a great chat with a customer today about fixing skirting boards. He had assumed that it was still a requirement to use nails and a good ol’ hammer … Not the case, fixing skirting boards could not be easier these days, with a simple Tube of Adhesive, accurate cutting and very little time your skirting boards can be fixed !

You can buy Skirting Adhesive from SkirtingBoards.com in our Accessories section.

Pine Skirting?

You got it.

SkirtingBoards.com have received numerous requests for pine skirting as an alternative to MDF Skirting. Why? We believe it because MDF Skirting Boards require you to have quite a straight, flat, and very well plastered wall prepared before you fit skirting boards.

Pine and softwood skirting boards may give you a little more leeway when fitting skirting. Also you have the option of planing the skirting, before fitting whereas MDF will not take so well to planing it DIY!

Pine skirting also offers you a cost effective decoration line if you’re going for the less expensive options for example a buy to let property or the ‘spare room’ !

If you need Pine Skirting Boards – email now with your enquiry for the best prices at [email protected]

Skirting of the moment …

Walnut skirting boards and ogee skirting boards are all the rage right now, as customers are going for higher quality, beautifully finished walnut skirting boards with a standard and sleek ogee design from skirtingboards.com

See our SkirtingBoards.TV profile video for ogee skirting boards here:



Antique Skirting Board – a profile up close!

SkirtingBoard.com have an offering of an antique nature … These antique skirting boards are based on a profile centuries old, from the days of base boards and the very origin of skirting boards.

Those of you with a an affinity to all things old and antique, then antique skirting is just the thing to make your home look oldy-worldy and give it a sense of tradition …

You can see our antique skirting profiles on skirtingboards.com

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