About MDF

MDF is a medium density fibre material that is used in place of other timbers to product skirting boards to reduce costs of decorating and building work. MDF Skirting Boards offer a low maintenance neat finish to the decorating whilst using a material that is sourced from fast growing trees which are replaced in less than a third of the time needed to replace other hardwood trees. Traditional houses will generally be found with basic MDF skirting and architraves and a standard range of profiles such as ogee, torus, bevelled and bullnose. Although inspired by Victorian design architecture, Victorian style skirting boards are not often found in Victorian era housing however they do offer a nice match with decor of this particular style.

Producing MDF Skirting Boards, architraves and other mouldings in our factory is a very specialist production chain. We must ensure that the correct machinery and cutting tools are used for cutting and profiling the MDF to result in a neat finish that will last for many years. MDF sheets are bought in large packs of many sheets before being cut into boards of specific board heights such as 100mm – often referred to as 4 inch boards, 125mm which is also referred to as 5 inch boards, and 150mm boards which is referred to as 6 inch boards. At skirtingboards.com however we now offer you a much wider range of profile sizes including 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 165mm, 170mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 270mm and 300mm as standard. The thickness of the skirting boards we do is normally 18mm as this is the industry standard. However, with the mature production skill we have, we are capable to do 15mm, 25mm and 38mm as customized thickness subject to the quantity

Profiles have generally been limited to the aforementioned 4 profiles, ogee, torus, bullnose and bevelled. This is mainly because the production is a specialist process. At skirtingboards.com, we offer 19 different profiles including Ogee, Torus, Victorian, Bullnose, Antique, Bevelled, Chamfered, Georgian, Jazz, lambs Tongue, Modern, Ovolo, 323, 324, 327, 330, Reeded-1, Reeded-2 and Reeded-3. Lots of local timber merchants have great difficulty to do customized profiles outside of their limited profile tooling. This is because it is very costly and difficult to have the specific profile tool made. With the specialist machinery and tools we have, producing customized profiles is not a problem as we have the machines and know how to produce those profiles, giving us a lots advantage compared with standard retail stores and local timber merchants.

In many hotels and office buildings you will find MDF used for a variety of purposes. You will see Fire extinguisher backboards made from MDF, to window sill boards also made from MDF and even walls and partitions also may have MDF panels inserted to form a cost effective solution.

In modern days to reduce cost of a good looking finish, MDF skirting and architrave can be covered with an oak or other hardwood veneer, giving a very effective and expensive look to a product, whilst keeping the costs down. Customers can refer to this as oak veneered MDF skirting or architrave or moulding.

MDF skirting architrave and mouldings will have no tendency to split because they are what is known as Isotropic, meaning ‘no grain’. This gives the skirting a great consistency in strength, size and flexibility. They can therefore be sued for curved walls and surfaces as it shapes very well. This is very true of the modern forms that have multiple slots scored to make the material easily formed into shapes.

Here at skirtingboards.com we take great care when manufacturing our products, as cutting skirting and mouldings from MDF releases lots of particles into the air, so we therefore need to use specialist dust collectors in a large air ventilation system to keep the workers safe from this dust. This is another reason you are much safer to purchase your products from us that to attempt to create them at home.

MDF Skirting Boards and mouldings are used much more these days in shopfitting industry.

MDF skirting and architrave takes very well to priming and then painting any colour of choice, which offers a great match to any décor you may have and any range of colours that you choose. White priming is standard, but we will also offer white finish on request.