About Us

When producing MDF skirting boards, there are several methods of production they go through for machining, finishing and profiling. The MDF has a compressed and smooth surface making the skirting easy to paint and finish afterwards giving a long life to your skirting boards. We produce some skirting boards from MDF in bulk using a high-tech moulder which produces hundreds of metres of mdf skirting every minute, in a given profile. The machine will then prime, sand, and reprime the mdf skirting boards so that it is finished with a semi-finished surface which at most will require a final coat of paint. Our other method for producing mdf skirting allows us to produce a much fuller range of skirting boards from MDF, as we produce our own cutting tools for profiling the skirting, and then put them through a specially equipped spindle moulder to create the mould we are making. The priming for these boards is usually hand-sprayed and will therefore require a light sanding before a final coat is applied. This has the added bonus of protecting the mdf skirting from moisture until the sanding and final coat are applied for finishing and fixing the skirting boards to the wall.