What are Architraves? Quite simply the purpose of an Architrave is to hide the join between the Door Liner or Casing and the Wall where it meets. They have evolved over the years to become not only a necessary functional moulding but a design feature also. If you look at some of the Grand Houses from the Victorian and Edwardian eras where the Architraves go way beyond what is required and are very wide and flamboyant with lots of detail and intricate profiling. These days properties are much smaller and doorways much narrower. It is possible to replicate these Architraves on a much smaller scale, still retaining the Style and image of a Traditional property. Through the Art Deco period and up to the Modern day Architraves have evolved to mirror the style and in some cases decadence of the particular periods, so whatever style your property is there are Architraves that will enhance the look and feel of your property. It is a fact that Architraves are overlooked in many cases and unsuitable ones are fitted for the benefit of cost or lack of thought. If the right size, profile, thickness and finish Architraves are fitted, then in many cases properties have sold more quickly and for a higher price because of the owners’ attention to detail and forethought, in summary, we think Architraves are as important as Skirting board from both a design and functionality perspective.