MDF Skirting Boards

There are a whole range of skirting boards  in the market for your pickings. MDF has been the most popular in recent years because it is a great quality material made from medium density fibre which is a bit like wood pulp that is compressed to make it hard, then cut into square sheets of MDF. These sheets are then sliced up in to thin strips of mdf which are ready to be profiled. Once profiles you have perfectly formed MDF Skirting Boards

Any other types of skirting boards are going to be in oak, pine or some other type of wood.

skirting boards uk

Did we mention that we are skirting boards uk? Just in case, we are… whether it be oak, mdf, pine walnut, beech, ash or whatever other kind of skirting boards this is the place you want to be – dont go anywhere else because chances are you’ll get ripped off and end up with something you didnt ask for.


We are expert suppliers of anything walnut. Walnut is a fantastic dark coloured wood with a fantastic and distinguishable walnut grain. Walnut is used primarily to create walnut door frames,walnut door stops, walnut doors, walnut skirting boards, walnut veneered skirting boards and a luxury range of furniture.


Walnut is often known as Black American Walnut because this describes both its origin and qualities in a name. If you are at all intersted in Walnut and would like to find a good supplier, please give us a call because we are the best in the industry.