Krylon’s 2019 Color of the Year: Gloss Gum Drop

Krylon, a brand of Sherwin-Williams, just announced its 2019 color trends and its color of the year, a lush purple named Gloss Gum Drop. In addition to announcing Gloss Gum Drop, Sherwin-Williams already revealed the Valspar + HGTV Home 2019 color trends.

Krylon proves that you don’t necessarily need a paint brush to achieve perfect color. The 2019 color trends also prove that spray paint is versatile enough to achieve a variety of looks, ranging from rustic to urban. Rachel Skafidas, senior color designer at Krylon, gave Freshome the scoop on the new colors.

Gloss Gum Drop

Gloss Gum Drop by Krylon

The story behind Gloss Gum Drop

“Gloss Gum Drop is a warm, comforting and reassuring shade of purple that nods to a simpler time,” Skafidas says.  She also adds that it’s a nostalgic shade that pays homage to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. “During that time, our world was ever-changing and unstable, yet we looked to the future with hope and optimism,” Skafidas explains.  “We saw this color in patterns from fashion to decor and the hue gave us comfort and happiness.” She points out that, because of its healing properties, this nurturing color is a timely choice. “We see it forging ahead to give us that same feeling of hope moving forward.”

2019 color stories

Krylon’s three color stories of the year are Rustic Country, Urban Workshop and Expressive Color. Gloss Gum Drop is a part of the Rustic Country palette. Above all, says Skafidas,“One of the key drivers for the Rustic Country trend is nature and the comfort its colors bring to us.” She adds that “Most tend to think of blues and greens when thinking of colors from nature but light purple is also there in sunrises and sunsets, gemstones and flora.” Since the color is meant to be comforting and healing, she says it works perfectly in this palette.

Rustic Country

So, how can you use Gloss Gum Drop in your home?  “Inspiration for our Rustic Country palette is the landscape that surrounds us,” Skafidas says.  “Utilizing it for decor and accessories and pairing it with other colors from this palette will make it a new favorite for DIY enthusiasts.” Since it’s a fun and cheerful color, she says it also pairs well with mattes, metallics, and glitters. The other colors in the Rustic Country collection additionally include Matte Sweet Fig, Chalky Finish Bonnet Pink and Metallic New Penny.

“For Rustic Country, bring nature indoors in a real and figurative way by refreshing accessories in your home with botanical embellishments,” Skafidas says. ”Simply spray painting an old vase and filling with fresh flowers can invite a sense of calm into the room.”

Urban Workshop

The second color palette is Urban Workshop. Skafidas describes this collection as fearless and imaginative.  “Makers and designers can extend individuality beyond their comfort zones by creating experimental designs,” she says. “Try exploring alternative materials such as ceramic, stone or perforated metal, and using typography with these bold colors.”  The other colors in the Urban Workshop collection also include Gloss Popsicle Orange, Stained Glass Cranberry Red, and Matte Deep Gray.

Expressive Color

The third color palette is Expressive Color. Skafidas describes it as appealing to the dreamer that resides in all of us. “For Expressive Color you can express your imagination through color and craft by using pixelated color patterns to bring a festive mood to unexpected projects and spaces,” she says. Colors in this collection also include Satin Iris, Metallic Iron Ore and Gloss Blue Hyacinth.

So, how did they curate the three new color palettes of the year? “Our color forecasting process involves a yearlong observation of movements in various industries and we then zero-in to the trending colors that are inspired by the landscape of lifestyle trends at home,” Skafidas explains. “The trends showcase an optimistic hope; the color palettes are forward-thinking and meant for the gentle soul, the rebel and the dreamer in all of us.”

What do you think of Krylon’s Gloss Gum Drop and three different color stories for 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Table Setting

If you’re planning a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure everything is just perfect. And even if you’re single, it can be fun to have a Valentine’s Day gathering just among friends. The best way to set the mood for the day is to make sure you have an amazing Valentine’s Day table setting.

There are several ways to go about decorating a table for Valentine’s Day, from bright pink accents to bold heart designs to classy Victorian-chic styles. Below are several ideas for getting the right Valentine’s Day vibe at your dining room table.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Neon Pink

Neon pink and white is a wonderfully chic color scheme. Image: Love, Thomas

Neon Valentine’s Day Table Setting

One of the cutest upscale ways to get a Valentine’s Day table setting is to go for bright neon pink shades. Neon shades give just about anything an uplifting, modern and artsy feel. You can see how some classy neon pink candles set the tone in the table setting above. Little accents, like the pink drink umbrellas and circles on the tablecloth, make the pink color well-integrated with the rest of the table. And by balancing the pops of neon pinks with plenty of white, you keep this concept grounded and chic.

Another great aspect of this style is how elegant, yet relaxed, it is. The neon pink and white give a classy look, but laidback elements like the drink umbrellas and flowers in jars keep the layout casual. This would be a good table setting for a gathering between friends or a very casual date.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Rustic Red

Make a table setting pop with bright accents of cherry red. Image: KayLovesVintage

Rustic Red Accents

Red is another great design choice for Valentine’s Day. Bright cherry reds really pop in a space and bring the whole area to life. Using red accents on a Valentine’s Day table setting is a wonderful way to celebrate the season in a bold and classy way.

One example is the table setting in the photo above, which makes use of some gorgeous rustic red accents. The old-style red lanterns help set a rustic tone, along with the wax-dripped heart candleholders. Added candles in votive holders keep this style on track, since nothing says rustic and romantic like plenty of candles. The red berries also keep things looking natural and rustic.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ruby Frog

Layer plenty of textures on top of each other for a classic look. Image: Willadsen Design

A Romantic Vibe

Another idea is to go very traditionally romantic. The table setting in the photo above does a wonderful job of layering different textures on top of each other. This creates a classic table setting.

The white, textured doily contrasts well with the woven red tablecloth. Different textures in the candleholders create plenty of visual interest. Little accents, like the pearls and rubies, give a very romantic, upscale feel. And the creative element of the jeweled frog adds even more character to this classic table setting. Classic dinnerware with a flower pattern rounds out the romantic tone. It would be a great table setting for the most romantic of dates.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Victorian Romantic

The Victorian look is all about a romantic feeling. Image: Comfy Dwelling

Modern Victorian

Speaking of going classic, you might also want to try a Victorian table setting for Valentine’s Day. What makes the Victorian style so applicable to this holiday is the use of romantic flower prints, which were common in the era. It gives you a wonderful excuse to incorporate plenty of pink flower prints into the dishes, like on the teacups and plates in the photo above.

The Victorian style is also one of timeless romance. It’s dominated by fine textures like lace and bold flower textures like bouquets. And by aiming for the lighter shades of white and pink, like in the photo above, you can keep this look firmly in the modern Victorian realm.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Seaside Theme

Combine pink elements with seaside themes for a surprising take on the holiday. Image: The Home

Subtle Beachside Theme

Most people probably don’t think to combine subtle Valentine’s Day accents with a beach theme. But that’s what makes it so special and creative. You can see in the photo above how subtle pink accents combine with rustic pieces, like the driftwood candleholders and the classic lanterns.

The elements that could make this a Valentine’s Day table setting are exceptionally subtle, as you can see in the pink macarons and the pink candles. What this means is they don’t overpower the seaside theme. It’s a wonderful idea to use if you’re spending the holiday in a seaside resort and you want to make the night special.

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These Bathtubs Will Make You Want to Soak for Hours

While most people prefer to take showers, there’s something about being able to soak in a bathtub that’s downright therapeutic. You can just sit and relax in a tub in a way that’s not possible when you take a shower. Being submerged in water can actually relieve stress and soothe aching muscles. And when you add bubble bath – well, that’s another level of relaxation.

If you’re a shower person, these bathtubs might change your mind. Here’s what you need to know.

The Most Popular Bathtubs

ArchiViz/Getty Images

A white, freestanding bathtub is the runaway favorite. Image: ArchiViz/Getty Images 

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2018 Design Trends report, 87 percent of professionals (designers, remodelers, architects, dealers and manufacturers) list freestanding tubs as their favorite. White is the dominant fixture color, with 78 percent of respondents choosing it over silver/gray or beige tones.

Get a Room with a View

TMSK/Getty Images

The view doesn’t get better than this. Image: TMSK/Getty Images

A bathtub with a scenic view allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while submerged in one of the world’s most precious resources.

Use Natural Light and Materials

Runna 10/Getty

Natural light brings the outdoors inside. Image: Runna10/Getty Images

Even if you can’t get a spectacular view, natural light can help to make your soaking time more enjoyable. However, exercise caution to ensure that your bathtub isn’t visible to your neighbors.

Consider Practicality

“Everyone loves a beautiful, freestanding soaking tub, and they are now one of the most commonly requested items when it comes to a master bath remodel,” says Mina Fies, the creator of the Renovation Roadmap and Founder & CEO of Synergy Design & Construction.

light and airy

A light and airy bathtub. Image: Synergy Design & Construction

However, she says that bathtubs shouldn’t just be beautiful to look at – they should also be used. “Good design takes usage into consideration. This freestanding Victoria + Albert bathtub is made of volcanic limestone and is a beautiful focal point and refuge for relaxation,” she says. “A linear wall niche accented in glass and stone mosaic tile adds a convenient spot to store bathing essentials – or a glass of wine.”

Choose Flooring Carefully

Asbe/Getty Images

Flooring should be durable and waterproof. Image: Asbe/Getty Images

Bathtubs are heavy and, when filled with water and the weight of your body, they’re even heavier, which puts a lot of weight on your floor. Proper floor joists and framing can ensure that your subfloor doesn’t sag, which could damage your floor and cost a significant amount of money to repair or replace.

Also, you need a durable floor that is water resistant (and, preferably, water proof), like tile.

Consider Hot Water Needs

Kooogle/Getty Images

Make sure you have hot water when you need it. Image: Kooogle/Getty Images

“The biggest mistake people make when finally getting their dream bathtub is overlooking whether or not their current hot water system is capable of producing enough hot water to fill some of these tubs,” explains Jarret Acevedo, a master plumber and owner of Jarret Acevedo Plumbing and Heating. “Always have a qualified plumber come in and size up your system to make sure it meets the demands of your new tub. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of cold showers and baths.”

Water Conservation

Runna10/Getty Images

There are several views from this bathtub. Image: Runna10/Getty Images

Your bathtub can hold a lot of water and it’s tempting to try to fill it with as much water as possible. While this may sound relaxing, it’s also wasting a lot of water. The City of San Diego’s Water Conservation site actually recommends shallow baths with no more than three inches of water in a bathtub. You’re probably not going to do that, but you should try to conserve water, which will also help you save money on your water and electricity bills.

Care and Cleaning

Katherine Zenteno/Getty Images

Nibble and sip while relaxing in the bathtub. Image: Katherine Zenteno/Getty Images

“Many homeowners are concerned about the maintenance and cleaning required in hard-to-get places behind the tub,” Fies says. “However, there are new designs on the market that look like they are freestanding but are actually attached to the wall, which makes them easy to clean.”

When cleaning your bathtub, a soft, damp sponge or cloth and a small amount of dishwashing liquid are usually enough. Don’t use brushes, steel wool, scouring pads or other abrasive materials that can scratch or chip the finish.

Resale Value


onurdonel/Getty Images

What buyer wouldn’t want this bathtub? Image: onurdongel/Getty Images

According to Jennifer Baldinger, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty in Scarsdale, NY, “Bathtubs are one of those things that buyers want to have but rarely use once they have them.” Baldinger says sellers believe they must have a bathtub for resale value. “I’m not sure who is right or wrong, but a new bathtub is certainly beautiful to look at in a bathroom.”

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What Classifies A House Style: What Makes A Bungalow Home?

If you’ve been paying attention to architectural trends lately, you know that bungalows are back in a big way. With that in mind, we thought it was the perfect addition to our What Classifies A House Style series. Keep reading to learn what makes this architectural style so unique and why the bungalow home has held a special place in our hearts for so many years.

bungalow home

Bungalows originated in Bengal, India. Image: M Valdes Architects PLLC

History of the bungalow home

The word “bungalow” derives from the Hindustani word “bangala,” meaning “belonging to Bengal.” Bungalow houses were first constructed in Bengal, India in the mid-nineteenth century. At the time, India was under British rule and the ambassadors who traveled there sought to design an informal, easily-constructed rest house to use during their visits.

Soon after, the style became popular in England and it was eventually brought over to America. Architect brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene are credited as the most influential early practitioners of this style in the United States.

Together, they designed bungalows in Pasadena, California. Their designs were well received and were highlighted throughout the country through popular magazines like House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping. Soon enough, pattern books featuring bungalow designs and complete mail order house kits became widely available, allowing the bungalow style to spread quickly across the country.


Bungalows come in many shapes and sizes. Image: Bovender Team with Allen Tate Realty

Types of bungalow homes

Believe it or not, not all bungalows are created equal. The bungalow home comes in many different variations throughout the country. We’ve listed a few of the most popular styles below. Read them over to get an idea of the different types of bungalows that exist in today’s design landscape.

Craftsman bungalow

The term “Craftsman bungalow” is used to describe classic bungalows, no matter where they might be located. Traditionally, these homes feature street-facing gables with shingled roofs. Additionally, they’re often painted or stained brown or dark green to blend with nature. Finally, they’re most known for their wide, overhanging eaves

California bungalow

Since the California bungalow is very similar to the Craftsman, the two can be told apart by the materials used in their construction. California bungalow home exteriors typically use stucco, wood – especially redwood – shingle and horizontal siding but not brick. However, other bungalow subtypes do use brick.


Modern styles have curved corners to provide a sense of motion. Additionally, they may have portholes or bulkheads. They’re usually made of materials like concrete, glass and brick. Meanwhile, the interiors are typically light and airy with modern touches.

Tudor revival

Tudor revival bungalows have steeply-pitched roofs with large, elaborate chimneys. Additionally, they feature wall cladding, tall and narrow windows and decorative half-timbering.

Prairie style

Prairie style bungalows were developed by an especially creative group of Chicago architects known as the Prairie School. Frank Lloyd Wright was among the members. These homes have massive piers, used to support their porch roofs, as well as rows of casement windows, broad and flat chimneys and contrasting wall materials and trim.


See the list below for some of the defining characteristics of bungalows. Image: Carl Mattison Design

Characteristics of a bungalow home

Even though there are many different types of bungalows, the style still has a defined set of characteristics that ties them all together. To that end, we’ve taken the liberty of listing some of those bungalow home characteristics below:


  • Balanced and well-proportioned, but not symmetrical, appearance from the front
  • A low, exposed roof, often with beams or rafters showing
  • A modest front porch or veranda
  • Square, tapered columns, sometimes called “bungalow columns”


  • Usually 1.5 stories
  • The front door opens to the main living space
  • An open floor plan that lacks a formal parlor or sitting room
  • Simple decorative accents
  • Plenty of built-ins as a means of decoration

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The Most Searched for Furniture Item in Each State

We’ve already talked about how Google can give us some pretty cool data when it comes to interior design, but the monster search engine is proving itself yet again. This time, Next Day Blinds analyzed Google shopping data for over a year to figure out what is the most searched for furniture item in each of the 50 states.

What did your state choose? Scroll down to find out.

furniture item

What’s the most searched for furniture item in your state? Image: Next Day Blinds

A breakdown of the results

A sectional was one of the two most searched for items, topping the list in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


Big or small, sectionals bring a feeling of warmth and comfort into a living or family room. Image: Niche Interiors

The TV stand also came in first in seven states, including Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Texas and Wisconsin.

tv stand

The TV stand is a staple element of any modern living space. Image: J.Fisher Interiors

A distant second, the hutch is favored in Delaware, Kansas and Nebraska.


A hutch is a classic piece that will never go out of style in your kitchen or dining space. Image: LIV Design Collective

Sofa tables were also favored in three states: Colorado, Maryland and Missouri.

sofa table

If you need more storage, consider using a sofa table in the room. Try stylizing the surface with some decor pieces to make it even more visually interesting. Image: JS Interiors LLC

Bar stools are popular in Idaho and Iowa.

bar stools

Bar stools don’t have to be for a bar. They’re great for finishing off a kitchen island. Image: Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Dining benches took the title in California and New Jersey.

dining bench

Looking for a way to make your formal dining room less formal? Try a dining bench in place of a few of your chairs. Image: Grand Floridian Builders, Inc.

Arizona and Florida prefer entertainment centers.

entertainment center

An entertainment center makes the perfect focal point for any living space. It provides function and organization all in one. Image: Scheinholtz Associates

Jewelry armoires are favored in Louisiana and Mississippi.


Those who love to dress to the nines should consider a jewelry armoire to put your prized pieces on display. Image: Jae Joo

Recliners took the prize in Oklahoma and West Virginia.


There’s nothing comfier than a recliner. Round out the look by adding a sofa for balance. Image: Christy B.

TV cabinets were the item of choice in New Mexico and Oregon.

tv cabinet

TV cabinets are great if you want to be able to hide the TV away when guests arrive. Image: Stiff and Trevillion

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming all voted for individual items. See them below:


Find your state on this list. Image: Next Day Blinds

Key takeaways from the study

living space

According to the results the living area is the most important space in the whole house. Image: BATC-Housing First Minnesota

Based on these results, we can gather a few key insights from the study.

  • Sectionals and TV stand are the #1 most searched home furniture item in 7 states each, tying for the highest number of any item included in the study.

  • 27 states chose an item specific to the living room, highlighting the importance of the room in the home.

  • The dining room, however, was the least searched room. Only 2 states searched for any accompanying furniture.
  • 5 of 14 states in the Midwest are searching for a TV stand the most, while 5 of 16 states in the South are searching for a sectional. However, states in the Northeast and West tend to all be searching for different items.

What do you think of these results? Will you be searching for your state’s top pick?

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Decorating Essentials for Your Airbnb Rental

airbnb Sofa ideas

A small, neutral sofa is perfect for a short-term rental. Image: Pottery Barn

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Vacation rentals like Airbnb offer home-like experiences that travelers crave. The most popular rentals have all the comforts of home, only better. Rental hosts try to create the ultimate retreat that brings guests back over and over again (after leaving fabulous reviews, of course). If you’re a vacation rental guest wondering what goes into an in-demand rental, or an Airbnb host looking for ideas to elevate your guest experience, we have your Airbnb decorating ideas here.

5 Basic Features Every Guest Craves:

  • Great Wifi: Today’s guests are often working while traveling, or at least looking to share photos of their trip. Slow internet can have a major impact on your reviews.
  • Comfy Beds: No matter how beautiful or trendy your Airbnb may be, an uncomfortable bed can quickly ruin the experience for your guests, and they will write about it online.
  • Info on How Things Work: The best hosts have put together a list of little quirks the house might have, like hot and cold water handles reversed in the bathroom. Having these details available also cuts down on panicked guest calls late at night. But don’t go overboard — a common complaint is finding notes everywhere, making guests feel like they may do something wrong at any moment.
  • Hangers and Closet Space: Guests who stay more than a night will want to hang clothes up, even if it’s in an armoire or on a rack.
  • Coffee: Even if your rental doesn’t have a kitchen, most travelers would like, or need, to have their coffee before venturing out for the day. A single-cup coffee maker is a nice touch.

Decorating a short-term rental is about more than just making your guests happy. Your online photos are a crucial part of your success as a host. When you’re starting with a new rental, or just adding fresh decor, your rental photos should be a consideration. Try thinking like a homeowner who stages their home for sale; your space will need that same level of attention to detail to attract new guests online. Here are our favorite decorating tips created especially for an Airbnb or short term rental.

Decorating Your Airbnb Living Room

Short Term Rental Sofa

A sleeper sofa like CB2’s Tandom Sleeper adds extra sleeping space in a stylish way. Image: CB2

Your Airbnb rental may have a dedicated living room or could be a studio with a seating area. Guests like to have a space where they can visit or watch TV without a hotel-bed vibe. A comfortable sofa is essential. Get it in a size as large as you can comfortably accommodate in the sitting area. If you’re only able to fit a love seat, an accent chair or ottoman can round out the seating. If your rental home sleeps more than one person, there should be enough seating for each person, even if that means a bench or dining chair pulled into the room.

Neutral colors are the best choice for sofas and other large furniture, especially in colors like brown and dark gray because they handle the wear and tear better than lighter colors. Your accent chairs and ottomans are where you can add color and pattern to give your space style and character.

Accent pillows and throw blankets are a design essential for vacation rentals. These are the decor items that not only express your home’s style, but add comfort for guests. 

Airbnb Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen & Dining Areas

Dishes for Vacation Rental

Pretty and colorful easy-care dinnerware is a no-hassle choice for short-term rental dining. Image: Joss & Main

You probably already know that the best Airbnb rental kitchen is stocked with essential cooking utensils appropriate for the type of facilities it offers, but choosing dinnerware is also important. Your choice of dinnerware can echo your color scheme and support your decorating theme. Kitchen accessories, like utensil holders and linens, matched to your dinnerware create a pulled-together look that guests remember.

Focus on Your Bedrooms – Because Your Guests Will

Short Term Rental Bedding

Colorful accents brighten up a neutral bedding set. Image: Wayfair

One of the smartest things you can do as an Airbnb rental owner is spend at least one night in your rental so you can experience it as your guests will. This is how you’ll know if the beds are comfortable, if your bedding is adequate for weather conditions and how everything works for a guest in your home. You could own the cutest Airbnb rental, but if your guests don’t get a good night’s sleep, it won’t matter.

Decorating your Airbnb sleeping spaces with complete bedding sets is easy and affordable. You can customize these pre-matched sets with extra accessories like pillows and throws. If you’re decorating more than one bedroom, buying two bedding sets in the same color scheme but different patterns lets you mix and match linens and accessories between the two rooms for a custom style.

Bathroom Essentials for Any Short Term Rental

Vacation rental bathroom ideas

A neutral chevron pattern gives a small bathroom a larger look. Image: Wayfair

Before you buy towels for your Airbnb rental, it’s a great idea to try them yourself at home. If you wouldn’t want to use them every day at home, you can assume neither would your guests. Soft and absorbent towels are must-haves for repeat rental guests. Plan to buy at least two sets of towels in your accent colors, matching your bed linens.

Bring the Indoors Outside With Decorated Outdoor Spaces

Airbnb decorating ideas outdoors

Set a colorful outdoor table to give guests more space to enjoy. Image: Pottery Barn

Your Airbnb decorating ideas shouldn’t end at the front door. If your vacation rental has outdoor space available to your guests, you’ll want to focus attention out there, too. In a small Airbnb rental, a comfortable outdoor area can give your guests additional space for relaxing.

When you think of your outdoor areas as an extra room and bring your style and color scheme outside, you can make your rental feel larger to guests. Adding an exterior dining area can really maximize your rental space, especially if there’s no room for one indoors. Colorful Adirondack chairs, outdoor pillows, rugs and fun tables can easily turn a patio into an outdoor living room. Look for low maintenance accessories that can be stored easily in bad weather.

If you’re thinking about listing your home on Airbnb, get started here.

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You’d Be Surprised What You Can Do with a Can of Spray Paint

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Spray paint is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to achieve the look you want. And the possibilities are endless. For example, if you find an object on sale but it’s not in the desired color, you can always just spray paint it. If you have old, outdated items, spray paint can transform them. And don’t forget there are TV programs dedicated to finding thrift store items, then painting and reselling them at a significantly higher price.

These are just some of the cool ways you can decorate with spray paint.

Spray Paint Ideas

metallic gold

Metallic gold makes everything look more expensive. Image: Rustoleum

According to Kymberlyn Lacy, Principal Designer at International Flair Designs, there are many things that you can refresh and restore with spray paint. “Add a little shimmer to old picture frames by spray painting them with a metallic gold, bronze or silver spray paint,” Lacy says.

“You can also revitalize old brass chandeliers with a vibrantly colored spray paint that coordinates with your room design.”

Krylon chairs

Depending on your color choice, you can make chairs look vintage or new. Image: Krylon

Here’s another good tip. “Paint wooden chairs or an old vintage piece of furniture to add a wow factor to your room design,” Lacy says.

colorshot teal green

Your imagination is the only limit. Image: Colorshot

“Spray paint works on wood, metal, plastic and more, so you can refresh a variety of existing items in your home with a whole new color palette,” explains Vanessa Aceves at Colorshot. “Use spray paint to update your flower pots and planters with color. Try using stickers or tape to mask off areas for creating cool shapes and patterns when spraying.”

spray paint 2

Experiment with different colors. Image: Colorshot

Chloe Tatoe at Colorshot explains, “You can choose an entirely new color family for maximum impact without spending a fortune on all new items.” For example, Tatoe recommends choosing a bold color to make an item the focal point of the room. “Then, surround it with more subdued, yet complementary, shades to help it pop,” she says. Tatoe encourages Freshome readers to go glam with metallic spray paint.

Appliance Spray Paint

red refrig

The red refrigerator brings this room alive. Image: Adam Butler Photography

If your appliances have seen better days, you can restore their natural beauty – or you can change colors completely – with appliance paint. That dingy white refrigerator can be transformed into a shiny new red one. Note: appliance paint is different from regular spray paint. It’s formulated for indoor metal surfaces and is moisture resistant and designed to withstand heat.

Spray Painting Tips

vintage vanity

A vintage vanity gets new life with an ombre paint job. Image: Krylon

While spray painting is relatively easy, Megan Abraham, Associate Brand Manager at Krylon, provides the following tips for the perfect paint job.

  • Before starting your project, read the label for safety and application instructions and always spray in a well-ventilated area.
  • To ensure a smooth finish, paint in the shade on days when humidity is low. As for technique, it’s recommended that you move the can back and forth, overlapping each spray pattern to ensure uniform coverage. The best way to do this is to start and stop spraying off of the object.
kitchen cart

A spray painted dorm kitchen cart. Image: Krylon

  • Use two to three light coats rather than one thick coat of paint. You’ll also want to be aware of the recoat times listed on the back of the can, which will tell you the optimal time to apply the next coat.
  • For the best results, use a spray paint primer whenever possible as it creates a clean, smooth surface that increases paint adhesion, seals your surface and ensures the true paint color is achieved.
  • Air bubbles are one result you don’t want to see after completing a spray paint project. To ensure a smooth, even finish, make sure the surface of your project is clean, dull and dry before spray painting. Also, it is best to spray paint when temperatures are between 55 and 75° F and humidity is below 60%. If you do have air bubbles on a project, allow the spray paint to dry before lightly sanding the surface area and reapplying.

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12 Stylish Ways to Get Organized in 2019

Get organized media cabinet

When your living room needs to get organized, a media cabinet with a decorative fireplace delivers much-needed storage space and a the bonus of  a warm, glowing focal point. Image: Kirkland’s

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We love the satisfaction of an organized home — and organizing doesn’t have to be a chore when you find the right products. The secret to organizing your home in 2019 is choosing storage pieces that you’ll enjoy using every day.

You can control clutter in your home by incorporating the perfect products into your decor.  It’s impractical to pack away items you don’t need every day, but will need often, into the back of a closet or basement. Clever storage options can hide that type of clutter, but keep it handy when you need it.

There are so many beautiful storage solutions available today. Here are a few of our favorites.

Organize your living room with stylish storage pieces

We use our living rooms for more than just watching TV now. Today’s living room often serves as a home office, casual dining space and a homework space. The secret to keeping your living room looking organized and attractive, while hosting a range of activities, is controlling clutter. Because the living room is used by everyone in the house, your storage solutions should be attractive and fit in with your decor.

Mid-Century Storage Bench

If you’re short on space in your living room, a storage bench works wonders near the front door. It offers flexible seating that you can pull into the room when guests arrive. An upholstered bench is also a smart choice for taking off shoes. Especially if you add a basket or two beneath it for shoes and boots. Image: AllModern

Organized Storage Bench

Turn any space near a door into a storage-friendly mud room with Pottery Barn’s Wade Bench. A dedicated mud room, or even just a spot near the an exterior door, can help you get organized on hectic mornings. Image: Pottery Barn

Bar cabinet ideas

We love to entertain, and a beverage cabinet is the ultimate indulgence for keeping your bar supplies organized. The Gray Barn Latigo Sonoma Oak beverage cabinet from Overstock allows plenty of space for the essentials, and storage space for extra supplies. This pretty cabinet can also hold dinnerware and accessories in a dining room. Image: Overstock

Organized Coffee Table

The right coffee table can double as a storage trunk in your living room. The Laurel Foundry Glenns Storage Trunk has a slender silhouette but offers a lot of storage space for games, blanket and toys. Image: Wayfair

Get organized in the kitchen with ideas for controlling clutter

We love cooking in a clutter-free kitchen. It’s not always possible to contain the clutter when we’re cooking. But having the right storage available keeps the kitchen organized in between the chaos of preparing large meals. The key to finding the best storage pieces for your kitchen is to identify where your clutter happens and to add places to stow it. If you like to keep your counters totally clutter-free, baskets are a beautiful behind-the-scenes way to store things in cabinets and drawers.

Baskets for Kitchen Organization

Countertops are often cluttered with mail, magazines and paperwork. Setting a pretty storage box or basket in that spot will help you tame that paper monster. Image: World Market

Organized Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen drawers can become a jumbled mess, leaving you searching for utensils. It can take the fun out of using your kitchen. Countertop utensil storage can simplify your life in a gorgeous way. Image: Amazon – Livfer

Organized Kitchen Shelves

Finding stylish storage shelves for your cookbooks and decor can give your kitchen a style boost. Open shelving continues to be a hot trend for all styles of kitchen decorating. Image: Wayfair

Kitchen Organization Ideas

The front of your refrigerator can disappear under layers of magnets and papers. Try a fun message board in your kitchen to keep things organized instead. A magnetic memo board or chalkboard is a fun and versatile idea for any room. Image: Birch Lane

Beautiful storage ideas for organizing your bedroom

Our bedrooms may not be the dedicated retreat space we dream of when space is tight at home. Bedroom multi-tasking can become a way of life for many of us. Your bedroom might also serve as a home office, craft room or media space. When you choose decor with clever storage solutions, you can enjoy a more relaxing bedroom.

Bedroom Organization Ideas

Look for clever bedroom storage ideas to get organized in 2019, like under-bed baskets. Choosing an attractive under-bed container keeps your bedroom looking good, even when the container is out. Image: West Elm

Get Organized With Bedroom Bench

A gorgeous storage bench at the end of your bed can not only provide a place to relax, but adds more storage for blankets and pillows. Image: Joss & Main

Bedroom Media Cabinet

A bedroom armoire is a great spot for your TV and electronics, with extra storage to declutter your space. Image: Wayfair

Closet Organization Ideas

The secret to decluttering your bedroom could be as simple as installing a closet organizer. A fully-designed storage system, or even just a shoe storage cabinet, can streamline your daily routine and keep your bedroom organized. Image: Target

What are your favorite organization ideas for 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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Non-Working Fireplace Decorating Ideas That Make Beautiful Use Of The Hearth

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Have a fireplace that can no longer safely burn wood? You won’t be so bummed when you see all the cool things you can do with the spot. These non-working fireplace decorating ideas transform an ordinary hearth into a cool and creative focal point in your home.

Cover It With A Flatscreen TV

non working fireplace decorating ideas

A flatscreen TV’s black screen mimics the hearth’s dark opening. And the best part is you can play crackling fireplace feeds on your TV. Image: Domino

Turn Your Non-Working Fireplace Into A Bookcase

non working fireplace decorating ideas

Tile the back of your fireplace in a light, fun tile and add shelves to convert the unit into a bookcase. Image: Better Homes And Gardens

non working fireplace ideas

Artfully stack a collection of books inside your fireplace hearth. Image: Little Piece Of Me

Non-Working Fireplace Decorating Ideas Featuring Tile, Mirror And Wallpaper

non working fireplace decorating ideas

Retile the back of your fireplace in a bold and graphic pattern to modernize your hearth. Image: Desire To Inspire

non working fireplace decorating ideas

Add a mirror to the back of the fireplace and candles at the opening. When you light the candles, the mirror will reflect the warm glow. Image: Good Housekeeping

non working fireplace ideas

Fireplace hearths are dark and often dirty from years of burning wood. Freshen up the opening with mirrors or tile. Image: Brit + Co

non working fireplace decorating ideas

Bold colors and an Asian wallpaper transform a non-working fireplace into a striking focal wall. Image: Elle Decor UK

non working fireplace decorating ideas

A mirrored rear wall expands the space by reflecting light and offering a view other than brick. Image: Casa Vogue

A Chalkboard Non-Working Fireplace Hearth

non working fireplace ideas

This fireplace was closed off with a panel painted in chalkboard paint. Image: Brit + Co

Fill The Opening With Plants

non working fireplace ideas

Arrange a collection of indoor-friendly plants at varying heights, spilling out from inside your hearth. Image: Brit + Co

Turn Your Non-Working Fireplace Into A Mini Wine Cellar

non working fireplace ideas

Wall mounting a wine rack and arranging a small cocktail table near the hearth converts an old fireplace into a cool lounge. Image: SF Girl By Bay

Non-Working Fireplace Ideas Featuring Decorative Objects

non working fireplace decorating ideas

A sealed fireplace was plastered and painted black. A framed print was placed in front of the hearth to lighten up the area. Image: Better Homes And Gardens

non working fireplace decorating ideas

Fill your non-working fireplace with candles or seasonal objects like pumpkins, small Christmas trees and more. Image: Good Housekeeping

non working fireplace ideas

When grouping objects in your fireplace, paint the back wall in a contrasting color so the objects pop. To get this look, arrange your collection in odd numbers and in various sizes. Images: Elle Decor and Real Simple

Did these non-working fireplace decorating ideas inspire you to reform the space into something cool and different? Share your transformation with us!

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15 Gorgeous Interior Skyscapes for a Celestial Home

One of the prettiest and most artistic developments in home design has to be statement ceilings. These ceilings usually feature bold colors, geometric designs or other amazing visuals. And a classic way to make a bold statement with your ceiling is to have some sort of skyscape on it. Whether it’s puffy clouds or starry vistas, interior skyscapes are a wonderful way to get an artsy home. Plus, they create the illusion of opening up any space. But it doesn’t stop with ceilings. Skyscapes also work as wall art. Take a look below to find some inspiration for interior skyscapes.

Starry Night Ceilings

One of the most common ways to work with interior skyscapes is to create the illusion that your ceiling is opening right into a starry night. The illusion is often created by small pinpricks of LED lights in the ceiling mimicking stars. Other styles opt for a cleverly painted design.

Starry night skies work in any space, too. Many designs can be found in home theater spaces to give a feel of watching a movie at an old-school, outdoor drive-in theater. One unique design places a starry night over an indoor swimming pool to make it look like you’re taking a moonlit swim. Below, you can even see how the concept works in a bathroom.

Interior Skyscapes Starry Lounge

Lighting systems can do an amazing job of mimicking nighttime stars. Image: Zeta Infografia

Interior Skyscapes Nautical Bathroom

This nautical-themed bathroom shows how a nighttime sky on the ceiling can give the look of sailing out under the stars. Image: ECLIPSE Designs

Interior Skyscapes Home Theater

Here’s another home theater that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie outside on a clear night. Image: Benson and Associates Interior Design

Interior Skyscapes Indoor Pool

The lit galaxy on this ceiling would make it feel like you’re swimming under the stars. Image: Suzanne Hunt Architect

Interior Skyscapes Starry Living Room

You can also create a conceptual star look in more traditional living spaces. Image: Sporadic Space

Daytime Sky Ceilings

Another option for interior skyscapes is to paint a daytime sky right on the ceiling. That will make it look like your space opens right to the heavens. It’s even a neat little hack to visually open up smaller spaces.

The bright azure of the blue sky adds some uplifting color to the space, along with the pristine white of the clouds. Blue and white tend to be a popular color choice for rooms, so you can also work those colors into the rest of the space easily. Take a look below for some inspiration on how to make an amazing interior skyscape using scenes of daytime skies.

Interior Skyscapes Sky Ceiling

Here’s an example of a realistic sky ceiling; you can see how it seems like you’re looking right up into the sky. Image: Interior Art

Interior Skyscapes Cherub Style

This design went for a more fanciful theme and added some cherubs. Image: Interior Art

Interior Skyscapes Balcony Design

Here you can fully see how a skyscape visually eliminates the ceiling for a more open appearance. Image: Nasrallah Architectural Group

Interior Skyscapes Nursery Space

This ceiling skyscape does a wonderful job of blending into the walls. Image: Amy Sklar Design

Here you can see how well a skyscape works in a child’s space. Even on the rainiest of days, kids can have the feeling of playing outside. Image: Ensoul

Wall Art Interior Skyscapes

Of course, you might be in a position where you can’t paint your ceiling, usually because of time, budget, logistical or renting constraints. Painting a ceiling is delicate and often messy work.

However, you can still work with interior skyscapes. By using wall art, you might create a more open feel in the space with minimal effort. All you have to do is mount a canvas to the wall. Other designs paint the walls themselves for an encompassing way to get the style. Read on to see easier ways of getting an uplifting interior skyscape right in your home.

Interior Skyscapes Reading Room Sky

Adding a skyscape to the walls of a reading, reflection and meditation space is an instant way to make the room feel more open and relaxed. Image: Art and Atmosphere

Interior Skyscapes Dining Room Sky

You can also go more traditional and use a wall painting that features a scene with a skyscape. Image: rlh Studio

Interior Skyscapes Whale Theme

This design uses a skyscape on a wall, which is then extended over the rest of the ceiling. Image: Fontana Painting

Interior Skyscapes Cloud Theme

You can also go more conceptual with cloud-themed wall hangings. Image: Rikki Snyder

Interior Skyscapes Canvas Theme

A large sky canvas is easy to hang and opens up any space. Image: Designer Premier

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