Skirting Boards and fitting skirting

When you are refurbishing old buildings you have to be careful which quality of skirting boards you install because the building is more often than not going to be one of these that have varying size and shaped walls, uneven wood flooring, walls and rooms that are not square and therefore when fitting skirting boards you need to make sure that you mitre the skirting properly so that when the skirting is fitted to the wall that it will be in line with the walls properly, and line up with the angles around the room. If your skirting boards end up at strange angles, you might need to refit the skirting so that it fits properly …

Skirting Board Samples

If you are curious as to which skirting boards you need, you may be forgiven because there are a huge number of skirting board profiles to choose from. Therefore, you are most encouraged to to order some skirting board samples so that you can go through the full selection of skirting profiles and choose which ones you think will match the skirting in your house.

Skirting and Skirting Boards off the level!

We recently moved into a brand new (to us) office, which is an absolutely ancient building with wobbly floors boards, dodgy walls, old wooden windows and simplistic skirting boards. The window sills are all off level, the door frames are too low, and the hallway skirting is all out of square to the rest of the building… 

So much for building regulations eh? !

plastic coving

If you are redecorating your house and fitting skirting boards and mouldings around your house, you may like to consider plastic coving for the ceilings as they are very easy to cut, fit, and paint. These are definitely the best option for coving for you

Paint Skirting Boards

Are you going to paint skirting boards? If so, maybe you could consider a more attractive option such as oak skirting boards or some other real wood before wasting your time painting skirting boards that are only going to look boring and simply the same the world over – go for something more interesting when fitting skirting boards.