4 Ways to Use Script Wall Art in Your Home

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Using script in your wall art is a wonderful way to express yourself in your home. You can incorporate your favorite inspirational quotes, excerpts from beloved books or even a more abstract design. You can also use word art as boldly as you want – or as subtly as possible. And depending on how you design the script wall art, it can fit in with everything from the boldest of artsy styles to the most neutral and transitional of spaces.

There are two ways to go about script wall art. Many styles use stencils or decals placed right on the walls themselves. These have a more country look to them so, below, we’ll focus on some of the more modern applications of script wall art.

Script Wall Art Fork Hanging

Script-based wall art can often focus on different words to evoke a certain image, as you can see in the ‘Kitchen Words I’ Textual Art. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Word Themes

You can choose word art for your wall that focuses on a certain theme. The photo above shows how you can even combine different words with an image to evoke that theme. An item like this would be good for a dining area or a kitchen space. Its neutral colors also mean that it would work in a wide variety of home styles, though the slightly distressed style could place it well in rustic chic spaces.

The photo above also shows how choosing a larger print can help create a certain focal point. It’s big enough to act as a theme-setting piece to a room’s style.

Script Wall Art Music Sheet

Script wall art doesn’t just have to be about the words, as in the Leonard Cohen Quote Sheet Music Print. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Repurposed Sheet Music

One way to work with script wall art is to find a creative take on another item. An example is the sheet music with a song lyric over it in the photo above. An item like this would hang well by itself.

Another idea for script wall art is to use it as part of a larger art collage or gallery wall style. This allows you to work with many different quotes. Finding smaller script art can also be more affordable. If you need to cover a whole wall, this is a good idea for making maximum use of the space. And a high-contrast collage can also spice up more understated script wall art pieces.

Script Wall Art Letters Theme

Set the tone in any room’s theme with a letter collage. Image: Di Studio/Shutterstock

Individual Words

The word art in the photo above is a classy take on script art. Many styles just put stencils or decals on the walls, but using letters on a shelf against a wall adds some depth and dimension. It’s not technically wall art, but it’s a way to pull off a wall art cheat if you can’t hang heavy things due to renter restrictions.

This is also a great idea for theme rooms. It’s a neat way to evoke the images of any theme. For instance, words related to the beach and swimming could go a long way in creating a beachside, oceanic theme in a room. For some other ideas, a boho space could have words related to artistic styles or a purely nautical theme could have words related to sailing.

Script Wall Art Black and White Style

You can use subtle script wall art to accent a space, like with this ‘Words to Live by’ Textual Art on Canvas. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Understated Script Wall Art Hangings

You can also go for an understated wall hanging, like in the photo above. A basic, neutral-colored hanging with a black print style can fit in any room. It especially goes well in a space dominated by crisp, neutral colors.

The photo above shows how a piece like this can also fit anywhere as a classy accent to the space. For instance, this piece went right over a side table where the keys are placed. It shows how you can put inspirational messages in places that people stop at often. You could also hang an item like this above a coatrack, in front of a desk or by an eating area.

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How to Make Area Rugs Fit In With Your Room’s Style

Adding a new area rug to a room can be a daunting task. You’d think it would be easy: just throw down a new rug and you’re done. Then you see all the styles and colors of area rugs out there. And the area rug is such a large, space-defining element in a room, you can’t pick just any rug.

Below are some simple tips that will help you pick out the right rug for your space, no matter which room style you currently have. You may be surprised to find out how easy it is to work with different rug styles.

Area Rugs Color Style

Color is one of the most important features of a new area rug. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Color Matching

One key way to pick a rug is to match it to the colors you already have in the room. You can see how this idea works in practice in the photo above. The area rug does a good job of incorporating other colors that are in the room. A multicolored rug is good for matching a wide variety of shades that might already be in the space.

You can also see how well this idea works for spaces that use a high dose of bright, artsy colors. If you have a space with a very specific color dynamic, or that is just colorful in general, you’ll want to focus on the color of the area rugs you find first and foremost.

Area Rugs Blue Rug

Sometimes a bold rug is the right choice. Image: PlusONE/Shutterstock

Using an Accent Rug

Another idea is to just go bold with area rugs. The photo above shows a very modern space with stark furniture and neutral coloring. Then you have this darker blue, textured rug. Blue tends to fit in anywhere, so it’s not out of place. And it adds some grounded color.

You could use this idea for a variety of styles. For instance, you might have a regal space dominated by rich wood textures and then put a bright red carpet in the middle of the room for a bold pop of color. This idea allows you to get creative with a space.

Area Rugs Yellow Rug

To make a rug fit into any space, add matching elements to define an accent color. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Making Use of an Overall Accent Color Style

Accent colors are always fun to incorporate into a space. If you see a rug you love and it currently doesn’t fit your room’s color scheme at all, it’s easy to add little elements to make sure it does. For instance, the yellow rug in the photo above matches the yellow throw pillows, pouf and clock. Blankets, pillows and wall art are easy enough to add to a space, too. So you can make virtually any rug fit into your room’s color scheme.

This is easiest to do with an already neutral color scheme. However, it is possible to work with multiple accent colors.

Area Rugs White Rug

Neutral-colored area rugs fit in almost anywhere. Image: mtlapcevic/Shutterstock

Sticking with Neutral Area Rugs

Another very easy way to put in a new area rug is to go with a very neutral base for the color. For instance, the white rug in the photo above would fit in just about anywhere. However, this one, in particular, goes well with the gray and white color scheme of the space.

The photo above shows how you can also use an area rug to work in some geometric detail. The textured lines in the rug do a good job of adding some visual interest to the space. Texture is key to spicing up stark, modern spaces, as you can see in the photo above.

Area Rugs Geometric Style

Geometric rugs are good for modern industrial spaces. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Focusing on Geometric Patterns

Another idea for area rugs is to go for pure geometry. The area rug in the photo above does just that. Any rug that focuses on a geometric pattern will add visual interest to a room. And going for a neutral-colored rug helps it fit in anywhere.

You can also see how a rug with a high visual impact like this fits into more modern industrial spaces. These spaces tend to get their style from texture and geometry since they’re usually on the minimalistic side. You can see that principle in the textured concrete wall above. As a result, a textured or patterned rug fits perfectly into more modern industrial styles as an accent piece.

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18 Wow-Worthy Waterfall Countertops to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen. It’s no surprise, then, that so many of us are looking for a way to make a splash with our islands. Yes, we want them to have key benefits like additional cabinetry and seating, but we also want them to leave a lasting impression. You can use bright colors or trending materials to make your island pop, but those might go out of style. That’s where waterfall countertops come in. As a high-end architectural feature, a waterfall countertop has staying power while still being very on-trend.

So, without further ado, let’s look at 18 wow-worthy waterfall countertops. Whether you need inspiration for an upcoming kitchen remodel or just want to look at something pretty, these will deliver.

Stone waterfall countertops

Stone countertops have long been a fixture in high-end homes. A waterfall coutnertop continues that stone over the edge and only adds to the drama.

stone waterfall countertops 4

The clean edge of the waterfall island helps your kitchen look interesting and tidy at the same time. Image: Hikesterson/Getty Images

stone waterfall countertops 2

Your kitchen’s stone waterfall countertop can mirror other elements in the room, tying it all together. Image: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

stone waterfall countertops 5

An open marble countertop invites guests to gather around, sample the food and join the conversation. Image: Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

White waterfall countertops

Love a clean aesthetic in the kitchen? These clean, bright waterfall countertops are for you.

white waterfall countertops

A mostly white kitchen is anchored by the dark island inset that mirrors the flooring and accent wall. Image: Sarah Murray/Getty Images

white waterfall countertop

If you want to expand your kitchen without blocking the visual flow, white is a natural choice. Image: Astronaut Images/Getty Images

white waterfall countertops 6

In an open kitchen, a bright waterfall countertop adds structure. Image: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

white waterfall countertops 5

A thin waterfall edge further cements this kitchen’s chic look. Image: Marko Subotin/Shutterstock

white waterfall countertops 1

In a warm-toned kitchen, the waterfall island adds visual interest without breaking up the aesthetic. Image: Malysheva Liudmyla/Shutterstock

white waterfall countertops 2

A glossy white waterfall countertop mirrors the lacquered wood, giving this kitchen a pristine feel. Image: Alexandre Zveiger/Shutterstock

Wood waterfall countertops

Wood counters are rare, but a kitchen island or bar gives you some space to play. And because the wood mirrors most dining surfaces, it’s an open invitation to friends and family to pull up a chair and join the kitchen’s action.

wood waterfall countertops 3

A beautiful wood waterfall countertop and a wine rack? It’s a two-for-one kitchen dream. Image: Cinematographer/Shutterstock

wood waterfall countertop

Light-colored wood can add texture to your waterfall countertop without overwhelming the space. Image: Hoxton/Martin Barraud/Getty Images

wood waterfall countertop

A wood waterfall countertop warms up a sleek kitchen, especially when it ties into the surrounding design. Image: Sturti/Getty Images

Concrete waterfall countertops

Concrete is trending, so why not work it into your kitchen through a waterfall countertop?

concrete waterfall countertops 2

A sleek waterfall edge on the lower of these two floating kitchen components keeps this space feeling spacious and open. Image: Westend61/Getty Images

concrete waterfall counterops

With a thick waterfall edge on one side and an open ledge on the other, this kitchen island is a statement piece. Image: Robert Daly/Getty Images

stone waterfall countertops

A super-thin concrete countertop works the trending material into the space without feeling heavy. Image: Django/Getty Images

More waterfall countertops

Looking to add a pop of color or architectural detail to your kitchen? Because it’s already a statement maker, a waterful island is the ideal canvas.

colorful waterfall countertops

If you’ve been wanting to add an accent color but don’t want it to overwhelm your kitchen’s clean aesthetic, try a colored waterfall island inset. Image: Hoxton/Chris Ryan/Getty Images

stone waterfall countertop

Flowing one waterfall countertop into another adds to the effect. Image: Camilo Morales/Getty Images

stone waterfall countertops 6

Mixing materials can make your waterfall countertop feel extra luxurious. Image: Denny Lako/Shutterstock

Which style if your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Trends in Bathroom Technology

What’s new and cool in bathroom technology? Freshome rounded up experts from the National Kitchen + Bath Association, Moen, KOHLER, Delta and Philips to get the latest news on this year’s hottest trends. According to Elle H-Millard of the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA), “We are looking for ‘an experience’ in the bathroom. The technology is all about making our experiences better, whether it’s about being more efficient, safer or more functional.” And while there are bathtubs that make you want to soak for hours, a lot of the new bathroom technology reflects the overwhelming popularity of showers.

Check out some of the ways that technology is shaping the bathroom experience.


U by Moen

The U by Moen Smart Shower. Image courtesy of Moen.

“From setting the thermostat from across the room to creating a grocery list while doing the dishes, consumers continue to capitalize on the convenience offered by digital voice assistants,” says Michael Poloha, Group Manager of IoT at Moen.

“With this in mind, Moen has expanded the capabilities of our first-to-market U by Moen shower to provide even more innovative ways to interact with water. [We are] now offering enhanced functionality with Amazon Alexa and compatibility with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.”

Poloha explains that U by Moen is a next-generation Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower. “It offers mobile connectivity and unmatched personalization, providing homeowners countless ways to create their ideal showering experience with three choices to control the shower: voice activation, a smartphone app and an in-shower controller.”

U By Moen App

The U by Moen Smart Shower can be controlled via an app. Image courtesy of Moen.

“The U by Moen smartphone app gives users the ability to create up to 12 personalized presets, including name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower timer and notifications,” Poloha explains. In fact, users can even pause the shower once it has reached the desired temperature. “Not only can users create their personalized shower experience from within the app, but they can also fully control the shower from their smartphone,” he says.

The U by Moen shower was also designed with security in mind. “Each shower has a unique encrypted key to ensure the connection is always secure,” he says.


The KOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker uses Bluetooth technology to stream your favorite music directly into the shower. “Through the development of our new KOHLER Konnect Smart products, one thing we have learned is that the experience must be seamless,” says Jonathan Bradley, Channel Manager at KOHLER. “Voice activation technology empowers the homeowner to easily control water, light, sound and color to create an experience all their own.”

Bradley says homeowners prefer a system that works together instead of a mix of various products that don’t communicate with one another. “That’s another benefit of KOHLER Konnect. Everything can be controlled through one app to help the homeowner create a smarter bathroom routine.”


 Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. Image courtesy of KOHLER.

Some of the KOHLER Konnect products include the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, which has a built-in voice assistant allowing you to adjust lighting levels and even check your calendar using voice instructions.

The Veil Lighted Collection, which will launch in the second quarter, is a connected bathroom suite. “Motion-activated, synchronized, intuitive lighting mimics nature and supports sleep and wellness while KOHLER Konnect allows you to customize your preferences,” Bradley explains.

The original Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

The original Numi Intelligent Toilet (version 2 coming soon). Image courtesy of KOHLER.

“The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet is KOHLER’s most advanced intelligent toilet and offers exceptional water efficiency, personalized cleansing and dryer functions, a heated seat and high-quality built-in speakers,” Bradley says. The flagship intelligent toilet has static colors, but the 2.0 version has dynamic and interactive multi-colored ambient and surround lighting. “Paired with the new speakers in the Numi toilet, these lighting and audio enhancements create a fully-immersive experience for homeowners,” Bradley explains. “Amazon Alexa built into the product provides simple voice control of Numi’s features and access to tens of thousands of skills, as well as a seamless integration of voice control into the bathroom.” The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet will launch in the fourth quarter of the year.


“We are consistently searching for new, innovative technologies to bring into the bath space to further enhance the user’s experience,” says Bridget Hatter, Product Manager at Delta. The company recently announced the launch of the new Pendant Shower Head with LED Lighting. “These new pendants offer a distinctive appeal in your space, blending cultivated designs with modern technology,” Hatter says. “The tranquil illumination of the water-powered LED accent lights combine with H2OKinetic Technology for a soothing experience that transports you from shower to spa.”

The H2OKinetic showerheads and handheld showers have an internal system that controls the movement, speed and droplet size of the water. As a result, they provide three times the coverage of a standard showerhead. And the pause feature slows the water flow to a trickle so you can shave, lather, etc. while maintaining your temperature settings.


GRAFF M-Series

The M-Series thermostatic module. Image courtesy of GRAFF.

“Thermostatics are up and coming in bath technology and GRAFF’s M-Series is a great representation,” explains Celine Marcotte, Business Development Manager at GRAFF. She says the M-Series is designed to simplify the installation process while still offering a customized shower. “With the GRAFF M-Series modular system, the installer has the option to arrange diverters and stop/volume valves in different combinations to satisfy a variety of applications,” Marcotte says. “This innovative system allows for each piece to be aligned behind the wall in a single stacked valve, without having to connect every element with a separate pipe.” The system can accommodate as many as seven different functions with four different handles.


The Aqua-Sense Ceiling-Mount Showerhead System. Image courtesy of GRAFF.

GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense technology combines water, light and sound. The Aqua-Sense shower collection includes various options, such as a ceiling-mount shower system with a battery-powered controller and holder, LED chromotherapy lighting and rainfall, rain curtain and cascade water functions.


Philips Hue Adore Flushmount Energize

The Philips Hue Adore Flushmount Energize Lighting. Image courtesy of Philips Hue.

“The right lighting can have a huge impact on your daily routines,” says Mike Deschamps, U.S. Product & Channel Marketing Director at Philips Hue at Signify. “You should start your day with a cool, white light that mimics natural daylight. This will help you feel energized and prepare for the day ahead.” And when you’re getting ready for bed, Deschamps explains that you should have a warm light to relax and get ready to go to sleep.

“With Philips Hue and our new Adore collection, you can always have the right lighting in your bathroom,” he says. “All it takes is a tap in your Philips Hue app or a press of the wireless dimmer switch that comes with our lighted vanity mirror and ceiling fixture to set the light to support your need,” Deschamps adds. “Shave or apply makeup under a crisp white light or turn on a very dim light to help you navigate to the bathroom at night.”

Philips -Flushmount-Relax

The Philips Hue Adore Flushmount Relax Lighting. Image courtesy of Philips Hue.

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Scrub These Bad Bathroom Cleaning Habits Out of Your Life

bad bathroom cleaning habits 2

Want a bathroom that looks this fresh? Kick these bad bathroom cleaning habits to the curb. Image: Erik Isakson/Getty Images

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If you’ve been following our bad cleaning habits series, we hope it’s motivated you to revolutionize your kitchen cleaning. But don’t stop there. Now that we’ve gotten the hang of this whole better cleaning deal, we want to move onto one of the biggest cleaning challenges: the bathroom. Let’s talk about five bad bathroom cleaning habits worth scrubbing out of your life in 2019.

Not cleaning what cleans you

Your shower does a lot. Let’s give it some credit! But it isn’t a miracle worker. It cleans you, but it relies on you to clean it. You can spend hours sweating as you try to scrub the walls every few months, or you can take the easier, faster route. After every shower (or, at least, every few) wipe down the walls. Bam! Soap scum is no match for your proactivity.

Another hot tip for keeping your shower clean is even easier. Close your shower curtain. No, really, that’s it. Closing the curtain allows all its folds easier access to air, helping it dry quicker and avoiding mildew growth.

And speaking of your shower curtain, when was the last time you cleaned it? Or your liner, for that matter? Don’t panic! Most curtains and liners can go through the washing machine on a gentle cycle, so it’s an easy fix.

bad bathroom cleaning habits 1

Ample places to hang towels makes it easy to keep them off the floor – and mildew-free. Image: Jon Lovette/Getty Images

Treading on towels

When you start your bathroom cleanup, do you begin by picking towels up off the floor? Then you’re doing it wrong. You might think the list of bad bathroom cleaning habits only pertains to, well, cleaning. But how you keep your bathroom clean is important, too. Leaving towels wadded up on the floor prevents them from drying, potentially leaving you with mildew growth.

If you’re short on hanging space, that’s another easy fix. When you do your next big bathroom clean, add ten extra minutes to place peel-and-stick hooks on your wall or door. We’re not talking cheap looking plastic ones, either. They come in modern designs and pretty finishes so you can get the hook-age you need without ruining your bathroom’s design.

Working with one disinfectant wipe

If you use disinfectant wipes to clean the bathroom, good on you. They’re easy to grab, ensure you’ve got the right amount of disinfectant to deal with your bathroom’s bacteria and can simply be tossed in the trash when you’re done. And let us preface this next tip with a little disclaimer: we’re all about reducing waste. That said, your bathroom clean isn’t a place to skimp. When you use one disinfectant wipe for the entire bathroom, you can transfer bacteria. That one little square just can’t do it all!

Want to be sure you’re using the right amount of wipes? If your wipe is still wet enough to leave the surface damp for a few minutes after cleaning, it’s still got enough disinfectant in it to do the job. If not, it’s time for a new square.

bad bathroom cleaning habits

A bathroom rug can help protect your floor. Plus, who wants to step out of the shower onto a cold floor, anyway? Image: hemul75/Getty Images

Not readying rugs

Do you have a plush bathroom rug ready to greet you when you step out of the shower? This is a little luxury you shouldn’t skip. When you drip water on the floor, it can stain tile, cause wood to warp, ruin grout – you get the idea. Water + flooring = not good. Invest in bathroom rugs to protect your floors and make your cleaning job easier.

Then, every time you start cleaning your bathroom, throw those bad boys in the wash. Plus, did know that flushing your toilet with the lid up can spread small particles across your bathroom? Yeah, maybe give those rugs a double wash.

Not cleaning completely

When you think about bad bathroom cleaning habits, your mind probably immediately goes to how you scrub your toilet or disinfect your counter. But everything in your bathroom needs to be cleaned, not just the usual suspects.

When you’re cleaning, wipe the handles of toothbrushes and makeup brushes. If you have a hand soap dispenser, wipe that down, too. Keep that train rolling. Stand in the middle of your bathroom and slowly spin all the way around. Look for anything that is regularly getting touched. If it is, it needs to be regularly cleaned, too.

Do any of these bad bathroom cleaning habits sound familiar? Yeah, we can’t imagine either… we wish! We’ve got a lot to learn, so we’ll be joining you to tidy up the way we tidy up so we can all enjoy cleaner, healthier homes and apartments in 2019!

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Trending Now: Rattan Furniture

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Rattan isn’t just for outdoor furniture anymore. You might associate this material with your grandma’s house, but rattan furniture is having a moment. And we’re here for it. It’s versatile, durable and can take just about any room to the next level.

Before we dive deeper, let’s get clear on rattan. It’s not the same as wicker. Wicker is a type of weave, whereas rattan refers to the actual material itself, a flexible, fibrous plant. We’ve long used its pliable stems to make furniture because it’s both lightweight and durable. Today, not all rattan-style furniture uses actual rattan – but we’ll forgive it because the whole point of synthetic rattan is to protect the natural environment in which rattan grows.

If you’ve been looking for furniture that packs a punch aesthetically but doesn’t add a ton of visual weight to your space, rattan is for you. Let’s look at some of the various ways you can use rattan furniture to set the tone of a room.

Rattan furniture in the bedroom

Like we said, rattan is versatile. That’s why you can use it just about anywhere in a bedroom, from the headboard to the accent chair to the table. Here are some different ways you can incorporate this material in any bedroom in your home.

rattan furniture - bed 1

In a tropical bedroom, the Curved Rattan Bed is a no-brainer. Image: Anthropologie

rattan furniture - bed 5

If you want to add an eclectic feel to your bedroom, the Kubu Rattan Woven Headboard can deliver. Image: Pier1

rattan furniture - bed 2

The comfy Pari Rattan Daybed creates a cozy – but still airy – lounging area in this bedroom. Image: Anthropologie

rattan furniture - bed 3

Make it extra fun to get ready with the Ria Leaning Rattan Mirror, which includes a place to hang extra outfit options. Image: Urban Outfitters

rattan furniture - bed 4

Pair your leaning mirror with the matching bed. With a low profile, the Ria Rattan Bed invites you to lounge. Image: Urban Outfitters

Rattan furniture in the living room

Maybe you’re the type of person who has a set style you follow in your living space. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who pulls from various influences, from traditional to mid-century to eclectic. Either way, rattan can serve you. Because of its vintage roots and natural feel, it works in a wide variety of living spaces. Check it out.

rattan furniture - living 4

Rattan doesn’t just work for boho spaces. It can be ideal when you’re looking for a modern edge, as exemplified by the Tiered Rattan Pendant. Image: Anthropologie

rattan furniture - living 2

The inviting Noelie Rattan Lounge Chair offers welcoming seating when you invite guests over. Image: CB2

rattan furniture - living 1

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room, look no further than the Natural Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair. Image: Cost Plus World Market

rattan furniture - living 3

Rattan is more versatile than you might think. It gives the Reflect Rattan Credenza texture and warmth. Image: CB2

rattan furniture - living 5

If you’re looking to add seating without adding visual weight, an airy rattan piece – like the Pari Rattan Chair – is a perfect fit. Image: Anthropologie

Rattan furniture in the dining room

The dining room is an interesting space to design. You want it to feel both structured and comfortable. It’s a place where you might serve an elegant, multi-course extravaganza or enjoy a cozier meal like spaghetti. Rattan works in either setting – and everywhere in between. Its carefully woven, sculpted feel is elegant but its natural fibers can help add a sense of casualness. When you want your dining room to make a striking statement without feeling stuffy, this material can deliver. Here are a few examples of it doing exactly that.

rattan furniture - dining 5

The Maluku Natural Rattan Dining Chairs give a dining room table extra texture. Image: Crate & Barrel

rattan furniture - dining 3

Make it easier to entertain at your next dinner party with a compact and mobile bar set up on the Kali Bar Cart. Image: Pottery Barn

rattan furniture - dining 2

Traditional rattan meets modern design in the Haylee Mono Rattan Chair. Image: Urban Outfitters

rattan furniture - dining 4

Rattan can help you bring the outdoors in. These Cinta Wicker Dining Chairs add an earthy feel to an already eclectic dining space. Image: Pier1

rattan furniture - dining 1

Rattan doesn’t have to be in your face. In the Marte Dining Chair, it’s a subtle element. Image: Urban Outfitters

What do you think of rattan furniture? Would you add it to your house? If so, what room would you choose? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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All About the Moroccan Chic Style

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Chic is one of those words you often see thrown around in the design world. It’s especially common to see it added to certain design styles to update an older look for modern sensibilities, as is the case with rustic chic and even boho chic. And one style that’s easy to fall in love with is the Moroccan chic style.

Like other styles that make use of the word chic, Moroccan chic is about taking the classic Moroccan design style and updating it for a more modern appeal. The Moroccan style has very distinctive architectural, color and pattern traits. However, it can also look dated on its own since it has so many classical elements to it. Moroccan chic takes some of those Moroccan features and combines them with modern sensibilities, like a judicious use of color and choosing one pattern as a focal point. Below we’ll cover in detail how to get the very on-trend Moroccan chic style.

Moroccan Chic Pouf Style

If you want to get a Moroccan chic style, first focus on the furniture, like this Carnuel Moroccan Leather Pouf. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Moroccan Chic Furniture Details

One hallmark of the Moroccan style is its distinctive furniture and high use of textured patterns. So you’ll first want to focus on the furniture. To start off, it just isn’t a Moroccan style unless you have a pouf somewhere, like the tan one in the photo above. This is a good element that instantly sets the Moroccan tone thanks to its patterns.

In general, you’ll want to focus on pieces with a high degree of geometric pattern. For instance, you might choose a room divider with a patterned and geometric tone. Furniture featuring arches and diamond patterns are also common.

Moroccan Chic Bedroom Style

Layered fabrics give an instant Moroccan feel. Image: Pierivb/Getty Images

Fabric Textures Galore

Another hallmark of the Moroccan style is the use of plenty of textured fabrics. You can see in the photo above how this idea was updated for a more chic design. The fabrics have plenty of texture, but the space is still dominated by a neutral color scheme. That way, this room keeps a light, modern feel.

A common aspect of the Moroccan chic style is that it’s defined by different textures on top of and next to each other. You might even see multiple rugs placed on top of each other in some styles. In the photo above, you can see how the print on the wall sits above a textured pillow, which sits next to a textured bed accent.

Moroccan Chic Blue Bed

Combine the high dose of color in traditional Moroccan styles with the neutrals of modern styles by using an accent color. Image: Pierre-Yves Babelon/Getty Images

Go Subtle with Color

Traditional Moroccan styles are all about color saturation. However, more modern styles tend to veer towards neutrals. To strike a chic balance between the two of them, you could focus on one accent color. The Moroccan chic style in the photo above uses a deep blue as its main accent color. You can see how that shade is reflected in the bedspread and bench. The space also uses red as a secondary accent color.

You could use small punches of multicolored elements, too. Examples include colorful stained-glass pieces in the windows, artwork or a rug. However, these items should not overpower the space. Ground out these elements with neutral-colored items to keep it modern, like in the photo above.

Moroccan Chic Neutral Colors

To keep things more minimal and modern, focus on one main pattern. Image: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

Choose One Pattern as a Focal Point

The Moroccan style is all about patterns and texture. However, to keep things more on the Moroccan chic and modern side, work with just one or two large-scale patterns as your focal point to keep the room looking more visually streamlined.

An example is the space in the photo above, where the defining pattern of the room is the design behind the TV. A secondary texture comes from the geometric design in the carpeting. Moroccan styles are also all about layering tons of pillows together, so feel free to do that, as well. You can use smaller, subtle designs on the pillows. Again, this photo shows how layering visual textures in neutral shades keeps the style looking more modern.

Moroccan Chic Arch Style

Arches are a major aspect of Moroccan styles, but you can incorporate them in subtle ways. Image: Richman21/Shutterstock

Architectural Details

Another huge trend in the Moroccan style is notable architectural details. For example, a recurring detail is that doorways tend to have arches for more of a cultural appeal. However, we can’t all completely remodel our doorways. A good compromise is the wall facade design in the photo above. It still gives that arched Moroccan architecture feel without having to get out the sledgehammer.

You can also incorporate similar geometry into other home accents like coffee tables, mirrors or even headboards. You’ll most commonly see the horseshoe arch in Moroccan architecture, which is a style you can find in all kinds of home goods.

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Joanna Gaines Created A Gorgeous Boho-Chic Line For Anthropologie And Here Are The Pieces We Love

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Joanna Gaines has a way of knocking our socks off with her various collections for Pier One, Target and more. And her latest collab with Anthropologie proves she’s more than just a farmhouse design darling. The new Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie line features boho-chic items including candles, rugs, pillows and wallpaper in understated yet exotic prints and textures that work beautifully in any room.

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

“For me, Anthropologie has long been a source of inspiration,” says Gaines. “I really love the color palette of this collection — from the hues of blush and blue to the ochre and classic combinations of black and white.” All images courtesy of Anthropologie.

With spring approaching, check out our favorites from the new Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie line. It’s available online or in stores on February 25. The items are sure to freshen up your room of choice without you having to tear the room apart and start from scratch.

Our Favorite New Joanna Gaines For Anthropologie Pieces:

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

Details like hand embroidery and natural materials add texture and interest to the new Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie collection.

Throw Pillows

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

The Isabel Rug is weathered to look like a treasured antique.

Area Rugs

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

Buffalo plaid is one of Joanna’s go-to prints and the new Watercolor Check Wallpaper features an updated look for the plaid.


Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie
Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie

If you feel like your home is a bit flat and neutral, layering a few of Joanna’s new prints and patterns in your space could bring texture and life into your dwelling. Which are your favorite?

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Is the Kitchen Work Triangle an Outdated Design Rule?

The kitchen work triangle has been the standard by which we measure good design and functionality. Whether you paid attention in your trigonometry class or not, you probably knew the basics of the kitchen triangle. It connects the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. According to guidelines from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), no leg of the triangle should be less than 4 feet or more than 9 feet. The sum of the three triangle sides should not exceed 26 feet. In addition, no major traffic patterns should flow through the triangle.

But do those rules still apply?

Kitchen prep

Kitchen triangles make prep work easier. Image: Sisoje/Getty Images

“Back in the 1940’s, kitchens tended to be small and appliances tended to be large,” explains Erin Davis, lead designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling. “The concept evolved as a general guideline for creating a certain proximity and distance between the three main kitchen work sites: sink, refrigerator and range – and it is still relevant today.”

According to Davis, the work triangle theory was designed to produce comfort and efficiency. It’s all based on how easily you can move between these three main work areas.

Kitchen Dimensions

Kitchen triangle dimensions are flexible. Image: cr8tivguy/Getty Images

“Within the basic ‘triangle’ structure – which can look very different in each individual space – there are a lot of design options that work well for overall kitchen appeal and practicality,” Davis says. “In fact, there’s no limit to the workable designs that keep the kitchen triangle intact while reflecting your own style and taste.”

Davis says it’s also important to consider the location of your workspaces, islands and other kitchen features. This helps to ensure good flow and functionality.

Relevant or outdated?

Kitchen multiple sink

Multiple sinks make prep work easier. Image: hikesterson/Getty Images

Are the kitchen features that Davis refers to actually crowding out the need for a kitchen triangle? According to Elle H-Millard at the NKBA, one of the emerging key design trends is open-concept kitchens in contemporary kitchen designs. These incorporate island prep stations with island bars and prep sinks. Galley kitchens are also making a comeback.

“The kitchen triangle layout has lost popularity over recent years because it doesn’t always work with every kitchen,” says Eric Gustafson, president of Pure Modern. “Many times, there isn’t enough space to set up a triangle kitchen – especially in a galley style kitchen.”

Gustafson says the triangle isn’t necessary in an open concept because kitchen zones are a better solution. “Although the kitchen triangle can still be relevant in some cases, many kitchen designs are moving away from that layout,” he says.

Kitchen older homes

Older homes tend to have a triangle design. Image: Sisoje/Getty Images

Where the kitchen work triangle still applies

Not everyone agrees that the kitchen triangle is obsolete. Eric Sztanyo, a realtor at Keller Williams and founder of We Buy NKY Houses – a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky cash home buyer, still sees their value.“As a rehabber who buys many older homes with older kitchens, I find the principles of the kitchen work triangle to still apply amazingly well today,” he says. “Yes, we may buy a house and do a complete demo of the kitchen, but more often than not, we end up putting the pieces back together in a way that still fits this time honored tradition.”

Sztanyo says the triangle design works well when incorporating stainless steel appliances and a subway tile backsplash. “It looks good. The lines are crisp. And maybe more importantly, it’s efficient in a way that will keep the next owner of the home happy for years to come,” he says.

Kitchen work triangle works

The kitchen work triangle works for some, but not all cooks. Image: dit26978/Getty Images

Finding the right kitchen layout for you

Lauren Smyth, interior designer at Alturas Homes in Eagle, ID, agrees. “The kitchen working triangle will always be popular since it is a standard in the design industry and is set up this way to make meal prep and cooking easy,” she says. “There are other variances to this working triangle – for instance, in the situation of a linear kitchen layout where everything is on one wall.” In this situation, she says, a different configuration would work better.  “It would be ideal to have the sink in the center of the wall with some countertop space on either side and the stove and refrigerator on the ends of the ‘line’ so to speak.”

Ultimately, the kitchen triangle should be used as a guideline. That’s according to Susan Serra, certified kitchen designer at Susan Serra Associates. “Many designers now feel that the most important criteria for the kitchen design is the client’s lifestyle,” she explains. “The best scenario is when the designer points out both pros and cons of appliance locations, regardless of rules to meet the specific aesthetic and functional needs of the client.”

What are your thoughts on the kitchen work triangle? Is your kitchen set up in this way? Let us know in the comments.

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Urban Outfitters New Furniture Collections are Here

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Who doesn’t love Urban Outfitters when you’re looking for something fresh and different? Previously, you could occasionally pick up a unique home accent or two from their website or shop. Now you can furnish your entire home with five new Urban Outfitters furniture collections, just in time for spring. Explore each one by design personality to find your favorite.

Ria Collection – New Bohemian Style

If you love rattan and natural materials, you will certainly love the Ria Collection. It’s perfect for mixing and matching with your favorite existing pieces to add a little boho-chic style to your life.

urban outfitters furniture new bohemian

The Ria Collection features natural fibers and lightweight, durable rattan. All images courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Shop the look:

urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian
urban outfitters furniture new bohemian

Howe Collection – Curated Industrial

If you want to give your space a hip, urban loft vibe, the industrial feel of the Howe Collection is right for you. The clean lines and multiple-function pieces of this Urban Outfitters furniture collection are perfect for small spaces.

urban outfitters furniture

The Howe Collection is designed for urban living, featuring dark metals as well as small-space designs.

Shop the look:

urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture

Camila Collection – Modern Romantic

Vintage lovers will adore the sophisticated Parisian vibe of the Camila Collection. Florals, soft rounded lines, blush-inspired color hues and sumptuous velvets make this Urban Outfitter furniture collection one of the most popular. Pieces from this line are great for softening up a stark room.

urban outfitters furniture

The Camilla Collection is on-trend this year, with vintage-inspired pieces that look like they were found in a Parisian flea market.

Shop the look:

urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture
urban outfitters furniture

Wyatt Collection – Easy Essentials

Understated pieces in natural wood tones work in nearly any modern design style, from zen to mid-century modern. The light woods of this Urban Outfitters furniture collection are also perfect for brightening up a small, dark space.

urban outfitters furniture collections

The Wyatt Collection is understated enough to work with many design styles.

Shop the look:

urban outfitters furniture collections
urban outfitters furniture collections
urban outfitters furniture collections
urban outfitters furniture collections

Finley Collection – Earthy Luxe

Coming soon, design lovers who appreciate clean lines will love the sophisticated details of this collection. The brass hardware, fine wood grain and tailored lines can elevate any space.

urban outfitters furniture

Polished, yet featuring a touch of rustic texture, the Finley Collection is the most architectural of the new Urban Outfitters furniture lines.

See more of the five collections here. What’s your favorite of the new Urban Outfitters furniture collections?

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