The Power of Colors: Why Your Color Choices are Important

Do you have a favorite color? Have you ever wondered why you prefer a certain color and how it affects you? “One of the most amazing things about color is its close tie to emotions, making color extremely subjective,” according to Andrea Magno, a color and design expert at Benjamin Moore. “There are so many emotions that color can evoke, many that come from our past experiences or what innately appeals to an individual.” Your color choice can define a space.

“Colors can invoke all our emotions, from happy to sad and love to dislike,” explains Rachel Skafidas, senior color designer at Krylon. Keep reading to discover how your color choice can affect your emotions. We also explore how to incorporate this information in your home.


red room

Caliente, the name of this vibrant red color, stimulates your appetite. Image: Benjamin Moore

There’s a reason why fire engines, fire extinguishers and stop signs are red. This color grabs your attention. “The color red is linked to love and passion but it is also an alarming, excitable color,” says Skafidas. Red is a color choice that stimulates the senses. “While colors can invoke multiple emotions, it is how the color is used that implies the emotion,” she says.

Magno also explains that there are always exceptions to the color rules. “For example, a red room may feel too high energy or aggressive for one person, while it may be calming and enveloping for another,” she says. “The key is to think about how the room should feel for the individual.”



Pink is a fresh and youthful color choice. Image: adventtr/Getty Images

Saturation plays a key role in colors. “The more saturated a color is the more intense the shade is, evoking a more intense emotion,” says Ashley Banbury, senior color designer at HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. “I think we all can agree a true red is one of the most stimulating colors on the color wheel, at its brightest it can heighten blood pressure and pulse rate,” she says. However, she adds that pink, which is a less intense version of red, still has some of those attributes, but is more subtle.


orange room

This citrusy color, Orange Slice, is bold, yet fun. Image: Valspar

The color orange is typically associated with fun and creativity. “For instance, the vivid Orange Slice evokes a sense of playfulness,” according to Sue Kim, senior color designer at Valspar. This vivid color choice works better in some room than others. “When choosing colors for your home, you want to decide beforehand what the mood and the feel of the room is,” according to Skafidas. “For instance, a child’s playroom or even a kitchen usually has more of a cheery, upbeat feeling and can handle more saturation,” Skafidas says. “Of course, any of these rooms can handle saturated accents and trims when paired with less saturated wall colors.”



This Spring Squash color livens up the laundry room. Image: Valspar

Yellow is a color choice that evokes emotions like enthusiasm, happiness, positivity and energy. “A light-hearted yellow, Spring Squash highlights the attitude of an abundance of life,” says Kim. However, don’t forget that not everyone responds the same to colors. “While yellow is thought to be positive and inviting, in some people, it can bring out frustration,” says Banbury.  “So really think about what colors speak to you, and select a combination that creates your own individual harmony,” Banbury advises.



Green can be a relaxing or high-energy color choice. Image: YKvision/Getty Images

Even the color green can invoke a variety of emotions, depending on its’ saturation level. “Think about places that are designed to inspire relaxation such as a spa — the color selections are often lower in saturation,” Magna explains. And she says the opposite is true for high energy environments where more saturated colors are preferred.

“When a lime green color pushes its saturation, the acidity in the color gives more adventurous and active emotion, and when you bring the saturation down, the shade is closer to what you would find in nature,” says Kim.


blue bathroom

This Palladian Blue color mimics the ocean. Image: Benjamin Moore

Royal blue is typically relaxing and calm, and sky blue encourages feelings of productivity, joy and even freedom. “Color intensity ranges from being a pure vivid color to a muted state —  which is the introduction of gray into the color,” Skafidas says. While saturation typically inspires excitement, Magno warns that it can also be overwhelming. “This is the reason why unsaturated or less saturated colors work well for a room,” she explains. “ Most people will opt to have saturated accents with the walls being more of a muted tone, because  it helps balance both the aesthetic and the mood of the room,” Skafidas says.


violet room

Twilight Mist is a crisp violet color. Image: Valspar

Purple is a mysterious, imaginative and luxurious color choice. “When selecting colors for them home it’s best to think about personal taste and what colors resonate most, as this will provide clues that will help in determining which colors are best for the home,” Magno advises.  “When homeowners are not sure which are appealing, it can be helpful to think about a time when you were in particularly relaxing surroundings, or colors that you gravitate towards when selecting an outfit – this may help to narrow down choices to a particular color family, or the lightness or darkness of a color.”



Like hot chocolate, brown elicits comfort and warmth. Image: Spiderstock/Getty Images

Brown is a natural, warm color choice that is both comforting and stabilizing. And when you’re trying to choose colors, Magno has another suggestion. “Another great way to determine which colors resonate emotionally is to pull images from a magazine or save them online – once there are several images saved it is not unusual for a clear color preference to reveal itself, signaling a color preference that will be appropriate for your home,” she says.



Black is sleek and stylish. Image: Runna10/Getty Images

The color black is associated with elegance, and there are many ways to use the most stylish color of every year. Black can add dramatic effect or it can also have a calming, quieting effect. “While it’s important to consider the function of each individual room in your home and the emotion, think about your home holistically,” says Banbury. “Overall, are you looking to come home to a calm retreat or are you looking to express your creativity with bold contrasting shades?”

Neutral colors

Gray color choice

This gray wall provides a quiet background for the natural wood elements. Image: image_of_life/Getty Images

Neutrals can provide a soothing background that allows other colors to stand out. Gray is a formal, quiet and soothing color. White is pure and simple, and it also invokes calm. Other neutrals include beige and taupe, and some experts recommend neutral colors when selling your home,  “Colors have an ability to energize, soothe and bring out the sense of calmness to your home,” says Kim. “Choose a color that speaks to you and embodies the mood that you want to capture in the space.”

One good thing about paint is that it’s the easier way to change your home. And when you choose the right paint sheen, you can create a space that makes you love your home even more.

What is your color of choice for your home? Let us know in the comments!

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Bed Bath & Beyond Launches Its First Home Line, Bee & Willow

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Weathered vintage, farmhouse chic, updated traditional. Are these descriptions music to your ears? Bed Bath & Beyond just launched its very first home line, Bee & Willow, and it’s just for you.

According to the website, Bee & Willow is “an eclectic mix of rustic and modern styles, designed with character and charm and made to last.” And if you love the look, but don’t have Joanna Gaines’ natural flair for pulling a room together, Bed Bath & Beyond has you covered. The line of more than 300 pieces includes furniture and accessories for every room in your home, priced between $3 and $1,000.

Here’s a look at some of the best pieces from the new Bed Bath & Beyond Bee & Willow home line:

bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow

Natural, earthy tones and textured fabrics add dimension to the collection’s accents. All images courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond.

Shop the look:

bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow

bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow

A living room that’s classic, elegant and still warm and casual enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Shop the look:

bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow

bee & willow furniture

A farmhouse-chic dining room setting in indigo blue.

Shop the look:

bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture
bee & willow furniture

Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond

Rustic modern meets farmhouse for a clean, classic and inviting bedroom.

Shop the look:

bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
Farmhouse furniture bed bath and beyond
bed bath and beyond farmhouse bee & willow
bed bath beyond farmhouse furniture bee & willow

Love what you see? It can all be yours for 20 percent off and free shipping when you become a Beyond+ Member.

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Life Hacks: 5 Things Busy People Need to Simplify their Lives

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Do you ever feel like life gets busier year after year? Us too. The digital age was supposed to make things easier for us, but it’s just made us have to do more in less time. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to regain our sanity. We polled our Freshome team to find out what life hacks they think busy people need to simplify their lives. Here are our top five life hacks.

life hacks 2

A planner can change that way you live your daily life. Image: Pra Chid/Shutterstock

A calendar or planner

There’s nothing quite as terrible as realizing you’ve forgotten something important. That’s why our top life hack is to create a system that works for you and to stick with it. Using a calendar or planner to keep your life organized is a game changer.

If you want to start with personal life organization, here’s a pretty Watercolors Monthly Planner from Target to get you started. Or, if you want to go bigger, you can mount a large-scale master calendar somewhere everyone in your family will see it to keep everyone a little more on top of their game. Put this Yoobi Magnetic Notepad from Target right next to it and have your family add grocery needs so your next trip to the store can be that much more effective.

Even if you prefer to keep your master calendar digitally, a hard-copy calendar can still be a boon. Start using a birthday calendar, like this one from Etsy. Borrowed from the Dutch, these calendars are a perfect reminder of important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Each page of the calendar lists the days in a numbered format but doesn’t list the days of the week, so it can be used year after year. Add to yours every time you learn a birthday, put it in a place you’ll see every day and you’ll never forget an important date again!

life hacks 4

Foolproof your organization and your family might actually put things back where they belong. Image: Myvisuals/Shutterstock

Kitchen, closet & bathroom organizers

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard that our Freshome team loves closet organizes (like this beautiful Luxury Closet Starter Kit from The Container Store), and it won’t be the last. Why are we so hooked? Keeping your closet organized is a snap when the organization is literally built in. And, sure, you could shell out big bucks for a closet renovation. But you could also turn to baskets, bins and other organizers to give yourself the structure you need to keep things tidy.

This principle extends well past the closet, too. Add bins to your pantry, kitchen cabinets and bathroom to keep your house in order. These are especially powerful if you live with people who are, ahem, less concerned about organization than you. If your family members have a tendency to just throw things down, try them with providing a basket or bin. Label your organizers clearly and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to get your family on board with putting things back where they go.

life hacks 3

Creating a place to stash mail and keys prevents both from getting lost. Image: Lucia Coppola/Shutterstock

A place for collecting mail and keys

Junk builds up. It’s an ongoing problem that every person has to manage. That’s why one of our top Freshome life hacks is putting a system in place for this exact issue. Specifically, add a small basket wherever your mail seems to accumulate and wherever you drop your keys. Just implementing organization for these two things – one that can be hard to keep under control and one that always seems to go missing – can make life simpler. No more missed bills, no more missing keys, just like that!

We love the Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets from The Container Store. They come in four sizes so you can find what you need. Keep your storage matching throughout your house by using the extra small for corraling the aforementioned mail and keys. Then, use the middle sizes for toys and remotes and turn to the large for bulkier items like blankets. Boom! Your home looks that much more organized in a snap.

life hacks 5

What would your ideal relaxation space contain? Image: Christian Cabarrocas/Twenty20

Time and space to daydream, plan and de-stress

One of the best life hacks we can offer is to practice self-care. We know, easier said than done. But carving out space in your day and space in your home where you can relax and just be is critical. Pick a place in your home, any place, and fill it with things you love. Ideally, this will be an area where you can minimize distractions (hint: right next to the kids’ playroom might not be the best location) and easily find moments of calm. Then, add whatever is going to best serve you. That could be some pretty candles, a cozy throw, a yoga mat, a bookshelf – whatever is going to spark your creativity and help you find balance.

Seriously, in order to be your most productive self, you need to allow yourself to recharge. Creating space in your home dedicated to doing exactly that makes it much more likely that you’ll actually make yourself a priority when you’re feeling run down.

life hacks 1

A smart home can make your life easier. Who couldn’t use an assistant? Image: Johnna Lafaith/Twenty20

Some help

No, really. When we asked our Freshome team, which is full of busy people, for life hacks, most of us said one of the things we most need is a little help. Some of us find that help in the form of a meal delivery service (we love Blue Apron) or a housekeeper. Others turn to more digital supports, like the Google Home (available at Target), an automated coffee maker to make the mornings just a little bit easier or a keyless lock, like the Honeywell Electronic Lock from Target. Remember what we said earlier about keeping an eye on keys? Electronic locks can eliminate that issue for you.

Whatever help you need to manage your life and feel less stressed, don’t be afraid to ask for it. It can make all the difference in the world.

What are your favorite life hacks? We would love your tips and tricks to help us all manage our busy schedules.

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4 Creative Ways to Hang Curtains

When we picture curtains, we see them hanging long on either side of a valance. It’s functional, it’s attractive and it works with any room style. But that style is also not your only option. You can get creative in the way you hang curtains. From giving them unique spacing so light can filter in easier to even placing them at angles, there are many interesting ways to hang your curtains. With clever placement, they can accent any room design and add a flair all their own. So read on to learn how to hang curtains in creative ways.

Hang Curtains Spaced Out

Create a style with interspaced curtains to let in a muted amount of light. Image: Svet_Feo/Shutterstock

Use creative spacing to let in softer light

This is perhaps one of the easiest and most common ways of hanging curtains a bit more creatively. This style is all about placing curtains so that more light can suffuse the space. As you can see in the photo above, hanging curtains in spaced intervals helps bring in light — but also keeps too much light from overpowering the space. It’s the best of both worlds.

A look like this would work well with bay windows. That would allow you to hang curtains in the corners of the windows, creating a more organized yet organic design. The curtains could add an attractive texture to the corners.

Hang Curtains Angle Style

You can even place curtains at an angle for a softer, romantic look. Image: Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Get creative with geometry

Perhaps one of the most involved ways to hang curtains creatively is to put them on slanted walls. You can see an example of the style in the photo above, behind the TV. The curtains adorn the walls and go all the way up to the ceiling in a tiered design. It goes to show that you don’t have to just hang curtains around straight windows.

This is another style that would look great in romantic and artistic spaces, like a boho-style loft, especially if the curtains were to extend all the way up the ceiling. The curtain design would add a soft and romantic texture.

Hang Curtains Accent Color

Bold-colored curtains can make a statement. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

Hang curtains in accent colors

Another idea is to focus on curtains with bold color. Going for a wild color can be its own means to hang curtains in creative ways. The photo above shows how the deep cherry red curtains go well with the red accents in the rest of the space. They also work well as part of a colorful high-contrast style.

To get some design cohesion in this look, you’ll want to choose the curtain color as your main focal color. Then work that shade into the rest of the space in more subtle ways. You might have a subtle wallpaper, or you could go for small items of the same color on end tables or small accent throw pillows. All around, bold curtains are a great way to work with an accent color.

Hang Curtains Bedroom Space

Creatively placed, textured curtains can add a visual kick to a room. Image: Fuse/Getty Images

Think texture in the bedroom

You might also want to pay attention to deep texture. In the photo above, you can see how the lush curtains add some romantic texture to the space. By focusing on lighter shades to get that texture, curtains like these could fit well with any color scheme in the rest of the room. An example is how well the gold shading on the curtains matches the very light yellow on the pillows.

The placement of the curtains behind the headboard is also a good idea if you want to hang curtains in creative ways. You don’t expect a full-length curtain behind a headboard, so it makes an interesting backdrop for the room.

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Think You Don’t Have Space for a Home Library? Think Again

If you love to read – or you just love books, whether you actually read them or not – consider creating a home library. Most people who don’t have a home library think that they don’t have enough space. But, by thinking creatively, you can find enough room to house your own books.

You don’t need thousands – or even hundreds – of books, and you don’t need wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor space. Below are some options for finding space to create a library that meets your needs and design aesthetic.

In the dining room

These bookshelves are the focal point

These bookshelves are the dining room’s focal point. Image: Dit26978/Getty Images

Not one, but two interior designers recommend creating a library in your dining room. “Change up the way you think about your home,” says Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios. “You don’t have to have a formal dining room if you don’t use it, so make it a library.”

Dining room

Formal dining rooms tend to have a lot of wall space. Image: psdphotography/Getty Images

Interior designer Bethany Adams agrees. “Add shelving to your dining room and keep all of your books there,” she says. “Dining rooms tend to have a lot of unused wall space, and filling them with books creates a beautiful, almost wallpaper-like effect.”

What's better than a good book and a good glass of wine?

What’s better than a good book and a good glass of wine? Image: Orundongel/Getty Images

In the kitchen

cookbooks in kitchen

Keep cookbooks handy, yet out of the way. Image: Joe Schmeizer/Getty Images

If you have cookbooks, Adams recommends taking the doors off of a kitchen cabinet and painting the inside.  “If you keep your cookbooks there, they’ll be within easy reach and look great.” she says. “Just be sure never to store your books in a room that gets a lot of humidity like the basement or a bathroom – that environment is not friendly to your tomes.”

These shelves also provide pops of color in this white kitchen.

These shelves also provide pops of color in this white kitchen. Image: ShutterWorx/Getty Images

In the bedroom

frame bed

Consider framing your bed with bookshelves. Image: urfinguss/Getty Images

How often do you fall asleep while reading? You might as well put your library in one of your bedrooms. If you have a second bedroom that you only need to use a few times a year, Gentry recommends investing in a fold-out loveseat or sofa so you can turn this room into a library. “Be sure to create a cozy mood, and use comfy seating,” she says. Gentry also recommends filling a focal wall with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to create a library feel.

Bedroom library

The bedroom is usually the most comfortable place to read. Image: ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

Josie Abate at Ambience Express agrees and adds, “Built-in shelving can accommodate any size space so you can easily squeeze a home library in any room of the home, whether it be a bedroom or a corner of your living room.” She suggests adding a bench under a window with shelving around it for the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

This is a great idea for a blank bedroom wall.

This is a great idea for a blank bedroom wall. Image: Paulo De Santis/Eye/Em/Getty Images

In the home office

An office wall is an ideal place for a library.

An office wall is an ideal place for a library. Image: Eoneren/Getty Images

If you have a home office, donate one of the walls to create a floor-to-ceiling library. If you’re worried about the space you might lose, remember that you can also put most of your office equipment on the shelves.

There's plenty of shelf space in this home office.

There’s plenty of shelf space in this home office. Image: EyeEm/Getty Images

Around the entertainment center

This area is stylish and functional.

This area is stylish and functional. Image: Romy Tesei/Getty Images

“Often, people store their books in the closets of ordinary entertainment centers, according to Katy Brut, interior design consultant at NY Furniture Outlets. She says it’s important to decide if you want to display your books to everyone, perhaps next to photos and souvenirs, or if you would rather keep your collection private. This will determine if you should get open or closed bookshelves. If you don’t have a lot of floor space around your entertainment center, consider mounting slimline bookshelves.

Creative wall-mounted shelves

Fun shelves

Who says libraries must have square shelves? Image: Ralwel/Getty Images

If you don’t want traditional rows of bookshelves, consider this type of shelving, which doesn’t take up a lot of visual space, and can also double as artwork.

In the attic

Attic library

An attic library also provides solitude. Image: onurdongel/Getty Images.

If you have a finished attic, it’s another ideal location for a library. You can carve space out of your walls, so you won’t have to take up any floor space.

Carving space

Carving space out of the wall provides a place to store and display your books. Image: Flux Factory/Getty Images

“Is there an odd nook that never made any since to you?” asks Justin Riodan, founder of Portland-based Spade and Archer Design Agency. “Maybe a staircase where a dead space has troubled you for years.”  Those areas provide plenty of library space.

Also consider the area around your fireplace.  “Many homes have a flat blank wall with a fireplace smack dab in the middle,” Riodan says. “I love the idea of surrounding that fireplace with floor to ceiling custom shelving and filling it with books. It can take a cold contrite fireplace and make it into a literal reading room.”

Libraries don't have to be on the floor.

Libraries don’t have to be on the floor. Image: Bulgac/Getty Images

And if you have tall ceilings, you can also take advantage of wasted space higher up. In the photo above, the homeowners created a library at the top of the room.

“To create a home library you can focus one or two walls of shelving to house all your books and an area with a comfortable chair or bench seating, preferably by a window for natural light,” Abate says. “If you have more room a desk is always a nice add on to a home library, it will become a space that can double as an office.”

Home Library under stairs

Don’t forgot the empty space under your stairs. Image: archideaphoto/Getty Images

She also recommends creating a library nook under the stairs. “You would need to install custom shelving to fit the exact size of your nook,” Abate says. “You can also incorporate a bench with artwork under the stairs for the complete reading nook.”

Circular spaces

Create a fun space to relax and read books.

Create a fun space to relax and read books. Image: Bulgac/Getty Images2

Sometimes, it’s hard to design around and decorate circular areas. However, curving a wall of bookshelves is the perfect solution. And the windows allow plenty of natural light into the library.

Other considerations

Home library - nooks and crannies

Other nooks and crannies can provide a lot of space. Image: Hero Images/Getty Images

Don’t forget about other areas in your home that can serve as a library. According to interior designer Dawn Totty,  in addition to your attic, consider an unused hallway closet or pantry. “Depending on your ceiling height, shelves or built-ins can go as high as 12′ from floor-to-ceiling,” she says. If you use higher shelving Totty recommends a custom rail-ladder system.  “Be sure to use plenty of brackets since a large number of books can be quite heavy.”

A ladder system can help you reach books near the top.

A ladder system can help you reach books near the top. Image: Asbe/Getty Images

Totty also recommends using medium to darker stained wood finishes. “This will create a stately and traditional library look,” she says. “Add a couple of comfy leather chairs, a large area rug, and floor and table lights for task lighting.” Or, you could use dark wood on the floor. Since black is the stylish color of every year, you could paint one wall black, and make the other walls and the bookshelves white.

chic lirary

Your library can also be chic and luxurious. Image: Peter_visual/Getty Images

However, if you prefer a lighter and brighter feel, she offers the following advice: “Position a cozy upholstered chair or two with a wall mounted electric white fireplace, add a fun chandelier and load up your walls with painted open concept shelves for books and staging collectibles.”

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Planning on Selling your Home? Here’s the Best Time to List Your House — and It’s Soon

Zillow, the online real estate company that keeps a database of nationwide sales, just published a report with insights on the best time to sell your house for the most money. If you’re thinking about listing, it’s time to take action. The best time to list your house is the first half of May. Here’s why.

best time to list your house

It’s time to prep your house to list for the biggest profit and fastest sale. Image: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

The report explains, “U.S. homes listed for sale in early May sell for $1,600 more than the average listing throughout the year.” Not only are you likely to sell for more money if you list your home in May, but you’re also likely to sell quicker. An average of six days quicker, in fact.

Zillow is quick to note that these numbers and time frames are averages. They break down the numbers further:

  • In the Twin Cities area, they sell for about $4,900 more than the median local home price
  • In San Jose, California, $18,900
  • And in Chicago, $3,300

Other cities do better listing in early June:

  • In Columbus, Ohio, $2,900 more
  • In Seattle, $7,500 more

Zillow also found that Saturday is the best day to list. The report says, “Saturday listings get the largest number of views by users on Zillow within the first week of listing.” And if Saturday isn’t possible, Friday also comes in strong with “the most views after a week in 10 of the top 35 markets.” Although realtors love Tuesdays for realtor caravans, Tuesday is the worst day to list your house, with as much as a 20 percent decline in page views compared to Saturday.

best time to list my house

List your house on a Saturday to get the most buyer interest. Image: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock

Don’t wait for winter to be over before you start to prep your house for sale. You may miss the sweet spot to get your house sold faster and for money. Here’s a quick checklist of what you can do so you don’t miss the best time to list your house:

best time to list my house

Start prepping your house in winter for a spring sale. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

  • Start meeting with realtors to find one who’s the best fit for you
  • Make a checklist of repairs and upgrades (like fresh paint and adding to your home’s curb appeal)
  • Start budgeting for maintenance and repairs
  • Start decluttering and de-personalizing your home
  • Look into a storage unit for personal items so your home is clutter-free when you list it

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15 of the Best Open Design Showers

One of the popular ways to get a sleek, modern bathroom is to opt for an open design shower. As the name suggests, these showers are typically fully open to the rest of the bathroom, or at least only partially covered. Many are even simply behind clear glass partitions. This design opens up the bathroom space visually. And the lack of a shower curtain allows the bathroom to look more modern and spa-like. If this is something you’d like to try, or you’re just curious about how others incorporated the style, below are some of the best open design showers.

Fully Open Design Showers

First on the list of different open design shower types are showers that remain fully open to the rest of the bathroom. These have a few different benefits. They can be good for those with limited mobility since there is often only a lip to step over into the shower. And many designs are even flush with the floor and have a drainage system that allows water to stay in the shower area.

As mentioned above, they can also visually open up the bathroom space, making these good options for small space bathrooms. And, of course, open design showers have a luxury, modern feel to them, like something you’d find in an upscale hotel.

Open Design Showers Small Style

Open showers can make a smaller bathroom look bigger. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Middle Style

An open shower fits well into the middle of a bathroom space. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Stone Style

Natural stonework can give an exotic spa feel. Image: Kalen Armstrong/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Texture Style

An open shower can show off the tile texture. Image: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Rounded Style

A rounded door design can fit in just about anywhere. Image: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Two Tubs Style

Different floor textures can visually separate the open shower from the rest of the bathroom. Image: alexandre zveige/Shutterstock

Partially Open Design Showers

You may not be completely on board with a shower area open to the rest of the bathroom. If so, you can opt for partially open design showers. These give the best of both worlds. Most of the shower still opens to the rest of the bathroom, but part of the shower area will remain behind some type of partition. That serves the purpose of opening up the bathroom visually, but also allowing for some privacy.

The partitions themselves can also be wonderful additions to a bathroom. From partial walls to frosted glass, the partitions below add a sense of texture and style to the space.

Open Design Showers Partition Style

Creative, geometric partitions can add style to a space. Image:

Open Design Showers Wall Style

Another idea is to have a minimalistic partition right next to the shower space. Image: David Papazian/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Frosted Style

Frosted glass is a good way to partition off partially open showers. Image: khunkorn/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Small Wall Style

A partial wall can add some organization to an open bathroom design. Image: alabn/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Background Style

An open shower can also sit farther back in its own space. Image: Rade Kovac/Shutterstock

Showers and Tubs

If you like the idea of being able to soak in a warm bath, these styles featuring open design showers and tubs are right up your alley. They blend an open shower design with a tub of some variety right into the same space.

An open design shower actually goes quite well with a soaker tub nearby. The shower and the tub are often placed right next to each other to minimize how much water is splashing about the bathroom. And the open showers help keep the space visually unimpaired so these designs can easily fit both showers and soaker tubs without anything feeling cluttered or cramped.

Open Design Showers Soaker Style

This style shows how well a clear glass shower goes right next to a tub. Image: alexandre zveige/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Blue Style

The open shower design can also help keep color patterns more uniform in a space, like this blue tile and gray wood texture. Image:

Open Design Showers Square Style

A square tub fits well next to an open shower. Image: BondRocketImages/Shutterstock

Open Design Showers Geometric Soaker Style

Geometric soaker tubs add some style and class next to glass shower doors. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

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