5 Ideas for Home Office Color Schemes

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When designing a home office, it’s common to get completely focused on what you’ll put in it and where everything should go. You might worry about what kind of desk you should get, how many chairs you should have, if you need a sofa and how the shelving will work in the space. These are all important considerations. However, another large part of your home office is the color scheme. The color scheme will define the look and feel of the space, so it’s important to think about it as you plan or redesign a home office. Below, we’ll look at home office color schemes for some inspiration.
Home Office Color Schemes White Office

White is a classic go-to for any room. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

White Monochrome in Home Office Color Schemes

If you want your office to look modern, you can’t go wrong with a white monochrome color scheme, like in the photo above. White monochrome color schemes give an open feeling of airiness, making them work well in home offices. Since you might be spending so much time in there, the last thing you want is for the space to feel cramped after a while.

And because white opens up a space visually, it’s also a solid choice for small space home offices. Also, white has a clean look that tends to not go out of style. If you want something basic and clean, white might just be your choice in home office color schemes.

Home Office Color Schemes Wood Style

The neutrals in rich woods match other neutral elements in the space. Image: pics721/Shutterstock

Rich Wood Neutrals

Another option is rich wood and other neutral shades in home office color schemes. You can see in the photo above how rich wood gives a feeling of luxury. If you want one of those home offices that looks like an executive suite, consider going with wood textures in the flooring, paneling and furniture.

The photo above also shows how well rich woods combine with other neutral tones in the carpet and furniture. Wood layers well with rich visual textures, as you can see in the floor rug and chair off to the right. Also, small accents like the wrought iron lamp and wall sconces add classic appeal.

Home Office Color Schemes Blue Neutrals

Blue really does go with anything, including this home office space. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

Blue and Neutrals

Yet another idea for home office color schemes is to combine neutrals and blue shades. You can see in the photo above how doing so creates a transitional home office, meaning it isn’t likely to go out of style. Stark black cabinetry creates a modern appeal against the open white walls and ceiling.

The blue shades help round out the space by giving it some color. However, it’s a muted gray-blue, so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. It also shows that blue can go with anything. In this case, you might notice how the blue shade fits with the textured carpet and rich wood piece in the center of the room.

Home Office Color Schemes Colorful

Get a classy, colorful look by combining bright neutrals with bold colors. Image: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Bright and Colorful

If you enjoy plenty of color in a space, you can achieve that without looking like your office is a child’s bedroom. You can see in the photo above how bright colors combine with a white neutral backdrop. The colors pop all the more, while the white adds a modern appeal.

The photo above also shows how you can incorporate color into a home office in easy ways. You simply need to add some bright pieces to some open shelving, like the picture frame, file box, binders and cactus pot. You basically create one of the monochrome home office color schemes, then layer on colorful objects spread throughout the office.

Home Office Color Schemes Deep Red

Get a burgundy shade in a home office by choosing an accent wall. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Deep Red

There’s something about a deep burgundy that just screams home office or study. You see the shade in classic libraries often, so that might create the shade’s connection with spaces where you’re ready to focus. It’s both bold and grounded, so it adds a nice sense of balance to a space. There’s little to hate about burgundy in home office color schemes.

The photo above shows how easy it is to incorporate this shade into a home office. A simple accent wall with the shade can define the whole space. Combining burgundy with neutrals like white and black shades keeps other elements from competing with the accent wall. A nice touch is the added pink rug, chair and curtain, which complement the red wall without overpowering it.

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Think You Don’t Have Space for a Home Library? Think Again

If you love to read – or you just love books, whether you actually read them or not – consider creating a home library. Most people who don’t have a home library think that they don’t have enough space. But, by thinking creatively, you can find enough room to house your own books.

You don’t need thousands – or even hundreds – of books, and you don’t need wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor space. Below are some options for finding space to create a library that meets your needs and design aesthetic.

In the dining room

These bookshelves are the focal point

These bookshelves are the dining room’s focal point. Image: Dit26978/Getty Images

Not one, but two interior designers recommend creating a library in your dining room. “Change up the way you think about your home,” says Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios. “You don’t have to have a formal dining room if you don’t use it, so make it a library.”

Dining room

Formal dining rooms tend to have a lot of wall space. Image: psdphotography/Getty Images

Interior designer Bethany Adams agrees. “Add shelving to your dining room and keep all of your books there,” she says. “Dining rooms tend to have a lot of unused wall space, and filling them with books creates a beautiful, almost wallpaper-like effect.”

What's better than a good book and a good glass of wine?

What’s better than a good book and a good glass of wine? Image: Orundongel/Getty Images

In the kitchen

cookbooks in kitchen

Keep cookbooks handy, yet out of the way. Image: Joe Schmeizer/Getty Images

If you have cookbooks, Adams recommends taking the doors off of a kitchen cabinet and painting the inside.  “If you keep your cookbooks there, they’ll be within easy reach and look great.” she says. “Just be sure never to store your books in a room that gets a lot of humidity like the basement or a bathroom – that environment is not friendly to your tomes.”

These shelves also provide pops of color in this white kitchen.

These shelves also provide pops of color in this white kitchen. Image: ShutterWorx/Getty Images

In the bedroom

frame bed

Consider framing your bed with bookshelves. Image: urfinguss/Getty Images

How often do you fall asleep while reading? You might as well put your library in one of your bedrooms. If you have a second bedroom that you only need to use a few times a year, Gentry recommends investing in a fold-out loveseat or sofa so you can turn this room into a library. “Be sure to create a cozy mood, and use comfy seating,” she says. Gentry also recommends filling a focal wall with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to create a library feel.

Bedroom library

The bedroom is usually the most comfortable place to read. Image: ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

Josie Abate at Ambience Express agrees and adds, “Built-in shelving can accommodate any size space so you can easily squeeze a home library in any room of the home, whether it be a bedroom or a corner of your living room.” She suggests adding a bench under a window with shelving around it for the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

This is a great idea for a blank bedroom wall.

This is a great idea for a blank bedroom wall. Image: Paulo De Santis/Eye/Em/Getty Images

In the home office

An office wall is an ideal place for a library.

An office wall is an ideal place for a library. Image: Eoneren/Getty Images

If you have a home office, donate one of the walls to create a floor-to-ceiling library. If you’re worried about the space you might lose, remember that you can also put most of your office equipment on the shelves.

There's plenty of shelf space in this home office.

There’s plenty of shelf space in this home office. Image: EyeEm/Getty Images

Around the entertainment center

This area is stylish and functional.

This area is stylish and functional. Image: Romy Tesei/Getty Images

“Often, people store their books in the closets of ordinary entertainment centers, according to Katy Brut, interior design consultant at NY Furniture Outlets. She says it’s important to decide if you want to display your books to everyone, perhaps next to photos and souvenirs, or if you would rather keep your collection private. This will determine if you should get open or closed bookshelves. If you don’t have a lot of floor space around your entertainment center, consider mounting slimline bookshelves.

Creative wall-mounted shelves

Fun shelves

Who says libraries must have square shelves? Image: Ralwel/Getty Images

If you don’t want traditional rows of bookshelves, consider this type of shelving, which doesn’t take up a lot of visual space, and can also double as artwork.

In the attic

Attic library

An attic library also provides solitude. Image: onurdongel/Getty Images.

If you have a finished attic, it’s another ideal location for a library. You can carve space out of your walls, so you won’t have to take up any floor space.

Carving space

Carving space out of the wall provides a place to store and display your books. Image: Flux Factory/Getty Images

“Is there an odd nook that never made any since to you?” asks Justin Riodan, founder of Portland-based Spade and Archer Design Agency. “Maybe a staircase where a dead space has troubled you for years.”  Those areas provide plenty of library space.

Also consider the area around your fireplace.  “Many homes have a flat blank wall with a fireplace smack dab in the middle,” Riodan says. “I love the idea of surrounding that fireplace with floor to ceiling custom shelving and filling it with books. It can take a cold contrite fireplace and make it into a literal reading room.”

Libraries don't have to be on the floor.

Libraries don’t have to be on the floor. Image: Bulgac/Getty Images

And if you have tall ceilings, you can also take advantage of wasted space higher up. In the photo above, the homeowners created a library at the top of the room.

“To create a home library you can focus one or two walls of shelving to house all your books and an area with a comfortable chair or bench seating, preferably by a window for natural light,” Abate says. “If you have more room a desk is always a nice add on to a home library, it will become a space that can double as an office.”

Home Library under stairs

Don’t forgot the empty space under your stairs. Image: archideaphoto/Getty Images

She also recommends creating a library nook under the stairs. “You would need to install custom shelving to fit the exact size of your nook,” Abate says. “You can also incorporate a bench with artwork under the stairs for the complete reading nook.”

Circular spaces

Create a fun space to relax and read books.

Create a fun space to relax and read books. Image: Bulgac/Getty Images2

Sometimes, it’s hard to design around and decorate circular areas. However, curving a wall of bookshelves is the perfect solution. And the windows allow plenty of natural light into the library.

Other considerations

Home library - nooks and crannies

Other nooks and crannies can provide a lot of space. Image: Hero Images/Getty Images

Don’t forget about other areas in your home that can serve as a library. According to interior designer Dawn Totty,  in addition to your attic, consider an unused hallway closet or pantry. “Depending on your ceiling height, shelves or built-ins can go as high as 12′ from floor-to-ceiling,” she says. If you use higher shelving Totty recommends a custom rail-ladder system.  “Be sure to use plenty of brackets since a large number of books can be quite heavy.”

A ladder system can help you reach books near the top.

A ladder system can help you reach books near the top. Image: Asbe/Getty Images

Totty also recommends using medium to darker stained wood finishes. “This will create a stately and traditional library look,” she says. “Add a couple of comfy leather chairs, a large area rug, and floor and table lights for task lighting.” Or, you could use dark wood on the floor. Since black is the stylish color of every year, you could paint one wall black, and make the other walls and the bookshelves white.

chic lirary

Your library can also be chic and luxurious. Image: Peter_visual/Getty Images

However, if you prefer a lighter and brighter feel, she offers the following advice: “Position a cozy upholstered chair or two with a wall mounted electric white fireplace, add a fun chandelier and load up your walls with painted open concept shelves for books and staging collectibles.”

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New Container Store Custom Closets Make Your Closet A Showpiece Quickly And Affordably

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The Container Store is expanding their Container Store Custom Closets series. As of March 20, creating a stunning closet will be easier, more stylish and totally affordable.

You’ll be able to redo the tiniest or largest closet space, turning it into a custom-looking showpiece by choosing from the Elfa Classic, Elfa Décor, Avera and Laren (previously known as TCS Closets) lines.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Container Store Custom Closets available:


avera container store custom closets

Avera offers customers the option of a modern and minimalist custom closet look. All images courtesy of The Container Store.

avera container store custom closets options

Wood grain and back wall panels add a high-end custom cabinet look to the series.

Avera is the Container Store Custom Closets’ newest addition. The design is sleeker and more contemporary for a high-end look.

The line includes four wood grain finishes, soft close drawers, coordinating back wall panels and optional built-in LED lighting.

Elfa Classic

elfa classic container store custom closets

The Elfa Classic made its way stateside from Sweden 40 years ago, but it still looks modern today.

container store custom closets and home offices

A bright and well-organized office space featuring Elfa Classic closet hardware and accessories.

Elfa is the original and most popular custom drawer and shelving system. The Container Store has sold the Swedish brand since 1978.

The unique wall-hanging system is strong and versatile so you can add shelves or drawers over time as you need. It’s perfect for closets, home offices, craft rooms, pantries and garages.

Elfa Décor

elfa custom closets

The Elfa Décor line features Scandinavian wood finishes and higher-end hardware options that kick the Elfa Classic collection up a notch.

the container store custom closets and pantry

A custom pantry that’s organized and attractive enough to be left open while still maximizing space.

Elfa Décor takes the classic collection to the next level by adding three different wood finish options and solid drawer faces.

If you’re detail-oriented, you’ll appreciate the quality additions like gliding shoe shelves, the jewelry and accessory system and a variety of drawer pulls.


container store custom closets

This custom closet featuring the Laren series was designed for fashionista Kelly Golightly.

custom closets at container store

This walk-in closet looks custom-built thanks to rich dark woods and floor-to-ceiling built-ins.

Laren is the new name of the TCS Closets collection. It’s the most luxurious of the custom closet collections and includes durable 1″-thick construction, eight exclusive finishes, optional islands, glass-front cabinets and LED lighting.

Laren is the perfect collection for a walk-in closet design when you’re looking for a custom built-in style.

Now that you can pick up a new custom closet design through the Container Store website or by visiting your local store, there’s no reason not to transform your closet space or create a new one.

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10 Small Corner Desks That Transform A Corner Into A Functional Small Home Office

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Productivity is possible, even in the smallest of spaces. And if you’re space-challenged, there’s no better place to set up your small home office than in an awkward, unused corner. Check out these 10 small corner desks — and how they’ve been styled — for great ideas to transform a corner into a functional small home office.

1. Harper Blvd. Kemble Metal/Glass Corner Desk at Amazon, click for price

small corner desks

For a sleek and contemporary look, choose a glass top to lighten up the corner. If you don’t have a window to look out, hang a mirror or wall canvas on the wall.

2. Fynn Wall Mount Corner Desk at Amazon, click for price

small corner desks

This floating desk is wall-mounted to allow space for a chair to tuck in. The cubbies are perfect for holding files and other items.

3. Ellen Corner Desk at Target, $130

small corner desk

This furniture-like small corner desk can also work as a small TV cabinet.

4. Friedman Corner Desk with Hutch at Wayfair, $183

small corner desks

Make maximum use of a corner by adding a hutch that takes advantage of the wall space over the desk.

5. Fold-Out Convertible Desk at Amazon, click for price

small corner desks

This well-designed wall desk has cubbies and a cork board to keep you organized. The actual desk surface area drops down, with the door becoming the supporting leg. To clear the area when done, put everything back in the cubbies and fold the unit back up to close.

6. Ameriwood Home Parsons Corner Desk at Amazon, click for price

small corner desks

The shallow lower shelf of this small corner desk can hold additional items like books or a small printer while still allowing space for your legs.

7. Willingham Wall Mount Folding Laptop Desk at Amazon, click for price

small corner desks

If all you need to create a home office is a spot for your laptop, this wall-mounted small desk may be the solution. Hang it on one of the walls of your corner for a mini work station.

8. Tangkula Corner Desk at Amazon, click for price

small corer desks

Some small corner desks have very limited surface area and storage. But this unit features a pullout keyboard tray and shelving large enough to hold a desktop computer tower.

9. Moorton Corner Computer Desk at Wayfair, $286

small corner desks

This transitional small corner desk can work in many home styles. Use a cube or square ottoman as a desk chair if your corner area space is limited.

10. Calgary L-Shaped Desk at Wayfair, $223

small corner desks

The L-shape of this desk fits well into a corner, with an integrated bookcase serving as one of the supporting legs.

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These 16 Gorgeous Home Office Design Ideas will give you Total Workspace Envy

Even though your office space will largely be used for work, there’s no reason for it to be strictly utilitarian. We wholeheartedly believe that offices and workspaces can be a beautifully-designed feature of your home. All it takes to come up with stylish office design ideas is a little forethought and planning.

With that in mind, we’ve brought you 16 gorgeous office design ideas to help inspire you. Look them over, in addition to our helpful tips and tricks for putting together the perfect office space, and we guarantee that you’ll be ready to give your space a major makeover.


Follow these tips and tricks to design the ideal office space for you. Image: SeventyFour/Shutterstock

Tips for creating the perfect office space

Too often when people design a home office, they get stuck on the idea that the space has to be totally utilitarian. However, we believe that in order for you to love spending time in your office, there needs to be a good mix of functionality and personality in the space. Follow these office design ideas to create an office space that you won’t want to leave.

  • Create focus areas: Your office doesn’t have to be simply a desk and a chair. You can create individual focus areas for the different tasks you need to accomplish. Consider adding a seating area if you meet with clients or a reading nook for going over paperwork.
  • Invest in seating: Seating is the most important element of any office, as it’s how you’ll spend the bulk of your time. Make sure to splurge on the chair that feels most comfortable to you.
  • Bring in plenty of lighting: Nothing’s worse than squinting over paperwork. Do your best to add plenty of lighting to the space so that seeing clearly is never an issue. Remember AAT – Accent, Ambient and Task lighting make for a well-lit space.
  • Don’t forget your personality: Finally, your office should feel like a space that’s uniquely your own. Remember to bring in a sense of your personality through the colors and prints that you use, as well as accessories like wall art and décor items.

Check out these swoon-worthy office design ideas

furniture against walls

Normally, we’d advise against having your furniture line the walls. However, when you’re working with dual desks you can use the whole room to facilitate the feeling that each person has his or her own space. Image: PlusONE/Shutterstock


The goal with any office is to make the time you spend working as enjoyable as possible. Whenever possible, treat yourself to a beautiful view. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock


Don’t think that using a formal desk and chair is the only way to set-up an office. You can customize your office layout to fit whatever type of work you’re doing. Image: jovana veljkovic/Shutterstock


t’s not about the space you have, it’s about how you use it. Even if you don’t have a formal office, you can still find space to build a workspace that works. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock


This workspace proves that size doesn’t matter. Even with the smallest of square footage, you can still design an office space that you’re happy to be working in. Image: Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock

sliding door

Consider a sliding door rather than the traditional option to give your office a more modern vibe. Image: Zastolskiy Victor/Shutterstock


Having a proper seating area is important to any office space. This is especially true if you ever plan on hosting clients or other visitors. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock


The area above your desk should always be well-lit so that you can see what you’re working on. Think about including a light fixture that will do double-duty by also adding aesthetic value to the room. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock


If you really want to get fancy, consider creating an office that can be hidden from sight when it’s out of use. That way, when work is done it’s out of sight, out of mind. Image: Monkey Business Images

focal point

Like every other room in your home, your office needs to have a focal point. The wall behind your desk is a natural choice. Think about making it an accent wall or adding a shelf. Image: Breadmaker/Shutterstock


Built-in bookcases are office classics. However, if you don’t have the budget for that, don’t worry. You can recreate a similar look by placing two free-standing bookcases side-by-side. Image: PlusONE/Shutterstock


This space proves that it’s not only possible, but downright fashionable, to have two workspaces side-by-side. Don’t be afraid to share your space with a roommate or family member. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock


Your office chair is the most important piece of furniture you’ll buy for this room. Do your best to pick out one that you love. Image: Beyond Time/Shutterstock


Your office is your space. Make sure you’re happy there by designing it to your personal style. As you can see, this office’s owner went Scandinavian, but your options are limitless. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock


No office would be complete without a place to display accessories. Make sure you have some somewhere to include a little bit of décor in the space. Doing so helps the space feel purposefully designed. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

What are your favorite office design ideas? Do you have a home office you want to show off? Let us know in the comments.

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Trick Out Your Office With West Elm and Steelcase’s Uber-Chic Office Line

Steelcase and west elm have partnered up to bring us a pretty amazing office furniture collection. And when you see these pieces, you’ll never see the phrase “office furniture” in the same way again.

The two furniture brands call their collab the west elm Work Collection and their motto is “Better Together.” According to Steelcase, they’re “teaming up to help organizations create inspiring, high-performance workplaces.”

Forget grey felt cubicle walls and formica – these workplaces rival the most stylish home, making you want to stay at work a little longer.

Here’s the best of the west elm Work Collection:

west elm Work Collection

Conference-chic. Mid-century modern inspired furniture and commercial, durable textiles combine for a lastingly stylish office. All images: Steelcase west elm Work Collection

Featured items:

west elm Work Collection
west elm Work Collection

west elm office furniture

This employee lounge area will be the most popular place in the office.

Featured items:

west elm office furniture
west elm office furniture
west elm office furniture
west elm office furniture

west elm steelcase

This modular sectional can be used as a multi-person workspace or reception sitting area.

Featured items:

west elm steelcase

Steel case office furniture and west elm Work Collection

The high back of this tailored settee can double as a room divider to conceal a desk or filing cabinets.

Featured items:

All items are available as of December 15, with more to come at the Steelcase west elm Work Collection site and west elm Workspace.

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Wayfair’s New Line, Greyleigh, Puts Fully Styled Rooms At Your Fingertips

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With the holidays fast approaching, is your home or apartment ready to impress your guests? If the answer is no, you’re gonna love Wayfair’s new line. Greyleigh is a collection of super-chic room settings that are fully styled from ceiling to floor. All you need to do is click on your favorite pieces and you’ll have an insta-fab home just in time for the holidays.

Here are six of our favorite rooms (and the pieces that make it all come together) from Wayfair’s Greyleigh collection:

Wayfair Greyleigh

This Rustic Dining Room by Greyleigh would work just as well in a small studio or loft as it would in a larger home. All images: Wayfair

A note about prices: We love showing you the prices of items we select. But Wayfair’s very competitive pricing means prices may vary day to day as they discount the items or run special sales. Clicking on the item will take you to the best price available at the time. Get it before it’s gone!

Shop the look:

greyleigh living room rustic

The modern Rustic Living Room Design is elegant yet relaxed and casual enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Shop the look:

modern 4 poster bed

A contemporary four-poster bed, part of the Greyleigh Rustic Bedroom Design Collection, features storage underneath to add function to smaller spaces.

Shop the look:

wayfair greyleigh

For a more formal look, go with a rectangular dining table and slipcovered dining chairs, like the ones in this Greyleigh Rustic Dining Room.

Shop the look:

Greyleigh Rustic Bedroom

A perfectly polished and tailored bedroom can be yours. All you need to do is paint your bedroom walls grey and wait for delivery of this Rustic Bedroom Design.

Shop the look:


Get work done stylishly by turning a spare guest room or home office space into this Greyleigh Rustic Office Design.

Shop the look:

In addition to this new brand, Greyleigh, Wayfair is also introducing a new subscription program called MyWay.  MyWay is a subscription-based membership program that grants members the following benefits:
1. Free Shipping on Everything (even orders under $49)
2. 25% off In-Home Services, such as assembly and installation, and upgraded delivery services like “Room of Choice” and “Full Service Delivery”
3. Exclusive Perks, including access to insider sales
4. Free 1-day Shipping on Thousands of Items

So before you shop any of the great products above you may want to consider the MyWay program, especially if you are a frequent Wayfair buyer!

Greyleigh is affordable, high-end and, best of all, put together for you by the experts. Your home can look like the inspirational pictures in no time. What room setting is your favorite?

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