How to Pick the Best Dining Room Table for Your Space

If you need a new dining table, choosing one can be fun. It allows you to define the style you want for your dining room. And there are many attractive options to sort through. Plus, who doesn’t like a stylish new piece of furniture? But choosing a dining room table has to be done carefully since the table’s such a large, room-defining piece. So below we’ll cover how to pick the right dining table for you and your home.

Shopping for a dining table can take a day or weeks, depending on how much time you have to devote to the project each day and how many options you choose to sort through. Sometimes you find just the right piece immediately, and sometimes it takes a while.

Dining tables also run all over the price range, depending on size, materials and style. A more simply designed table could cost in the mid $200 range, or you could be paying thousands of dollars or more. That’s why it literally pays to take the time to shop around. To that end, we’ve gathered some tips to help you decide on the type of dining room table you want. You can reduce your search time if you know what type of table will best suit your needs and your space.

Dining Room Table Black Style

Smaller, minimalistic tables fit well in open concept areas. Image: @cameronbraun/Twenty20

Take Stock of Your Room’s Size

The most defining feature of the dining room table is its size. Some are expansive. Some are small and minimalistic. Your dining room’s size is going to be a large factor in what size of table you get, of course. So start by measuring the space in which you plan to put the dining room table.

If you’d like more room to walk when you’re not entertaining, also remember to look at drop-leaf or extendable dining room table designs. That way, you can remove part of the table or fold part of it down when you want the extra floor space. This is especially useful for smaller dining rooms.

As a side note, many open concept designs in homes don’t have a set dining room space. Instead, you create an eating space wherever you put the table. Visual elements like a floor rug can create some organization in the space. Smaller and streamlined tables usually work in this style, as they don’t overpower or crowd the open space.

Dining Room Table Wood Style

A dining room table can set the tone for a whole room, like with this highly rustic and textured design. Image: @statusdog/Twenty20

Choose a Style and Material for your Dining Room Table

Your next step is to choose the style you want in a dining room table. It might be easy to think, “Well, a wood one, I guess.” But all dining room tables have specific details in their materials and construction that make certain styles better for certain types of rooms. A few examples include:

  • Classic homes do well with rich wood textures like mahogany and dark espresso finishes.
  • Contemporary homes do well with minimal and modern styles.
  • Industrial styles do well with a dining room table that uses metal elements, like stainless steel table legs.
  • Artsy homes do well with funky styles, like table legs that angle outward or tabletops that are in unconventional, geometric shapes.
  • Country styles do well with rustic, textured wood pieces.

These are just a few dining room table ideas. Remember, when looking for a larger piece of furniture, often it’s an intuitive process. Sometimes the right piece will just “speak” to you. Keep your room’s style in mind and it can be easier to pinpoint that perfect piece.

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Trending Now: Rattan Furniture

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Rattan isn’t just for outdoor furniture anymore. You might associate this material with your grandma’s house, but rattan furniture is having a moment. And we’re here for it. It’s versatile, durable and can take just about any room to the next level.

Before we dive deeper, let’s get clear on rattan. It’s not the same as wicker. Wicker is a type of weave, whereas rattan refers to the actual material itself, a flexible, fibrous plant. We’ve long used its pliable stems to make furniture because it’s both lightweight and durable. Today, not all rattan-style furniture uses actual rattan – but we’ll forgive it because the whole point of synthetic rattan is to protect the natural environment in which rattan grows.

If you’ve been looking for furniture that packs a punch aesthetically but doesn’t add a ton of visual weight to your space, rattan is for you. Let’s look at some of the various ways you can use rattan furniture to set the tone of a room.

Rattan furniture in the bedroom

Like we said, rattan is versatile. That’s why you can use it just about anywhere in a bedroom, from the headboard to the accent chair to the table. Here are some different ways you can incorporate this material in any bedroom in your home.

rattan furniture - bed 1

In a tropical bedroom, the Curved Rattan Bed is a no-brainer. Image: Anthropologie

rattan furniture - bed 5

If you want to add an eclectic feel to your bedroom, the Kubu Rattan Woven Headboard can deliver. Image: Pier1

rattan furniture - bed 2

The comfy Pari Rattan Daybed creates a cozy – but still airy – lounging area in this bedroom. Image: Anthropologie

rattan furniture - bed 3

Make it extra fun to get ready with the Ria Leaning Rattan Mirror, which includes a place to hang extra outfit options. Image: Urban Outfitters

rattan furniture - bed 4

Pair your leaning mirror with the matching bed. With a low profile, the Ria Rattan Bed invites you to lounge. Image: Urban Outfitters

Rattan furniture in the living room

Maybe you’re the type of person who has a set style you follow in your living space. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who pulls from various influences, from traditional to mid-century to eclectic. Either way, rattan can serve you. Because of its vintage roots and natural feel, it works in a wide variety of living spaces. Check it out.

rattan furniture - living 4

Rattan doesn’t just work for boho spaces. It can be ideal when you’re looking for a modern edge, as exemplified by the Tiered Rattan Pendant. Image: Anthropologie

rattan furniture - living 2

The inviting Noelie Rattan Lounge Chair offers welcoming seating when you invite guests over. Image: CB2

rattan furniture - living 1

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room, look no further than the Natural Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair. Image: Cost Plus World Market

rattan furniture - living 3

Rattan is more versatile than you might think. It gives the Reflect Rattan Credenza texture and warmth. Image: CB2

rattan furniture - living 5

If you’re looking to add seating without adding visual weight, an airy rattan piece – like the Pari Rattan Chair – is a perfect fit. Image: Anthropologie

Rattan furniture in the dining room

The dining room is an interesting space to design. You want it to feel both structured and comfortable. It’s a place where you might serve an elegant, multi-course extravaganza or enjoy a cozier meal like spaghetti. Rattan works in either setting – and everywhere in between. Its carefully woven, sculpted feel is elegant but its natural fibers can help add a sense of casualness. When you want your dining room to make a striking statement without feeling stuffy, this material can deliver. Here are a few examples of it doing exactly that.

rattan furniture - dining 5

The Maluku Natural Rattan Dining Chairs give a dining room table extra texture. Image: Crate & Barrel

rattan furniture - dining 3

Make it easier to entertain at your next dinner party with a compact and mobile bar set up on the Kali Bar Cart. Image: Pottery Barn

rattan furniture - dining 2

Traditional rattan meets modern design in the Haylee Mono Rattan Chair. Image: Urban Outfitters

rattan furniture - dining 4

Rattan can help you bring the outdoors in. These Cinta Wicker Dining Chairs add an earthy feel to an already eclectic dining space. Image: Pier1

rattan furniture - dining 1

Rattan doesn’t have to be in your face. In the Marte Dining Chair, it’s a subtle element. Image: Urban Outfitters

What do you think of rattan furniture? Would you add it to your house? If so, what room would you choose? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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25 Gorgeous Minimalist Fireplaces to Keep You Cozy This Winter

minimalist fireplaces

Minimalist fireplaces prove that function can follow form and still, well, function. Image: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

In the winter, having a fireplace is a little slice of heaven. When the sun sets behind the horizon, it invites you to grab a cozy throw, a book and a mug of something warm. The only problem with having a fireplace is that it can take over your room’s design. That is, if you let it. Fortunately, modern and minimalist fireplaces are delivering design-savvy homeowners and renters an alternative to the stodgy hearths of yesteryear.

If you’re looking for a fireplace that will meld with your design vision, rest easy. There are a wide range of indoor varieties. You might want something larger-than-life that completely defines your living space. Or you might want something that will play nicely with the other elements in the room. If the latter speaks to you, read on. We’ve lined up 25 gorgeous minimalist fireplaces that will keep you warm all winter long.

White minimalist fireplaces

When you have an intriguing, textured element in the room, your fireplace can take a comfortable back seat. Image: Folds Inside Ltd

Setting your minimalist fireplace on the floor gives you maximal ambiance will freeing up more wall space for art. Image: Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design

This room blends a lightly textured rug, floating glass coffee tables and the streamlined fireplace to create a decidedly airy feel. Image: Michael Downes – UA Creative

In an all-white living space, a simple, architectural mantel is all you need. Image: Designer Premier

Unobstructed sides are a major trend in minimalist fireplaces – and for good reason. They help the design feel light and give you better access to your cozy fire. Image: The Interiors Project

Interesting architectural details – like this art cutout – help root minimalist fireplaces in the space even while leaving room for other elements to play. Image: Clark | Richardson Architects

The shape of the fireplace mirrors the shape of the high-impact table behind the couch, drawing the eye to it without detracting from its intricate detailing. Image: NICOLEHOLLIS

Dark minimalist fireplaces

minimalist fireplaces 5

Adding a fireplace to an accent wall doesn’t have to mean losing the impact of the accent. Image: Stephenson Design Collective

minimalist fireplaces 2

The soft glow of this streamlined fireplace design also highlights the warm tones in the stone wall. Image: SKG Designs

minimalist fireplaces 22

Minimalist fireplaces let the view shine. And with a view like this, why would you choose anything else? Image: Bacic Group

minimalist fireplaces 21

When you have an architectural element meant to draw the eye up, keeping the fireplace minimal ensures it doesn’t get weighed down. Image: Lango Works

Glass-enclosed minimalist fireplaces

minimalist fireplaces 15

A simple glass cutout helps this fireplace shine even in the midst of so many other visually interesting elements. Image: Pixers

minimalist fireplaces 23

Glass on either side of the fireplace connects the living and dining spaces. Image: JAWS

minimalist fireplaces 25

A glass-encased fireplace inset in a heavy, dark wall gives this dining room a cozy but elevated feel. Image: Swiss Milk Studio

minimalist fireplaces 14

This minimalist fireplace serves as a way to connect the living area to the space beyond – even through a towering wall of concrete and wood. Image: Rustic Fire Place

Minimalist fireplaces in the bedroom

minimalist fireplaces 16

A fireplace nestled among your dresser drawers adds warmth without limiting your storage options. Image: Krista + Home

minimalist fireplaces 8

If you like a streamlined aesthetic in the bedroom so your mind can drift off to sleep undistracted, minimalist fireplaces are for you. Image: Tierney Conner Architecture

minimalist fireplaces 11

Alternately, minimalist fireplaces also work well in darker, more moody spaces where you don’t want to disrupt the feel with too much light or warmth. Image: Ownby Design

Traditional fireplaces often feel masculine, but this simple and bright alternative helps the room establish its feminine air. Image: The Cross Decor & Design

Mixed material minimalist fireplaces

minimalist fireplaces 12

In a room where multiple shades of grey are at play, the black of the fireplace also provides an anchor. Image: Design 2 Finish

minimalist fireplaces 24

A floating row of cabinets, an inset for firewood and a textural accent wall all complement the fireplace in this room. Image: J.E Keating + Associates

minimalist fireplaces 13

The small black inset of this minimalist fireplace breaks up the creamy expanse of concrete in this space, adding character. Image: Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

minimalist fireplaces 17

In this living room, the simplicity of the extremely minimal fireplace helps balance bright accents. Image: LEIVARS

minimalist fireplaces 18

This backlit, white expanse proves that the space above minimal fireplaces can be simultaneously sleek and also visually captivating. Image: Barc Architects Ltd.

What do you think of the minimal fireplace trend? Would you add one to your home or apartment? Let us know in the comments.

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The Freshome Dream Dining Room

dining room

We polled our Freshome team to come up with a list of must-haves for a dream dining room. Image: Urbanology Designs

The dining room is such an interesting part of the home. It’s gone through a number of transformations over the years. It first served as a mark of wealth, setting apart families who could afford the extra square footage to dedicate an entire room just to eating. Then, it fell out of favor. As dinnertime because less of a formal affair, many families turned to casual eating areas like breakfast nooks (or even the couch in front of the TV) as the primary spot to dine. Today, all too many dining rooms sit sad and vacant.

It’s time to reclaim this space! Because the dining room isn’t used as much as, say, the kitchen or master bedroom, it’s an exciting design opportunity. You can take some risks and make bold choices. When you do, you turn the space into something visually interesting that might entice your family to make more use of the room.

At Freshome, we love the idea of doing something extra fun with dining rooms. We’ve dreamed up some ways to help you breathe life into yours. Whether you’ve got a large formal dining room or are working with a compact corner of a room, these are the things you need – according to our Freshome team – to create a dining room you’ll love.

dining room seating

Plenty of seating creates a welcoming dining room – and makes it more likely to actually get used. Image: Envision Custom Homes

Set out seating

A good dining room needs a place where people can dine. If you’ve got the space, set up a table that seats at least eight. Hosting friends and family just got that much easier! We love a large, sturdy dining table – like the 96″ Sydney Dining Table from Wayfair – as a way to establish your dining room. If you’re tighter on space, a smaller table can work just as well.

Extendable dining tables can help you find a middle ground between roominess when the space isn’t in use and functionality when you’ve got a handful of people coming over for dinner. Either way, find a table you love and you can build from there.

Once you have your table picked, it’s time for more fun shopping. Your dining chairs set the tone for the room. Think of your dining table like the sofa in your living room and your dining chairs as the accent pillows. This is a place to have some fun! Maybe you want to go traditional, like the Hayes Tufted Chairs from Pottery Barn, or mod, like the Mid-century Chairs from Target. When it comes to dining chairs, your options are virtually endless. As proof, we’ve rounded up some great dining chair options for you.

dining room bar cart

A bar cart is a chance to add a pop of personality to your dining room. Image: Wolfe Design House

Build out your bar cart

If you’re the kind of family that sits down together for dinner every night, your dining room will get more use than most. If, however, you primarily gather around the table when you’re entertaining, you still need a dining space that will meet your needs. Building out a bar cart ensures that you’re set up for whatever the night has in store.

Much like your dining chairs, your bar cart is a design opportunity. Don’t be afraid to choose something fun. We love the Mid-Century Bar Cart from West Elm, but you could also go sleek with an all-chrome cart, find a truly vintage piece at your local antique store or add casters to a small bookcase for a DIY solution. If you’re ready to live that lush life, we’ve got a list of fabulous bar carts – and they’re all under $300.

Once you’ve picked the cart itself, the fun continues. Start gathering glasses, decanters, bottles and the other essentials. Pick up a bouquet of fresh blooms or a scented candle. Adding little touches you love to your bar cart gives your dining room personality and keeps it from feeling stuffy.

dining room accent wall

Your dining room is a place to play with design. A bold accent wall is just the thing. Image: Duet Design Group

Work on your walls

Like we said, because your dining room is less used than other spaces in your home, it’s a place to go big with your design. If you’ve ever wanted to try a bold wallpaper, a bright accent wall or a major piece of wall art, this is the place. We love making a big statement with your dining room walls.

You can choose a unique paint color (why not black?) or striking wallpaper (we love the options from de Gournay). An accent wall covered in Palm Wallpaper from CB2 or hung up with some large-scale, eye-catching art is just the thing to transform your dining room. You know those design ideas you’ve had pinned on Pinterest for years but never had the guts to try? This is the place to finally put them into practice.

dining room - storage

Adding storage to your dining room makes entertaining easier. Image: Granger Family Homes

Set up storage

When you invite people over for dinner, the last thing you want is to spend the evening running around. Adding convenient storage to your dining space makes the entire evening easier, from the moment you start setting the table to clearing the dessert dishes.

Create a space in your dining area where you can store dishes, salt and pepper shakers and whatever else you find yourself running to the kitchen for during a meal. A couple of our Freshome picks include a vintage hutch sourced from your local antique store or a sideboard with lots of drawers, like this Beaufort Farmhouse Sideboard. Or, if you have the space to add built-ins, go for it. Again, this is a chance to expand the design of your dining room. Feel free to go bold and choose a piece of furniture you truly love.

dining room 2

What would we find in your perfect dining room? Image: Studio G Interior Design

What’s in your dream dining room?

We had a lot of fun coming up with these key ways to make your dining room one of your favorite spaces. But, obviously, we didn’t cover everything. If you want to keep exploring ways to take your dining room’s design to a higher level, we’ve got a list of four ways you can get started.

What would your dream dining room contain? Statement lighting? A knockout centerpiece? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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Here’s Everything You Need From Your Favorite Retailers To Create A Festive Christmas Dining Table

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

If you’re thinking of hosting Christmas dinner at your home or apartment, we’re here to help you make it awesome. After viewing thousands of dining and tabletop products from all your favorite retailers, we’ve organized them into five on-trend Christmas dining table decorating categories: Whimsical Nordic; Black and White; Modern Red, White and Green; Snowflakes and Plaid. The products can mix and match with your existing tableware so you can make your Christmas table merry and bright.

Whimsical Nordic Christmas Dining Table Accessories

A Black And White Christmas Table

Modern Red, White And Green

A Snowflake Winter Dining Wonderland

christmas dining table

Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

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Totally Chic And Affordable Tabletop And Furniture Finds For Your Holiday Dinners From

This article is sponsored by The opinions and statements below are those of our writer’s experience. Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

The holiday entertaining countdown is on! Thanksgiving dinner, holiday cocktails, Christmas roasts and New Year’s Eve parties are all coming up. Are you ready to host the best (and most fabulous) dinners and cocktail parties around?

We’ve got a secret for you – is a great source for the urban dweller who loves modern style and a good deal. And we’ve found great prices on dining room furniture, table accessories and dishes. Check these out:

Table Settings

Let’s work backward and start off with the icing on the cake: the table setting. A good table setting of interesting colors and textured layers is the perfect backdrop for any event from a multi-course Thanksgiving meal to a Chinese takeout New Year’s Eve night. tableware

Layers of browns, coppers and golds can work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Add pinecones or rustic twigs and berries for Thanksgiving or red accents for Christmas. All images:

Get the look: tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware

Other table setting ideas for the holidays: tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware tableware

Dining Chairs

Sometimes all you need to update your dining space is a striking dining chair. Mix and match yours or order the same style in several colors for a personalized look. tableware tableware tableware

Best Small Dining Sets

If you’re dealing with a small space, look for small-scale or multi-purpose pieces with storage or that can also work as a desk or kitchen prep table. dining

The LumiSource Sedona 5-Piece Industrial Counter Height Dining Set, $800, can also work as a bar, breakfast counter or kitchen prep table. dining dining dining dining

Modern And Farmhouse Style Dining Room Furniture

If you’re working with a regularly-sized dining room or eating area, you can add a table for six or more guests. For the ultimate flexibility, a bench can expand the seating area of a dining room. has some good deals on these modern dining sets. holiday tableware

The Yumandale Teak Finish Acacia Wood 3-Piece Dining Set, $612, can be dressed up or down according to your table setting. holiday tableware holiday tableware holiday tableware holiday tableware holiday tableware holiday tableware holiday tableware holiday tableware

Turn your dining room or small eating space into an intimate, inviting place to gather this holiday. Start with the right dining furniture and dress it up with a fun and creative layered table setting.

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24 Thanksgiving Table Runners That Can Add Flair to Your Table

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For as little as $18, you can transform your holiday table with a Thanksgiving table runner. You don’t have to go all out with fine china, pumpkins, leaves and a forest wonderland (although that would be pretty cool). All you need is a dining table, countertop or coffee table and one of these table runners. Layer as much or as little as you want to add Thanksgiving flair.

Once you add a table runner, consider layering your table setting with candles, dishes and a centerpiece. The more the merrier this holiday season. And the more delightful your table will look!

fall leaves thanksgiving table runners

The foundation of your festive Thanksgiving table is the table runner. Add as much or as little as you like. Runner: Crate & Barrel Autumn Leaves Runner, $70

Thanksgiving table runners with an exotic or boho-chic vibe

Boho-chic and far-flung or folksy patterns are the biggest trend of 2018. Why not mix earthy Thanksgiving spice colors with sumptuous exotic patterns like the ones below? The combo is stunning.

fall leaves thanksgiving table runners
fall leaves thanksgiving table runners

Thanksgiving table runners featuring plaid

Plaid will always be a classic pattern for the holidays. Go with earth tones like browns, spices and mustard colors at Thanksgiving. Or for a modern take on the classic, choose buffalo checks or plaids in grey, black and white.

plaid table runners for thanksgiving

A lush Thanksgiving table setting featuring an earthy plaid table runner by Threshold from Target, $18.

plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving

Farmhouse-chic table runners

farmhouse Thanksgiving table runners

Natural materials like linen and burlap in soft, understated colors are the perfect table runner choice for a farmhouse-style Thanksgiving table. Image: Elle Decor

farmhouse Thanksgiving table runners

Thanksgiving table runners for a little bling

A little sparkle or shine goes a long way in adding a festive feel to your Thanksgiving table. These runners vary from very subtle metallic thread or embroidery – to bold metallic or beaded patterns.

Love the idea of a Thanksgiving table runner? You can run one down the middle of the table or arrange two or more across the table as a shared place setting for guests sitting across from each other. Don’t forget to add colorful coordinating paper or linen napkins for the occasion.

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20 Pinterest Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas You’ll Want To Try

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration to get your table ready for Thanksgiving this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ve spent hours looking at the best Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting pins. We’ve pored over all the details: how the table is set, what linens were used and how they styled the table with cool ideas like colorful pumpkins, herbs, candles and more.

Here are 20 of the best Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas you’ll want to try this year.

Custom Table Decor

Get creative with a roll of brown or white kraft paper and paint markers to customize your table setting with one-of-a-kind art or messages.

pinterest thanksgiving table ideas

Some calligraphy on a brown kraft paper runner adds to the Thanksgiving theme. If your calligraphy skills aren’t up to par, you can buy a stencil to paint a message of your choice. Pin: House of Harper

Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas

To get this look, paint your guests a custom placemat with their name and decorate the center with candles, pumpkins and greenery. Pin: My Wedding

Black Thanksgiving Table Ideas

For a dramatic and ultra-chic look, go with a black table setting for Thanksgiving. A black table is the perfect backdrop for gold cutlery and the reds, golds and oranges typically used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas

The theme of this luxurious Thanksgiving table includes a color combination of black, gold and white. Varied, rich greens and pheasant feathers complete the look. Pin: My Domaine

best Thanksgiving Pinterest pins

Earthy materials like black slate and black stoneware create an elegant yet very rustic Thanksgiving table. Pin: Wohnen Mit Klassikern

Unusual Thanksgiving Table Runner Ideas

Get crafty (like these Pinterest pinners) this holiday and create a unique table runner to serve as the foundation of your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Thanksgiving table setting ideas

On the left, vintage book pages were torn out and glued together as a table runner. On the right, a long swath of gauze drapes gracefully to the floor. Layer either style with plenty of candles and greens like eucalyptus leaves and succulents. Pins: and Arcadia Designs

Pinterest table setting ideas

A stenciled brown kraft paper tablecloth is topped with whimsical cut paper flowers for a Thanksgiving alternative to pumpkins and pinecones. Pin: Montando Minha Festa

Unexpected (Yet On-Trend) Thanksgiving Table Color Themes

Think outside the box this holiday and skip the traditional orange and gold. Here are some fresh new Thanksgiving table settings in unexpected colors.


pinterest thanksgiving decorating ideas

The color sage is the current darling of Pinterest fans. Here’s a centerpiece featuring white and sage-toned pumpkins, layered with artichokes, eucalyptus sprigs and a graphic placemat. Pin: In Honor of Design

Pale Blue

pinterest thanksgiving table setting ideas

A few painted pumpkins in what promises to be a big color for 2019 (blue) can add a fresh look to your Thanksgiving table. Pin: Becki Owens


best table setting ideas for Thanksgiving

A gorgeous violet color coordinates with the full-bodied merlot served at this Thanksgiving table. Pin: Decoist


best Pinterest pumpkin decor

A pretty Thanksgiving table featuring pastels, ivory and grey painted pumpkins will be well-remembered by your guests. Pin: Lauren Conrad

Deliciously Sumptuous Tablescapes

Start the mouth-watering evening by adding edible flowers and finger foods to your setting. For a unique Thanksgiving look, create a cheese and charcuterie board down the middle of your table.

edible tablescapes

Both Thanksgiving tables feature layers of flowers and edible fruits, herbs and vegetables for a unique way to decorate for the holidays. Pins: Liz Marie Blog and Domino

best pinterest thanksgiving tablescapes

A table runner of edible finger foods will keep guests happy and relaxed while the turkey is carved. Pin: Apartment 34

Pinterest Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas Featuring Plaids And Checks

Plaids are classic for the holidays. This year, the buffalo plaid or check seems to be on-trend for a modern yet homestyle holiday season. Here’s a look at what Pinterest pinners have their eyes on this holiday.

thanksgiving table setting ideas

This buffalo plaid setting looks modern and lively, thanks to the emerald green monogrammed napkins. Pin: Domino

farmhouse table setting ideas

For a modern farmhouse look, layer blacks and ivory tableware over a buffalo plaid table runner. Pin: Amy Kimble

plaid decorating ideas for thanksgiving

A favorite plaid throw can double as a tablecloth for your harvest table. Pinterest: Canadian Living

Thanksgiving Tables Using Creative Greenery

To add polish and an architectural effect to your Thanksgiving table, get creative with greenery. Herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme have beautiful silvery sage leaves. Plus, their aromatic scent can create an unusual but pleasing feel at your table. Succulents are sturdy enough to withstand the most unusual ways you can think of displaying them. Check these Pinterest table setting ideas out.

table decorating ideas for the holidays

A simple, rustic table is decorated with candles and fragrant rosemary. Pin: Williams Sonoma

decorating with pumpkins

A cool way to repurpose your ordinary pumpkins is by using them as planters for groupings of sturdy succulent plants. Pin: Hannah Horom

thanksgiving tablescapes

A modern Thanksgiving table is decorated with a simple combination of eucalyptus and succulents. The hexagonal plates add a contemporary feel to the setting. Pin: Harlow and Grey

For the most dramatic and memorable of holiday tables, use several of these top Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas together. How are you planning to decorate your table this holiday season?

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Wayfair’s New Line, Greyleigh, Puts Fully Styled Rooms At Your Fingertips

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

With the holidays fast approaching, is your home or apartment ready to impress your guests? If the answer is no, you’re gonna love Wayfair’s new line. Greyleigh is a collection of super-chic room settings that are fully styled from ceiling to floor. All you need to do is click on your favorite pieces and you’ll have an insta-fab home just in time for the holidays.

Here are six of our favorite rooms (and the pieces that make it all come together) from Wayfair’s Greyleigh collection:

Wayfair Greyleigh

This Rustic Dining Room by Greyleigh would work just as well in a small studio or loft as it would in a larger home. All images: Wayfair

A note about prices: We love showing you the prices of items we select. But Wayfair’s very competitive pricing means prices may vary day to day as they discount the items or run special sales. Clicking on the item will take you to the best price available at the time. Get it before it’s gone!

Shop the look:

greyleigh living room rustic

The modern Rustic Living Room Design is elegant yet relaxed and casual enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Shop the look:

modern 4 poster bed

A contemporary four-poster bed, part of the Greyleigh Rustic Bedroom Design Collection, features storage underneath to add function to smaller spaces.

Shop the look:

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For a more formal look, go with a rectangular dining table and slipcovered dining chairs, like the ones in this Greyleigh Rustic Dining Room.

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Greyleigh Rustic Bedroom

A perfectly polished and tailored bedroom can be yours. All you need to do is paint your bedroom walls grey and wait for delivery of this Rustic Bedroom Design.

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Get work done stylishly by turning a spare guest room or home office space into this Greyleigh Rustic Office Design.

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In addition to this new brand, Greyleigh, Wayfair is also introducing a new subscription program called MyWay.  MyWay is a subscription-based membership program that grants members the following benefits:
1. Free Shipping on Everything (even orders under $49)
2. 25% off In-Home Services, such as assembly and installation, and upgraded delivery services like “Room of Choice” and “Full Service Delivery”
3. Exclusive Perks, including access to insider sales
4. Free 1-day Shipping on Thousands of Items

So before you shop any of the great products above you may want to consider the MyWay program, especially if you are a frequent Wayfair buyer!

Greyleigh is affordable, high-end and, best of all, put together for you by the experts. Your home can look like the inspirational pictures in no time. What room setting is your favorite?

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