These 14 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas Will Make You Rethink the Classics

Are you a fan of a modern aesthetic? If so, you’re in luck because today we’re bringing you the very best of modern Christmas decor. There’s no rule saying that Christmas decorating has to follow a traditional path. These pictures prove that sometimes thinking outside-the-box can be a very good thing. Keep scrolling for tips on how best to put together a modern Christmas aesthetic, as well as to see some great examples of how it’s done.

modern Christmas

Want to give your decorating a modern spin this holiday season? Follow these tips. Image: Louise de Miranda – 30’s Magazine

How to pull off a modern Christmas look

Putting together a modern take on Christmas decorating can be anything you make of it. Modern design is all about embracing individuality and this is no exception. If you know you want a modern look but aren’t sure where to start, we have you covered. Follow the tips below to ring in this holiday season in style.

  • Keep it simple: Modern design is synonymous with simplicity. In this case, less is more. Limit your design to just a few decorations, but do your best to make sure that each one has a big impact.
  • Switch up your color palette: Red and green may be the traditional colors of the Christmas season, but that doesn’t mean you have to incorporate them in your design. Expand your horizons and include other colors, whether they’re classically-modern neutrals or bold and bright shades.
  • Incorporate current trends: It almost goes without saying, but if you want to achieve a modern aesthetic, working with current design trends is a great way to make that happen. In particular, consider searching for decorations that are text-based or that include geometric patterns.

Check out these modern Christmas decor ideas


When it doubt, if you’re going for a modern Christmas look, keep it simple. With this banner, you don’t need anything else because the text says it all. Image: Mustard Seed Interiors


Rather than lining the mantle with the traditional garland this year, consider this paired down approach. Notecards with text can also evoke some of the season’s best imagery. Image: Stephanie Woody – Providence Homemade

Here, the tree is the one getting a makeover. Instead of hauling a huge tree in and out of your home, think about downsizing. The tree makes just as powerful of a statement as a coffee table centerpiece. Image: Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding

wall art

If you’re struggling to think of what decor to use, consider matching it to the function of the room. The “silent night” wall art is totally appropriate for decorating a modern nursery. Image: S.Flynn Designs


Light has always been a big part of the Christmas holidays. This year, think about switching out your traditional candlesticks for some on-trend lanterns. The bigger, the better! Image: Louise de Miranda – 30’s Magazine


Don’t let the winter weather stop you from incorporating the outdoors into your home’s design. Ferns and wreaths make for a rustic take on the Christmas season. Image: Julie Ranee Photography


Christmas doesn’t have to be all about red and green. This purple tree has all the trappings of the holiday season while also maintaining a personality of its own. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Image: Home at Last Interiors


If you do decide to keep to the traditional color scheme, keep in mind that you can still keep things feeling fresh by going for a subtler take on decorating. Notice how the red and white throw pillows evoke holiday nostalgia without being too on-the-nose. Image: Chris Snook


There’s nothing like minimalism to really drive home a modern aesthetic. Take this decor as an example. It only takes a few, key design elements to evoke the spirit of the holiday. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited


A neutral color palette is a surefire way to create a modern look. Mix things up this year and decorate with a variety of black, white, and gray shades. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited


Geometric patterns have been on-trend for a while. As you can see from this photo, there’s no reason not to include them in your holiday decor this season. Image: Add: Design


There’s no rule that says your Christmas decorations can’t include bold and bright shades, especially if you have little ones at home. This year, ring in the holiday with every color of the rainbow. Image: Anne Marie Photography


Sometimes it’s not what you choose to decorate with, it’s where you put it. Your ceiling can also be part of the holiday celebration. Image: Cortney Bishop Design

Which modern design elements will you add to your holiday decorating this year? Let us know in the comments.

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8 Holiday Decorating Secrets You Need This Year

porch decorating for Christmas

Holiday decorating with colorful greenery adds curb appeal. Image: FrontGate

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Every year we tell ourselves that this will be the year we throw ourselves into holiday decorating by creating a Pinterest-worthy home for the holidays.  It can happen this year, with a plan and these easy tips for seasonal decorating.

Your idea of decorating for the season could be an every-room-decorated extravaganza or simply adding a few holiday accessories. Whether you go big or keep it simple, you can make decorating easier with a little bit of planning and organization. Here’s how:

1. Find Your Inspiration

Thanksgiving table setting

Setting the perfect holiday table starts with inspiration. Image: West Elm 

You can start your seasonal decorating any time during the year by scouting out decorating inspiration. Every beautifully-decorated home starts with a vision or idea. Something you see in a catalog or on Pinterest can be the inspiration for your decorating plan.

If you aren’t using Pinterest yet, you might want to create an account to save your inspiration online. If you’re an experienced “pinner,” then you’ll want to create a holiday board for saving images in one spot. Once you look at what you’ve saved, you can see a pattern in the colors or the styles that you like.

If you prefer a more hands-on style of gathering inspiration, clipping images from catalogs and magazines works just as well as saving images on the internet. Combining the two styles of collecting ideas could be the perfect choice for you. Whatever your style of gathering inspiration, you’ll use the images the same way — as a visual kickstart to create a seasonal decorating plan. But first, it’s time to gather your team and create a simple budget.

2. Enlist Help and Ideas

Fall porch decorating

Holiday decorating can be a team effort. Image: Grandin Road

We love everything about planning and finding inspiration for seasonal decorating, but not all of the work that goes into making it a reality. Once you have a vision in mind, enlist the help of friends and family to bring it to life. Working on decorating as a team not only lightens the workload for you, but can also give those close to you a feeling of ownership and connection to the results.

3. Set Your Decorating Budget

thanksgiving table decorating

Beautiful seasonal decor becomes a stunning table setting. Image: Pottery Barn

Yes, even simple seasonal decorating is made easier with a budget. Knowing what you plan to spend on new decorations and accessories gives you a framework for what’s possible for each area of your home. A simple budget is also helpful when you’re shopping so you won’t be susceptible to too many impulse purchases.

Your budget doesn’t have to be complicated. You can simply have a total spending limit written out for each room. With a per-room budget in mind, you can deduct money from one room if you want to go a little overboard in another.

4. Create a Plan for Your Seasonal Decorating

holiday entertaining buffet

Plan for beautiful holiday entertaining with a stylish buffet. Image: FrontGate

We promise that seasonal decorating will still be fun and creative, even if you take time to make a plan first. Your holiday decorating plan might be as simple as deciding where you’d like to add seasonal accessories or following a mood board you’ve created for each room. To get the most out of planning your seasonal decor, your plan should include your ideas for each space in your home. Your living room plan will be more elaborate than a guest bedroom, but you’ll want to have a list of what you’ll need for each room — this makes shopping a breeze.

5. Choose a Color Palette

Hanukkah decorating

Celebrate with beautiful holiday colors. Image: Pottery Barn

Every holiday season has its traditional colors, so it’s easy to find decor if you stay with that palette. If you’re feeling more creative with your color scheme, you can add unexpected accents to the traditional colors. Metallics are a glamorous and simple way to elevate your holiday color scheme. Look for metallics in unexpected colors like copper, blue and pink for an on-trend decorating palette.

6. Repurpose and Shop for a Fresh Look

Christmas mantel decorations

Decorate your home with a mix of old and new. Image: Pottery Barn

Before you shop for new decorations and accessories this year, you’ll want to go through your stash from previous years to see what you can reuse or repurpose. Once you know what you already own and have a plan in your hands, shopping is more fun and more focused. A popular way to create a fresh look without buying new decor every year is by having two or three sets of accessories to rotate throughout the year.

Your accessory rotation could include throw pillows, blanket throws, guest towels and candles in seasonal colors. When decor is rotated in and out a few times a year, it won’t become stale. Purchasing a few new items to supplement your seasonal accessories gives your home that put-together look for each season or holiday.

7. Plan to Decorate Inside and Out

Outdoor holiday decorating

Create a magical entertaining space for the holiday season. Image: Overstock

The outside of your home can also shine during the holiday season. Your seasonal color palette can be used outdoors through planters, flowering plants and a door wreath. Your goal for decorating outside is to create a seamless visual transition as guests walk into your home. Patios, porches and other outdoor spaces can be decorated as an extra entertaining area for holiday gatherings.

8. Create Holiday Decorating Magic

Modern Farmhouse Christmas tree

Blend your existing interior decor with your seasonal decorations for a comfortable style. Image: Pottery Barn

All of your hard work gathering inspiration, creating a plan and shopping comes together when you implement your seasonal design. We aren’t striving for the perfection of a professionally-designed department store window, but the happiness of being surrounded by decor and colors that are beautiful and meaningful to you.

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Thanksgiving Decorating Checklist

decorated fallmantel

Start your Thanksgiving decorating plans early to make the most of the season. Image: Improvements Catalog

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We love the colors and flavors of Thanksgiving. The highlight of fall is decorating our homes with warm hues while anticipating welcoming guests for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether your holiday will be spent as a couple, with your immediate family or with a large group of friends and relatives, great decorating requires a plan. With so many details to keep track of this season, a guide is helpful. We have your Thanksgiving decorating checklist.

1. Choose Your Theme

thanksgiving decorating mantel

Use the dramatic colors of late autumn for your Thanksgiving decorating. Image: Grandin Road

To create your Thanksgiving style, you can decorate elaborately or just add harvest-inspired accents around your home. Before you start buying anything, you’ll want to choose your decor theme so that your decorating is fun and easy.

Here are our favorite Thanksgiving theme inspirations:

  • Harvest – This theme features fruits, gourds and elements of the harvest.
  • Natural – Fabric and ribbons of burlap and linen combine with fall foliage for a natural theme.
  • Rustic – Incorporate antique decor and unfinished wood into your decorating vignettes.
  • Glamorous – If you love metallic or colorful candle holders and elegant dinnerware, this could be your theme.
  • Vineyard-Inspired – Love wine? This theme celebrates the wine harvest with the colors and art of the vineyards.

2. Create a Color Palette

Thanksgiving decorating

Find your Thanksgiving color palette inspiration in harvest patterns and accessories. Image: Pottery Barn

Once you’ve chosen your decorating theme (or have chosen to just do a little bit of decorating), it’s time to choose a color palette. Though it may feel like an unnecessary step, having a simple color palette in place can help you make the right purchases when shopping for decor and accessories.

Choosing color for seasonal decorating is easy because you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few colors. You’ll want to choose three main colors for your decorating plan, then add three accent colors to your palette. There are no must-not-break rules for choosing color for your Thanksgiving decor — just choose the colors that express the vibe you’d like for your home.

3. Gather the Basic Supplies You’ll Need for Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving craft ideas

A burlap wreath is a simple Thanksgiving project for your home. Image: Etsy – CraftnRelax

Whether you’re decorating for a big Thanksgiving dinner or for the entire season, your decorating supply list won’t change. Here are the basic supplies for any Thanksgiving decorating project:

  • Burlap
  • Foliage, gourds, pumpkins
  • Candles
  • Serving pieces
  • Tape, wire, glue gun, craft supplies
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon

4. Decorate Your Front Porch for Thanksgiving

Autumn porch

Create a beautiful welcome with a Thanksgiving wreath and foliage. Image:  Pottery Barn

Autumn and front porches are made for each other. You may have already decorated your porch for the fall season or Halloween with lots of orange and gold colors. Whether you’re updating your fall porch decor or starting fresh for Thanksgiving, the right colors will make decorating simple. The colors of Thanksgiving are richer than early fall colors. Plum, russet and ginger all reflect the colors of late autumn beautifully.

5. Welcome Your Thanksgiving Guests with a Decorated Foyer

Fall foyer decorating

Decorate your foyer with warm fall accessories. Image: Wayfair

Make a stunning first impression on guests stepping into your home by decorating your foyer or entryway. Your foyer sets the theme for the rest of your home, so don’t be shy about going a little overboard with the Thanksgiving decor. Seasonal foliage and garland can dress up your staircase, door frame or even a mirror — your entire foyer is a palette for the rich colors of the Thanksgiving holiday.

6. Give Your Living Room Thanksgiving Warmth

autumn living room decorating

A collection of elegant glass pumpkins dress up a simple Thanksgiving coffee table arrangement. Image: Pottery Barn

Your living room offers another Thanksgiving decorating palette in your home. Switch out throw pillows to reflect the colors and designs that inspire you for the season. Adding a cozy fall-colored throw on a couch or chair can incorporate your Thanksgiving color palette. If you have a fireplace, your mantel can be the focal point of your living room decorating plan. Foliage, candles and decorative accessories can be displayed on your mantel or, if you don’t have one or just want to mix it up, on a table.

7. Decorating Your Kitchen (Where Everyone Gathers)

Kitchen Gather Sign

For an easy kitchen Thanksgiving decorating idea, add a charming sign. Image: Etsy – Laurenmary Home

With all the care you’ve taken to create a beautiful and welcoming setting for your Thanksgiving guests, they will all end up in your kitchen at some point in the celebration. This is a fact of life when you entertain. On a holiday like Thanksgiving, your kitchen will be a hub of activity – and not necessarily organized. Though you can’t stop your food prep to tidy up, you can still add a few decorative touches in your kitchen. Choose accessories that will not interfere with the flow of your kitchen as you work. Seasonal kitchen towels, mats and wall art provide color and pattern without getting in your way.

8. Your Dining Room can be the Star of Your Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Dining Room

Dress up your dining room with a festive chair wrap adorned with fall decor. Image: Grandin Road

Of course, your dining room is the center of your Thanksgiving universe. Buying or bringing out your table linens and serving pieces is the first step to creating a breathtaking Thanksgiving table. When you have a decorating plan and color palette already in mind, it will be easy to see what linens and serving pieces you may need to purchase. Candles and a centerpiece are must-haves for even the most casual tables. The more formal your table design, the taller your candles can be. Votive candles are perfect for a simple table.

9. Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Guest Bathroom

Autumn Bathroom Accessories

Pretty jars and a soap dispenser are functional and festive for a guest bathroom. Image: Etsy – ChalkPaintMasonJars

Bring your seasonal decorating into the guest bathroom with just a few simple items. Decorative jars and a soap dispenser are functional and pretty for your guest bath. Seasonal scents like pumpkin and vanilla are perfect for autumn. One or two pretty guest towels in your color palette look festive, but many guests prefer disposable guest towels instead. (There’s nothing worse than a damp guest towel.) Look for paper guest towels in seasonal designs and colors.

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