8 Ways to be the Perfect Weekend Host

Whether it’s just for the night or you’re having family come for a holiday weekend, it’s up to you to make sure your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Sure, you might have a guest who’s impossible to please, but making sure they have everything they need can help reduce some of the stress you feel. The perfect weekend host anticipates guests’ needs and limits issues ahead of time. Make their visit the best ever with these simple and smart hosting tips.

Modern guest room weekend host

Clear out personal belongings for a more welcoming space. Image: LKW Design

Set a specific timetable

You know what they say: house guests are like fish because they both start to stink after three days. When inviting family or friends to stay at your place, make sure you’re specific in your offer. Have a clear arrival and departure date and help coordinate travel so you don’t have guests that linger past their expiration dates.

Stock the guest room

Asking a weekend host for the essentials can be embarrassing for guests, so make sure the guest room is well-stocked. Whether traveling via train, plane or automobile, guests almost always need a drink of water and a place to freshen up as soon as they walk through your door. Supply a bottle of water and a fresh towel in the guest room for arrivals and then stock a guest room basket. Snacks, drinks, toothpaste, a comb, a face towel and other small personal items make your guests feel totally at home.

Family room with partitioned office

Use folding screens to add privacy. Image: Hande Koksal

Offer privacy

Privacy can make all the difference in how guests feel in your home. Even if your place is on the small side, there are definitely ways to make sure guests have their own space. Direct other family members to use another bathroom to free up one for your guests. Use a folding screen to section off an area if your guests will be sharing a space or room with someone else. By giving guests their own dedicated space, they’ll feel like less an intruder and more a part of the family.

Remove personal items

Nothing reminds guests that they’ve usurped your master bedroom quite like seeing your hairbrush on the dresser and your picture frames on the nightstand. If you’re repurposing a space as a guest room, do your best to make it as neutral as possible. If using a kids room, for example, declutter the toys and swap out bedding for something a little more grown-up. Stash your personal stuff in a linen closet or attic and your guest won’t feel like they’re putting you out.

Get tech-friendly

Want to be everyone’s weekend host hero? Make sure their tech needs are totally taken care of. Post your wifi password somewhere (or add it to the guest room basket) and keep extra chargers and battery packs on hand. Give guests instructions on how to operate the TV and keep Netflix and other streaming service passwords handy. While it’s important to spend quality time together, it’s equally as important to make sure guests have some time to decompress with their tech.

Family room with partitioned office

Give guests access to tech. Image: California Closets

Schedule foundational activities

You don’t need to schedule your guests’ every waking moment. Give them control over their own schedule by offering a few “foundational” activities each day. These are things like a family dinner, an outing to a museum or a movie night. Choosing one or two activities each day gives guests a flexible schedule that they can work around. If they have things they want to do, they’ll have plenty of time. If they’re planning on taking it easy, they have a little structure. This gives you the chance to reconvene, check-in, and stay connected throughout the weekend.

Plan snacks and meals

There’s nothing worse than having to ask for food at someone else’s house. And, even if you think it’s no big deal, your guests might rather go hungry than ask you to open the kitchen. Planning easy snacks and meals (and directing your guests to find them) takes some of the pressure off. Instead of insisting everyone show up to the table for breakfast, offer muffins and juice. Stock your pantry with grab-and-go snacks like granola bars and crackers and put yogurt and drinks in the fridge. Let guests know when you’ll be making meals and when they’ll need to fend for themselves and you’ll reduce some of your weekend host stress.

Share simple tasks

A good house guest will always ask to lend a hand and you might think a good host always refuses. But it’s a great idea to have a few easy tasks set aside for guests. You don’t need to do all the heavy lifting solo and asking for help makes guests feel like they’re pulling their own weight. No, you shouldn’t ask your aunt to scrub toilets, but you can definitely ask for help washing up after dinner or for a hand in the kitchen. Stop your knee-jerk reaction of saying “no” when someone asks to help and you’ll feel less frazzled.

When you have friends and family visit, you don’t have to stress. By taking some time beforehand to make your guests feel truly welcome, you’ll create a space that always feels warm, welcoming and drama-free.

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5 Ways to Make Modern Valentine’s Day Décor

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There’s always been a bit of an issue with Valentine’s Day: it’s marked by gaudy décor items like paper hearts, pink teddy bears and frilly Valentine’s Day cards. But you can decorate your home so that you can celebrate the holiday, yet keep it classy and sophisticated. There are plenty of ways to go about having a classy Valentine’s Day. However, they’re all marked by the principle of minimalism. If you place just a few accents to celebrate the holiday, you can set the mood without being surrounded by a frilly, overly pink nightmare. So take a look below to find some top ways to go about having a modern Valentine’s Day.

Modern Valentine’s Day Framed Art

Small, bright accents can set the tone for Valentine’s Day without overpowering the space. Image: Anna Oleksenko / Shutterstock

Small Framed Accents

One idea is to find a piece that works as a smaller focal point. For instance, you could find a framed piece, like in the photo above. Something like this would fit on the wall, or you could even place it over the mantel. Then you could place small red accents around the room for some design cohesion.

This concept works best with a piece of framed art. But you can get creative by finding other classy accents. For instance, you might find a modern red heart piece on a stand. Or you could go for a simple, classy Valentine’s Day wreath.

Modern Valentine’s Day Accent Color

The bold reds and pinks of the holiday are great as accent colors. Image: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

Using Accent Colors

Another idea for a modern Valentine’s Day is to make use of bold red or bright pink as your accent color. In today’s styles, accent colors are popular. They add a fun pop to otherwise neutral and light color schemes that define contemporary styles.

You can see an example of how something like this could work in the photo above. Bright shades of red pop in the space, a natural color for Valentine’s Day. Then you could easily add a red heart piece on a shelf to set the tone for the holiday. And if you already have red or pink as an accent color, a heart décor item idea is an obvious choice.

Modern Valentine’s Day Pink and White

Keep it understated with a white and light pink color scheme. Image: Jane Rix / Shutterstock

Add Subtle Pink Accents

Instead of going for bold accent colors that pop, you could also go for subtle pink. A light baby pink won’t visually compete with anything, especially if you have a lot of white in your space.

You can see an idea for how to incorporate pink into a space in the photo above. You can have some simple light pink confections in a clear jar, like these white and pink marshmallows. Don’t feel like you have to overtly go Valentine’s Day. An idea like this can create a subtle, modern Valentine’s Day by focusing on the color scheme of the holiday alone.

Modern Valentine’s Day Heart Sign

Go for word art to set an instant feeling of romance, like with this Hand Made Modern Unfinished Craft Be Mine Heart, Courtesy of Target.

Classy Art for a Modern Valentine’s Day

We covered framed wall art above, but you can use word art in other pieces. By working with word art like this, you can easily set the mood for the holiday. But a simple piece like this doesn’t overpower the space. It can hang on its own, or as part of an overall Valentine’s Day room design.

An element like this would be easy to hang, too. And it’s neutral color fits in with just about any room design. Though if you wanted to get a funky look, you could place it on a table askew for a more creative take. It’s unfinished, so you could also customize it.

Modern Valentine’s Day Throw Pillow

Valentine’s Day-themed throw pillows make easy and understated accents, as you can see with this Be Mine Linen Throw Pillow, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Small Throw Pillow Accents

The best way to keep things contemporary and easy is to simply add a holiday-themed throw pillow. This classic red heart pillow in the photo above sets the mood for the season, but its light backdrop would allow it to fit in with just about any room style.

The rustic print and burlap texture would also help it fit in with rustic chic styles. And the deep shade of the red pops, but it’s not an overly saturated or neon color like you’d see on some of the loudest Valentine’s Day cards. A classy throw pillow like this is just a good, basic piece that fits in with any modern Valentine’s Day.

What are your favorite modern Valentine’s Day decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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5 Classy, Modern Ways to Decorate with Hearts

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Hearts are a common theme around Valentine’s Day, but they can easily run the risk of looking tacky. For instance, you’ll see many Valentine’s Day décor designs featuring bright pink paper hearts, which are great for an elementary school classroom or a child’s room. However, if you want to take decorating with hearts to the next level, below are some high-class ways to incorporate hearts into your décor style. Also, a wonderful aspect to many of these designs is that they don’t necessarily have to be only for Valentine’s Day. You can decorate with hearts year-round if you do it carefully.

Decorate with Hearts Frame

Heart shapes make great art collages. Image: Busra Ispir / Shutterstock

Use Frames to Decorate with Hearts

Art collages are a classy way to get just about any look in a home. In the photo above, you can see how a small heart-themed art collage is a great way to decorate with hearts. These hearts are more bold, but feel free to work with muted neutrals to give a more modern look. Another idea is to use small accents of hot pink to keep it subtle, yet fun.

You might also try a gallery wall style using different-sized frames in random places for a more funky, modern look. You could also hang this design year-round, or you could easily hang and take it down around Valentine’s Day.

Decorate with Hearts Stick Design

Focus on texture to make hearts go perfectly with a room’s design style. Image: Tom Gowanlock / Shutterstock

Go for Natural Textures

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to focus on texture. An example is the photo above, where you can see the textured stick heart on the wall.

By focusing on different textures like this, you can incorporate hearts into any style. For instance, a metal heart could fit in with an industrial theme. A lace heart wall hanging could fit in with a Victorian theme. A distressed wooden heart could fit in with a country or other rustic theme. Or a basic outline of a neutral-colored heart could fit in with minimalist or modern homes. And it could work year-round.

Decorate with Hearts Tile Design

You can also redo tile to get a heart shape. Image: onsuda / Shutterstock

Get Creative with Tile

Speaking of ideas for year-round designs, the heart in the photo above is definitely more of a permanent fixture. The red heart on the dark background also keeps the design looking bold. Though you could do a neutral color with the heart to keep it more modern. And placing a large heart design in the middle of the wall would allow it to be a focal point.

You don’t have to just stick to the bathroom for this idea, either. You could also place a modern heart design in the backsplash of a kitchen. Hearts could even go on floor tiles. It’s a very versatile option, if you’re open to more of an involved remodeling project.

Decorate with Hearts Plant

Garden accents can make a classy addition to a space, indoors or out, as is the case with this Heart Plant Pot Decoration, Courtesy of Etsy.

Try Classy Garden Accents

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to use them in the garden, like in the photo above. Since Valentine’s Day is still on the cool side in most climates, however, you might want to use this idea in house plants. You can easily place gardening decorations in large potted plants.

The piece in the photo above is actually a great idea for keeping hearts on the more modern side, too. The rust texture gives more of an industrial look that combines well with brick textures. Yet the heart is very subtle and not too overpowering in the space like bold red hearts can be.

Decorate with Hearts Photo Collage

A heart-shaped photo collage is classy and can hang year-round. Image: Daniel Lindholm / Twenty20

Make a Photo Collage

The photo above proves you can creatively work a heart shape into just about anything. A creative photo collage like this is a classy way to use a heart shape. Forming family photos into a heart shape is also a cute, emotional way to display them.

You could either keep the photos plain or mount them onto a clean white canvas with a modern, minimal frame. So you could hang a piece like this in even the most modern and minimalistic of spaces. And going for a large design would make the collage an attractive focal point in any room.

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How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Table Setting

If you’re planning a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure everything is just perfect. And even if you’re single, it can be fun to have a Valentine’s Day gathering just among friends. The best way to set the mood for the day is to make sure you have an amazing Valentine’s Day table setting.

There are several ways to go about decorating a table for Valentine’s Day, from bright pink accents to bold heart designs to classy Victorian-chic styles. Below are several ideas for getting the right Valentine’s Day vibe at your dining room table.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Neon Pink

Neon pink and white is a wonderfully chic color scheme. Image: Love, Thomas

Neon Valentine’s Day Table Setting

One of the cutest upscale ways to get a Valentine’s Day table setting is to go for bright neon pink shades. Neon shades give just about anything an uplifting, modern and artsy feel. You can see how some classy neon pink candles set the tone in the table setting above. Little accents, like the pink drink umbrellas and circles on the tablecloth, make the pink color well-integrated with the rest of the table. And by balancing the pops of neon pinks with plenty of white, you keep this concept grounded and chic.

Another great aspect of this style is how elegant, yet relaxed, it is. The neon pink and white give a classy look, but laidback elements like the drink umbrellas and flowers in jars keep the layout casual. This would be a good table setting for a gathering between friends or a very casual date.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Rustic Red

Make a table setting pop with bright accents of cherry red. Image: KayLovesVintage

Rustic Red Accents

Red is another great design choice for Valentine’s Day. Bright cherry reds really pop in a space and bring the whole area to life. Using red accents on a Valentine’s Day table setting is a wonderful way to celebrate the season in a bold and classy way.

One example is the table setting in the photo above, which makes use of some gorgeous rustic red accents. The old-style red lanterns help set a rustic tone, along with the wax-dripped heart candleholders. Added candles in votive holders keep this style on track, since nothing says rustic and romantic like plenty of candles. The red berries also keep things looking natural and rustic.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ruby Frog

Layer plenty of textures on top of each other for a classic look. Image: Willadsen Design

A Romantic Vibe

Another idea is to go very traditionally romantic. The table setting in the photo above does a wonderful job of layering different textures on top of each other. This creates a classic table setting.

The white, textured doily contrasts well with the woven red tablecloth. Different textures in the candleholders create plenty of visual interest. Little accents, like the pearls and rubies, give a very romantic, upscale feel. And the creative element of the jeweled frog adds even more character to this classic table setting. Classic dinnerware with a flower pattern rounds out the romantic tone. It would be a great table setting for the most romantic of dates.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Victorian Romantic

The Victorian look is all about a romantic feeling. Image: Comfy Dwelling

Modern Victorian

Speaking of going classic, you might also want to try a Victorian table setting for Valentine’s Day. What makes the Victorian style so applicable to this holiday is the use of romantic flower prints, which were common in the era. It gives you a wonderful excuse to incorporate plenty of pink flower prints into the dishes, like on the teacups and plates in the photo above.

The Victorian style is also one of timeless romance. It’s dominated by fine textures like lace and bold flower textures like bouquets. And by aiming for the lighter shades of white and pink, like in the photo above, you can keep this look firmly in the modern Victorian realm.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Seaside Theme

Combine pink elements with seaside themes for a surprising take on the holiday. Image: The Home

Subtle Beachside Theme

Most people probably don’t think to combine subtle Valentine’s Day accents with a beach theme. But that’s what makes it so special and creative. You can see in the photo above how subtle pink accents combine with rustic pieces, like the driftwood candleholders and the classic lanterns.

The elements that could make this a Valentine’s Day table setting are exceptionally subtle, as you can see in the pink macarons and the pink candles. What this means is they don’t overpower the seaside theme. It’s a wonderful idea to use if you’re spending the holiday in a seaside resort and you want to make the night special.

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Get The Look: 5 Themed New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas For Your Holiday Party

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party can be stressful. In fact, it can even be difficult to know where to start. However, we believe that the easiest way to get a party started is to build the decor around a theme. With that in mind, we’ve brought you five themed New Year’s Eve decor ideas to help you get set for this year’s bash. Look them over to see which one best fits your personal sense of style.

gold new year's eve decor

Black and gold is a classic New Year’s color combo for a reason. Image: SMART ARCHITECHTURES

1. Go classic with black and gold

There’s nothing more traditional – or classic – than a New Year’s affair that’s decked out in black and gold. In this case, pulling the look off is all about creating a sense of balance throughout your entertaining area. Too much black may end up looking somber while an overabundance of gold may be too overwhelming to the eye.

To make sure that you achieve the perfect balance, pick one color to play a dominant role and allow the other color to play an accent role.

Get the look items:

gold new year's eve decor
gold new year's eve decor
gold new year's eve decor
gold new year's eve decor

black and silver

Shine on with silver. Image: Frog Prince Paperie

2. Bring in some shine with silver

If lots of gold is not your thing, consider swapping it out for silver this year. Silver is a strong enough color to hold the theme on its own, or you can mix and match by adding in touches of other colors. With silver, you want to pay attention to the finish. Not all silver finishes are created equal so you’ll want to make sure you select finishes that match.

Get the look items:

black and silver
black and silver
black and silver
black and silver

rose gold

2019 is going to be all about rose-colored items. Image: Pink The Town

3. Be on-trend with rose gold

Rose gold is a newcomer to the scene this year, but suddenly, we’re seeing it everywhere. If you want to be on-trend with your party this year, rose gold is the way to go. Simply step up your game by replacing all of your traditional New Year’s Eve decor with similar versions in this rose-colored hue and you’ll have created a fun and flirty celebration that anyone would be lucky to attend.

Get the look items:

rose gold
rose gold
rose gold
rose gold


Whenever possible, add a little whimsy to your New Year’s Eve decor. Image: SMART ARCHITECHTURES

4. Don’t be afraid to bring in plenty of whimsy

Who says New Year’s Eve has to be all about keeping up time-honored traditions? This time, why not ring in the new year with plenty of whimsy by making light of the whole ordeal? When going this route, your best bet is to check in with smaller, independent retailers rather than big-box stores.

Get the look items:


navy new year's eve decor

Think outside the box with navy. Image: Pom Joy Fun

5. Go navy for an unexpected twist

If you want to go with a theme that’s unexpected but still elegant, think about swapping out your usual black New Year’s Eve decor for navy versions. From navy kitchen cabinets to navy accent chairs, we’ve been seeing this dark blue hue become increasingly popular. There’s no reason why it can’t be paired with gold to create a party theme that stands out from the crowd.

Get the look items:

navy new year's eve decor
navy new year's eve decor
navy new year's eve decor
navy new year's eve decor

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How to Transform Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Global event designer Edward Perotti has managed over 2,000 events, including social galas, ornate weddings, corporate affairs and notable events in such places as the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. We asked him for some ideas to help Freshome readers create the perfect winter wonderland at home this holiday season.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Decor


Candles create a soft and elegant look. Image: Robeson Design

With all the events Perotti designs around the globe, you would expect him to come home and just relax during the holidays. “However, it’s actually the opposite. A second wind always seems to kick in and I’m newly inspired to decorate at home.”

He’s passionate about decorating the home himself, without any help from his events team or even a florist. “It’s just me and my holiday elves – otherwise known as my family.”

Perotti brings his event design perspective to his personal decorations. “It needs to be a cohesive experience and convey an overall emotion,” he says. “Living in sunny California, our winter is far from frosty, but this year I’m creating our very own winter wonderland.”

Perotti is not a fan of decor that is overwhelming. “I don’t believe in decorations that hit you over the head with a theme. Instead, I like to create a mood and feelings with design moments,” he says. “The trick is to establish a flow from the front door to the mantel and continue it throughout the house. It all needs to tie together with a common thread and tell a story.”

Curb Appeal

diamond wreaths

Square wreaths can help your home stand out. Image: Brian Gille Architects

This is what Perotti’s doing this year to decorate his home’s exterior:

  • Icing the glass panels on the front door to give them a frosted look, which contrasts well with his dark walnut door.
  • Using a square wreath made of bay leaves and hung from one corner so that it appears as a diamond. It’s a contrast to the classic circle wreath and sets the tone for modern, non-traditional decor.
  • Taking items that have been handed down and upcycling them. For example, a plaster rabbit’s head from Holland has been built into the center of the wreath.
  • Surrounding the door with 5’ evergreen trees, potted in galvanized metal buckets and dusted lightly with fake snow. The trees have small crystals tied to the branches.

Living Room


A beautifully-decorated room. Image: Vale Garden Houses

Starting with the fireplace, Perotti explains the following:

  • I searched for (and found) a faux, long (about 3’) single antler, which I’ve attached to our small mantel. We’ll use this to hang stockings. This year, the stockings are an ivory velvet trimmed in faux fur.
  • Our fireplace hearth is a white-painted brick – very mid-century modern during the year, but also perfect for a winter wonderland. We lost the actual use of our fireplace with our remodel (California building codes), so the inside of the fireplace is the perfect location to create a winter display.
  • Combining white poinsettias, mercury glass elements (you can never have too much mercury glass!), vases, oversized ornaments, faux deer antlers, pine cones, battery operated mini LED lights and candles, I create a winter motif in the fireplace. (We use LOTS OF CANDLES for this. The remote-controlled artificial ones are great so that I can turn them on and off with one click.)

Trimming the Tree


This tree is definitely the room’s focal point. Image: A Pop of Pretty Blog

The tree is always updated on a regular basis. For the winter wonderland theme, this is what Perotti says he’ll be doing:

  • The ornaments and trim are cream, mercury glass and crystal. To continue upcycling, I’ll also include ornaments made from boxes, wrapping paper, books, etc.
  • Clear lights add the necessary sparkle.
  • In keeping with our overall design mindset, the tree will be crowned with a beautiful silver Frank Lloyd Wright tree topper.
  • The tree skirt matches the stockings, made from the same ivory velvet and faux fur.

“Throughout the rest of the house, I’ll reinforce the theme with matching style vignettes. The entrance credenza, coffee table and even the staircase landing will all be decked out in winter wonderland,” Perotti says. “The house will be filled with the coolness of ivory, crystal and mercury glass along with the warmth of the faux fur and candles.”

Dining Table

blending elements

Blending elements together helps create a memorable holiday tablescape. Image: Robeson Design

Perotti says the trick is to set the dining table once so it’s ready for entertaining and daily use. In this way, he says you don’t have to make any changes from the beginning of the holiday season to the end.

In keeping with the winter wonderland theme, he’s creating a runner of decor that is tonal by design.

  • I start with faux antlers and spray paint them a matte white linen. Then, I paint mason jars in the same matte white (four of each).
  • I’ll then add mini mercury glass bud vases and an assortment of leftover silver ornaments and white-tipped pine cones.
  • The final touch to the runner is ivory hydrangeas, added to make an eclectic runner that stands on its own yet ties in with the entire holiday decor style.
  • To the table place settings, I’ll add galvanized metal chargers, grey and white thick striped napkins and basic white china for a table that is ready to entertain.

“If you want to make the dinner a family style, add a variety of white, metal and clear glass cake pedestals,” Perotti says. “Put the platters of food on them and make your cuisine part of the decor.”

While he has provided tips for our readers, Perotti has this final piece of advice: “This is about your voice, your taste and your style, so use what I’m doing as your jumping off point. Play with it, but make it your own.”

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16 Ways to Style a Farmhouse Christmas With Burlap

burlap Christmas wreath

Welcome your guests with a beautiful farmhouse Christmas wreath. Image: Wayfair

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Burlap is at the top of our list for farmhouse Christmas decorating. We love the rustic vibe of burlap and its surprising versatility. Once a staple of country-style decorating, burlap has grown into a favorite in several styles, even contemporary. The secret to adding burlap decor to your holiday decorations is choosing simple designs that allow all of your decorating to flow harmoniously — your own unique styling of your burlap is what makes it so special.

Why is Burlap the Perfect Farmhouse Christmas Accent?

  • Burlap is a neutral canvas that fits into any rustic color palette.
  • Even as a neutral, burlap’s texture adds interest to your room.
  • Burlap can be dressed up or down — lace or metallic accents can change the entire vibe.
  • Your burlap accessories can be used year-round for a variety of holidays.

Wreaths and Swags for Your Farmhouse Christmas

Perhaps the easiest and most charming way to bring burlap into your home is a wreath. Burlap is a simple and pretty foundation for holiday decorations and for a rustic warmth year-round. There’s no reason why your burlap wreath needs to hang outside. Its cozy charm is right at home over a headboard, fireplace or foyer.

Farmhouse burlap wreath

Enjoy a burlap wreath all year with this ethereal rag wreath. Image: FairyMojo – Etsy

Tired of traditional Christmas decorating colors? Don’t be afraid to try new colors schemes. Image: CKDazzling – Etsy

Burlap Christmast garland

You can do more than just hang a wreath. Burlap garland can be used anywhere in your home. Image: Overstock

Burlap Christmas Bunting

Bunting is everything right now in farmhouse decorating. Burlap bunting can be a Christmas decoration and a fun DIY project. Image: Amazon

A Burlap Table Runner Dresses up Your Christmas Table

Our dining room tables are always the center of holiday celebrations. Styling your table with a burlap table runner is a rustic-chic foundation for your favorite dinnerware and serving pieces. Burlap table runners can be totally simple, or ruffled and beaded — the fabric is just a starting point for your unique style. 

Formal table runner

Who says burlap can’t be elegant? The shimmer of the Mother of Pearl accents gives this table runner instant glamour. Image: Overstock


Holiday table decor

This snowflake-embellished table runner can take your holiday table right through your New Year celebrations. Snowflake designs are perfect for contemporary spaces. Image: Wayfair

Burlap table runner

Beaded accents give this burlap table worldly style, which is perfect for a boho room. Image: Wayfair

Farmhouse table runner

A simple burlap table runner is a charming foundation for your favorite holiday decor and can be used all year. Image: Arcadia Designs 

Decorate Around the House With Burlap Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the quickest way to make a decor change in your home. Holiday-themed pillows add festive charm to your living room and bedrooms. Your guests will appreciate staying in a cheerfully-decorated guest room when traveling far from home during the holidays. When you’re choosing your holiday throw pillows, it’s easy to pick one themed pillow per room, then add other pillows that coordinate with it. That way, you can use the coordinating pillows all year. 

This cute and clever Christmas deer throw pillow is not just a fun accent for your home, but also makes an excellent hostess gift at the holidays. Image: NextDoorToHeaven – Etsy

Burlap snowflake pillow

Cute as a button! A snowflake pillow can brighten up your home in the winter. Image: BerkshireCollections – Etsy

Pottery Barn Christmas Pillow

So simple and stylish. This rustic pillow spreads joy into every room it enters. Image: Pottery Barn


Farmhouse Christmas Decor

A lodge-style throw pillow can warm up your living room all through autumn and winter, while still being perfect for Christmas styling. Image: Wayfair

Reimagine Your Farmhouse Christmas With Burlap

There are so many ways to work farmhouse decor into your home at the holidays. Burlap accessories and decorations are simple to coordinate with what you already have. The versatility of burlap gives you the opportunity to go rustic or elegant with your Christmas inspiration. It’s a timeless fabric that is considered a decorating staple.

rustic holiday centerpiece

Your burlap dining room centerpiece can be stylish during the holiday season and beyond. Image: Kirklands

Farmhouse Christmas tree skirt

Don’t forget your Christmas tree skirt when you’re decorating in farmhouse Christmas style. Image: Wayfair

farmhouse christmas stockings

Update your holiday decor with elegant burlap Christmas stockings. Look for stylish patterns and embellishments to beautifully style your mantel. Image: Wayfair

Burlap holiday decorations

Perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond, you can enjoy the color of these harvest-inspired burlap pumpkins in your home all season. Image: Wayfair

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10 Holiday Decor Storage Hacks You Need to Know

holiday decor storage hacks

Here are a few holiday decor storage hacks to take the pain out of packing up the season. Image: Joanna Kosinska

The holiday season is one of the most fun and beautiful times of the year. We gather with friends and family, we share meals and gifts and we can all feel the cheer in the air. When it comes time to pack up the tree, take down the stockings and unstring the lights, it can feel a little sad – and a little overwhelming. After the busyness of the season, you’re looking at a fair amount of work to get your house back to normal. Fortunately, these holiday decor storage hacks can make things a little easier for you.

Rather than just shoving things back into boxes, only to find broken ornaments and missing bulbs when you start to decorate next year, employ these tips. With these holiday decor storage hacks in your arsenal, packing up – and packing neatly – is a snap.

holiday decor storage hacks - labels

Label your decor as you put it away to make decorating easier next year. Image: Squared Away

Get on board with organization

Here are two tips to help you store everything in a logical way so decorating next year is a breeze.

  • As you’re packing things up, set yourself up for success next year. Rather than shoving things into random boxes, label each one (e.g. the “Living Room” box would get filled with all the decorations you use in the living room). You can also place individual labels on items of which you have multiple (e.g. “Banister Garland” and “Mantle Garland”). Those leftover gift tags are perfect for labeling as you pack up.
  • When you buy new strings of lights, write critical information like where you bought them (so you know where to go for replacement bulbs) and length on the plug. Then, as you take strands down at the end of the season, wrap them around an old Pringles can or cardboard tubes that held paper towels. Cut a slit in the lip to hold the plug in place so you can neatly wrap the entire strand and easily access the info you’ve written. You can also tape spare bulbs in the tube’s center.
holiday decor storage hacks - reuse

Reusing items you already have can help you protect your holiday decor. Image: Make Life Lovely

Reuse to reduce

The holiday season creates a lot of waste. But you can use that to your advantage with these tips.

  • Shred old wrapping paper, including those random scraps that get left over when wrapping oddly shaped gifts. Use this stuffing to pad fragile items as you pack your holiday decor into storage.
  • Hold on to the packaging for your ornaments. This the ideal way to store them so they don’t get broken. If you’ve already tossed the boxes, however, you’ve got some other options. Save egg cartons to store smaller ornaments. Larger ornaments can get a similar upcycle treatment if you save two cardboard drink holders. Nestle four ornaments – one in each cupholder – in the first one, then use the second as a lid. Plastic carryout containers can be equally useful when padded with a little leftover tissue paper.
  • Corral garlands and little holiday tchotchkes in old tennis ball containers.
holiday decor storage hacks - moisture

Your holiday decorations are precious – so protecting them from moisture is key. Image: Piccadilly Design

Minimize the effects of moisture

There’s a reason you dedicate precious storage space to your holiday decor. Treasured heirlooms, handmade items and memory-filled objects make up the bulk of your decorations. Here are a few ways to protect them.

  • Are you storing your decor in the basement? If so, make sure you safeguard it from the effects of a damp space. Pack everything in plastic bins to keep it dry.
  • Put homemade, food-based ornaments (like those precious macaroni stars) in sandwich bags to keep the food in better shape and prevent them from falling apart. Store everything in cookie tins to keep away pests who would want a nibble.
holiday decor storage hacks - fresh

Opt for fresh greenery that you can toss (or compost!) at the end of the year to free up storage space. Image: Julie Ranee Photography

Get fresh and free

How much space do you dedicate the other eleven months of the year to storing your decorations? Here are a few holiday decor storage hacks to help you free up some of that square footage.

  • Fresh decor – like garlands, pinecones and cranberries – adds festive cheer to any space but can be tossed in the trash guilt-free at the end of the season. Plus, you just can’t beat that evergreen smell!
  • Tired of trying to stack rolls of wrapping paper? Use a plastic garment bag to corral them. Thread a hanger through the top to make it easy to hang them up and out of the way.
  • Similarly, wreaths will stay in better shape if they’re hung vertically, plus will take up less space that way. Twist tie a wreath to a hanger. Cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and thread the hanger through to protect the wreath from dust.

Good luck packing up the season! We hope these holiday decor storage hacks make life a little bit easier for you. And if you want to keep the home hacks rolling, here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to help you get your house in top shape.

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Holiday Decorating for Busy People

You love the holidays, but let’s face it: you have neither the time, nor the desire to actually decorate your home for the holiday season. At the same time, you don’t want to be mistaken for Ebenezer Scrooge. Is there a middle ground? Yep. Here are some holiday decorating tips for busy people.

Use everyday items

homemade tree

A homemade Christmas tree in Sydney, AU. Image: Red Agape Blog

“For quick and easy ways to decorate for the holidays I recommend using what you may already have in your décor and layering holiday items in,” advises Karen Otto at Home Star Staging in Dallas, TX.  “For example, you can adorn pottery, bowls, boxes, shelves and vases with fresh or faux-real looking evergreens.” In the photo above, homeowners gathered sticks on their property, and decorated with white clay tags and lights.

Otto also recommends using holiday cards (past and present) in holiday decorating to create super easy and stylish scenes for your Christmas setting.

red pillows

Red pillows add holiday cheer. Image: Lance Selgo, Unique Exposure Photography

Another idea for easy holiday decorating is to simply add holiday colors, such as pillows and throws that are red, green, silver and/or gold, Otto says. These items not only add holiday cheer, but also warmth.


This Edmonton home found a simple and fun way to decorate. Image: AMR Interior Design and Drafting

You’d be surprised what types of items may be laying around your house that can be used for holiday decorating. “I’ll stack my vintage coolers in the back entry for a welcoming holiday look,” Otto adds. “Don’t over think things – just adding a few simple touches in key rooms may be all you need to feel festive and in the spirit,” Otto says.

Decorate once for the season

Christmas tree

The tree provides decorations inside and outside. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited

You can also kill two birds with one stone. “Go double duty with your Christmas tree: by positioning your tree in the front window of the house, it can act as a decoration for both the inside and the outside,” according to Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor.” Nothing looks more festive than a beautiful tree dressed in lights, and this one trick can make your house look full decorated and cozy from inside and out.”


Classic fireplace wreath. Image: DeGraffenreid Photography

He also recommends using garlands and wreaths to decorate simply. “Most grocery stores and garden centers have fresh garland and wreaths ready to hang,” Stephens says. “For an even simpler option, head to your local retail store and buy the imitation version—these are sure to brighten up your home.” He says you can add a couple of Christmas bows and your home will be ready for the season.

Blow up Santa’s, snowmen and reindeer are a fun and quick one and done decoration,” says Sephens. “These festive light-up lawn ornaments are sure to be a hit among the neighborhood and are low maintenance.”

spray paint

Grouped objects in spray-painted baskets. Image: Rustoleum

Don’t overthink holiday decorating

Kymberlyn Lacy, principal designer at International Flair Designs, has some additional tips. “Place holiday ornaments in a decorative bowl or vases,” she recommends. “Fresh fruit such as cranberries, oranges, and nuts can also be used.” The baskets above were sprayed red and then filled with ornaments and birch wood logs.

“Create an ambiance to your room by adding holiday candles,” Lacy says. “Some of my personal favorite fragrances are Pomegranate Noir, Cranberry, and Festive Fir, to name a few.

She also says you can put an oversized Poinsettia on your coffee table, dining room table, or cluster them around your fireplace.

holiday decorating everyday items

Another example of every day items grouped together. Image: AMR Interior Design and Drafting

The holidays are often a stressful time of year, but don’t let decorations be the source of your frustration. “Have fun and don’t feel pressured by what anyone else is doing,” says Otto. “Whether going all out or deciding to keep it light, only you know what makes your holidays merry and bright.”

Also, don’t forget that you can always hired a professional.Hanging outdoor lights isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially if the temperature has already dropped,” says Stephens. “Skip the struggling and hire a professional—you can talk through design, color, and style without having to lift a finger.”

Looking for more easy holiday decorating ideas? Here are fun DIY decorations you can add to your home.

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Tiny House Christmas Ideas You Can Use in Your Home

Tiny House Christmas Decorations

A tiny house Christmas exterior decorated by Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey. Jenna is a tiny house trailblazer and trendsetter. Image:  Tiny House Giant Journey

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We can’t resist the charm of a tiny house Christmas. These compact little gems have a way of making everything look cuter. There is more to their charm than just their sweet size, though. The tiny house movement is all about making the biggest impact in the smallest ways. Furniture is scaled down, and so is decor. The challenge and beauty of living in a small space is the simplicity.

Tiny house Christmas decorating is about much more than small or minimalist decorations. Understanding the basics of decorating a tiny house is a great place to start:

5 Tiny House Ideas You Can Use in Your Home

  • Declutter – No matter the size, most homes contain more clutter than necessary.
  • Use a Simple Color Palette – Decorating with just a few neutral colors can create a harmonious vibe in your home.
  • Storage is Key! – Tiny houses are famous for clever storage solutions. Look for storage space under staircases and in built-in seating.
  • Furnish Rooms According to Their Use – Tiny homes don’t have space to waste. Each space must be decorated for maximum functionality and, sometimes, dual use.
  • Create Spaces You Love – Owning and decorating a tiny house is a labor of love. Your home can be a source of comfort when you consciously choose each item you bring into it.

You can incorporate tiny house Christmas decorating ideas in your own home. Use these simple ideas and concepts that work at any time of the year.

Choose the Right Scale for Your Decorations

Tiny House Christmas Tree

A tall and slim Christmas tree is a clever choice for a small room. Image:  Treetopia

If you want to capture the simplicity of a tiny house Christmas, focusing on the size and scale of your decorations is key. Like choosing a sofa, your Christmas tree and other large decorations don’t have to fill the room. The extra space you create by sizing down your Christmas decor gives you more room for entertaining and just enjoying the holidays without clutter.

Use a Simple Christmas Decorating Color Scheme

White Christmas Tree

A simple color scheme makes small-space Christmas decorating a breeze. Image: Hayneedle

Color is one of the easiest ways to simplify your decor. Most tiny house owners use a small color palette of two to three colors to make the space feel larger and more open. Christmas decorating for a small space, or even just to create the illusion of more space in any size room, is not just about using less. The colors you choose can make a big (small) impact on your decorating space, too.

To achieve that tiny house design vibe at Christmas, choose one main color and one or two accent colors for your decorations. White, silver and gray are awesome colors for brightening up a small space and are perfect for Christmas decorating in a small home.

Steal This Tiny House Christmas Idea: Decorate in Unexpected Ways

Christmas Tree Wall Idea

Rethink your traditional Christmas tree if you’re short on space at home. Image: Shelterness

We love the cleverness of a tiny house Christmas when tackling the challenge of decorating without a lot of floor space. This challenge inspires novel ways to display Christmas decorations that can be used in any home. If you’d like to preserve floor space, think about how you can create displays using walls, tables and even your ceiling to decorate in new ways.

Go Beautifully Overboard With an Adorable She Shed Christmas

She Shed at Christmas

She shed decorating for Christmas can be as simple or extravagant as you like. It’s your personal retreat, after all. Image: Home Depot Sheds

You may not be ready to downsize to a tiny house right now, but the she shed is definitely high on the list of adorable trends. The she shed is all about creating a private space that serves as a retreat from your hectic life and is filled with decor you love. Christmas decorating style in a she shed, unlike a tiny house, can be more extravagant. Because this is your personal space, clutter and excess are not a consideration. You don’t have to have a dedicated she shed to enjoy this beautiful decorating style. A guest room or home office can be transformed at Christmas into a pretty retreat from holiday stress.

Choose a Theme to Maximize Your Decorating Budget

Small Home Christmas Decorations

Knowing your Christmas style before you shop can help you create a look you’ll love. Image: Hayneedle

Christmas decorating for a small space can be a challenge with so many tempting choices in stores this season. Impulse buys can be a big problem for a tiny house – or any home where you’ve maxed out your decorating space. Choosing a theme and color palette before the holiday decorations appear in stores can help you make good decisions when you shop. Keep a few photos of Christmas decor you love on your phone so that when you are out in the stores you can refer to them to keep yourself on track.

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