These 14 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas Will Make You Rethink the Classics

Are you a fan of a modern aesthetic? If so, you’re in luck because today we’re bringing you the very best of modern Christmas decor. There’s no rule saying that Christmas decorating has to follow a traditional path. These pictures prove that sometimes thinking outside-the-box can be a very good thing. Keep scrolling for tips on how best to put together a modern Christmas aesthetic, as well as to see some great examples of how it’s done.

modern Christmas

Want to give your decorating a modern spin this holiday season? Follow these tips. Image: Louise de Miranda – 30’s Magazine

How to pull off a modern Christmas look

Putting together a modern take on Christmas decorating can be anything you make of it. Modern design is all about embracing individuality and this is no exception. If you know you want a modern look but aren’t sure where to start, we have you covered. Follow the tips below to ring in this holiday season in style.

  • Keep it simple: Modern design is synonymous with simplicity. In this case, less is more. Limit your design to just a few decorations, but do your best to make sure that each one has a big impact.
  • Switch up your color palette: Red and green may be the traditional colors of the Christmas season, but that doesn’t mean you have to incorporate them in your design. Expand your horizons and include other colors, whether they’re classically-modern neutrals or bold and bright shades.
  • Incorporate current trends: It almost goes without saying, but if you want to achieve a modern aesthetic, working with current design trends is a great way to make that happen. In particular, consider searching for decorations that are text-based or that include geometric patterns.

Check out these modern Christmas decor ideas


When it doubt, if you’re going for a modern Christmas look, keep it simple. With this banner, you don’t need anything else because the text says it all. Image: Mustard Seed Interiors


Rather than lining the mantle with the traditional garland this year, consider this paired down approach. Notecards with text can also evoke some of the season’s best imagery. Image: Stephanie Woody – Providence Homemade

Here, the tree is the one getting a makeover. Instead of hauling a huge tree in and out of your home, think about downsizing. The tree makes just as powerful of a statement as a coffee table centerpiece. Image: Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding

wall art

If you’re struggling to think of what decor to use, consider matching it to the function of the room. The “silent night” wall art is totally appropriate for decorating a modern nursery. Image: S.Flynn Designs


Light has always been a big part of the Christmas holidays. This year, think about switching out your traditional candlesticks for some on-trend lanterns. The bigger, the better! Image: Louise de Miranda – 30’s Magazine


Don’t let the winter weather stop you from incorporating the outdoors into your home’s design. Ferns and wreaths make for a rustic take on the Christmas season. Image: Julie Ranee Photography


Christmas doesn’t have to be all about red and green. This purple tree has all the trappings of the holiday season while also maintaining a personality of its own. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Image: Home at Last Interiors


If you do decide to keep to the traditional color scheme, keep in mind that you can still keep things feeling fresh by going for a subtler take on decorating. Notice how the red and white throw pillows evoke holiday nostalgia without being too on-the-nose. Image: Chris Snook


There’s nothing like minimalism to really drive home a modern aesthetic. Take this decor as an example. It only takes a few, key design elements to evoke the spirit of the holiday. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited


A neutral color palette is a surefire way to create a modern look. Mix things up this year and decorate with a variety of black, white, and gray shades. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited


Geometric patterns have been on-trend for a while. As you can see from this photo, there’s no reason not to include them in your holiday decor this season. Image: Add: Design


There’s no rule that says your Christmas decorations can’t include bold and bright shades, especially if you have little ones at home. This year, ring in the holiday with every color of the rainbow. Image: Anne Marie Photography


Sometimes it’s not what you choose to decorate with, it’s where you put it. Your ceiling can also be part of the holiday celebration. Image: Cortney Bishop Design

Which modern design elements will you add to your holiday decorating this year? Let us know in the comments.

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