5 Ways to Create a Country Christmas Table Setting

When decorating for the holidays, it’s important to focus on the table setting. After all, it’s the peak gathering area for any traditional holiday meal. This holiday season, consider going for a country Christmas theme. Rustic chic is a popular decorating option. There’s also something about Christmas that can make us all feel a little bucolic. Maybe it’s the things from nature we bring into the house, like evergreen greens and holly, or the sight of classic Christmas ornaments. If you’d like to give your home a rustic and traditional holiday look, below are some country Christmas table setting ideas.

Country Christmas Table Setting Candy Cones

Traditional holiday candies are a playful way to set the mood. Image: AJ Margulis Interiors

Traditional Christmas candy table setting

Nothing says traditional and country like classic candies. The creative peppermint and gumdrop displays in the photo above provide a sweet, rustic setting. They’re also an instant focal point and conversation starter. These are easy to make, as well. Buy a Styrofoam cone from a craft store, then hot glue the candy onto the cone in whatever design you can imagine.

There are other ways to use candy is a traditional holiday table setting, too. You might fill Mason jars with traditional holiday sweets, like peppermint ribbon candy, for instance. Feel free to tap into your inner Willy Wonka and get creative.

Country Christmas Table Setting Natural Textures

Go natural with elements like cranberry strings draped on the table. Image: AMR Design

A rustic look with natural textures

Another way to get a rustic look for your country Christmas table setting is with natural textures. The photo above shows how plenty of natural textures create a cozy, country look. From the traditional cranberry strings to the evergreen on the table, this table setting has a woodsy feel. The white candles offer a classic ambiance while the reindeer antlers add to the festive cheer.

Along the mirror, natural textures like twigs and greenery add to the rustic, country feel. The pom-poms hanging from the light fixtures also have a natural texture, reminiscent of fuzzy cattails or burs.

Country Christmas Table Setting Bright Green

Small trees can give a country vibe, thanks to their natural texture. Image: Jules Duffy Designs

Minimalistic trees

You can also go for a slightly updated country Christmas table setting. The bright lime green gives this table setting an contemporary feel that just pops. The green shades also combine well with clean white shades in the candles, tableware and white tree. A green and white Christmas color scheme is a fun twist on the traditional red, green and white color schemes in most holiday decorating designs.

This table setting still has rustic textures in the wood around the vases and the trees on the table. Small trees are a good way to add natural, rustic textures to the table. The minimalist texture of the greenery on the table, however, still gives a stark, updated look. This is a great example of a rustic chic table design.

Country Christmas Table Setting Plaid Style

Green and red plaid is a good way to coordinate holiday colors in a space. Image: M&S

Country plaid

Nothing says classic and country like plaid. This kitchen table setting makes great use of the pattern in the table runners. Elements like the traditional English party cracker and the little present on the plate add to the pattern.

Other elements on the table also make the whole setting look delightfully country. The red pillar candles in the traditional Christmas cups are a fun feature. Sprigs of greenery in the center of the table round out the classic Christmas look.

Green and red plaid works well in a variety of different ways for a country Christmas table setting, too. You could go for plaid napkins, plaid chair skirts or even subtle plaid accents on dishes.

Country Christmas Table Setting Understated Look

You can use one element of greenery stretching the table to define the setting. Image: Houseology Design Group

An understated country Christmas table setting

The photo above is an example of a very subdued country Christmas look. The greenery running the length of the table gives this style a natural, traditional feel.

If you look closely, you can also see that there are bird figures on the napkins and reindeer figures on the two table ends. These animal-themed elements on the table add to the natural country feel. Small tea lights give off a classic ambiance and accent the large pillar candles. It all goes well with the rustic, textured dining room table. This display is a good example of a simple design that’s still effective in crafting a country style.

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