15 Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes with Amazing Scents

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There’s nothing like the quintessential scents of Christmas wafting through the house. Pine, peppermint, cranberry and apple cinnamon all come to mind. An all-natural way to get these scents is to make your own holiday simmer scent pot. All these easy ideas require is throwing a few food items into a pot full of water. You then simmer them on medium heat until your home smells amazing. You can even put fresh or dried food items into a Mason jar for a thoughtful homemade simmer scent gift. Read on to discover several ideas for holiday simmer pot recipes. We’ll cover fruity scents, herbal scents and some scents made to mimic holiday food favorites. You can make some of these on your own and some you can even purchase premade.

Fruity holiday simmer pot recipes

Some of the most popular items to use in holiday simmer pot recipes are fruit. These release a delicious scent when boiled. Citrus scents are especially popular, since they give a clean, deodorizing scent to the home without the need for harsh chemicals. Cranberries are also especially popular this time of year, since few things say the holidays more than cranberries. Many recipes even call for apples and cinnamon, so you can get that fresh-baked holiday dessert scent wafting through your home. Take a look below for some delightfully fruity scents that are sure to make your home smell amazing this season.

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Orange Scent

This simmer scent uses orange and a variety of spices. Image: Etsy

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Lemon

This recipe contains dried lemons, rosemary and vanilla beans. Image: Dream a Little Bigger

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Orange and Cranberry Recipe

Orange and cranberry go well together in a holiday simmer scent. Image: Etsy


Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Cranberry Simmering

Here’s an idea that veers heavily into the cranberry scent; simply fill most of the pot with fresh cranberries. Image: Half Baked Harvest

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Spiced Cider

Get the apple scent of spiced cider with this blend. Image: Etsy

Herbal holiday simmer pot recipes

Certain herbal scents are also popular during the holidays. Cinnamon always conjures up images of holiday cooking in the form of Snickerdoodles and a holiday apple pie. Fresh sprigs of pine are also popular choices for holiday simmer pot recipes. If you get a live Christmas tree, you can simply take a few sprigs off the back of the tree and stick them in your simmer pot for a boosted pine scent in the home. If you want a more rich, unique scent, check out options like licorice. So take a look below for some top ideas on how to get a wonderful herbal scent in your home for the holidays.

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Herbal

This heady blend contains cloves, anise, cinnamon, ginger and orange. Image: Etsy

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Potpourri Bags

Here’s a set of three dried simmering potpourri packs boasting a complex blend of herbs: it comes in Pumpkin Spice, Country Spice and Spiced Apple and Peel. Image: Etsy

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Pine and Lemon

Keep your home smelling fresh this season by simmering some fresh pine and lemon peels. Image: Kimberly Belle

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Clove Scent

Amazing scents like clove, rosemary and cardamom make this simmering Potpourri a delight. Image: Etsy

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Bay Herb

Bay and licorice will appeal to anyone who likes the heady scent of strong herbs. Image: Etsy

Holiday food favorites

Holiday cooking fills the home with its own amazing smells, of course. But what if you want your home to smell like holiday cooking even where you’re not entertaining? Or what if you want a specific food smell that reminds you of Christmases past, even if that’s not the food you’re preparing at the moment?

That’s where food-themed holiday simmer pot recipes come in handy. With some simple items added to a pot of water, you can create amazing scents like pumpkin spice, candy cane and apple pie. Check out these easy ways to boost those amazing holiday food smells without always having to cook a full meal or dessert.

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Peppermint and Cranberries

Get the smell of peppermint and cranberries with this combination of ingredients. Image: Gabrielle Tyler

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Pumpkin Pie Spice

Here’s a recipe for pumpkin pie scent perfection. Image: Pinterest

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Apple Scent

This apple cinnamon recipe is sure to make your home smell like everyone’s favorite pie. Image: Etsy  

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Candy Cane and Pine

Here’s another idea for using actual peppermint candy in your simmer pot: combine a candy cane with fresh pine and cranberries. Image: Do It Yourself Divas

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipes Orange Clove and Orange

Having oranges with cloves stuck in them is a popular way to add some foody scents to the home, so boost this delicious scent by simmering them. Image: A Beautiful Mess

What’s your favorite holiday scent or simmer pot recipe? Let us know in the comments.

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