Mammoth Skirting Boards

A customer of ours has just send us specifications for a custom skirting board profile – this thing is a beast.

The skirting boards are 51cm tall and 8 cm thick, essentially these are skirting beams. The architraves are equally behemoth at 35cm wide by 3cm deep.

We will definitely be requesting pictures of the finished job, but for now take a look at these specifications.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 15.10.41

Dutch Skirting Boards

The dutch like to keep things simple – one of our skirting boards geeks was recently in holland and couldn’t help but look at the skirting. Our skirting geek remarked that all the skirting and architrave (known as plinths) are the same – small square edge boards. Our geek did snap one photo, but “didn’t bother taken more because they are all the same”

That’s dutch practicality for you.