Buying skirting boards

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If you want to buy a skirting board from us today, you will have so many different types to choose from. We offer around eight different types on our website which will be perfect for all different purposes. For example, Ash skirting board is a good substitute for oak skirting boards and an excellent alternative to Oak if you are working on more of a budget. We supply a whole range of different types on our website, why not check them out today and decide what one is perfect for you? If you cannot see one you like that fits your purpose, give us a call today. We’ve produced hundreds of profiles that don’t make it onto our site, and may still be able to match it for you.

If you want to buy a skirting board from us, you know you will be getting the best quality possible. We offer all different thicknesses as there are various ones you can choose from. Most of the thick skirting boards are used in large country houses, period homes, or other large space with high ceilings etc. Or in some cases, the walls are simply not straight; thick skirting boards are cut and used as a feature to create straighter walls. Why not have a look at our blog to read more into the thickness of skirting boards?

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How to clean skirting boards

A lot of you out there, probably clean your house once a week, but most of you probably don’t clean your skirting boards once a week. Yes, skirting boards and the back your radiator are often the areas got forgotten, then gradually they become your dust trap.


So now, here you are at the annual spring clean trying to figure out how to clean the skirting boards that you haven’t got around to clean. First of all, find out what type of material or wood you have for your skirting boards, this is simply because you don’t want to introduce a lot moisture to your skirting boards then indirectly to your wall which will cause your problem. Some pine or oak skirting boards product can even start to change shape or curl up with a lot of moisture.


Second of all, what finish do you have on your skirting boards. If you have oil, lacquering, paint or gloss then you don’t need to worry as much as say your skirting boards don’t have any finishing products on them, and only have the raw materials. Because raw materials soak up moisture far quicker than if they have some layers of finish on them.


After you determined the type and finish of your skirting boards then you can decide what to use. If you have unfinished materials, then make sure you don’t use any water content cleaning solutions. Simple dusting and dry wiping can get rid of a lot of the dust, or use the vacuum to go over it as well as dusting.


If your skirting boards have some sort of finish on them, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about the moisture, only that you can use a small amount moist if it is necessary. You can start to vacuum majority of the dust first, then use a mix cleaning solution of water and soda powder and slightly damp the cloth, and run the cloth through all the profiling sections of the skirting boards which seems to trap most of the dust. If your skirting boards in the kitchen have grease on them, you can add a drop or two dish soap into the mix solution. If your skirting boards have mould or mildew on them, add a drop of bleach into the mix cleaning solution. However, if the mould or mildew come back within a short space of time, you may need to check whether there leaks or major damp behind the skirting board.


Once you have spring cleaned your skirting boards, just make a habit of giving them a quick vacuum when you vacuum your floor.