heated skirting boards

Have you heard? heated skirting boards are available at our site for your purchasing pleasure. they are a bit like skirting boards, and a bit like radiators but, well, both. They act as a low level heating system so that you can feel the heat all around the room and may replace your central heating system and give you a fantastic way to heat your house very efficiently. check them out!

We are bringing you a heating solution to rival all other radiators or heating solutions you have seen before…

Heated Skirting Boards!

We will be bringing you a heating system which runs straight through your skirting boards. You will no longer need your radiators and standard plumbing solutions, and you will get the added benefit of having a very economic heating system in your house!

Heated Skirting Boards

Skirting Board Heating systems are a new revolution in home interiors. Homes are welcoming huge wall space savings with skirting heaters since wall space is no longer taken up by big inefficient radiators.

Skirting heaters are more efficient than traditional radiators too, as the heat source originates at a lower point. Skirting Board heaters are also more efficient and less expensive to install than underfloor heating systems since the heat doesn’t propagate down through the concrete slab.

Skirting Board Heaters will work with your existing boiler and can be installed by an authorized plumber. At approximately £55 per meter of wall space, skirting board heaters save you space as well as being an environmentally friendly solution to home heating.

You will have skirting boards regardless of your heating system, so why clog up additional space with radiators. Installing under-floor heating is impractical in many existing homes and its also excessively expensive.

We supply skirting board heating systems manufactured by Discreet Heat, the product is called “ThermaSkirt”

ThermaSkirt was presented by Discreet Heat on the popular TV show Dragons Den.

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