Get Ready to Fall for the Whimsical New Emily & Meritt Collection for Pottery Barn

Designers Emily Current & Meritt Elliott are no strangers to Pottery Barn’s aesthetic. The duo has previously collaborated with the store’s younger outfit, PBTeen, on a line of whimsical bedding that runs the gamut from old Hollywood glam to Parisian mystique. Now, they’re back with the new Emily & Meritt line, a collection of grown up housewares.

Get ready to add a touch of whimsy to your table with the Emily & Meritt Collection. Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

The Emily & Meritt line features fun and sophisticated housewares

This 58-piece collection is a delightful hodgepodge of items. It includes dishware, bar cart tools, bedding and even a few Christmas decorations. But rather than feeling disjointed, each piece feels perfectly curated to fit the designers’ signature style.

The items, while practical, all have twee detailing to them. If you’re a fan of Modcloth or Zooey Deschanel, you’ll know exactly the vibe we’re talking about. The detailing, though, is much subtler than it’s been in previous collections and it’s balanced out by a purposeful use of rich materials. This makes the collection feel elegant and sophisticated, yet still playful.

Check out a selection of our favorite pieces below

1) The Emily & Meritt Bunny Ear Napkin Ring, Set Of 4, $24.50

Who says dinner parties have to be stuffy and boring? Give your guests a smile with the cute pair of bunny ears on these otherwise-simple napkin rings. Best of all, the design is unobtrusive enough to be used all year long, not just when spring rolls around.

2) The Emily & Meritt Gold Top Hat Wine Stopper, $14.50

Dealing with leftover wine is a problem that most of us have to contend with at one point or another. However, with this Gold Top Hat Wine Stopper, you can ensure that your wine stays fresh until you have time to come back and finish it.

3) The Emily & Meritt Quilted Brass Champagne Ice Bucket, $69.50

No bar cart is complete without an ice bucket to help keep the party going. Emily & Meritt’s version does just that. However, the quilted pattern that adorns the outside adds an extra layer of refinement to the whole affair.

4) The Emily & Meritt Brass Moon Bookends, Set Of 2,$69

Day or night, these Brass Moon Book Ends are the perfect fit for any bookcase or shelf. Their crescent moon shape is enough to add a just hint more complexity to your decor without drawing any attention away from where it needs to be.

5) The Emily & Meritt Lean On Me Sentiment Pillow Cover, $29.50

Repeat after us: Interior design doesn’t always have to be serious. This Lean On Me Sentiment Pillow Cover proves it. It’s a way to bring your sense of humor into your home while still helping create a design that feels chic.

6) The Emily & Meritt Starry Night Double Old Fashioned, Set Of 2, $24.50

If you’ve always associated Old Fashioned sets with the Mad Men era, you’re not alone. However, the Emily & Meritt take on the Old Fashioned set proves that there’s plenty of room for this generation to get in on the fun. The subtle star detailing on each of the rocks glasses adds a touch of whimsy that’s more than welcome in the 21st century.

7) The Emily & Meritt Hanging Mirror, $79

Without question, this mirror is one of the simplest pieces that this collection has to offer. But we love it because of its versatility. Geometric designs have been in for years and that’s not changing anytime soon. With that in mind, the shape of this mirror is bound to add a touch of visual interest to any room while still making sure that the design stays fully-rooted in today’s trends.

If you like what you see, you can view the Emily & Meritt collection in its entirety here. What are your favorite pieces? Let us know in the comments.

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