1950s São Paulo Penthouse Gets an Original Upgrade

Brasil based Estúdio Paralelo completed the restoration of a 1950s São Paulo penthouse and revamped it for the needs of contemporary city living. The space has a total surface of 150 square meters (1615 square feet) and also displays an unconventional layout.

“The apartment absorbs both floor-plans of the two apartments per floor of this small building in Santa Cecília, each one with 60 square meters (646 square feet), and organizes the space in a fashion that is curious for the time in which it was constructed,” the architects said.

They kept many of the original elements, such as the granilite in the staircase and the wooden floors. They restored other details, like the iron windows with electrostatic paint as well as the terracotta cementile flooring. The complex array of textures gives the São Paulo penthouse an original feel.

“After being closed for 20 years, the owners bought not just the apartment, but the promise to fight for the necessary renovations, which would be structural and require much patience and planning,” the architects also explained. Some of the major changes included updating the entire piping system and also adding concrete roof slabs for support.

“The result is a clean space, with simple lines and clear organization; without spacial hierarchy. The light spreads to all corners, which serves to show the original characteristics of the building”, the designers concluded. Enjoy the photo gallery below and feel free to share your thoughts with us! Information provided by Estúdio Paralelo; photography courtesy of Ricardo Bassetti.

Step inside the São Paulo penthouse

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