Tiny House Christmas Ideas You Can Use in Your Home

Tiny House Christmas Decorations

A tiny house Christmas exterior decorated by Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey. Jenna is a tiny house trailblazer and trendsetter. Image:  Tiny House Giant Journey

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We can’t resist the charm of a tiny house Christmas. These compact little gems have a way of making everything look cuter. There is more to their charm than just their sweet size, though. The tiny house movement is all about making the biggest impact in the smallest ways. Furniture is scaled down, and so is decor. The challenge and beauty of living in a small space is the simplicity.

Tiny house Christmas decorating is about much more than small or minimalist decorations. Understanding the basics of decorating a tiny house is a great place to start:

5 Tiny House Ideas You Can Use in Your Home

  • Declutter – No matter the size, most homes contain more clutter than necessary.
  • Use a Simple Color Palette – Decorating with just a few neutral colors can create a harmonious vibe in your home.
  • Storage is Key! – Tiny houses are famous for clever storage solutions. Look for storage space under staircases and in built-in seating.
  • Furnish Rooms According to Their Use – Tiny homes don’t have space to waste. Each space must be decorated for maximum functionality and, sometimes, dual use.
  • Create Spaces You Love – Owning and decorating a tiny house is a labor of love. Your home can be a source of comfort when you consciously choose each item you bring into it.

You can incorporate tiny house Christmas decorating ideas in your own home. Use these simple ideas and concepts that work at any time of the year.

Choose the Right Scale for Your Decorations

Tiny House Christmas Tree

A tall and slim Christmas tree is a clever choice for a small room. Image:  Treetopia

If you want to capture the simplicity of a tiny house Christmas, focusing on the size and scale of your decorations is key. Like choosing a sofa, your Christmas tree and other large decorations don’t have to fill the room. The extra space you create by sizing down your Christmas decor gives you more room for entertaining and just enjoying the holidays without clutter.

Use a Simple Christmas Decorating Color Scheme

White Christmas Tree

A simple color scheme makes small-space Christmas decorating a breeze. Image: Hayneedle

Color is one of the easiest ways to simplify your decor. Most tiny house owners use a small color palette of two to three colors to make the space feel larger and more open. Christmas decorating for a small space, or even just to create the illusion of more space in any size room, is not just about using less. The colors you choose can make a big (small) impact on your decorating space, too.

To achieve that tiny house design vibe at Christmas, choose one main color and one or two accent colors for your decorations. White, silver and gray are awesome colors for brightening up a small space and are perfect for Christmas decorating in a small home.

Steal This Tiny House Christmas Idea: Decorate in Unexpected Ways

Christmas Tree Wall Idea

Rethink your traditional Christmas tree if you’re short on space at home. Image: Shelterness

We love the cleverness of a tiny house Christmas when tackling the challenge of decorating without a lot of floor space. This challenge inspires novel ways to display Christmas decorations that can be used in any home. If you’d like to preserve floor space, think about how you can create displays using walls, tables and even your ceiling to decorate in new ways.

Go Beautifully Overboard With an Adorable She Shed Christmas

She Shed at Christmas

She shed decorating for Christmas can be as simple or extravagant as you like. It’s your personal retreat, after all. Image: Home Depot Sheds

You may not be ready to downsize to a tiny house right now, but the she shed is definitely high on the list of adorable trends. The she shed is all about creating a private space that serves as a retreat from your hectic life and is filled with decor you love. Christmas decorating style in a she shed, unlike a tiny house, can be more extravagant. Because this is your personal space, clutter and excess are not a consideration. You don’t have to have a dedicated she shed to enjoy this beautiful decorating style. A guest room or home office can be transformed at Christmas into a pretty retreat from holiday stress.

Choose a Theme to Maximize Your Decorating Budget

Small Home Christmas Decorations

Knowing your Christmas style before you shop can help you create a look you’ll love. Image: Hayneedle

Christmas decorating for a small space can be a challenge with so many tempting choices in stores this season. Impulse buys can be a big problem for a tiny house – or any home where you’ve maxed out your decorating space. Choosing a theme and color palette before the holiday decorations appear in stores can help you make good decisions when you shop. Keep a few photos of Christmas decor you love on your phone so that when you are out in the stores you can refer to them to keep yourself on track.

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