5 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Mason Jars

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Mason jars have become a favorite for home decorating over the years, and with good reason. Before they adorned wedding tables, Mason jars were used to preserve food. They date all the way back to 1858, when they were first patented. Because of their vital history in traditional homes, today they make a regular appearance in traditional, country and rustic design styles. As such, they also fit in well with the Christmas season as part of a traditional or rustic Christmas decorating scheme. Read on to find creative ways to incorporate Christmas mason jars into your home this holiday season.

Christmas Mason Jars Wreath Display

Wreaths make a natural focal point around the holidays, and the candles in the jars help draw attention. Image: Rene Zieg

Wreath display

A classic way to incorporate Christmas Mason jars into a holiday design is to combine them with a wreath. The photo above shows a classy display where the Mason jars sit in front of a wreath. The candles in the jars help illuminate and draw attention to the wreath.

Finding a rustic sign to put in front of the jars also gives them a classic look. The candles are actually sitting on Epsom salt. The jars are a nice way to have candles around a wreath, minus the fire hazard, since the jars do a good job of protecting the nearby greenery.

Christmas Mason Jars Table Setting

Mason jars are a wonderful way to decorate a table during the holidays. Image: Rikki Snyder

Mason jar centerpiece

Christmas Mason jars also make a good centerpiece for a traditional, country or rustic holiday table setting. The photo above shows how well a few Mason jars with candles sit among the seasonal greenery. The evergreen, pine cones and cranberries immediately give off a rustic, country look, thanks to the natural textures. To make the display easy to transport, the whole ensemble also sits on a cut log. The log also helps add even more rustic texture to the display.

You could also get creative with this idea. Put the Mason jars on the cut log and place anything you can think of around them. For instance, you might place candy canes, garland or seasonal ribbon around the jars.

Christmas Mason Jars Tree and Candy Canes

Feel free to get creative with what you fill your Mason jars with. Image: Kootut Murut

Filling jars with candy canes and evergreen

Part of what makes Mason jars so versatile in decorating is that you can fill them with anything. The large openings make them convenient. These wide Mason jar-style containers are great for filling with candy canes, as in the photo above.

What’s really original, though, is the tiny Christmas tree that sits right in the jar. A little sprig of evergreen placed upright gives the feeling of a small Christmas tree. The sparse ribbons are also a nice touch to add to the Christmas tree vibe. Between a large Mason jar and the natural texture of the evergreen, it’s a good addition to any traditional or rustic decorating scheme. It could also fit into a minimalistic theme, since the small tree has stark and minimal elements to it.

Christmas Mason Jars Fruit and Berries

Red fruit and seasonal berries add a splash of festive color. Image: Rikki Snyder

Using fruit with Christmas Mason jars

Here’s another example of how well a simple Mason jar with a tea light fits in with natural seasonal items. The photo above shows the evergreen and pine cones natural to the season, but what make this display special are the cranberries and pomegranates. These give a lush seasonal red tone to the display.

Those red items also match other items on the table, like the tablecloth. This can be a wonderful idea if you are going for a traditional red and green seasonal theme. It would also work well in any seasonal design that has pops of bright red accents.

Christmas Mason Jars with Nuts

Put nuts in a Mason jar for a classic way to get a seasonal feel. Image: Julie Ranee

Going nuts

The large Christmas Mason jars work well in this country Christmas design. Having nuts out during the holidays was common in traditional homes, and still is in some homes today. The nuts in the Mason jars fit with the holiday theme and add some natural elements and visual texture to the space, along with the sprigs of evergreen and over-sized pine cones.

The natural Christmas theme also goes well with the rest of the room’s rustic vibe, with the natural wicker textures, country hats on the wall, Texas star and rustic crate on the floor. It shows how a rustic Christmas theme can work with an overall room’s design.

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