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Based in York, Pennsylvania, York International Corporation is an HVAC company founded in 1874. The corporation initially manufactured ice cream machines before switching its focus to air conditioners.

York offers a variety of HVAC products that emphasize comfort, safety, and reliability. To help you navigate the array of HVAC solutions available, this guide reviews all York products.

Key definitions

Understanding the following industry definitions can help you evaluate the efficiency of York products.

  • Energy efficiency ratio: A unit’s EER rating indicates its efficiency in outdoor temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio: The SEER rating shows the efficiency of an AC unit. The SEER rating is calculated by dividing the unit’s cooling output during a given season by the energy used.
  • Heat season performance factor: A heat pump’s efficiency is illustrated by its HSPF rating, which measures the total heating output against the total energy used. More efficient heat pumps have higher HSPF ratings.
  • British thermal unit: One BTU represents the amount of heat energy needed to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at sea level. Units with higher BTUs can cool spaces more quickly.

York furnaces

York gas furnaces deliver reliable performance during winter. The company offers efficient units that can help you reduce energy bills without compromising on comfort. York categorizes its gas furnaces into three series: Affinity, LX Series and Latitude.

Affinity series

York offers two Affinity series furnace models: the YP9C and YPLC. These premium, high-efficiency furnaces each feature a ClimaTrak Comfort System, which selects the ideal operating cycle for your space. Each unit has communicating capabilities and a modulating burner design that continuously adjusts heating levels.

A variable-speed ECM motor provides quiet operation, efficient circulation, and even temperature control. The Affinity furnaces are only 33 inches tall, to fit in any living space. The YP9C furnace is Energy Star qualified, with an AFUE rating of up to 98 percent. This unit has a capacity of 60 to 120 MBH input and costs about $2,600.

LX series

The LX series includes some of York’s most popular furnace models: the TM9V, TM9T, TM9Y, TM9E, TM8V, TM8Y, TM8T and TM8X. York’s LX models are highly efficient and can help you save on energy bills. The LX series includes single-stage and two-stage furnaces.

Single-stage options include the TM9E, TL9E, and the TL8E. The TM9V model is the most popular LX furnace, with Energy Star certification, a two-stage motor, and an integrated ClimaTrak system. The variable-speed ECM fan motor is quiet, and the unit has an AFUE rating of up to 96 percent. The TM9V generally costs $2,000 to $3,000.

Latitude series

The Latitude series includes compact, economical options delivering quality and dependability. The TG9S and TG8S models are single-stage furnaces, each with a constant-speed PSC fan motor. The TG9S furnace is available in capacities between 40 and 130 MBH and efficiencies of up to 95.5 percent AFUE. The average price of this unit ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

York air conditioners

York delivers air conditioner models under the Affinity and LX series.

Affinity series

The Affinity Series includes the YXV and YXT air conditioner models. The YXV is a variable-speed unit, while the YXT is a two-stage air conditioner. Both models control temperature and humidity. York’s Affinity AC units are communicating capable, are energy efficient and feature QuietDrive sound reduction.

The YXV and the YXT are available in sizes between two and five tons. The YXV air conditioner features ClimateSet, which helps maximize cooling efficiency. The unit has a maximum efficiency of 21 SEER and costs about $2,779 for the unit alone.

LX series

LX air conditioners include the energy-efficient YFK and YCG models. The LX series also includes an economy category, with units of standard efficiency. The LX series includes single-stage and two-stage units.

To choose the best option for your home, you should understand each model’s features. The YFK air conditioner is a single-phase unit with a two-stage compressor and a tube-in-fin coil. The YFK is available in sizes ranging from two to five tons. This AC unit has a SEER rating of up to 17.

York heat pumps

York heat pumps deliver year-round comfort and excellent efficiency. Heat pumps remove warm air to keep you cool during summer, and they draw heat into your home during winter. York heat pumps are available in Affinity and LX series models.

Affinity series

Affinity heat pumps are highly efficient. The variable-speed YZV model and the two-stage YZT model have communicating capabilities for improved dehumidification and comfort control. QuietDrive sound reduction promotes quiet operation, and you can fine-tune blower operations to your exact specifications.

The tube-in-fin coils offer durability and long-lasting performance. The YZV heat pump is Energy Star qualified and has a 21 SEER rating and an 11 HSPF rating. The unit features a touch-screen thermostat and a built-in ClimateSet feature for enhanced temperature and humidity control. This model costs about $2,580, including installation.

The YZT model is a two-stage communicating heat pump. The Energy Star-certified model has a SEER rating of 19 and an HSPF rating of 10. The quiet heat pump operates as quietly as 67 decibels.

LX series

The LX series includes the advanced and energy-efficient YHM and YHG models. The YHE heat pump is an economical LX model that delivers standard efficiency. The YHG heat pump is Energy Star certified and has a single-stage compressor. The unit features a tube-in-fin coil that promotes defrosting and water shedding during harsh weather, and automotive-grade powder paint reduces corrosion. The YHG has a maximum cooling efficiency of 17 SEER and a heating efficiency of 10 HSPF.

York packaged systems

York packaged systems are compact and efficient, and they combine several components of a traditional HVAC system into a single unit. Packaged systems are installed outside your house. York only offers these systems under the LX series.

LX series

The LX Series includes both advanced and economy packaged systems. The advanced models feature high efficiency and are available in single-phase and three-phase models. Advanced models include the PCE6, PCG6, PHE6, and PHG6 systems. Economical options deliver standard efficiency and include the PCG4, PCE4, PHG4, and PHE4 models. Packaged systems in either category are available in sizes ranging from two to five tons. The PCE6 packaged system is a two-stage cooling unit that delivers high levels of temperature and humidity control. The Energy Star-certified unit has efficiency ratings of up to 16 SEER and 12.5 EER.

The PHE6 model is a two-stage packaged heat pump. The system is Energy Star certified and reduces power consumption without compromising on comfort. This unit can help you to save space and comes in single-phase and three-phase options. With capacities of two to five tons, this system has efficiency ratings of up to 16 SEER and 8.2 HSPF.

York warranties

York HVAC products often deliver reliable performance for many years. To protect its customers, York offers warranties on every unit. The Affinity series split-system air conditioners and heat pumps carry a 10-year limited parts warranty, a lifetime limited compressor warranty, and a one-year limited labor warranty.

Affinity, LX and Latitude series furnaces come with a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty, a 10-year limited parts warranty, and a one-year limited labor warranty. LX Series split-system air conditioners and heat pumps carry a 10-year limited compressor warranty, a 10-year limited parts warranty, a 10-year limited supplemental electric heat warranty, and a one-year limited labor warranty.

LX Series packaged units come with a 10-year limited parts warranty, a 10-year limited compressor warranty, a 10-year compressor electric heat exchanger limited warranty and a one-year limited labor warranty.

York reviews

To choose the best York HVAC product for your home, you should understand your options. Comparing models will help you choose the unit that best suits your needs. One way to gather information about HVAC products is to read customer reviews. While reading reviews, focus on each unit’s performance, capacity, efficiency, maintenance needs, and warranty. Additional factors to consider include sound ratings, price and maintenance costs. You can read York product reviews on Freshome.com.

York is a reliable HVAC manufacturer that offers products to meet various heating and cooling needs. Visit Freshome.com to learn more about products from York and other HVAC brands.

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