The Biggest Pinterest Home Trends for 2019

There are a whopping 250 million active Pinterest users per month. And they’re busy pinning and repinning all their favorite design inspiration photos, memes, recipes, crafts and more. Pinterest just released a report breaking down the data of which Pinterest home trends are big in 2019.

Wondering how they manage to call it correctly year after year? According to Pinterest, they track and monitor pins for an “upward trajectory [that] holds steady for 6+ months.” 250 million people must be right. According to users, these are the top ten Pinterest home trends that are going to be hot for 2019.

1. Mustard Yellow is the “It” color for 2019

pinterest home trends 2019

Add mustard yellow to a room to update and warm up your space. Image: Pinterest/decomg

Searches for mustard yellow: +45%

Mustard yellow or sunflower yellow replace last year’s favorite — sage green. Try adding a bold focal wall or add a small accent furniture piece and some accessories in the color. Here’s more on how to decorate with yellow.

2. Pinners are obsessed with fireplaces

2019 pinterest home design trends

A small, private garden was fitted with an outdoor fireplace for ambiance. Image: Pinterest/warmcozyhome

Searches for contemporary fireplace: +763%

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are hot — and according to Pinterest, “the more modern and sleek, the better.” If you agree, you’ll love these outdoor fire pit ideas and the best indoor electric fireplaces that you can even set up in your rental.

3. Fabric walls

top pinterest home trends 2019

Hanging tapestry or textiles on the wall are an easy way to add color and pattern. Image: Pinterest/sfgirlbybay

Searches for textile art: +1718%

The idea of upholstering your walls may sound stranger than it looks. Rugs, tapestries and other hanging fabrics are hot, and give a room that boho-chic look.

4. Painted geometric wall patterns

pinterest trends 2019

Create a custom feel in your room by painting a geometric pattern on the wall. Image: Pinterest/redonline

Searches for geometric paint: +225%

Pinterest users are crafty and love a good DIY project. Save your favorite geometric paint Pin, whip out some painter’s tape and paint some geometric patterns on your wall to get in on this Pinterest home trend.

5. Wallpaper is the new paint

pinterest design trends 2019

For a more sophisticated wall, nix paint and try wallpaper. Image: Pinterest/hyggeandwest

Searches for bold print wallpaper: +401%

If painting geometric patterns on your walls isn’t your thing, bold wallpaper in bright geometric prints or tropical leaves is the answer. The best part is, there are plenty of removable wallpaper options nowadays that make it possible to wallpaper your rental walls, too. Here’s our ultimate guide to removable wallpaper.

6. Tin-spiration

pinterest design trends

Stamped tin is a stunning and low maintenance option for a backsplash. Image: Pinterest/apartmenttherapy

Searches for tin interiors: +563%

Stamped tin can work in nearly any interior style including farmhouse, industrial, vintage or modern. Paint yours to customize it further. According to the Pinterest home trends report, “From backsplashes to wallpaper, tin is in!”

7. Cactus and succulent arrangements

pinterest interior design ideas

Mix and match a cactus with succulents for a low-maintenance centerpiece. Image: Pinterest

Searches for cactus arrangements: +235%

Add some life to your space with a low-maintenance plant like a cactus or a succulent. Buy a shallow pot, fill it with soil, drop in a grouping of both cacti and succulents in different heights. Finish it off with some gravel for a cheap and chic centerpiece. Here are more ideas on how you can display your new arrangement.

8. Living walls

trending on pinterest

Cover up an unsightly wall or fence with a lush vertical garden. Image: Pinterest/sunset

Searches for vertical gardens: +287%

Vertical gardens or living walls are growing on Pinners. And we’ve been a big fan of the trend, indoors or outdoors. Here’s a roundup of our favorite vertical gardens and living walls.

9. Painted floors

trending pinterest pins

Paint over old flooring by using a geometric stencil pattern. Image: Pinterest/cuttingedgestencils

Searches for painted floor tiles: +1276%

Forget messy demolition to replace your floors and paint over your existing tile or parquet floors instead. It’s much faster, easier and cheaper. Especially if you use the latest stencils for a mosaic-tile look that are definitely a part of Pinterest home trends for the year.

10. Natural swimming pools

best pinterest home design pins

This swimming pool makes use of its natural surroundings to keep the water fresh and flowing. Image: Pinterest/babble

Searches for natural swimming pools +262%

We all love a dip in the swimming pool but can do without all the chlorine after-effects like burning eyes, bleached hair that goes green and dry skin. A salt-water pool is quickly replacing chlorine as the go-to choice for homeowners and is one of the Pinterest home trends for 2019. Here’s a roundup of some of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

Looks like 2019 is gonna be a big year to focus on your walls. Whether you add wallpaper, hang a tapestry or paint them in bright yellow, make sure you’ve embellished them with bold colors and prints. And don’t forget to include plants in your room’s decor.

What do you think of the Pinterest home trends for 2019? Let us know in the comments. Follow us on Pinterest!

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