Playroom Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied for Hours

Playtime is an important part of your child’s developmental process. While playing, they develop cognitive and athletic skills, in addition to building confidence and learning how to be creative. TV and video games will try to compete for your child’s attention, but with the right playroom ideas and tools, you can create an environment that encourages active play (as opposed to passive entertainment).  Below, we’ve provided inspiration for some of the best playroom ideas that will keep your kids occupied for hours.

An enchanted forest

This Denver, CO, enchanted forest playroom creates the perfect fairy-tale setting. Image: Mile High Style

This enchanted forest has real tree trunks (from fallen Aspen trees), which have been bolted to the floor and ceiling. In the center is a ladder made out of tree branches, and there’s a ledge on the left side of the forest. Lights strung throughout add to the enchanted atmosphere, as does the tree wallpaper.  Soft carpet and plenty of storage complete this playroom.

A house

A house

The only thing better than a playroom is a playhouse. Image: Studio LA maison

This French playroom is actually a small house – with a basement, main level, and attic! Traditional and porthole windows add architectural detail. On the main level, there’s a tastefully decorated living area that includes furniture, throw rugs, and accent pillows. There’s also a study area with a desk and lamp, and curtains on the front windows. “Outside” there’s a swing and plants.

A Hobbit house

This Salt Lake City, UT, playroom is based on Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Image: Walker Home Design

This Hobbit-inspired playhouse includes the classic round door and Hobbit-inspired furniture. Those are real stones on the pathway, and the cool wave slide is just for fun. The greenery blends into the mural in the background. It’s important to include your child’s interests in playroom ideas. If they like it, they’re more likely to spend time in this area. Incorporate a variety of activities to keep your child’s interest and ensure that they don’t’ get bored. This room combines physical activities with opportunities to sit down and read or be creative.

A tent

A Tent

This Dorset, England, tent playroom brings the great outdoors inside. Image: Cuckooland

Camping doesn’t get any easier than this playroom with a tent cabin bed. The two poles hold the cloth side of the canopy bed up. However, the canopy is collapsible to provide a true camping experience.  To ensure your little one doesn’t get frightened when the canopy is down, the colorful lights strung from the top keep the tent from getting too dark – and create the appearance of stars in the sky. There’s also another exit on the right side, to ensure no one ever gets trapped in the tent.

A pirate ship

A pirate ship

Imagine searching for sunken treasures in this pirate-themed Minneapolis playroom. Image: Kuhl Design Build LLC

Your child can spend hours pretending to be Captain Jack Sparrow (or Capn Crunch) while sailing to far away lands in this pirate-themed playroom. The hull of the ship, which has cannon ports, was built in the area above the doorway and is accessed by a bridge made of planks. Inside the pirate ship, there’s a climbing wall and a slide.  Below the ship, there’s a jail cell that includes a lockable gate.

Climbing wall and slide

climbing wall slide

Kids can slide into this Victoria, British Columbia, playroom. Image: Horizon Contracting

The CDC recommends that kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, and this playroom idea can help your little ones to meet those guidelines. Since it’s indoors, the weather is never a factor. The climbing wall increases physical strength, coordination, and balance, while the tube slide – well, that’s just fun.

A miniature town

Grandchildren's Suite

The Grandchildren’s suite in Charlotte, NC. Image: Andrew Roby General Contractor

This playroom has everything from cabins and deer to trees painted on the walls and birds flying overhead. Kids can play with each other in the common areas (which include tables, chairs, and wall-mounted TVs) and also spend time alone in their respective mini cabins, which include a bed, table, lamp, and personal effects.  Each cabin is actually a playhouse kit that can be assembled with screws and nails. The kit includes functional windows, flower boxes, a door, wall panels, roof panels, and a handrail.

What are your favorite playroom ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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