5 Clothing Organization Ideas for New Year’s Cleaning

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is  finally getting the home organized. That is certainly a worthy goal, especially if your messiness has turned into a… situation. One of the places that usually needs the most TLC is the closet. Too often, it’s easy to throw things haphazardly into the closet. Sometimes it feels like because you put things behind those doors you managed to clean a room. Luckily, there are several easy ways to get those piles of clothing into a working system that’s easy to browse on short notice. Below are some clothing organization ideas for finally getting that closet space organized.

Clothing Organization Stand Alone Rack

Displaying dresses on racks is a good way to plan an outfit. Image: Kootut Murut


One increasingly popular clothing organization idea is to go for standalone racks. These are especially popular in small spaces, where designers are even using fully stocked clothing racks as room dividers. You can see other small closet or no-closet ideas here.

A clothing rack can also be a good way to hang formal wear you don’t want to get wrinkled instead of jamming it in with other clothing. Or you can place a clothing rack at the side of a bedroom and use it to plan and hang your next day’s outfit. A rolling rack can also add additional storage to larger walk-in closets. Stand-alone clothing racks are highly versatile as well.

Clothing Organization Drawer Dividers

Store just about anything with drawer dividers. Image: Wow Great Place

Drawer dividers

Another organization idea is drawer dividers. You can see how well a system like this works for belts. You can place just about anything in these drawers: rolled-up socks, smaller shoes or hair accessories, for example. With larger drawer dividers, you can even place folded pants or shirts in them.

Products like this are easy to find and even easier to place in the drawer. An example is this expandable drawer divider from The Container Store. A design like this can fit almost any drawer and allow you to have just the right amount of space.

Clothing Organization Cubby System

Cubbies work great for items that roll well, like scarves. Image: Built-Rite Closets

Clothing organization with a cubby system

Another clothing organization idea is to add a cubby system to the closet. A cubby system can work well for rolled cloth items. A system like this is great for scarfs, socks, knit hats and gloves, especially. Turns out rolling your clothing isn’t just a suitcase packing hack.

This is actually part of a customized closet system. If you want to be serious about getting your closet in order, you may want to look into having a custom-built closet organization system. A variety of carpenters and handymen specialize in making these types of closets.

Clothing Organization Basket System

Baskets are a classy way to get clothing organized. Image: Plan A

Basket storage

Basket storage offers another popular clothing organization idea. Baskets are a great option because they fit right on a shelf. However, the sides of the basket give a sleek, uniform look to the space, rather than just having things heaped on the shelf itself.

Baskets can also add a certain design element to a space. Wicker baskets can work in more traditional or rustic homes. Neutral cloth baskets fit into any space. Or you could go for brightly colored baskets as an added accent color to the space.

Clothing Organization Shoe Shelves

Display shoes on a shelving system for ease in choosing a pair. Image: Neat Method

Shoe shelving

An organized clothing area wouldn’t be complete without having all those shoes in order. Full-wall shelving can work for organizing shoes. You can place your shoes right on the open shelves and remember what types you actually own with a single glance. (Because let’s be honest, we all have a shoe style we forgot we owned until we pulled them out from under the bed.)

It’s also a good way to organize your shoes by style, like formal, boots, sandals and running shoes, for instance. That makes picking a pair to go with an outfit or activity all that much easier.

Could your closet benefit from any of these organization tips? Do you have any other New Year’s organization resolutions? Let us know in the comments!

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