15 Awesome Foodie Gift Ideas for Your Friends

KitchenAid Mixter

The ultimate gift for your favorite foodie. KitchenAid’s Limited Edition stand mixer with ceramic hobnail bowl is a dream gift. Image: Williams Sonoma

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Finding the perfect foodie gift is a matter of taste. Though your foodie friends may share a love of all things food, their gift needs go way beyond picking up a tray of something at the grocery store on the way to their party. If you truly want to be the best gift-giver, then you’ll need a strategy to find just the right gift. Though foodies do love food, your gift list should also include a several non-food options. If you’re bringing a food gift to a party, your recipient may feel obligated to share it with you and the other guests. We love the idea of a non-food gift, with a delicious treat tucked inside your foodie friend can enjoy once the party is over. Here’s a list of our favorite foodie-friendly gifts:

Practical gifts for foodies

A practical gift for your favorite foodie doesn’t have to be all work and no play. You can choose a gift that serves a useful purpose with a twist on color or design. Look for gifts that make cooking or entertaining easier, but are also fun to open, too. The best practical gifts are the “why didn’t I think of that?”  items that delight the recipient.

A butter bell

Butter bell

The butter bell is the unsung hero of the dining table. Image: Williams Sonoma

A butter bell is one of those kitchen items that you don’t know you need, until you get one. The butter bell keeps butter soft and easy to serve, which is great for entertaining. Today’s butter bells are stylish and perfect for tabletop use. 

The perfect combo cutting boards

Stone Wood Cutting Board

Versatile and stylish, these wood and stone boards do double duty. Image: Williams Sonoma

This clever and beautiful board is a must-have at a party. Slice and serve bread on the wood half, then arrange an assortment of cheeses on the cool marble. Give two or three of these boards with cheese knives for a beautiful gift.

Grilled Cheese Kitchen: Bread + Cheese + Everything in Between cookbook

Cookbook Foodie Gift

Indulge your love of grilled cheese with a Grilled Cheese Kitchen Cookbook. Image: Barnes & Noble

A cookbook is a great gift idea for any foodie. This simple and delicious cookbook, Grilled Cheese Kitchen: Bread + Cheese + Everything In Between, has a simple goal: to make the most basic sandwich into something special. We say they succeeded.

Gifts for adventurous foodie friends

We know that many foodies are also adventurous. The love of food can bring out the explorer in our friends as they discover new flavors and cultures. The best gifts for adventurous food-lovers celebrate the diverse food around the world. 

Kitchen linens foodies will love

Los Muertos Towels

Spice up a foodie kitchen with these colorful towels. Image: World Market

Whimsical and worldly, the Los Muertos kitchen linens add color and fun to any kitchen. Plus, let’s face it, we all could use more kitchen linens. A set of kitchen towels or pot holders is always a welcome gift and are also easily personalized with your recipient’s interests.

Delight your foodie friend with small plate inspiration

Cookbook Foodie Gift

Find small plate inspiration in Graze. Image: Barnes & Noble

Serving “small plate” dishes is at the center of most international dining styles. There’s more to this trend than just smaller portions, however. This foodie gift can inspire countless dinners with Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals by Suzanne Lenzer.

Let’s make crêpes!

Crepe Set Gift

All the tools a foodie needs to create the perfect crêpe. Image: Sur la Table

We love everything about Crêpes, both savory and sweet. Your foodie friends have probably thought  about trying to make crêpes, but without the right tools it won’t be successful. Enter the Staub Cast Iron Crêpe Set with all the tools they’ll need to create crêperie magic.

Food gifts for foodie friends

It’s understandable when you can’t resist gifting food for your foodie friend — after all, that is their passion. Be sure your food gift is special enough to express the care you took in choosing it. These food gifts will not be found in your local grocery store (which makes them even more fun to shop for).

Spanish saffron is the ultimate indulgence for foodies

Spanish Saffron Gift

Spanish saffron is an exotic treat for foodies. Image: Sur la Table

Known as the most-expensive spice in the world, saffron probably isn’t on your foodie friend’s shopping list. This Spanish saffron is a small indulgence that makes a big impact as a gift. Consider pairing it with other exotic spices as a gift. 

Sustainable, beautiful, Bitterman’s craft salt

Salt Foodie Gift

Specialty salts and spices make excellent gifts. Image: Sur la Table

Craft salt is a culinary star right now. Gift your foodie friend with the Bitterman’s Foundation Salt Set to open up a world of taste. If you’re gifting salt or spices, look for sets to give your foodie friend more options for experimentation.

Specialty vinegar and oil make simple and delicious foodie gifts

Flavored Vinegar Gift

Raspberry vinegar is a versatile accent for more than just salads. Image: Crate & Barrel

A gift of specialty vinegar or cooking oil is a favorite for foodies. They can combine the two to create a simple salad dressing, or use either for marinating or roasting vegetables.

Stylish foodie gift ideas

Stylish designs make any gift more special. A unique shape or finish gives your foodie gifts that “wow” factor when opened. Though your stylish foodie gift is meant to be used, strive for gifts that looking amazing on display, too.

A showpiece pitcher that is meant to be displayed

Gift Ideas for Entertaining

Stylish and practical, the Ona pitcher makes a tabletop statement. Image: Crate & Barrel

The Ona’s signature off-center handle makes it the center of attention. Handmade in crystal-clear glass with a thick, cut and polished rim. This is one pitcher that is meant to be left out every day. 

Stylish cutting board gift ideas

Cutting Board Gift Idea

This stylish cutting board brings the popular herringbone pattern home. Image: Crate & Barrel

Herringbone pattern is everything right now. This beautifully-crafted cutting board makes a stunning gift. Pair your foodie gift with specialty cheese and crackers for a party-ready combo.

Shake it up with a gorgeous cocktail shaker

Foodie Gift Ideas

Shake it up with the champagne gold Neil cocktail shaker. Image: CB2

The Neil champagne gold cocktail shaker is a sophisticated take on an already-swanky gift — this is a gift with impact. If your foodie friend enjoys serving cocktails at home, a shaker makes the perfect gift.

Luxury gift ideas for foodies

The best part about giving a luxurious gift is knowing that it is something your foodie friend would not buy for themselves. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just special. Look for cooking and serving tools in unusual finishes, colors, and shapes.

Fondue pots are always in style

Modern Fondue Pot

Copper fondue pot with gold accents makes a statement. Image: Williams Sonoma

Fondue pots are still wildly popular, and it’s not surprising. One or two fondue pots can liven up any party, and they definitely make excellent gifts for a foodie that loves to entertain. Pair your fondue pot gift with rich chocolate and specialty marshmallows to get the party started.

Metallic serving pieces work with any decorating style

metallic serving dish

Melt Reactive Gunmetal Grey server is an inexpensive gift that looks luxurious. Image: CB2

Exotic finishes can elevate even the simplest of foodie gifts. Look for serving pieces in unusual colors or textures — they really make a statement on any table. Organic shapes also keep metallic service pieces from looking too modern.

Chargers for the dinner table are back

Gold Plate Charger

Brighten a dinner table with the gold Verona Charger. Image: Perigold

Have you heard about chargers? Using a charger under a dinner plate adds color as well as style to a sit-down dinner. Look for chargers with updated textures and metallics for a trendy style that your foodie friends will love.

What is your favorite foodie gift? Let us know in the comments.

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