5 Updated Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for a Classy Look

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If you helped decorate your home for Thanksgiving as a child, there’s a good chance you remember decorating with a few key items: turkey napkins, Pilgrim-themed window clings and the turkey placemat made from an outline of your own hand. These can be seasonal mainstays in many homes. But if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal as an adult, odds are you want your home to look a little more trendy and chic. We’ve covered some updated Thanksgiving decor that will give your home a classier look and bring your Thanksgiving into the 21st century. The ideas below are fast and easy additions to the home so you can focus on all that cooking.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Throw Pillow

Look updated and classy with realistic art. Image: Wayfair

Artistic throw pillow

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate updated Thanksgiving decor, go for more realistic artistic pieces. An example is the turkey throw pillow from Wayfair in the photo above. Turkey decor can look a little silly and hokey at times, with smiling cartoon birds sporting Pilgrim hats. But this decor piece, with a realistic turkey, fits right into any classy fall decorating scheme.

It also goes to show that finding a realistic, classy throw pillow is one of the best ways to decorate for the holidays. They’re super easy to put out, and they instantly set the tone. The burlap texture of the pillow fits in with the harvest theme. You’d almost expect the pillow to be full of freshly harvested wheat.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Fall Bouquet

A classic bouquet adds instant charm to a space. Image: Wayfair

Fall-themed bouquet

Another classy way to decorate using updated Thanksgiving decor is to find a fall-themed bouquet. An example is the design in the photo above. The deep yellow, cream and red hues instantly set the fall color scheme.

A bouquet like this would be easy to place in the middle of a table as a centerpiece, on a mantel or just on an end table. There’s really nothing quite like a well-designed bouquet to give a room or table setting an instant feeling of class.

Keep it looking updated with a trendy, metal vase for the arrangement to sit in, like in the photo above. You can find this item at Wayfair.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Table Luminaries

Add an ambient glow with small luminaries at the table. Image: Sterling Renovations and Design

Luminary table setting

Luminaries make just about anything classy in an instant. They add soft, atmospheric lighting at the table, creating a subdued, adult ambiance. The table setting in the photo above makes great use of small bird luminaries. The bird theme makes them a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving dinner table.

They also fit well around the clear vase, illuminating the pumpkins, berries and fall foliage within. They cast a pretty light over the bright yellow flowers and red leaves. What’s more, placing luminaries on a reflective surface can add an extra dimension of light. And the high-gloss texture of the reflective surface makes the whole scene look more modern and updated. It’s an all-around great way to get festive lighting at your Thanksgiving table.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Tree Centerpiece

This metal sculpture encourages guest participation. Image: Wayfair

Tabletop sculpture for updated Thanksgiving decor

An easy way to use updated Thanksgiving decor is to go for a classy tabletop sculpture piece. They’re easy to order online and even easier to place around the home. An example is the tree sculpture from Wayfair in the photo above. The metal design makes the piece look both modern and classy.

What’s fun about an idea like this is that it allows your guests to participate in your decorations by writing what they’re grateful for on the leaves. You could place this next to the entryway and encourage people to write what they’re grateful for on the way in, or use it as a dinner game.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Chrome Pieces

For an updated look, try high-gloss reflective textures. Image: Lisa’s Creative Designs

Shimmering textures

A great way to make something look modern and updated is to choose high-gloss chrome textures. These tend to give a feeling of sleek, modern sensibility. An example of using this idea in Thanksgiving decor is to buy a reflective pumpkin piece, like in the photo above.

To integrate the piece, try going for other chrome items, like the candlesticks next to the pumpkin. You can also get the same look using different colors, like the reflective orange pumpkin in the photo above. Reflective textures like the glass turkey take the look even further.

What are some of your favorite updated Thanksgiving decor items?

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