Skirting boards – A complete range

Skirting boards – A complete range

Skirting boards are generally used to cover the connection between the wall and the floor. This also adds architectural beauty to the house if we choose the right board in the right place

is one popular store where we can find almost all the varieties available and also in different price ranges. MDF skirting , Oak skirting, Ash Skirting, beech skirting, Maple skirting, Walnut skirting, Pine skirting, pvcu skirting , Oak veneer skirting are some of the very popular and widely used skirting types.  Based on once need and capacity to spend on the skirting boards customers can choose the products from and buy them.

When you consider buying MDF skirting boards they are medium density fiber material. Using these skirting boards is like using the environmental friendly way of using timber. The tree cut for making MDF skirting boards are easily replenish-able trees. MDF skirting boards are considered to stay longer and are also resistant to warping and have very good life considering the wear and tear. These skirting boards are considered to be cheaper than the other boards allowing us to choose the color to paint on the board making it more adorable.

Oak skirting boards are normally produced from the oak trees. This veneer boards also offered in another variety called as Oak veneered MDF Skirting boards. The price of this board also would range from 20 to 23 pounds for 3 meter and based on the architectural design and size, price may vary again.

One more variety of skirting boards is the maple skirting board. Maple skirting boards are famous for their beauty and usually done in high class places and considered to be very luxurious form of decoration. Using maple skirting board also gives a professional touch to the place. Specially for using the maple skirting board there are some size specifications. Only 200mm to 225mm would be required as a jointed board to achieve the actual height of the board. In an average a 3 meter board would cost at least 32 pounds making it little costlier compared to other boards.

Beech skirting boards are another variety of skirting boards available with These boards are mainly used for better finishing and giving good looks to the edges. The 2.4m beech skirting board would cost around 20 pounds.