The Freshome Dream Bedroom

dream bedroom

Find out what the Freshome staff thinks you need for a dream bedroom. Image: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Imagine dreaming in your dream bedroom. At Freshome, we spend a lot of time thinking about exactly that. Because we’re obsessed with design and decor, each person on our team has spent time, energy and – yes – even money creating the ultimate bedroom for each of our personal tastes. And while all of our rooms look pretty different, there are some overarching similarities. In fact, there are some elements we all agree that a dream bedroom needs.

What makes the ideal place for sleeping, lounging and (we can be honest) binging our latest Netflix addiction? Like we said, the little details will look a little different depending on personal preferences, but the key elements are the same. Here are the “big four” to consider when creating your dream bedroom.

dream bedroom - bed

An upholstered bed frame is a cozy touch in any room. Image: Joss & Main

The bed: cushy and cozy

It’s no surprise that none of us are coveting the twin beds of our youths. Instead, the Freshome team is strongly in favor of a king bed (or California king, if you want to go really crazy) where you can spread out and get some quality sleep. And if you’re going to get a big, cushy bed, you might as well frame it well. We’re fans of a grandiose four-poster bed if you’re looking to make a big statement.

Or, if you want to give your room an extra cozy feel, try this upholstered headboard from Pottery Barn or upholstered bed frame from Joss & Main. Adding extra padding around your mattress makes your whole bed feel like a cloud for an extra comfortable place to cozy up.

dream bedroom - bedding

Layered bedding makes your bed look and feel luxurious and gives you the opportunity to swap out accent pieces. This cool-toned bedroom could be warmed up for spring by simply swapping the throw and accent pillow. Image: John Lewis & Partners

The bedding: luxe and layered

When it comes to bedding, it’s all about layering. Finding a duvet you love is a great start, but it’s just the beginning. From there, layer on lots of pillows, including decorative throw pillows in your favorite accent colors, and throws.

Because you’ll want the flexibility to change out your accent pillows and throws with your changing tastes and the seasons, we vote for a neutral duvet cover as your bedding’s base. If you need a simple duvet, this one from Target is ideal to get you started. Think of it as your canvas. You’re the artist – you can use this simple base to create your dream bed! All you need is a little creativity. To spark your greatest ideas, we’ve rounded up some cold-weather bedding and extra luxurious bedding ideas for you.

dream bedroom - storage

Free up more space in your closet by adding storage – and style – to the foot of your bed. Image: Pottery Barn

The closet: big and beautiful

Of course, every single one of us would love to have a walk-in closet. If you’ve got the space, it’s well worth creating an area you can step into when picking out your outfit, or just admiring your wardrobe. A walk-in is easier to keep organized and adds resale value to your home.

But what about those of us who live in a more compact footprint? Even if you don’t have space for a walk-in à la Carrie Bradshaw, you still deserve a closet that looks nice and is easy to use. Closet organizers, like these gorgeous linen ones from The Container Store, can help you transform your closet from ho-hum to oh dang! Switching to thin, velvet-lined hangers can similarly streamline and beautify your wardrobe.

Still feeling cramped? Free up some precious closet space by adding a storage bench – like the one pictured above from Pottery Barn – to the foot of your bed. Not only does this create a great place to stash bulky items like sweaters and blankets, it adds a finishing touch to your bed and gives you a convenient place to put on shoes or drop bags.

dream bedroom - ambiance

Creating the dream bedroom is all about adding touches you love. Image: Studio Revolution

The ambiance: plush and peaceful

Your bedroom is a place of respite. It’s your harbor from the storms of life, a place where you can go to get some peace and quiet when you need it. When creating your dream bedroom, think about your ideal vibe for a place of serenity. That doesn’t have to mean muted tones and dim lighting. Maybe lots of bold colors are what feels most comfortable to you. Your bedroom is your space, so go for it!

We love adding little touches that help create ambiance, like scented candles, cozy textures (like from this softly patterned rug from West Elm) and the right lighting. A number of us agree that plentiful windows looking out onto a spacious, green-filled outdoor area is key in creating a restful, restorative space. If you don’t have windows, however, you can mimic that feel with art you love or mirrors to add light to the room. Ultimately, creating your dream bedroom is all about adding touches that bring you joy.

What would we find in your dream bedroom? A cozy knitted throw? Some eye-catching art? Statement lighting? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Smart Design Hacks for Hiding Ugly AC Vents

If you’re working on a room’s design, that last thing you may think about is an ugly AC vent or other air vents. However, they can often detract from the style of the room. AC vents have a way of looking too modern for rustic or retro styles, too industrial for more whimsical artistic styles and too outdated for those sleek modern styles. This is especially true in older homes, where vents tend to have ugly grating or outdated panels on them that clash with nearly every home style.

But rather than replacing those HVAC vents, why not try to hide them? There are several ways to hide AC vents without obstructing airflow. Take a look below for ways to hide those vents.

AC Vents Doormat

A doormat can make a classy vent covering. Image: Debbie Doo’s

Find a doormat covering for AC vents

Probably one of the neatest hacks you’ll find is covering air vents with doormats. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually a wonderful way to add some style and class.

The photo above shows how a basic open-design doormat fits right over an ugly AC vent. All the homeowner had to do was spray paint the mat to give it a more metallic texture. That helped it look like a stylish and more expensive grate. Two small nails on the top of the mat were all it took to hang the piece. And with that, the vents leading from the air conditioner cooling system are an eyesore no more.

AC Vents Spray Paint

A simple spray paint job on the vent grating can make the vent fit in with the room’s style. Image: You’re Like Really Crafty

Spray paint air vents to match

Another simple idea is to remove the AC vents and spray them to match the surrounding paint. You can usually remove vents easily enough by undoing two screws. Then a can of spray paint turns that previously ugly vent leading from AC units into a color or finish that can match any home style.

You might try the styles you see in the photo above. The vents actually just blend in with the surrounding wall paint. You could also get artsy and creative with the idea. Try painting the vent the same color as a bold accent shade in the room, like a bright cherry red. Or, go for a more metallic shade that stands out if you have an industrial theme. Feel free to get creative while painting those vents.

AC Vents Cover Horizontal Shot

You can actually find stylish and intricate vent covers. Image: Swoon Worthy

Use a cover

There are also plenty of attractive covers that can fit right over the AC vents, or even larger vent eyesores, like this radiator cover in the photo above. A style like this is a creative way to add some geometric classiness to the space. But the open design still means that you’re not obstructing air flow.

You can also paint an item like this to fit in with any room’s color scheme. See how the white cover in the photo above fits in with the light color scheme on the wall. The piece is so well designed that it looks like it belongs there.

AC Vents Shelving Option

Combine an air vent covering with some shelving. Image: Pinterest

Go for shelving

For a more comprehensive approach, add some piece of carpentry over ugly wall vents that lead from the HVAC system. An example is the gorgeous piece in the photo above. You can see the air vents are sitting behind the open diamond-shaped pattern.

The added shelving on the top makes the pattern part of a cohesive piece. Plus, there’s the benefit of adding usable shelving in your home this way. You may need a carpenter to complete this project if you’re not one yourself. But it may be well worth it to cover those ugly vents leading from the air conditioning or heating system.

AC Vents Furniture Option

Furniture can go in front of an ugly AC vent, as long as it has an open design at the bottom. Image: The Sister Sophisticate

Put a piece of furniture in front of the AC vent

This idea may seem counterproductive. After all, putting pieces of furniture in front of AC vents seems like it would restrict air flow in the room. However, there are pieces of furniture with open doors at the bottom.

An example is the cabinet in the photo above. You can see how the doors at the bottom have an open design to them. All you would need to do is remove the back of the cabinet so that air from the air conditioning could come up through the doors. Any piece of furniture with an open element where the vent sits would work.

Remember while decorating to make sure your HVAC system is in working order. It may be time to do routine maintenance, filter replacements, repairs or total system replacements. Schedule an inspection with your local HVAC professional to be sure your system works properly.

Do you have any other design hacks for air vents or covers? Let us know in the comments.

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The Freshome Dream Dining Room

dining room

We polled our Freshome team to come up with a list of must-haves for a dream dining room. Image: Urbanology Designs

The dining room is such an interesting part of the home. It’s gone through a number of transformations over the years. It first served as a mark of wealth, setting apart families who could afford the extra square footage to dedicate an entire room just to eating. Then, it fell out of favor. As dinnertime because less of a formal affair, many families turned to casual eating areas like breakfast nooks (or even the couch in front of the TV) as the primary spot to dine. Today, all too many dining rooms sit sad and vacant.

It’s time to reclaim this space! Because the dining room isn’t used as much as, say, the kitchen or master bedroom, it’s an exciting design opportunity. You can take some risks and make bold choices. When you do, you turn the space into something visually interesting that might entice your family to make more use of the room.

At Freshome, we love the idea of doing something extra fun with dining rooms. We’ve dreamed up some ways to help you breathe life into yours. Whether you’ve got a large formal dining room or are working with a compact corner of a room, these are the things you need – according to our Freshome team – to create a dining room you’ll love.

dining room seating

Plenty of seating creates a welcoming dining room – and makes it more likely to actually get used. Image: Envision Custom Homes

Set out seating

A good dining room needs a place where people can dine. If you’ve got the space, set up a table that seats at least eight. Hosting friends and family just got that much easier! We love a large, sturdy dining table – like the 96″ Sydney Dining Table from Wayfair – as a way to establish your dining room. If you’re tighter on space, a smaller table can work just as well.

Extendable dining tables can help you find a middle ground between roominess when the space isn’t in use and functionality when you’ve got a handful of people coming over for dinner. Either way, find a table you love and you can build from there.

Once you have your table picked, it’s time for more fun shopping. Your dining chairs set the tone for the room. Think of your dining table like the sofa in your living room and your dining chairs as the accent pillows. This is a place to have some fun! Maybe you want to go traditional, like the Hayes Tufted Chairs from Pottery Barn, or mod, like the Mid-century Chairs from Target. When it comes to dining chairs, your options are virtually endless. As proof, we’ve rounded up some great dining chair options for you.

dining room bar cart

A bar cart is a chance to add a pop of personality to your dining room. Image: Wolfe Design House

Build out your bar cart

If you’re the kind of family that sits down together for dinner every night, your dining room will get more use than most. If, however, you primarily gather around the table when you’re entertaining, you still need a dining space that will meet your needs. Building out a bar cart ensures that you’re set up for whatever the night has in store.

Much like your dining chairs, your bar cart is a design opportunity. Don’t be afraid to choose something fun. We love the Mid-Century Bar Cart from West Elm, but you could also go sleek with an all-chrome cart, find a truly vintage piece at your local antique store or add casters to a small bookcase for a DIY solution. If you’re ready to live that lush life, we’ve got a list of fabulous bar carts – and they’re all under $300.

Once you’ve picked the cart itself, the fun continues. Start gathering glasses, decanters, bottles and the other essentials. Pick up a bouquet of fresh blooms or a scented candle. Adding little touches you love to your bar cart gives your dining room personality and keeps it from feeling stuffy.

dining room accent wall

Your dining room is a place to play with design. A bold accent wall is just the thing. Image: Duet Design Group

Work on your walls

Like we said, because your dining room is less used than other spaces in your home, it’s a place to go big with your design. If you’ve ever wanted to try a bold wallpaper, a bright accent wall or a major piece of wall art, this is the place. We love making a big statement with your dining room walls.

You can choose a unique paint color (why not black?) or striking wallpaper (we love the options from de Gournay). An accent wall covered in Palm Wallpaper from CB2 or hung up with some large-scale, eye-catching art is just the thing to transform your dining room. You know those design ideas you’ve had pinned on Pinterest for years but never had the guts to try? This is the place to finally put them into practice.

dining room - storage

Adding storage to your dining room makes entertaining easier. Image: Granger Family Homes

Set up storage

When you invite people over for dinner, the last thing you want is to spend the evening running around. Adding convenient storage to your dining space makes the entire evening easier, from the moment you start setting the table to clearing the dessert dishes.

Create a space in your dining area where you can store dishes, salt and pepper shakers and whatever else you find yourself running to the kitchen for during a meal. A couple of our Freshome picks include a vintage hutch sourced from your local antique store or a sideboard with lots of drawers, like this Beaufort Farmhouse Sideboard. Or, if you have the space to add built-ins, go for it. Again, this is a chance to expand the design of your dining room. Feel free to go bold and choose a piece of furniture you truly love.

dining room 2

What would we find in your perfect dining room? Image: Studio G Interior Design

What’s in your dream dining room?

We had a lot of fun coming up with these key ways to make your dining room one of your favorite spaces. But, obviously, we didn’t cover everything. If you want to keep exploring ways to take your dining room’s design to a higher level, we’ve got a list of four ways you can get started.

What would your dream dining room contain? Statement lighting? A knockout centerpiece? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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How to Transform Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Global event designer Edward Perotti has managed over 2,000 events, including social galas, ornate weddings, corporate affairs and notable events in such places as the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. We asked him for some ideas to help Freshome readers create the perfect winter wonderland at home this holiday season.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Decor


Candles create a soft and elegant look. Image: Robeson Design

With all the events Perotti designs around the globe, you would expect him to come home and just relax during the holidays. “However, it’s actually the opposite. A second wind always seems to kick in and I’m newly inspired to decorate at home.”

He’s passionate about decorating the home himself, without any help from his events team or even a florist. “It’s just me and my holiday elves – otherwise known as my family.”

Perotti brings his event design perspective to his personal decorations. “It needs to be a cohesive experience and convey an overall emotion,” he says. “Living in sunny California, our winter is far from frosty, but this year I’m creating our very own winter wonderland.”

Perotti is not a fan of decor that is overwhelming. “I don’t believe in decorations that hit you over the head with a theme. Instead, I like to create a mood and feelings with design moments,” he says. “The trick is to establish a flow from the front door to the mantel and continue it throughout the house. It all needs to tie together with a common thread and tell a story.”

Curb Appeal

diamond wreaths

Square wreaths can help your home stand out. Image: Brian Gille Architects

This is what Perotti’s doing this year to decorate his home’s exterior:

  • Icing the glass panels on the front door to give them a frosted look, which contrasts well with his dark walnut door.
  • Using a square wreath made of bay leaves and hung from one corner so that it appears as a diamond. It’s a contrast to the classic circle wreath and sets the tone for modern, non-traditional decor.
  • Taking items that have been handed down and upcycling them. For example, a plaster rabbit’s head from Holland has been built into the center of the wreath.
  • Surrounding the door with 5’ evergreen trees, potted in galvanized metal buckets and dusted lightly with fake snow. The trees have small crystals tied to the branches.

Living Room


A beautifully-decorated room. Image: Vale Garden Houses

Starting with the fireplace, Perotti explains the following:

  • I searched for (and found) a faux, long (about 3’) single antler, which I’ve attached to our small mantel. We’ll use this to hang stockings. This year, the stockings are an ivory velvet trimmed in faux fur.
  • Our fireplace hearth is a white-painted brick – very mid-century modern during the year, but also perfect for a winter wonderland. We lost the actual use of our fireplace with our remodel (California building codes), so the inside of the fireplace is the perfect location to create a winter display.
  • Combining white poinsettias, mercury glass elements (you can never have too much mercury glass!), vases, oversized ornaments, faux deer antlers, pine cones, battery operated mini LED lights and candles, I create a winter motif in the fireplace. (We use LOTS OF CANDLES for this. The remote-controlled artificial ones are great so that I can turn them on and off with one click.)

Trimming the Tree


This tree is definitely the room’s focal point. Image: A Pop of Pretty Blog

The tree is always updated on a regular basis. For the winter wonderland theme, this is what Perotti says he’ll be doing:

  • The ornaments and trim are cream, mercury glass and crystal. To continue upcycling, I’ll also include ornaments made from boxes, wrapping paper, books, etc.
  • Clear lights add the necessary sparkle.
  • In keeping with our overall design mindset, the tree will be crowned with a beautiful silver Frank Lloyd Wright tree topper.
  • The tree skirt matches the stockings, made from the same ivory velvet and faux fur.

“Throughout the rest of the house, I’ll reinforce the theme with matching style vignettes. The entrance credenza, coffee table and even the staircase landing will all be decked out in winter wonderland,” Perotti says. “The house will be filled with the coolness of ivory, crystal and mercury glass along with the warmth of the faux fur and candles.”

Dining Table

blending elements

Blending elements together helps create a memorable holiday tablescape. Image: Robeson Design

Perotti says the trick is to set the dining table once so it’s ready for entertaining and daily use. In this way, he says you don’t have to make any changes from the beginning of the holiday season to the end.

In keeping with the winter wonderland theme, he’s creating a runner of decor that is tonal by design.

  • I start with faux antlers and spray paint them a matte white linen. Then, I paint mason jars in the same matte white (four of each).
  • I’ll then add mini mercury glass bud vases and an assortment of leftover silver ornaments and white-tipped pine cones.
  • The final touch to the runner is ivory hydrangeas, added to make an eclectic runner that stands on its own yet ties in with the entire holiday decor style.
  • To the table place settings, I’ll add galvanized metal chargers, grey and white thick striped napkins and basic white china for a table that is ready to entertain.

“If you want to make the dinner a family style, add a variety of white, metal and clear glass cake pedestals,” Perotti says. “Put the platters of food on them and make your cuisine part of the decor.”

While he has provided tips for our readers, Perotti has this final piece of advice: “This is about your voice, your taste and your style, so use what I’m doing as your jumping off point. Play with it, but make it your own.”

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Defining a House Style: What Is a Mediterranean Home?

If you’re a fan of luxurious living, there’s no better architectural style for you than Mediterranean. These homes remind viewers of seaside villas and time spent on vacation. That said, have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes the Mediterranean home so unique?

We decided to take an in-depth look at what it is that sets Mediterranean homes apart. If you take the time to read over these distinctions, you’ll be an expert on this style before you know it.

Mediterranean home

Mediterranean homes boast both Spanish and Italian influences. Image: McHarris Planning & Design

History of the Mediterranean home

Mediterranean homes as we know them today are based off an architectural style known as Mediterranean Revival. This style aims to emulate the feeling of being in a luxurious Mediterranean villa. It became popularized during the 1920s when a cultural obsession with wealth and leisure led to a boom in seaside resorts.

Originally, the style was only used for public structures like hotels. However, eventually, architects like Addison Mizner of Florida and Bertram Goodhue of California saw that the style’s breezy layout might be a good fit for their coastal climates. It still remains most popular in coastal areas today.


There are three distinct sub-types of Mediterranean homes. Image: Taralon Homes

Types of Mediterranean homes

Mediterranean Revival homes are unique in that they borrow influences from a few different cultures in that geographic region. In particular, Italian and Spanish are seen most commonly. Below is an explanation of the differences between the two:

Italian Renaissance (1890-1930)

As the name suggests, Italian Renaissance homes borrow some of their inspiration from the 16th-century buildings of the Italian Renaissance. Specifically, this can be seen in their imposing scale, as well as architectural details like columns and rounded arches. That said, this style also borrows from its own time period, which began at the end of the Victorian era. Of the different styles of Mediterranean home, Italian Renaissance homes are the most ornate.

Spanish Revival (1915-1930)

Spanish Revival homes are based off of the architecture that the Spanish Colonists brought to America in the 16th century. This architectural movement was especially popular in warmer, coastal areas like California and Florida. Spanish Revival homes are a bit simpler than the other Mediterranean varieties. They feature cleaner lines, as well as a lower-pitched roofline that appears thicker and heavier.

Modern Mediterranean

Modern Mediterranean architecture can follow either Spanish or Italian design. It brings back a concentration on resort-style living. These homes borrow aesthetic details from the traditional Mediterranean home style with many of the comforts of modern living. These homes usually feature open floor plans, expansive, updated kitchens and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.


Mediterranean homes play with shape. Image: GEI Homes & Design

Defining features of Mediterranean homes

Though there are some distinct differences between the sub-types, there are a few defining features that tie them all together. They are as follows:

Exterior features

  • Sprawling, symmetrical façades
  • Stucco exteriors
  • Low-pitched, tile roofs
  • Arched windows and doorways
  • Wrought-iron balconies and window grilles
  • European-style gardens or courtyards

Interior features

  • One to two stories
  • Rectangular floor plan
  • High ceilings
  • Heavy use of wood and patterned tile
  • Designed to let breezes flow through the house

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7 Ways to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed This Winter

cozy bed

Layering the right elements helps you create a blissfully cozy bed to enjoy this winter. Image: Period Property Store

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

There’s something about the long nights and cold temperatures of winter that make you want to stay in bed. That might be a problem on Monday mornings, but it all balances out because of the luxurious feeling that comes with cozying up in your covers on a chilly winter evening. Or, at least, that’s the idea. But what if your bed isn’t beckoning you as the temps drop? It’s time to incorporate some different elements and create the ultimate cozy bed for yourself.

Seriously, adding just a few elements can transform your bed from a place to sleep to a place to enjoy chilly winter nights and those darker weekend mornings. Grab these items, a good book and a cup of something warm and you’re ready to make the most of the colder months.

cozy bed - bedding

The right bedding makes all the difference when it’s cold outside. Image: Samantha Humphreys Studio

On the bed

Creating a cozy bed starts in an unsurprising place – on the bed itself. Lightweight blankets, be gone! This is the time to go plush, textured and layered to create a luxurious bed you can enjoy all winter.

Consider your comforter

What type of comforter do you have on your bed? If you’ve thought about investing in a fluffy down or down alternative comforter, this is the time. Or, if you’re happy with the aesthetic of your current comforter but want some extra coziness, layer an electric blanket underneath it.

Toss on a throw

A throw can be like a sweater for your bed. We personally love cable-knit (very sweater-y!) and faux fur options for the extra texture and warmth they bring.

Don’t skimp on sheets

You can’t have a cozy bed without sheets that invite you in. Cotton is all well and good, but if you’re looking to upgrade this winter, consider an alternate. Linen adds a great texture to your bed and still works well in summer. Or, if you live in a really chilly climate, swap your summer sheets for flannel ones this season.

And when you’re looking for new sheets, consider a bed skirt as well. If you’ve got a cold metal bedframe, hiding it under a layer of fabric can do wonders for the feel of your bedroom.

cozy bed - rug

Make it easier to get out of bed with a plush rug. Image: Stephani Buchman Photography

Beside the bed

Creating a cozy bed doesn’t have to stop at the perimeter of your mattress. Adding soft, warm elements around your bed helps establish the aesthetic.

Rely on rugs

When you get out of bed, you don’t want to be greeted with a cold floor. Add a soft, plush rug to either side of the bed so your toes can sink into something welcoming. It will make it that much easier to get up for work! We love faux fur for its inviting texture. You can also layer rugs to add a dash of trendiness and extra softness.

Look at lighting

Creating a cozy space is all about ambiance. So, of course, lighting is key. To start, switch out any bright white lighting with soft, warm bulbs in all lamps and overhead lighting. Then, make sure you have a lamp near your bed that you can turn off without getting out of the covers. There’s nothing worse than cozying up for the night only to remember you need to get up to turn off the lights.

cozy bed - accent wall

A dark-colored accent wall can make your bedroom feel like a restful respite. Image: Milward Teverini

Behind the bed

When it comes to establishing your bed this winter, don’t forget the space behind it. Much like a frame can bring out the best elements in a picture, using the area behind your bed can help it really shine.

Get help from your headboard

If you really want to establish a cozy bed, don’t forget one of its most defining features: its headboard. A metal headboard is going to trap cold. A fabric one, on the other hand, adds a layer of softness to your bed. And, fortunately, these are a fairly easy DIY. If you don’t want to swap out your headboard entirely, throw a plush blanket over your headboard to help it blend into your cozy bed.

Add an accent wall

If you really want your bed to pop, an accent wall is just the thing. And, fortunately, this is a style element that works in any season. If you’re looking to make your room feel extra snug, don’t be afraid to go for a dark color. Black is even a great option. The dark wall behind your bed will give your room a secure and intimate feel.

With winter on its way, there’s no better time to invest in creating your ideal cozy bed. What elements are a must-have for you in the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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The Best Netflix Shows About Home Design

Who hasn’t gone on a major Netflix binge? Thanks to today’s streaming services, powering through a new favorite show is commonplace. But sometimes you might feel like you wasted a whole day doing nothing but watching TV. So why not binge something a little more edifying? The next time you’re going for a marathon on the ‘Flix, use the time to expand your knowledge about interior design and architecture. Netflix shows about home design could be just what you need to enjoy your binge guilt-free. Here are four of our favorite Netflix shows about home design.

netflix shows about home design - stay here

This Netflix Original focuses on rental makeovers so impressive you’ll want to stay there yourself. Image: Flytographer

Stay Here

Stay Here lives out its tagline: “Makeover. Make Money.” In each episode, designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer help people with rental properties re-design and re-brand their spaces. The goal is to help property owners maximize their rental revenue. But this show isn’t just for people who have a space they want to list on Airbnb. Because they’re creating spaces that need to have mass appeal, they teach the property owner (and the viewer) some great core design lessons. What’s more, because they’re teaching these property owners to be great hosts, they offer some clutch hospitality takeaways. Watch the show and you’ll learn tips and tricks that your future houseguests will definitely appreciate.

Plus, with only one season of eight 30-minute episodes, this Netflix Original won’t eat up too much of your weekend even if you decide to watch it all in one go. And it gets off to a great start, hooking you from the first episode. Tune in to watch Gorder and Lorimer transform a basic (and basically ugly) houseboat into a space so good you can tell the new hosts might just want to keep it to themselves.

netflix shows about home design - extraordinary

Take a tour of incredible properties around the world in this charming show. Image: Now on Netflix

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

No, really. These homes are truly extraordinary. In The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, charming hosts Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin show you around some really remarkable properties. The show is especially fun because Taylor, a notable architect, focuses on the structures themselves while Quentin, an actress who just loves property, marvels at the homes in a way that will resonate with any layperson.

While each episode of the first season focuses on homes set in specific types of natural surroundings (e.g. Forest, Coast), the second season is divided by country. The first episode of Season 2, USA, will show you a really fun, interesting side of Florida. It just might surprise you if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest in Tropical Modernism. With its wide focus on everything from overarching architectural themes to small-but-meaningful decor details, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is one of the best Netflix shows about home design.

netflix shows about home design - grand designs

One of the UK’s most successful programs takes its place as one of the best Netflix shows about home design. Image: Excellent

Grand Designs

This show is one of the most popular, longest-running (it’ll hit 20 years in April) programs in the UK. And now you can binge it on Netflix. In each episode of Grand Designs, host Kevin McCloud walks with people as they work through the process of creating their home. Sometimes it’s a new build, sometimes it’s a major renovation, but it’s always a project of fairly major scope.

What makes Grand Designs worth the watch is its inside look at the process of creating a dream home. In new build episodes, McCloud visits the untouched site with the homeowners before ground is broken, talking through their vision. He visits the site again throughout the build and ends most episodes with a tour of the finished product. When we say most, it’s because each episode shows you the build process behind the curtain. When builds fall behind schedule, it may mean they don’t get finished before the show wraps. This is the real deal. If you’ve thought about building your own home or taking on a major fixer-upper, Grand Designs can give you an inside look.

netflix shows about home design - reno

Looking to scratch your HGTV itch even when you don’t have cable? Check this show out. Image: Now on Netflix

Reno My Reno

If you’re a cable cutter who’s looking to get your HGTV fix by finding the best Netflix shows about home design, start here. This show has the most HGTV feel of any on the list. Reno My Reno is full of quick cuts of drills working set to catchy music and pithy quips. In each episode, host Dave Depencier comes to the rescue of property owners who have gotten in over their head with DIY projects. If you’ve ever had a Pinterest fail on your hands, you’ll enjoy watching Depencier dig people out of their trouble.

Plus, it’s heartwarming. Depencier and his crew are like a family, and they put the property owners to work with them, inviting them to join the gang. From Episode 1, you get a sense of Depencier’s rapport with the rest of the show’s cast.

Have you checked out these Netflix shows about home design? Or do you have another favorite that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments so we can binge it ourselves!

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16 Ways to Style a Farmhouse Christmas With Burlap

burlap Christmas wreath

Welcome your guests with a beautiful farmhouse Christmas wreath. Image: Wayfair

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Burlap is at the top of our list for farmhouse Christmas decorating. We love the rustic vibe of burlap and its surprising versatility. Once a staple of country-style decorating, burlap has grown into a favorite in several styles, even contemporary. The secret to adding burlap decor to your holiday decorations is choosing simple designs that allow all of your decorating to flow harmoniously — your own unique styling of your burlap is what makes it so special.

Why is Burlap the Perfect Farmhouse Christmas Accent?

  • Burlap is a neutral canvas that fits into any rustic color palette.
  • Even as a neutral, burlap’s texture adds interest to your room.
  • Burlap can be dressed up or down — lace or metallic accents can change the entire vibe.
  • Your burlap accessories can be used year-round for a variety of holidays.

Wreaths and Swags for Your Farmhouse Christmas

Perhaps the easiest and most charming way to bring burlap into your home is a wreath. Burlap is a simple and pretty foundation for holiday decorations and for a rustic warmth year-round. There’s no reason why your burlap wreath needs to hang outside. Its cozy charm is right at home over a headboard, fireplace or foyer.

Farmhouse burlap wreath

Enjoy a burlap wreath all year with this ethereal rag wreath. Image: FairyMojo – Etsy

Tired of traditional Christmas decorating colors? Don’t be afraid to try new colors schemes. Image: CKDazzling – Etsy

Burlap Christmast garland

You can do more than just hang a wreath. Burlap garland can be used anywhere in your home. Image: Overstock

Burlap Christmas Bunting

Bunting is everything right now in farmhouse decorating. Burlap bunting can be a Christmas decoration and a fun DIY project. Image: Amazon

A Burlap Table Runner Dresses up Your Christmas Table

Our dining room tables are always the center of holiday celebrations. Styling your table with a burlap table runner is a rustic-chic foundation for your favorite dinnerware and serving pieces. Burlap table runners can be totally simple, or ruffled and beaded — the fabric is just a starting point for your unique style. 

Formal table runner

Who says burlap can’t be elegant? The shimmer of the Mother of Pearl accents gives this table runner instant glamour. Image: Overstock


Holiday table decor

This snowflake-embellished table runner can take your holiday table right through your New Year celebrations. Snowflake designs are perfect for contemporary spaces. Image: Wayfair

Burlap table runner

Beaded accents give this burlap table worldly style, which is perfect for a boho room. Image: Wayfair

Farmhouse table runner

A simple burlap table runner is a charming foundation for your favorite holiday decor and can be used all year. Image: Arcadia Designs 

Decorate Around the House With Burlap Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the quickest way to make a decor change in your home. Holiday-themed pillows add festive charm to your living room and bedrooms. Your guests will appreciate staying in a cheerfully-decorated guest room when traveling far from home during the holidays. When you’re choosing your holiday throw pillows, it’s easy to pick one themed pillow per room, then add other pillows that coordinate with it. That way, you can use the coordinating pillows all year. 

This cute and clever Christmas deer throw pillow is not just a fun accent for your home, but also makes an excellent hostess gift at the holidays. Image: NextDoorToHeaven – Etsy

Burlap snowflake pillow

Cute as a button! A snowflake pillow can brighten up your home in the winter. Image: BerkshireCollections – Etsy

Pottery Barn Christmas Pillow

So simple and stylish. This rustic pillow spreads joy into every room it enters. Image: Pottery Barn


Farmhouse Christmas Decor

A lodge-style throw pillow can warm up your living room all through autumn and winter, while still being perfect for Christmas styling. Image: Wayfair

Reimagine Your Farmhouse Christmas With Burlap

There are so many ways to work farmhouse decor into your home at the holidays. Burlap accessories and decorations are simple to coordinate with what you already have. The versatility of burlap gives you the opportunity to go rustic or elegant with your Christmas inspiration. It’s a timeless fabric that is considered a decorating staple.

rustic holiday centerpiece

Your burlap dining room centerpiece can be stylish during the holiday season and beyond. Image: Kirklands

Farmhouse Christmas tree skirt

Don’t forget your Christmas tree skirt when you’re decorating in farmhouse Christmas style. Image: Wayfair

farmhouse christmas stockings

Update your holiday decor with elegant burlap Christmas stockings. Look for stylish patterns and embellishments to beautifully style your mantel. Image: Wayfair

Burlap holiday decorations

Perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond, you can enjoy the color of these harvest-inspired burlap pumpkins in your home all season. Image: Wayfair

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10 Holiday Decor Storage Hacks You Need to Know

holiday decor storage hacks

Here are a few holiday decor storage hacks to take the pain out of packing up the season. Image: Joanna Kosinska

The holiday season is one of the most fun and beautiful times of the year. We gather with friends and family, we share meals and gifts and we can all feel the cheer in the air. When it comes time to pack up the tree, take down the stockings and unstring the lights, it can feel a little sad – and a little overwhelming. After the busyness of the season, you’re looking at a fair amount of work to get your house back to normal. Fortunately, these holiday decor storage hacks can make things a little easier for you.

Rather than just shoving things back into boxes, only to find broken ornaments and missing bulbs when you start to decorate next year, employ these tips. With these holiday decor storage hacks in your arsenal, packing up – and packing neatly – is a snap.

holiday decor storage hacks - labels

Label your decor as you put it away to make decorating easier next year. Image: Squared Away

Get on board with organization

Here are two tips to help you store everything in a logical way so decorating next year is a breeze.

  • As you’re packing things up, set yourself up for success next year. Rather than shoving things into random boxes, label each one (e.g. the “Living Room” box would get filled with all the decorations you use in the living room). You can also place individual labels on items of which you have multiple (e.g. “Banister Garland” and “Mantle Garland”). Those leftover gift tags are perfect for labeling as you pack up.
  • When you buy new strings of lights, write critical information like where you bought them (so you know where to go for replacement bulbs) and length on the plug. Then, as you take strands down at the end of the season, wrap them around an old Pringles can or cardboard tubes that held paper towels. Cut a slit in the lip to hold the plug in place so you can neatly wrap the entire strand and easily access the info you’ve written. You can also tape spare bulbs in the tube’s center.
holiday decor storage hacks - reuse

Reusing items you already have can help you protect your holiday decor. Image: Make Life Lovely

Reuse to reduce

The holiday season creates a lot of waste. But you can use that to your advantage with these tips.

  • Shred old wrapping paper, including those random scraps that get left over when wrapping oddly shaped gifts. Use this stuffing to pad fragile items as you pack your holiday decor into storage.
  • Hold on to the packaging for your ornaments. This the ideal way to store them so they don’t get broken. If you’ve already tossed the boxes, however, you’ve got some other options. Save egg cartons to store smaller ornaments. Larger ornaments can get a similar upcycle treatment if you save two cardboard drink holders. Nestle four ornaments – one in each cupholder – in the first one, then use the second as a lid. Plastic carryout containers can be equally useful when padded with a little leftover tissue paper.
  • Corral garlands and little holiday tchotchkes in old tennis ball containers.
holiday decor storage hacks - moisture

Your holiday decorations are precious – so protecting them from moisture is key. Image: Piccadilly Design

Minimize the effects of moisture

There’s a reason you dedicate precious storage space to your holiday decor. Treasured heirlooms, handmade items and memory-filled objects make up the bulk of your decorations. Here are a few ways to protect them.

  • Are you storing your decor in the basement? If so, make sure you safeguard it from the effects of a damp space. Pack everything in plastic bins to keep it dry.
  • Put homemade, food-based ornaments (like those precious macaroni stars) in sandwich bags to keep the food in better shape and prevent them from falling apart. Store everything in cookie tins to keep away pests who would want a nibble.
holiday decor storage hacks - fresh

Opt for fresh greenery that you can toss (or compost!) at the end of the year to free up storage space. Image: Julie Ranee Photography

Get fresh and free

How much space do you dedicate the other eleven months of the year to storing your decorations? Here are a few holiday decor storage hacks to help you free up some of that square footage.

  • Fresh decor – like garlands, pinecones and cranberries – adds festive cheer to any space but can be tossed in the trash guilt-free at the end of the season. Plus, you just can’t beat that evergreen smell!
  • Tired of trying to stack rolls of wrapping paper? Use a plastic garment bag to corral them. Thread a hanger through the top to make it easy to hang them up and out of the way.
  • Similarly, wreaths will stay in better shape if they’re hung vertically, plus will take up less space that way. Twist tie a wreath to a hanger. Cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and thread the hanger through to protect the wreath from dust.

Good luck packing up the season! We hope these holiday decor storage hacks make life a little bit easier for you. And if you want to keep the home hacks rolling, here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to help you get your house in top shape.

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Decorate With Red to Give Your Space a High-Design Vibe

Red never goes out of style, although different tones of the color will be more popular for a while. A deep, rich red is the “it” color of the moment and we’ve got some great ideas on how you can decorate with this rich, sumptuous hue.

Also known as brick, merlot, spice, chili, ruby or deep red, this red is spicy, exotic and vibrant. It’s fairly neutral so you can pair the newest red with greys, chocolates, tans or warmer colors. Here are 24 ideas on how you can decorate with red for a high-design look that’s both inviting and intimate.

How to decorate with red furnishings and accessories

The fastest way to infuse red into your environment is by adding a few accessories like new bedding, throw pillows, a throw blanket, rugs, vases and wall art. Feeling a bit bolder? Nothing is sexier than a deep red velvet sofa.

decorating with red

If you’re on a limited budget and don’t want to make permanent color changes, go with small but bold red accessories like throw pillows or a rug. Image: Radform

decorating with red

Red velvet dining chairs as well as two clear acrylic red wall panels add a striking splash of color to this contemporary dining room. Image: Philippe Le Berre

how to decorate with red

Liven up neutrals like greys and tans by adding accessories like this cubist rug and deep red throw pillows. Image: In Unison Design

decorating with red ideas

The designer of this room wanted to add symmetry with the red accessories. The red accents were placed in pairs, while the single pillow and red Venetian glass lamp were centered in the room. Image: Luce Vetro

decorating with red

For a fresh new way to decorate with red, pair the sexy color with deep chocolate brown. Image: House Beautiful

decorating with red

A white understated room feels anchored and exotic, thanks to the vibrant ruby red tribal rug. Image: Photo by Pixy

decorate with red

A small loft space’s main attraction is the oversized deep red velvet tufted sofa. Image: Domus Nova

decorating with red

A deep ruby red is a fresh and sophisticated color for holiday decorating. Image: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Deep red paint ideas

Red is an intense color. Painting an entire room in the shade may feel a bit too much, but a carefully chosen wall or architecture detail in a deep rich red tone can work. Here are some beautiful red paint ideas.

decorating with red

Brick red canvas panels frame the homeowner’s Buddha collection and also pull the room together by adding an exotic feeling to what was a simple neutral space. Image: Taylor Howes

decorate with red

Only the window wall was painted in this deep chili red. Image: Gruppo Castaldi

decorate with red

Painting the headboard wall of this large, open bedroom in a matte red finish creates a warmer and more intimate space. Image: Armazem Design

decorate with red

This guest bedroom/home office is painted in a welcoming chili red tone. The bright white molding breaks up the deep color. Image: Capital Closets

red paint ideas

To create an intimate setting for dinner parties, the dining room received a rich brick red tone on the walls. Image: Ascher Davis Architects

decorating with red

Red is also a complementary tone to black and white room settings. Image: Gruppo Castaldi

decorate with red paint ideas

Paint your headboard wall in a deep, earthy red tone to add a warm, inviting feel to your bedroom. Image: Swank Design

Rich red tiles

If you want to add rich texture to a space or accent wall, a red tile is the perfect addition. If the foundation of your room is white, red tiles can also add a modern feel to the space.

decorating with red

Tile the area around your fireplace in a red tile to add drama to your living room. Image: Arto

decorating with red

This contemporary white bathroom felt a little cold and stark before adding this stunning red glass mosaic tile. Image: Famosa Tile

Decorating with red in the kitchen

Red in the kitchen may be the most natural place for the color. That’s because some say the color red can increase your appetite. You can decorate with red by adding a red backsplash, adding red barstools or painting your cabinets or kitchen island in red.

decorating with red in the kitchen

A high gloss red kitchen backsplash flows beautifully with the walnut brown and white color theme of this modern kitchen. Image: Architrix Studio

decorating with red cabinets

High gloss red cabinets highlight the rich hue well and also reflect light to maintain a bright and airy kitchen. Image: Roselind Wilson Design

decorate with red

When decorating with red, add the color in at least 2 or 3 ways throughout the kitchen. Image: Nicholas Anthony

decorate with red

Low maintenance industrial bar stools in red add a vibrant and family-friendly feeling to a minimalist white kitchen. Notice how the red is sprinkled throughout the kitchen as well as out into the sunroom. Image: Lynsey Jane Designs

decorate with red

While the kitchen backsplash is a good place to add red, the side panels of the island are an original way to include the color. Image: Baldridge Architects

decorate with red

Grey, black, white and brown are natural mates for a deep, rich red, like this kitchen shows. Image: Area

Red should be part of your home in one form or another. The invigorating color adds a feeling of good energy to any room. Depending on how much you like the color, you can add a few small touches or create full rooms featuring red. Where would you add red in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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