1914 Oak Skirting Board
1914 Oak Skirting Board

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Oak skirting board gives you a superior quality hardwood skirting, which stands out as a premium quality finish to your interior design.

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2059, 2107, 2305, 2513, Adrian, Antique, Ayelsbury, Belmoral, Bevelled, Buckingham, Bullnose, Bullnose Rebated 1, Bullnose Rebated 2, Bullnose Rebated 3, Castle, Chamfered, Chelsea, Classic, Colonial, Derby, Devon, Domed, Double Step, Edge, Edge 2, Edwardian, Elegance, Elizabethan, Essex, Georgian, Hazel, Highgrove, Jazz, Jazz 2, Jazz 3, Kensington, Lambs Tongue Classic, Large Ogee, London, Mini Steps, Modern, Modern 2, Norfolk, Ogee, Ogee 2, Ogee 3 (243), Ogee 4, Ovolo, Panel, PIB, Reeded 1, Reeded 2, Reeded 3, Regency, Ribbed, Round, Royal, Small Ogee, Small Torus, Square Edge, Step, Stepped, Stepped 2, Torus, Tudor, Victorian, Victoriana, Ward, Warwick, Wessex, Winchester, Windsor, Worcester, 1898, 1914, 323, 324, 327, 330, 45 Bevelled, 45 Rebated 1, 45 Rebated 3, 45 Rebated 2


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