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MDF Skirting BoardAn example of MDF skirting board profiles

MDF skirting boards in a large range of profiles. Standard profiles are available in 5.4m lengths, premium profiles available in 2.4m and 3m lengths.

Oak Skirting BoardAn example of Oak skirting board profiles

Solid Oak Skirting Boards made with premium quality A-Grade Oak. Available in our full profile range, in 2.4m or 3m lengths.

Oak Veneer Skirting Board An example of oak veneered skirting board profiles

Oak Veneered Skirting Boards in 4.4m lengths. These boards are MDF, with a veneer of REAL oak, almost indistinguishable from real oak.

Pine / Softwood Skirting BoardPine Skirting Board from SkirtingBoards.com

Solid Pine skirting Boards manufactured from A-Grade premium pine, available in varied lengths and in our many profiles.

View our Hardwood Skirting:

Ash Skirting BoardAsh grain skirting board

Ash is a good substitute for oak skirting boards, available in many profiles, and slightly cheaper than Oak.

Walnut Skirting Board walnut grain skirting board

High grade solid walnut skirting boards available in all profiles, and veneered walnut skirting also available.

Maple Skirting Board maple grain skirting board

Solid Maple Skirting Boards for a very attractive hardwood skirting with excellent durability.

Beech Skirting Boardbeech grain skirting board

Beautiful Beech Skirting Boards, hardwood steamed beech skirting boards in the full profile range.

Cherry Skirting Board Cherry Skirting Board

Deep Red Cherry Skirting Boards in a high grade Cherry Hardwood. Also available in our full range of profiles.

Sapele Skirting Board Sapele Skirting Boards

Sapele skirting boards are a great alternative for rare timbers such as mahogany, with a sheen to them.

Koto Skirting Board Koto Skirting Board from SkirtingBoards.com

Koro is a rare timber not often available, but we do offer koto skirting boards in our vast range of profiles.

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bespoke skirting board from skirtingboards.com

If you don’t see what you need, give us a call – we’ve produced hundreds of profiles that don’t make it onto our site, and may still be able to match it for you!