UPVC / PVC / PVCU Skirting Boards

We’re having a flurry of orders in for Plastic, A.K.A UPVC Skirting boards, or.. PCV Skirting Boards or.. PVCU Skirting Boards.. well, you get the idea… They’re basically Plastic Skirting Boards which offer a great way of low maintenance skirting which also offer the great function of covering up your old skirting boards instead of ripping them off and having to redecorate the walls and replaster everywhere…

This has been in fact the primary request for these boards, because many work-from-home builders are now using the fastest, cheapest and easiest methods of decorating and redecorating without it looking as though its been done on a shoestring!

So when you’re looking at softwood skirting boards and mdf skirting boards, give a second thought to upcv skirting as alternative! The added bonus is that they come in longer lengths too …

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Plastic skirting Boards!

If you are in the market for skirting boards whilst doing some rennovation of your house, then you might consider using PVCU Skirting Boards instead of standard materials such as mdf skirting boards

You may not think they sound very good, but I was talking with colleagues earlier that have seen them installed on modern conservatories, and they look absolutely fantastic! We can supply them already but they will take time to make it to our mainstream menu system. In the meantime, just let us know and we’ll sort you out! (I’ll be putting up some videos shortly on our YouTube channel – SkirtingBoards.TV

This is professionally known as UPVC Skirting, or PVC Skirting which is flexible and durable. So whenever you need flexible skirting, SkirtingBoards.com is where to come!