Torus Skirting

Torus Skirting is often confused with other profiles, since there are a few different types of Torus Skirting. You may have seent the Torus profile with a very deep rounded section, or perhaps the rather shallow rounded section – but either way, they do go by the same name, often deliminated as Torus 1, Torus 2 and so on …

One of the most common things which is quite peculiar, is that people always point out ogee skirting and ask, “Is this Torus Skirting” ? How odd? I’m not sure where this fairly common mistake has arisen from but please don’t worry if you find yourself in this crowd – some skirting board profile names have been interchanged over time, and as always its the result that counts. Just make sure that you give us a photo of the skirting profile you’re trying to match, we’ll double check for you and make sure your order is ideal!

For a final check, here is our Torus video hosted on on our Skirting Boards channel SkirtingBoards.TV