Skirting Boards Forum now online!

For those of you that want to chat and discuss ideas and concepts for new skirting boards designs, or colours, profiles, or any other interior design for that matter, check out our skirting boards forum! If you need some advice on fitting skirting boards, or other interior design – join our community!

Modern 2 profile released!

Skirting Boards – Profiles – Modern 2

Due to the popularity of our Modern Skirting Boards profile, we’ve decided to bring out a second modern design : Skirting Boards – Profiles – Modern 2. You will find this to be a great contemporary design to go very well with any apartment, modern building or contemporary interior design with a modern edge. choose from any height skirting board, any timber and we’ll produce it for you within 7-10 days, regardless of the quantity required.