Selecting and fitting wooden skirting boards

When it comes to finishing off a room you need wooden skirting boards. These are a great way to complete a room and to prevent wear and tear to your flooring as well. Skirting boards come in all types of designs and materials, but the best are made of wood. First though you need to decide what type of wood is best for your needs and the finish that will look best with your furniture and décor.

Oak is a very popular wood when it comes to wooden skirting boards. Oak is always classic and it holds up well over time. Any type of wooden skirting board can be stained or painted, but if you have an oak board you may just want to cover it with a clear varnish. This will allow the natural color to shine through in your room.

If you don’t want to go with oak there are a myriad of other types of skirting board materials to choose from. Many of them are wooden. There is cherry and pine skirting. Both of which are completely different than each other and very different from oak. If you choose to go with pine it is very inexpensive and more than that it can be stained to match any wood color you would like. For instance if you can’t really afford to put  in skirting boards that are made of oak, you may want to consider installing a pine board and then staining it an oak color. While it won’t have the same grain that oak does, it will at a glance do the job.

Truly a skirting board will not get much attention paid to it. While you can get it in many different materials, you need to also think about the type of cut and style you want the boards to have. They can be very contemporary looking, but they can also be very ornate. Again you need to decide what goes best with your décor.

If you find that you are having some difficulty deciding what kind of material you want your skirting boards made of then you should consider working with an interior designer. A good interior designer can also help you with a choice in the type of cut and style you want your skirting boards to have. Your interior designer can work with you to pull your whole room together and make it everything that you ever thought that it could be.

After all the decisions have been made you just need to make sure that the skirting boards get installed correctly. You wouldn’t want to go to all this work and then end up with damaged boards or worse yet, damaged walls in your new room.


Fixing Skirting Boards

We had a great chat with a customer today about fixing skirting boards. He had assumed that it was still a requirement to use nails and a good ol’ hammer … Not the case, fixing skirting boards could not be easier these days, with a simple Tube of Adhesive, accurate cutting and very little time your skirting boards can be fixed !

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Pine Skirting?

You got it. have received numerous requests for pine skirting as an alternative to MDF Skirting. Why? We believe it because MDF Skirting Boards require you to have quite a straight, flat, and very well plastered wall prepared before you fit skirting boards.

Pine and softwood skirting boards may give you a little more leeway when fitting skirting. Also you have the option of planing the skirting, before fitting whereas MDF will not take so well to planing it DIY!

Pine skirting also offers you a cost effective decoration line if you’re going for the less expensive options for example a buy to let property or the ‘spare room’ !

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