Buying skirting boards

Are you looking to buy a new skirting board? Why not contact us today? We are Skirting Boards a #1 trade supplier in the UK. We supply a range of different skirting boards that are excellent quality, so if you want to buy a skirting board from us, you will be getting the best service possible. We don’t compromise on quality, so you don’t have to refit boards a few years later.

If you want to buy a skirting board from us today, you will have so many different types to choose from. We offer around eight different types on our website which will be perfect for all different purposes. For example, Ash skirting board is a good substitute for oak skirting boards and an excellent alternative to Oak if you are working on more of a budget. We supply a whole range of different types on our website, why not check them out today and decide what one is perfect for you? If you cannot see one you like that fits your purpose, give us a call today. We’ve produced hundreds of profiles that don’t make it onto our site, and may still be able to match it for you.

If you want to buy a skirting board from us, you know you will be getting the best quality possible. We offer all different thicknesses as there are various ones you can choose from. Most of the thick skirting boards are used in large country houses, period homes, or other large space with high ceilings etc. Or in some cases, the walls are simply not straight; thick skirting boards are cut and used as a feature to create straighter walls. Why not have a look at our blog to read more into the thickness of skirting boards?

Our team are experts in what they do and understand the industry of skirting boards inside and out. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and want to make sure that if you buy skirting boards off of us – you are always 100% satisfied. We are committed to our work, and want to ensure you are happy with the service you receive.

Are you looking to buy a skirting board from us? Why not contact our customer service team today? Give us a call on 020 3468 7347 or drop us an email at [email protected]. Include all the relevant information we would need and one of our customer service team will get back to as soon as possible.

Where else I can use my leftover skirting boards?

It is always better to allow some sort of wastage when you buy your skirting boards just in case the measurement wasn’t accurate or someone took a wrong cut into the skirting boards result in you needing more. Or if you have a 3.6 metres or 5 metres wall and don’t want to have any joint, so you have to buy 4.2 meter length for your 3.6 metre wall and 5.4 meter length for your 5 metres wall. The bottom line is that you have some left over skirting boards.

There are many ways that you can utilise your leftover skirting boards. Firstly, you can use them to build book shelves. The profile of your skirting boards will create a very unique patterns for each shelves compare to the standard flat shelves; Secondly you can use them to build a custom picture frame, again the profiles create the pattern for the outer rim of the frame, and you can decide whatever size of frame you want. Thirdly, cut them to smaller pieces like the our skirting samples and use them as coasters. Fourthly, build a small bird house, in fact, that’s what I did with my son, who wanted a bird house. We went to a few garden centres and found out that any reasonable quality ones are ranged between £50 -£200. So we decided to use the leftover skirting boards to build one, in fact, we built two with what we had. We didn’t waste a thing and we had so much fun out of it. Fifthly, with what we left after the cut for the bird houses, my son had enough small skirting boards as his building blocks. Finally, you can do whatever you want, at the end of the day, they are wood products with beautiful profiles, be creative and you can get so much use of them.

Veneered skirting boards

Veneered skirting boards are the new products that didn’t exist many years ago. It is more environment-friendly, more cost-effective, more stable than real wood and still maintain the wood finish most clients want.

Veneered skirting boards have moisture resistant MDF underneath, with one or more layers of real wood on top. With the MR MDF skirting boards underneath, it makes the products more stable so it is unlikely to bend, cup, or shake like most real wood products do. And also you wouldn’t have dead knots like a lot of real wood skirting boards.


We offer double fleece veneered skirting boards, which means they put one layer in one direction and another layer on top in a different direction, so when you cut the skirting boards, you wouldn’t end up with a rough or split top as most of the single fleece veneered skirting boards would. Also with two layers of wood, not only you get the beautiful grain from the wood but also the skirting boards can take oil, lacquering products very well.
Commonly, there are two main veneered skirting boards types, the oak veneered  and the walnut veneered because oak and walnut are the most popular wood for floorings, furniture, doors etc. A layman normally wouldn’t tell the difference between the veneered skirting boards and the solid oak or walnut skirting boards, because they have the same wood finish but just with a less of a price tag. A lot of high-end showrooms use veneered products to achieve their desired designs.