Luxurious Family Home on a Hill Above Los Angeles

Oriole Way was completed by the California based studio McClean Design. This stunning family home is located on a hill above Los Angeles, California, USA. Oriole Way in Los Angeles, details by McClean Design: At the end of Oriole Way overlooking Sunset Strip, this lot was more of a cliff than a site but has…

6 Great Deals You’ll Want to Nab During the Lumens 4th of July Sale

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If you care about having covetable lighting for your home, you’re probably familiar with Lumens. What you may not know is that they’re so much more than really, really great lighting. They’ve also got tons of furniture, accessories and even gifts.

And — more good news — they have a major 4th of July sale happening now so this is the perfect time to shop. We’re talking free gifts and up to 50% off select items. You won’t want to miss it.

But we know that the Independence Day holiday weekend can be a crazy busy time of year, pretty much smack dab in the middle of summer travels and festivities. So, to save you some time, we rounded up our six favorite items for you to check out during the Lumens 4th of July sale.

lumens - string lights

Trendy and free! Don’t miss your chance to score this Vintage String Light Kit. Image courtesy of Lumens.

#1: Vintage String Light Kit$100 Free gift during the sale

Um, is there any better deal than free? We think not. And because market lights are ultra-trending right now, you’re definitely not going to want to miss this free gift during the Lumens 4th of July sale. It’s the perfect way to bathe your outdoor space in a glow of warm light.

With 15 antique-style bulbs and a whopping 48 feet of cord, you can really light up the night. Plus, this light kit is durable enough for commercial use so you don’t have to worry about the serious hassle of broken bulbs.

lumens - balthus sconce

Dimmable and energy efficient, the Balthus LED Sconce can help you dress up your home’s exterior. Image courtesy of Lumens.

#2: Balthus LED Sconce, 10% off, $241-419 $217-$377

Adding outdoor lighting is a quick, easy way to increase your curb appeal and your home’s security. But you don’t want to settle for just any outdoor lighting. And with this deal, you definitely don’t have to. The Balthus Sconce is as stylish as it is versatile. The glass in this piece gives your lighting extra texture.

Form and function go hand in hand here. The Balthus Sconce is dimmable and has an integrated LED bulb, which means it helps you save on your utility bills.

lumens - ballia globe

Add visual interest and light with this color-changing Ballia LED Globe. Image courtesy of Lumens.

#3: Ballia LED Globe, 10% off, $230-$438 $207-$394

Have you been looking for that extra something to take your landscaping up a level? Well, friend, you need look no further. The Ballia LED Globe delivers that wow-factor you’ve been wanting. It doesn’t just help illuminate your space. Oh, no. It’s also color-changing and you can choose steady, scrolling, fade and candle effects. It even dims to help you set the mood. Color us impressed.

The Ballia LED Globe is cordless, rechargeable and waterproof. Float it in your pool to really make a statement.

lumens - drum ottoman

It’s an ottoman, a table, and it’s versatile and ready to serve you. It’s the Drum Ottoman. Image courtesy of Lumens.

#4: Drum Ottoman, 20% off, $430-$540 $336-$432

Picking outdoor furniture to create your perfect patio is always a challenge. You want something stylish and eye-catching. But you need something durable (unless you have a relaxed budget and can afford to replace your outdoor setup each season). If you’ve ever felt caught in the middle, you’re not alone.

But you don’t have to choose one or the other. This Drum Ottoman comes in eight stunning finishes and its airy, architectural design adds a pop to any outdoor space. It’s visually lightweight but highly durable thanks to powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized iron. Use it as an ottoman, stool, coffee table or side table. Wherever you place it, it will wow.

lumens - acupulco chair

The Acapulco Chair is lightweight, durable and available in a rainbow of colors. Image courtesy of Lumens.

#5: Acapulco Chair, 20% off, $435-$455 $348-$364

Keep the blend of form and function rolling in your yard by adding one, two or more of these Acapulco Chairs. With 18 solid colors and nine multi-colored options, many of which are globally inspired, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect hue for your outdoor space.

The chair’s design blends 50s chic with traditional Mayan hammock weaving techniques to bring you a statement piece that easily withstands the elements.

lumens - origami planter

Capture the beauty of origami in a much more durable form with this Origami Planter. Image courtesy of Lumens.

#6: Origami Planter, 20% off, $209 – $369 $167-$295

What’s the deal with planters? We often choose them for the promise of being able to move around our plants whenever the mood strikes. But, more often than not, they’re so heavy lugging them around doesn’t seem worth the effort.

If you want a way to freshen up your yard — and keep it fresh thanks to easy portability — choose the lightweight polymer Origami Planter. With clean lines and eye-catching angles, this homage to the Japanese art of folding paper might just overshadow your plant itself. But we’ll forgive it. It’s not its fault that it’s so beautiful. Oh, and did we mention that it’s fade- and weather-resistant and crack-proof?

4th of July always brings a bounty of sweet sales, but the upcoming Lumens offers just might take the cake. With plenty of stylish, durable products that will help you transform your yard, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your outdoor areas.

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How to Light Your Hallway

light your hallway 5

Don’t let hallway lighting be an afterthought. Use this guide to light your hallway well. Image: Svet_Feo/Shutterstock

Lighting is important. Interior designers, real estate agents and staging pros will all tell you it’s true. If you want your home or apartment to feel inviting, it needs to be well lit. That’s pretty straightforward in most of your home. You put a lamp on your nightstand. You hang a pendant above your dining table. But what about the smaller, trickier spaces? Specifically, how do you light your hallway well?

Because hallways are so narrow, they present two problems. First, the minimal available floor space necessitates a certain kind of light. And, of course, it’s the harder type of light. You can’t simply place a lamp here. When you need to light your hallway but keep walkways clear, mounted lighting is your only option.

The other hallway lighting challenge results, again, from the hallway’s narrow design, which can make it feel claustrophobic. Your hallway needs to be thoroughly and brightly lit. Otherwise, it risks feeling too confined.

But don’t worry. There are solutions to both of these problems. The need for maximal free floor space might force your hand in choosing certain types of lighting, but there are still plenty of good options available. And you can easily fend off that claustrophobic feeling by mounting lights at strategically placed locations throughout your hallway. Use this guide to get all the details you need to light your hallway beautifully.

light your hallway 3

The style of lighting you choose will shape the feel of your hallway. Image: Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

Choosing your lighting

Most hallways are designed to be wide enough to allow a single person to move through them comfortably — and not much else. If your hallway is wide enough to accommodate a console table, count yourself lucky. For those of us with hallways that need every available inch of width to feel comfortable, wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting is the way to go. With these options, you keep the walkways open but can still wash your hallway in a warm and inviting glow.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lights can make a statement in your hallway. Find one that really catches your eye and hang it to transform what would have been a very forgettable space. Pendant lighting is best for hallways with high ceilings. Otherwise, a low hanging fixture could induce that sense of claustrophobia you’re trying so hard to avoid.

Wall sconces

You don’t necessarily have to rig something to your ceiling to light your hallway. Sconces can help you provide ample lighting without ever needing to pull out more than a step stool to change the bulb. This type of lighting is best for wider hallways, though, since the sconces will protrude from the walls, encroaching on the space of your hallway walkers.

light your hallway 1

Can lighting may be simple, but it’s effective. Image: Svet_Feo/Shutterstock

Can lighting

Sometimes the simple solution is the right one. Can lighting is an easy and effective way to light your hallways. Since the fixtures themselves will probably go largely unnoticed, this lighting style works with virtually any home style.

Track lighting

If you want to add an architectural feel and give yourself highly customizable lighting, track lighting delivers. This style is ideal for industrial and contemporary spaces.

Mixed lighting

Who says you can’t have it all? You can mix and match these lighting types to find the ideal way to light your hallway.

light your hallway 4

Place lights strategically to make your hallway feel bright and open. Image:

Placing your lights

Now that you’ve chosen your light style, you need to make sure you have enough of the light itself to make your hallway feel sufficiently lit. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help:

  • Place lights every eight feet, at least. Smaller lights with lower-wattage bulbs should be placed more frequently.
  • Draw the eye down the hallway by placing a light close to either end.
  • If you’re choosing sconces, place them high on the wall to draw the eye up and make the space feel open. Otherwise, you risk that whole medieval, torch-on-the-wall-of-a-castle vibe.
  • Stand at both ends of the hall and check for dark spots. Make sure the light stays consistent and doesn’t dip in brightness between light fixtures. Brighten shadowed parts of the hallway as needed to keep the space feeling open and inviting.

That’s it! You’re now ready to light your hallway like a total champ. And, sure, your guests may never notice what a great job you did. But they’ll also never feel like they’re traversing through a cavern when they’re walking down your hall.

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