8 Holiday Decorating Secrets You Need This Year

porch decorating for Christmas

Holiday decorating with colorful greenery adds curb appeal. Image: FrontGate

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Every year we tell ourselves that this will be the year we throw ourselves into holiday decorating by creating a Pinterest-worthy home for the holidays.  It can happen this year, with a plan and these easy tips for seasonal decorating.

Your idea of decorating for the season could be an every-room-decorated extravaganza or simply adding a few holiday accessories. Whether you go big or keep it simple, you can make decorating easier with a little bit of planning and organization. Here’s how:

1. Find Your Inspiration

Thanksgiving table setting

Setting the perfect holiday table starts with inspiration. Image: West Elm 

You can start your seasonal decorating any time during the year by scouting out decorating inspiration. Every beautifully-decorated home starts with a vision or idea. Something you see in a catalog or on Pinterest can be the inspiration for your decorating plan.

If you aren’t using Pinterest yet, you might want to create an account to save your inspiration online. If you’re an experienced “pinner,” then you’ll want to create a holiday board for saving images in one spot. Once you look at what you’ve saved, you can see a pattern in the colors or the styles that you like.

If you prefer a more hands-on style of gathering inspiration, clipping images from catalogs and magazines works just as well as saving images on the internet. Combining the two styles of collecting ideas could be the perfect choice for you. Whatever your style of gathering inspiration, you’ll use the images the same way — as a visual kickstart to create a seasonal decorating plan. But first, it’s time to gather your team and create a simple budget.

2. Enlist Help and Ideas

Fall porch decorating

Holiday decorating can be a team effort. Image: Grandin Road

We love everything about planning and finding inspiration for seasonal decorating, but not all of the work that goes into making it a reality. Once you have a vision in mind, enlist the help of friends and family to bring it to life. Working on decorating as a team not only lightens the workload for you, but can also give those close to you a feeling of ownership and connection to the results.

3. Set Your Decorating Budget

thanksgiving table decorating

Beautiful seasonal decor becomes a stunning table setting. Image: Pottery Barn

Yes, even simple seasonal decorating is made easier with a budget. Knowing what you plan to spend on new decorations and accessories gives you a framework for what’s possible for each area of your home. A simple budget is also helpful when you’re shopping so you won’t be susceptible to too many impulse purchases.

Your budget doesn’t have to be complicated. You can simply have a total spending limit written out for each room. With a per-room budget in mind, you can deduct money from one room if you want to go a little overboard in another.

4. Create a Plan for Your Seasonal Decorating

holiday entertaining buffet

Plan for beautiful holiday entertaining with a stylish buffet. Image: FrontGate

We promise that seasonal decorating will still be fun and creative, even if you take time to make a plan first. Your holiday decorating plan might be as simple as deciding where you’d like to add seasonal accessories or following a mood board you’ve created for each room. To get the most out of planning your seasonal decor, your plan should include your ideas for each space in your home. Your living room plan will be more elaborate than a guest bedroom, but you’ll want to have a list of what you’ll need for each room — this makes shopping a breeze.

5. Choose a Color Palette

Hanukkah decorating

Celebrate with beautiful holiday colors. Image: Pottery Barn

Every holiday season has its traditional colors, so it’s easy to find decor if you stay with that palette. If you’re feeling more creative with your color scheme, you can add unexpected accents to the traditional colors. Metallics are a glamorous and simple way to elevate your holiday color scheme. Look for metallics in unexpected colors like copper, blue and pink for an on-trend decorating palette.

6. Repurpose and Shop for a Fresh Look

Christmas mantel decorations

Decorate your home with a mix of old and new. Image: Pottery Barn

Before you shop for new decorations and accessories this year, you’ll want to go through your stash from previous years to see what you can reuse or repurpose. Once you know what you already own and have a plan in your hands, shopping is more fun and more focused. A popular way to create a fresh look without buying new decor every year is by having two or three sets of accessories to rotate throughout the year.

Your accessory rotation could include throw pillows, blanket throws, guest towels and candles in seasonal colors. When decor is rotated in and out a few times a year, it won’t become stale. Purchasing a few new items to supplement your seasonal accessories gives your home that put-together look for each season or holiday.

7. Plan to Decorate Inside and Out

Outdoor holiday decorating

Create a magical entertaining space for the holiday season. Image: Overstock

The outside of your home can also shine during the holiday season. Your seasonal color palette can be used outdoors through planters, flowering plants and a door wreath. Your goal for decorating outside is to create a seamless visual transition as guests walk into your home. Patios, porches and other outdoor spaces can be decorated as an extra entertaining area for holiday gatherings.

8. Create Holiday Decorating Magic

Modern Farmhouse Christmas tree

Blend your existing interior decor with your seasonal decorations for a comfortable style. Image: Pottery Barn

All of your hard work gathering inspiration, creating a plan and shopping comes together when you implement your seasonal design. We aren’t striving for the perfection of a professionally-designed department store window, but the happiness of being surrounded by decor and colors that are beautiful and meaningful to you.

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Should You Decorate for the Holidays If Your Home is on the Market?

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but should your home reflect the joy of the season if you’re also trying to sell it? If you love to decorate for the holidays, missing out on this once-a-year opportunity might sound like torture. On the other hand, you don’t want to miss the chance to sell your home because of your decorations. So, should you decorate for the holidays if your home is on the market? We’ve got some “nays,” “yeas,” and “other considerations.”

No, Don’t Decorate

Houston home

An elaborately-decorated home in Houston. Image: Regina Gust Designs

Our first two realtors are against decorating for the holidays if you’re trying to sell your home. According to Anita Springate-Renaud, licensed partner and broker at Engel & Völkers Toronto Central, your festive decor can distract buyers from looking at the home’s raw design.

“Elaborate decorations can distract and shift a prospective buyer’s focus away from what they should be looking at when shopping for a property.” So what should they be looking at? Springate-Renaud says potential buyers should be focused on such factors as square footage, wall space, the quality of home finishes and other amenities – all of which can get lost under your holiday decor.

And she offers another reason why you should not decorate when your home is on the market. “Holidays are not universal, and different cultures have different traditions and ways of celebrating the holiday season,” she says. “Decorating for one holiday may alienate potential buyers who may celebrate the season differently.”


A stunning silver holiday design. Image: Houseology Design Group

For example, while some potential buyers celebrate Christmas, others celebrate Hanukkah. “In an effort to keep the home looking relatable and consistent to each buyer, it is encouraged to have homebuyers keep their home neutral – without the use of any holiday decor.” She says that buyers need to see themselves in a home, and it’s hard to do that when the property is decorated for someone else’s traditions and beliefs.

Christmas tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree. Image: Robeson Design

John Manning, managing broker at RE/MAX On Market in Seattle, WA, puts it another way. “To deck the halls – or not? At the risk of sounding like a Grinch, we vote not.” Manning says buyers can hail from a variety of cultures and religious views, and if you want your home to appeal to the widest audience, you need to create a neutral environment. “Buyers are walking through prospective homes envisioning their own life in the home, literally thinking, ‘Will this home suit me and my family through the year?’”

Manning says the home should be the focal point, not the holiday. “Nuanced decorations (e.g. fall leaves/gourds, a tasteful wreath on the front door) are fine in moderation but we would caution against full-throttle holiday decor.”

Yes, Decorate


A beautifully-decorated mantel in Gulfport, MS. Image: RJ Elder Design

Our next two experts are in favor of decking the halls – and the rest of the walls. “Humans are emotional people and the holiday season seems to bring out the best in us,” says Angela Williams, a Birmingham, AL-based realtor at Extreme Agent Realty. “You should absolutely decorate your home for the holiday season – in fact, you would be surprised how a beautifully-decorated mantle can sell a home.” However, Williams says it’s important that your decorations be tasteful. “It might be a good idea to hire a professional or ask that friend or family member who always seems to know what to do for some help.

Shawn Breyer, owner of Breyer Home Buyers in Atlanta, GA, also believes that potential sellers should decorate for the holidays. “While realtors often advise homeowners to be neutral to appeal to the masses, home buyers expect the houses they are touring to be decorated.” However, he warns against going overboard with your decorations.

glasgow city

This Glasgow City home doesn’t overdo the decorations. Image: Houseology Design Group

As a general rule, Breyer says that less is better. “You don’t want to fill every crevice of your home with your Nutcracker collection, your Lemax Christmas Village collection, and put 30 inflatables in the yard.” And the less-is-better rule isn’t limited to decorations. “If you are adding a large Christmas tree in your family room, consider moving out a side table or recliner to add floor space.” That’s because floor space helps to sell your home and Breyer says you don’t want your decorations to make the house feel cramped.

glasgow city

These decorations highlight the home’s massive entrance. Image: Dawn Hearn Interior Design

“Use decorations as a way to accentuate the features of your home that you think are selling points,” he recommends.  “If you have a big backyard and a nice deck, place lighting and garland around your deck railing to outline the perimeter and light up the deck.” If you have a nice entryway, Breyer recommends placing a small tree with presents in this space so potential buyers will focus on the entryway.

Other Considerations

dining room

Holiday decorating perfection. Image: Vale Garden Homes

Bill Golden, an independent real estate agent with RE/MAX Metro Atlanta Cityside, believes that decorating for the holidays should be kept to a tasteful minimum. However, he says that homeowners should also consider a few other factors when selling during the holiday season.

“Since it’s more likely to be dark and cold during this time of the year, it’s essential that lights are turned on, window blinds and curtains are open and the temperature is at a comfortable level in a home that is being shown,” Golden says.  “Buyers don’t like coming into dark spaces and tend to have a much more positive reaction when homes are light and bright.”

Also, if the home is too cold or too hot, Golden says buyers will rush through so they can get out as soon as possible. “And this is not what you want from a showing. Give them ‘cozy’ – just don’t overdo it.”

exterior lights

The decorations help light the way to this Chicago home. Image: James Martin Associates

Also, since there may be snow or rain, he advises having a place for potential buyers and realtors to leave their umbrellas or kick the snow off their shoes. “Make it easy for them, which also keeps things neater for you and helps demonstrate that the home will function well in winter weather.”

In addition, Golden says you don’t get a pass on curb appeal because it’s winter. “In fact, you should probably up your game and keep the landscaping fresh, despite the weather.” This includes fresh mulch in the beds, keeping leaves raked and adding some cold-tolerant potted plants.

living room

The decorations are tasteful in this Edmonton space. Image: AMR Interior Design and Drafting

The interior of your home should also make a great first impression and, according to Breyer, the same rules apply during the holidays as during the rest of the year. “Before you start decorating, make sure you perform a deep clean and declutter of your house.”

Breyer recommends renting a storage unit to move out everything you can live without for a month or so. Also, take the time to throw away the accumulated stuff you aren’t keeping, organize your closets, have your carpets cleaned, and hire a professional cleaner to do a deep clean.

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How To Sell Your Home During The Holidays (We Promise It Can Be Done)

Unfortunately, the real estate market has a tendency to slow down during the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean you should lose hope if you need to sell your home during the holidays. There are ways to make your home attractive enough to buyers that they’re willing to brave the cold. We’ve listed our best tips below. If you implement the right ones you could have a holiday buyer in no time.

sell during winter

Do your best to keep holiday decorations to a minimum. Image: Louise de Miranda – 30’s Magazine

Minimize holiday decorations

Yes, decorating is an essential part of the holidays. Your decorating style, however, is bound to cater to your personal tastes. When trying to sell your home, it’s important to keep personalization to a minimum. Ideally, your home will be as neutral as possible in order to appeal to a majority of buyers.

Buyers are easily distracted. Sometimes they have trouble looking past things like dated wallpaper or carpeting. Overly-personalized holiday decor will stick out like a sore thumb and buyers may have trouble putting it aside in order to see how great your home truly is.

Keep in mind, we’re not telling you to have no decorations. We’re simply suggesting that you keep things simple. Try to keep overtly-religious decorations to a minimum, as well as anything that feels a little over-the-top. For the period of time that you’re trying to sell your home, opt for a classic, minimalist approach to decorating.


Use textiles to keep your home feeling cozy. Image: Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Keep it cozy

If there’s one thing that everyone can relate to in winter, it’s wanting to escape those colder temperatures. One way to help sell your home to buyers is to make your home feel like a cozy and welcoming space.

There are a few different ways you can go about it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep it warm: Despite what it may do to your heating bills, there’s no better feeling than coming into a warm house after being out in the cold. If you know there’s going to be a showing on your home, turn the heat up to a reasonable level. You want buyers to be able to focus on how great your home is, rather than how chilly they feel.
  • Display plenty of textiles: Textiles like blankets and pillows are synonymous with warmth and coziness. Make sure to display plenty throughout your home. Doing so will help buyers subconsciously associate your home with cozy nights in.
  • Get scented: Everyone loves a home that smells great. Before showings, try infusing your home with warm, inviting scents like cinnamon or fresh-baked cookies. You can do this by burning a scented candle or by cooking up the real thing.

Be sure to price it to sell. Image: Introspecs LLC

Price it right

Like it or not, pricing is a huge factor in how interested potential buyers are in your home. While you’ll obviously want to get the highest possible sale price, the best way to entice buyers to brave the cold and come to see your property is to price it right. We’re not saying to give it away, but you should be open to negotiating.

As to how to go about pricing it fairly, the first thing to do is look at comparables, or comps. These are similar properties that have sold in your area recently. Your real estate agent can provide them for you. They give you an idea of a realistic price range to list your home and help you figure out your bottom line. You can do this by looking at how much you owe on the property and how much you’ll need if you’re buying a new home. Any offer at or above your bottom line is worth entertaining.

showing requests

Work hard to accommodate any showing requests. Image: Abby Hetherington Interiors

Be flexible with showings

For most of us, the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. Every day, it seems like there’s a celebration to prepare for or an event to attend. Odds are, the buyers who are interested in seeing your house are going to be busy, too. Since they likely have a limited time to schedule showings, you should remain especially flexible in order to accommodate them.

While this may seem tough, considering that you’ll have holiday obligations of your own, it’s non-negotiable. Selling in the winter often means having a limited pool of buyers to choose from. Therefore, it’s especially crucial to work with the ones that are available. Accommodating showing times, even when they’re inconvenient to you, is part of that. After all, no one wants to submit an offer on a house without seeing it first.

With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to make showings easier. The first is to have a showing plan in place so that everyone in the family knows what their responsibilities are before walking out the door. Additionally, try to keep your home as neat and show-ready as possible. The less picking up you have to do, the easier it will be to accommodate those last-minute requests.

Do you have any other tips for selling a home during the holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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Ways to Make This Thanksgiving One Your Family Will Cherish Forever

Looking for ideas to make this Thanksgiving special? Edward Perotti is an event designer who has worked with artists like Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas. From intimate settings to spectacular events at the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul and the Great Wall of China, he knows a thing or two about producing extraordinary experiences. We asked him for some ideas to make this the best Thanksgiving ever.


Incorporate natural colors in your design. Image: Anita Diaz for Far Above Rubies

“What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving?” Perotti asks. “Do you imagine a time of gratitude with your family, all the while counting your blessings? Or is it merely a day of eating, partying or watching sports on TV and showing your team spirit?”

Perotti grew up in San Francisco in a very traditional Italian-American home. Thanksgiving was a day for family and a celebration of togetherness.

“Over the years, I have seen and done many things to make this day special for my family and friends,” Perotti says. “Here are a couple of decor and tabletop ideas to make this year’s event one that your family will look back on with fond memories.”


Pumpkins add a decorative touch to your table. Image: Kitchen Magic

Thankful Table

Perotti recommends creating a Thankful Table by first focusing on your dining table centerpiece:

  • Take a potted Manzanita tree, wrap it in something simple like ivory or cream linen fabric and place it in the center of your table.
  • Add various mason jars and glass milk bottles around the table, spray painted in a color to match your decor.
  • Fill all but three jars with a single type of flower, like dahlias or hydrangeas.
  • Label the three empty jars with FAMILY, HEALTH and GOOD FORTUNE. Mix the three labeled jars with the others jars, all building out from either side of the tree.
  • As your guests arrive and get comfortable, have them take a slip of paper or index card to write down one or two things they are thankful for or consider a blessing this season.
  • Before your meal, take the cards and tie them to the tree branches with ribbon. This has now become your family blessing tree and the centerpiece to your table decor.
  • When you are ready for everyone to join the table, go around the table and have each person take a card off the tree and read it aloud.
  • Once they read the card, they can place it in the appropriate blessing jar.
  • When you’re done, you will have a fairly good view of your family’s strongest blessings. You’ll be amazed (and moved) when you hear how people truly feel.

A beautiful table makes food taste even better. Image: Sandra Bunn Designs

Thankful Table

“People who know me personally know how much I love to mix china patterns,” Perotti says. “Since Thanksgiving is about bringing together people of all backgrounds, it’s a time to embrace this concept. You can start by designing a table inspired by and honoring the women in your family.”

  • Start with a minimum of 40 mini orange and white pumpkins. Mix the colors to create a one-foot wide ‘table runner’ of the mini pumpkins. Strategically place 4 single candles within the pumpkin runner.
  • Add florals in small and subtle varieties, like mini ivory hydrangeas. Disperse the flowers randomly within and on top of your pumpkin runner.
  • For the actual place settings, ask your grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, mother-in-law, etc. if you can borrow some of their fine china and stemware. You will only need a handful of pieces from each.
  • Set your table by using the salad plate from one set, the dinner plate from another set and so on with additional plates and glassware.
  • Don’t worry about matching. This table is all about your family and the blending of different styles to create one overall experience.
  • For dessert, gather a bunch of digital pictures from all your family members and create a photo collage of the pictures. Print enough 5×7 prints of the collage so that you have one for each guest, and insert the prints into frameless glass picture frames. These frames are your dessert plates.

Candles provide a soft, warm glow. Image: Sandra Bunn Designs

Family stories

“When everyone gathers around the table, have each person who donated china tell a favorite family memory, perhaps about why they chose the china that was used that evening,” Perotti says. “A story I loved hearing is about how my grandfather proposed to my grandmother.”

If you want to save this Thanksgiving memory, he recommends recording everyone sharing their memories with your phone so you can save it for future generations. “This is a great way to always remember your family story and journey.”

grateful sign

Be grateful for time with family and friends. Image: Chalk It Up Décor

Happy Thanksgiving from the Freshome team!

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24 Thanksgiving Table Runners That Can Add Flair to Your Table

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For as little as $18, you can transform your holiday table with a Thanksgiving table runner. You don’t have to go all out with fine china, pumpkins, leaves and a forest wonderland (although that would be pretty cool). All you need is a dining table, countertop or coffee table and one of these table runners. Layer as much or as little as you want to add Thanksgiving flair.

Once you add a table runner, consider layering your table setting with candles, dishes and a centerpiece. The more the merrier this holiday season. And the more delightful your table will look!

fall leaves thanksgiving table runners

The foundation of your festive Thanksgiving table is the table runner. Add as much or as little as you like. Runner: Crate & Barrel Autumn Leaves Runner, $70

Thanksgiving table runners with an exotic or boho-chic vibe

Boho-chic and far-flung or folksy patterns are the biggest trend of 2018. Why not mix earthy Thanksgiving spice colors with sumptuous exotic patterns like the ones below? The combo is stunning.

fall leaves thanksgiving table runners
fall leaves thanksgiving table runners

Thanksgiving table runners featuring plaid

Plaid will always be a classic pattern for the holidays. Go with earth tones like browns, spices and mustard colors at Thanksgiving. Or for a modern take on the classic, choose buffalo checks or plaids in grey, black and white.

plaid table runners for thanksgiving

A lush Thanksgiving table setting featuring an earthy plaid table runner by Threshold from Target, $18.

plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving
plaid table runners for thanksgiving

Farmhouse-chic table runners

farmhouse Thanksgiving table runners

Natural materials like linen and burlap in soft, understated colors are the perfect table runner choice for a farmhouse-style Thanksgiving table. Image: Elle Decor

farmhouse Thanksgiving table runners

Thanksgiving table runners for a little bling

A little sparkle or shine goes a long way in adding a festive feel to your Thanksgiving table. These runners vary from very subtle metallic thread or embroidery – to bold metallic or beaded patterns.

Love the idea of a Thanksgiving table runner? You can run one down the middle of the table or arrange two or more across the table as a shared place setting for guests sitting across from each other. Don’t forget to add colorful coordinating paper or linen napkins for the occasion.

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Hosting Thanksgiving: Top Picks from Our Freshome Team

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The holiday hullabaloo has begun. If you’re the one hosting Thanksgiving this year, you might be feeling a small tinge of stress about your upcoming entertaining. Of course, there’s the fairly daunting task of getting such a large-scale meal to table. But that’s not your only concern. You want every single friend and family member who walks through your door to feel simultaneously welcomed and wowed.

It sounds like a lot, but don’t sweat. We tapped our entire team of writers at Freshome to give you some ideas to make this year your most memorable Thanksgiving ever. Our team of home design experts has rounded up a manageable list of must-haves for hosting Thanksgiving. Grab these items and you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful, bountiful celebration with your loved ones.

hosting thanksgiving - candles

Set the scene for a memorable evening with candlelight. Image: HGTV


Creating the ideal Thanksgiving dinner comes down to a few things: good food, good company and good ambiance. You can create the last with a lot of effort – or you can use lighting to make your dining area feel magical. Candles are a fantastic way to create a warm setting that feels special and doesn’t require a lot of work to set up. Taper candles and tea lights are great options that leave plenty of room on your table for your centerpiece and serving dishes. Or, if you want to go for a bigger impact element, you can opt for something like this eye-catching Centerpiece Candle from West Elm.

However you choose to incorporate candles, don’t forget to light them as guests arrive. Here’s a tip from our Freshome team. Task someone who probably won’t help much in the kitchen with this chore. It’s a great way to get someone like a teen or football-loving adult involved in hosting Thanksgiving and prevents you from having to stress about a last-minute to-do.

hosting thanksgiving - platter

With a platter, you can present your food beautifully without any additional work in the kitchen. Image: Crate & Barrel

Serving platter

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the focus is on the food. With all eyes on the dishes you bring out of the kitchen, you want to present them in an attractive way. That could mean spending extra time on the presentation of the food itself, but with all the work you’re already going to be doing in the kitchen, that can be taxing. Instead, simply put the food on a large, beautiful platter. We love this Antique Brass Leaf Platter from Williams Sonoma as a way to take your table to the next level.

If you’re looking for a platter that will work in every season but can still add some fall warmth to your Thanksgiving table, our Freshome team loves wood. The Tondo Serverware collection from Crate & Barrel comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to help you beautifully present every dish.


Natural decor makes it easy to set an impressive table when hosting Thanksgiving. Image: Amanda Carol Interiors

Natural table decor

Ah, the Thanksgiving centerpiece. The crowning glory of your table at the upcoming holiday. But you already have to create enough storage in your home for other holiday decorations. We get that carving out even more storage for a bounty of Thanksgiving table decor – which you’ll realistically use one, maybe two, times each year – isn’t a priority. And it doesn’t have to be! Our writers have found a workaround.

To fill out our tables when hosting Thanksgiving, we turn to natural options. Gourds and pumpkins are classics that set a seasonal tone. Don’t be afraid to incorporate less common additions like lemons or halved figs, too. And if you’re looking for a high-impact centerpiece, turn to the classic: fresh flowers. A bouquet of blooms in seasonal hues livens up your table and delivers both a high-end and homey feel.

hosting thanksgiving - linens

A table runner – especially one with a textured edge – can establish your tablescape. Image: Cost Plus World Market

Table linens

If you want to add depth and visual interest to your Thanksgiving table without it looking cluttered, turn to table linens. At Freshome, we love table runners for the holiday. They’re a great way to add both structure and softness to your table without the stuffiness of a full-blown tablecloth. Plus, if you’ve got a beautiful table, this is the time to show off this piece of furniture!

And if you really want your table linens to pack a punch, mix textures. Smooth napkins with a rough-edged runner – like the Khadi Runner from World Market – give your table depth. The mixed textures call to your guests’ tactile senses, inviting them to sit at the table and feel all the different textures.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you pick the perfect table linens, we’ve got you covered. Here is a roundup of Thanksgiving table decorating ideas.

hosting thanksgiving - more

Don’t forget the plates and glasses! Image: Pottery Barn

More picks for hosting Thanksgiving

Of course, you can’t have a proper dinner party without dishes and glasses. We love mixing and matching your seasonal dinnerware with your normal sets to give your table some flair. Plus, combining your different sets makes it easier to find enough plates and bowls to serve your large gathering. If you don’t already have fall plates to pull out, these Harvest Pumpkin Salad Plates from Pottery Barn are a great addition to your cabinets.

And don’t forget to add drink receptacles. We love large wine glasses (check out these goblets from Williams Sonoma) and classic coupes (you can grab them at Target) so your guests can liberally enjoy the libations.

Do you really want to make Thanksgiving a breeze? One of our writers has a surefire tip for you. Get it catered!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family here at Freshome to yours. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season – and that we’ve made it a little bit easier on you.

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20 Pinterest Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas You’ll Want To Try

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration to get your table ready for Thanksgiving this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ve spent hours looking at the best Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting pins. We’ve pored over all the details: how the table is set, what linens were used and how they styled the table with cool ideas like colorful pumpkins, herbs, candles and more.

Here are 20 of the best Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas you’ll want to try this year.

Custom Table Decor

Get creative with a roll of brown or white kraft paper and paint markers to customize your table setting with one-of-a-kind art or messages.

pinterest thanksgiving table ideas

Some calligraphy on a brown kraft paper runner adds to the Thanksgiving theme. If your calligraphy skills aren’t up to par, you can buy a stencil to paint a message of your choice. Pin: House of Harper

Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas

To get this look, paint your guests a custom placemat with their name and decorate the center with candles, pumpkins and greenery. Pin: My Wedding

Black Thanksgiving Table Ideas

For a dramatic and ultra-chic look, go with a black table setting for Thanksgiving. A black table is the perfect backdrop for gold cutlery and the reds, golds and oranges typically used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas

The theme of this luxurious Thanksgiving table includes a color combination of black, gold and white. Varied, rich greens and pheasant feathers complete the look. Pin: My Domaine

best Thanksgiving Pinterest pins

Earthy materials like black slate and black stoneware create an elegant yet very rustic Thanksgiving table. Pin: Wohnen Mit Klassikern

Unusual Thanksgiving Table Runner Ideas

Get crafty (like these Pinterest pinners) this holiday and create a unique table runner to serve as the foundation of your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Thanksgiving table setting ideas

On the left, vintage book pages were torn out and glued together as a table runner. On the right, a long swath of gauze drapes gracefully to the floor. Layer either style with plenty of candles and greens like eucalyptus leaves and succulents. Pins: Answers.com and Arcadia Designs

Pinterest table setting ideas

A stenciled brown kraft paper tablecloth is topped with whimsical cut paper flowers for a Thanksgiving alternative to pumpkins and pinecones. Pin: Montando Minha Festa

Unexpected (Yet On-Trend) Thanksgiving Table Color Themes

Think outside the box this holiday and skip the traditional orange and gold. Here are some fresh new Thanksgiving table settings in unexpected colors.


pinterest thanksgiving decorating ideas

The color sage is the current darling of Pinterest fans. Here’s a centerpiece featuring white and sage-toned pumpkins, layered with artichokes, eucalyptus sprigs and a graphic placemat. Pin: In Honor of Design

Pale Blue

pinterest thanksgiving table setting ideas

A few painted pumpkins in what promises to be a big color for 2019 (blue) can add a fresh look to your Thanksgiving table. Pin: Becki Owens


best table setting ideas for Thanksgiving

A gorgeous violet color coordinates with the full-bodied merlot served at this Thanksgiving table. Pin: Decoist


best Pinterest pumpkin decor

A pretty Thanksgiving table featuring pastels, ivory and grey painted pumpkins will be well-remembered by your guests. Pin: Lauren Conrad

Deliciously Sumptuous Tablescapes

Start the mouth-watering evening by adding edible flowers and finger foods to your setting. For a unique Thanksgiving look, create a cheese and charcuterie board down the middle of your table.

edible tablescapes

Both Thanksgiving tables feature layers of flowers and edible fruits, herbs and vegetables for a unique way to decorate for the holidays. Pins: Liz Marie Blog and Domino

best pinterest thanksgiving tablescapes

A table runner of edible finger foods will keep guests happy and relaxed while the turkey is carved. Pin: Apartment 34

Pinterest Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas Featuring Plaids And Checks

Plaids are classic for the holidays. This year, the buffalo plaid or check seems to be on-trend for a modern yet homestyle holiday season. Here’s a look at what Pinterest pinners have their eyes on this holiday.

thanksgiving table setting ideas

This buffalo plaid setting looks modern and lively, thanks to the emerald green monogrammed napkins. Pin: Domino

farmhouse table setting ideas

For a modern farmhouse look, layer blacks and ivory tableware over a buffalo plaid table runner. Pin: Amy Kimble

plaid decorating ideas for thanksgiving

A favorite plaid throw can double as a tablecloth for your harvest table. Pinterest: Canadian Living

Thanksgiving Tables Using Creative Greenery

To add polish and an architectural effect to your Thanksgiving table, get creative with greenery. Herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme have beautiful silvery sage leaves. Plus, their aromatic scent can create an unusual but pleasing feel at your table. Succulents are sturdy enough to withstand the most unusual ways you can think of displaying them. Check these Pinterest table setting ideas out.

table decorating ideas for the holidays

A simple, rustic table is decorated with candles and fragrant rosemary. Pin: Williams Sonoma

decorating with pumpkins

A cool way to repurpose your ordinary pumpkins is by using them as planters for groupings of sturdy succulent plants. Pin: Hannah Horom

thanksgiving tablescapes

A modern Thanksgiving table is decorated with a simple combination of eucalyptus and succulents. The hexagonal plates add a contemporary feel to the setting. Pin: Harlow and Grey

For the most dramatic and memorable of holiday tables, use several of these top Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas together. How are you planning to decorate your table this holiday season?

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5 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Mason Jars

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Mason jars have become a favorite for home decorating over the years, and with good reason. Before they adorned wedding tables, Mason jars were used to preserve food. They date all the way back to 1858, when they were first patented. Because of their vital history in traditional homes, today they make a regular appearance in traditional, country and rustic design styles. As such, they also fit in well with the Christmas season as part of a traditional or rustic Christmas decorating scheme. Read on to find creative ways to incorporate Christmas mason jars into your home this holiday season.

Christmas Mason Jars Wreath Display

Wreaths make a natural focal point around the holidays, and the candles in the jars help draw attention. Image: Rene Zieg

Wreath display

A classic way to incorporate Christmas Mason jars into a holiday design is to combine them with a wreath. The photo above shows a classy display where the Mason jars sit in front of a wreath. The candles in the jars help illuminate and draw attention to the wreath.

Finding a rustic sign to put in front of the jars also gives them a classic look. The candles are actually sitting on Epsom salt. The jars are a nice way to have candles around a wreath, minus the fire hazard, since the jars do a good job of protecting the nearby greenery.

Christmas Mason Jars Table Setting

Mason jars are a wonderful way to decorate a table during the holidays. Image: Rikki Snyder

Mason jar centerpiece

Christmas Mason jars also make a good centerpiece for a traditional, country or rustic holiday table setting. The photo above shows how well a few Mason jars with candles sit among the seasonal greenery. The evergreen, pine cones and cranberries immediately give off a rustic, country look, thanks to the natural textures. To make the display easy to transport, the whole ensemble also sits on a cut log. The log also helps add even more rustic texture to the display.

You could also get creative with this idea. Put the Mason jars on the cut log and place anything you can think of around them. For instance, you might place candy canes, garland or seasonal ribbon around the jars.

Christmas Mason Jars Tree and Candy Canes

Feel free to get creative with what you fill your Mason jars with. Image: Kootut Murut

Filling jars with candy canes and evergreen

Part of what makes Mason jars so versatile in decorating is that you can fill them with anything. The large openings make them convenient. These wide Mason jar-style containers are great for filling with candy canes, as in the photo above.

What’s really original, though, is the tiny Christmas tree that sits right in the jar. A little sprig of evergreen placed upright gives the feeling of a small Christmas tree. The sparse ribbons are also a nice touch to add to the Christmas tree vibe. Between a large Mason jar and the natural texture of the evergreen, it’s a good addition to any traditional or rustic decorating scheme. It could also fit into a minimalistic theme, since the small tree has stark and minimal elements to it.

Christmas Mason Jars Fruit and Berries

Red fruit and seasonal berries add a splash of festive color. Image: Rikki Snyder

Using fruit with Christmas Mason jars

Here’s another example of how well a simple Mason jar with a tea light fits in with natural seasonal items. The photo above shows the evergreen and pine cones natural to the season, but what make this display special are the cranberries and pomegranates. These give a lush seasonal red tone to the display.

Those red items also match other items on the table, like the tablecloth. This can be a wonderful idea if you are going for a traditional red and green seasonal theme. It would also work well in any seasonal design that has pops of bright red accents.

Christmas Mason Jars with Nuts

Put nuts in a Mason jar for a classic way to get a seasonal feel. Image: Julie Ranee

Going nuts

The large Christmas Mason jars work well in this country Christmas design. Having nuts out during the holidays was common in traditional homes, and still is in some homes today. The nuts in the Mason jars fit with the holiday theme and add some natural elements and visual texture to the space, along with the sprigs of evergreen and over-sized pine cones.

The natural Christmas theme also goes well with the rest of the room’s rustic vibe, with the natural wicker textures, country hats on the wall, Texas star and rustic crate on the floor. It shows how a rustic Christmas theme can work with an overall room’s design.

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7 Celebrity Haunted Mansions Where It Feels Like Halloween Every Day

Celebrities are just like us, except they have more money, more fame and bigger haunted houses. Just in time for Halloween, we present you with seven celebrity haunted mansions that vary from unsettling to downright horrifying. At these houses, Halloween is an everyday event.

1. Amy Winehouse’s Camden Flat In London

celebrity haunted homes

Amy Winehouse’s haunted flat. Image: House Network

Amy moved out of her house because she was scared to death of a little boy that haunted her. In an interview, Amy said that the ghost, named Henry, would scratch her. The night before her death, several witnesses heard screams, drums and animal howls coming from her flat. Since her death, her parents have listed her home.

2. The Benedict Canyon House Where Sharon Tate Was Murdered

The home where Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s followers had a long, disturbing history. Image: Pinterest

We all know the horrific story of how Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by Charles Manson and his followers while at a party in this home. But this house was disturbing long before this event. It was originally owned in the 1920s by an MGM producer, Paul Bern, who gifted it to his wife, actress Jean Harlow, when they married.

Jean was so disturbed by the home she begged Paul to sell it. He unfortunately shot himself in the home four months later. According to House Crazy, Harlow moved out after her husband’s death but later died, at just 26 years old, from kidney disease.

In the years that followed (and before the horrible Manson massacre), two other people committed suicide in the house and one person drowned in the pool. Several sightings of male ghosts were reported throughout the years, including Paul Bern’s.

3. The New York City Apartment Building Where John Lennon Was Shot And Rosemary’s Baby Was Filmed

celebrity haunted houses

The building is surrounded by large, modern high rises and looks rather ominous. Image: NY Post

John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived at the exclusive Dakota on the Upper West Side when he was shot to death outside his door. According to the NY Post, Yoko Ono saw his ghost sitting at his white piano years after his death. She claims John turned to her and said, “Don’t be afraid. I am still with you.”

But it’s not just Lennon’s ghost that haunts the building. Lennon himself claimed there was a “crying lady ghost” wandering the halls. Other residents claim there’s a little girl that roams around.

The Dakota’s original owner had an interest in the paranormal and would often hold seances in the building, perhaps ushering in an array of ghosts that have moved in with the living.

4. Nicolas Cage’s Serial Killer Mansion in New Orleans

celebrity haunted mansions

The LaLaurie mansion, where slaves were often abused and murdered by Madame LaLaurie. Image: Wikimedia

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Nicholas Cage said, “I once lived in the most haunted house in America. The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans used to belong to Madame LaLaurie, a well-known 19th-century socialite and serial killer. I bought it in 2007, figuring it would be a good place in which to write the great American horror novel. I didn’t get too far with the novel.”

Nick sold the mansion less than two years later. Passersby still report hearing screams coming from the house.

5. Jayne Mansfield’s “Pink Palace” In Beverly Hills

celebrity haunted mansions

Jayne in her pink shag bathroom. Every room, as well as the exterior, was pink. Image: Curbed LA

According to American Hauntings, Jayne Mansfield was cursed. She died in a horrible car accident where reports say she was decapitated. Soon after her death, endless tragic incidents occurred in her beloved Pink Palace:

  • Ringo Starr had the home painted white when he moved in but claimed that the pink shade would seep through the new paint.
  • Jayne’s friends refused to go back in the house because they felt like they were being watched.
  • The son of the next owner of the Pink Palace found Jayne’s pink Honda and took it for a drive. He was killed in an accident the moment he exited the estate. His family moved out the same day.

The house was demolished in 2002.

6. Adele’s Haunted English Mansion

Adele refused to stay a single night alone in her sprawling mansion. Image: Daily Mail

Adele was so creeped out by the noises in her former rental that she hired a female bodyguard to stay with her. She vowed to never spend a night alone in the house and eventually moved out.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes, she said, “This bit is quite scary, really,” as they walked through a dark hall.  The 25-acre West Sussex property was a convent before, complete with a chapel.

7. Marylin Monroe Is Still Busy Making Appearances

celebrity haunted mansions

The home where Marylin Monroe lived and died. Eyewitnesses claim she still makes appearances. Image: Variety

According to several eyewitnesses, Marylin Monroe seems to be busy haunting places. She’s regularly seen in her former home where she died, and in the Roosevelt Hotel.

The Roosevelt Hotel was where she was staying in Hollywood when her modeling career took off. There have been sightings of her in her old suite 1200, her favorite Cabana Room Suite #246 overlooking the pool and in mirrors around the hotel.

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6 Ways to Get Amazing Pumpkin Menageries This Fall

Pumpkins are a powerful element in autumn decorating. They pack a colorful punch. Since they’re harvested in the fall, they make everyone think of the autumnal season. They’re also extremely versatile. It’s easy to paint pumpkins, add jeweled accents or buy different types with wild textures. And one way to make the most of pumpkins in your autumn decorating is to go for a whole menagerie of them. That way, you can work with different colors, textures and styles. And a grouping of pumpkins can serve as a whole large focal point in your fall decor. Below, you’ll find several ways to work with pumpkin menageries.

Pumpkin Menageries Porch Display

Separate your pumpkin menagerie to create balance. Image: Kirkendall Design

Add Balance to the Doorway

Pumpkin menageries work well on the porch. They add a splash of color to what tends to be a fairly neutral space. And having them on the porch sets an instant fall harvest vibe for any guests coming to your door.

The photo above shows how placing a pumpkin menagerie on either side of the door is a great way to add balance to the space. The style also does a great job of using different pumpkins with multiple sizes, colors and textures. Groups of pumpkins also pair well with other fall colors, like the bold yellow flowers and deep red and orange door wreaths.

Pumpkin Menageries Metallic Paint

Painted pumpkins add style and layers to the design. Image: Sarah Greenman

Use Multiple Colors and Textures

You can also go bolder in your colors and textures. The photo above shows how some white pumpkins combine well with bold metallic painted pumpkins. Little accents like polka dots update the traditional harvest pumpkin, making this style a good choice for chic home designs.

You can even paint one of the pumpkins a less common pumpkin color, like sage green, to add a bit of an accent. You can also use more conceptual pieces, like the twig pumpkins, for added texture. The photo also shows how easy it is to place pumpkins on shelves and in planters to get different heights for each piece.

Pumpkin Menageries Jewel Design

Add jewel accents for a chic take on the design. Image: Kirkendall Design

Go for Textured Designs

Another idea is to add jeweled designs to natural pumpkins. This is a good way to get a more updated, chic take on the look, too. These pair well with other natural elements, like the yellow flowers and twig pumpkin.

The photo above highlights another good idea for displaying pumpkin menageries. A retro produce cart is a natural choice. You can also prop up some of the elements of the design using classic wooden crates. Overall, it makes you feel like the fall harvest has just come to sell at the fair. It’s a classic country look that goes well with the fall harvest theme.

Pumpkin Menageries Stair Display

You can get creative on where you place your pumpkin menagerie. Image: Hunt Laudi Studio

Put Pumpkins in Unexpected Places

Feel free to place pumpkin menageries in creative places around the home. An example from the photo above shows how well a line of pumpkins can go under some stairs. Some accent lighting behind them can draw the eye to your harvest accent.

The photo also shows how a pumpkin menagerie can work in the most modern of spaces. The orange of the pumpkins acts as an attractive accent color in this otherwise clean, white space. The lighting behind the pumpkins keeps the display looking more modern. Yellow flowers on the table also add a complementing fall color accent.

Pumpkin Menageries Small Display

A smaller menagerie makes a great accent in a room. Image: Kirkendall Design

Go for Small Accents

Your pumpkin menagerie doesn’t have to be a giant spectacle. The photo above shows how a few pumpkins and some fall foliage on a counter can add a nice harvest accent to a room. This is an easy, attractive idea that can work on end tables, on a mantel, on a shelf or in the middle of a kitchen island, as a few examples. It’s an easy idea that you can place anywhere.

As in the photo, try to go for pumpkins with different colors and textures. That will add visual interest and help the element pop in the room. It is on the smaller side, so different colors and textures will help draw attention to the display.

Pumpkin Menageries Texture Display

Find different pumpkins and gourds for a full-textured display. Image: Julie Ranee

Use Unique Textures in Pumpkin Menageries

Have you ever looked at those weird, misshapen pumpkins in the store and wondered why anyone would ever want them? The photo above shows why. If you’re creating a pumpkin menagerie, the name of the game is texture and color. And the photo above shows how different textures, colors and shapes of pumpkins can make an eye-grabbing display. Unique pumpkins are a good idea if you’re going for a natural display that is not accented with paint or jeweled additions.

The photo above also shows how well pumpkin menageries can work on and around classic items, like the old distressed toolbox. Pumpkins also work well placed on distressed wooden furniture, as you can see in the background. It all combines for a delightfully rustic look.

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