16 Ways to Style a Farmhouse Christmas With Burlap

burlap Christmas wreath

Welcome your guests with a beautiful farmhouse Christmas wreath. Image: Wayfair

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Burlap is at the top of our list for farmhouse Christmas decorating. We love the rustic vibe of burlap and its surprising versatility. Once a staple of country-style decorating, burlap has grown into a favorite in several styles, even contemporary. The secret to adding burlap decor to your holiday decorations is choosing simple designs that allow all of your decorating to flow harmoniously — your own unique styling of your burlap is what makes it so special.

Why is Burlap the Perfect Farmhouse Christmas Accent?

  • Burlap is a neutral canvas that fits into any rustic color palette.
  • Even as a neutral, burlap’s texture adds interest to your room.
  • Burlap can be dressed up or down — lace or metallic accents can change the entire vibe.
  • Your burlap accessories can be used year-round for a variety of holidays.

Wreaths and Swags for Your Farmhouse Christmas

Perhaps the easiest and most charming way to bring burlap into your home is a wreath. Burlap is a simple and pretty foundation for holiday decorations and for a rustic warmth year-round. There’s no reason why your burlap wreath needs to hang outside. Its cozy charm is right at home over a headboard, fireplace or foyer.

Farmhouse burlap wreath

Enjoy a burlap wreath all year with this ethereal rag wreath. Image: FairyMojo – Etsy

Tired of traditional Christmas decorating colors? Don’t be afraid to try new colors schemes. Image: CKDazzling – Etsy

Burlap Christmast garland

You can do more than just hang a wreath. Burlap garland can be used anywhere in your home. Image: Overstock

Burlap Christmas Bunting

Bunting is everything right now in farmhouse decorating. Burlap bunting can be a Christmas decoration and a fun DIY project. Image: Amazon

A Burlap Table Runner Dresses up Your Christmas Table

Our dining room tables are always the center of holiday celebrations. Styling your table with a burlap table runner is a rustic-chic foundation for your favorite dinnerware and serving pieces. Burlap table runners can be totally simple, or ruffled and beaded — the fabric is just a starting point for your unique style. 

Formal table runner

Who says burlap can’t be elegant? The shimmer of the Mother of Pearl accents gives this table runner instant glamour. Image: Overstock


Holiday table decor

This snowflake-embellished table runner can take your holiday table right through your New Year celebrations. Snowflake designs are perfect for contemporary spaces. Image: Wayfair

Burlap table runner

Beaded accents give this burlap table worldly style, which is perfect for a boho room. Image: Wayfair

Farmhouse table runner

A simple burlap table runner is a charming foundation for your favorite holiday decor and can be used all year. Image: Arcadia Designs 

Decorate Around the House With Burlap Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the quickest way to make a decor change in your home. Holiday-themed pillows add festive charm to your living room and bedrooms. Your guests will appreciate staying in a cheerfully-decorated guest room when traveling far from home during the holidays. When you’re choosing your holiday throw pillows, it’s easy to pick one themed pillow per room, then add other pillows that coordinate with it. That way, you can use the coordinating pillows all year. 

This cute and clever Christmas deer throw pillow is not just a fun accent for your home, but also makes an excellent hostess gift at the holidays. Image: NextDoorToHeaven – Etsy

Burlap snowflake pillow

Cute as a button! A snowflake pillow can brighten up your home in the winter. Image: BerkshireCollections – Etsy

Pottery Barn Christmas Pillow

So simple and stylish. This rustic pillow spreads joy into every room it enters. Image: Pottery Barn


Farmhouse Christmas Decor

A lodge-style throw pillow can warm up your living room all through autumn and winter, while still being perfect for Christmas styling. Image: Wayfair

Reimagine Your Farmhouse Christmas With Burlap

There are so many ways to work farmhouse decor into your home at the holidays. Burlap accessories and decorations are simple to coordinate with what you already have. The versatility of burlap gives you the opportunity to go rustic or elegant with your Christmas inspiration. It’s a timeless fabric that is considered a decorating staple.

rustic holiday centerpiece

Your burlap dining room centerpiece can be stylish during the holiday season and beyond. Image: Kirklands

Farmhouse Christmas tree skirt

Don’t forget your Christmas tree skirt when you’re decorating in farmhouse Christmas style. Image: Wayfair

farmhouse christmas stockings

Update your holiday decor with elegant burlap Christmas stockings. Look for stylish patterns and embellishments to beautifully style your mantel. Image: Wayfair

Burlap holiday decorations

Perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond, you can enjoy the color of these harvest-inspired burlap pumpkins in your home all season. Image: Wayfair

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