20 Pinterest Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas You’ll Want To Try

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration to get your table ready for Thanksgiving this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ve spent hours looking at the best Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting pins. We’ve pored over all the details: how the table is set, what linens were used and how they styled the table with cool ideas like colorful pumpkins, herbs, candles and more.

Here are 20 of the best Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas you’ll want to try this year.

Custom Table Decor

Get creative with a roll of brown or white kraft paper and paint markers to customize your table setting with one-of-a-kind art or messages.

pinterest thanksgiving table ideas

Some calligraphy on a brown kraft paper runner adds to the Thanksgiving theme. If your calligraphy skills aren’t up to par, you can buy a stencil to paint a message of your choice. Pin: House of Harper

Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas

To get this look, paint your guests a custom placemat with their name and decorate the center with candles, pumpkins and greenery. Pin: My Wedding

Black Thanksgiving Table Ideas

For a dramatic and ultra-chic look, go with a black table setting for Thanksgiving. A black table is the perfect backdrop for gold cutlery and the reds, golds and oranges typically used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas

The theme of this luxurious Thanksgiving table includes a color combination of black, gold and white. Varied, rich greens and pheasant feathers complete the look. Pin: My Domaine

best Thanksgiving Pinterest pins

Earthy materials like black slate and black stoneware create an elegant yet very rustic Thanksgiving table. Pin: Wohnen Mit Klassikern

Unusual Thanksgiving Table Runner Ideas

Get crafty (like these Pinterest pinners) this holiday and create a unique table runner to serve as the foundation of your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Thanksgiving table setting ideas

On the left, vintage book pages were torn out and glued together as a table runner. On the right, a long swath of gauze drapes gracefully to the floor. Layer either style with plenty of candles and greens like eucalyptus leaves and succulents. Pins: Answers.com and Arcadia Designs

Pinterest table setting ideas

A stenciled brown kraft paper tablecloth is topped with whimsical cut paper flowers for a Thanksgiving alternative to pumpkins and pinecones. Pin: Montando Minha Festa

Unexpected (Yet On-Trend) Thanksgiving Table Color Themes

Think outside the box this holiday and skip the traditional orange and gold. Here are some fresh new Thanksgiving table settings in unexpected colors.


pinterest thanksgiving decorating ideas

The color sage is the current darling of Pinterest fans. Here’s a centerpiece featuring white and sage-toned pumpkins, layered with artichokes, eucalyptus sprigs and a graphic placemat. Pin: In Honor of Design

Pale Blue

pinterest thanksgiving table setting ideas

A few painted pumpkins in what promises to be a big color for 2019 (blue) can add a fresh look to your Thanksgiving table. Pin: Becki Owens


best table setting ideas for Thanksgiving

A gorgeous violet color coordinates with the full-bodied merlot served at this Thanksgiving table. Pin: Decoist


best Pinterest pumpkin decor

A pretty Thanksgiving table featuring pastels, ivory and grey painted pumpkins will be well-remembered by your guests. Pin: Lauren Conrad

Deliciously Sumptuous Tablescapes

Start the mouth-watering evening by adding edible flowers and finger foods to your setting. For a unique Thanksgiving look, create a cheese and charcuterie board down the middle of your table.

edible tablescapes

Both Thanksgiving tables feature layers of flowers and edible fruits, herbs and vegetables for a unique way to decorate for the holidays. Pins: Liz Marie Blog and Domino

best pinterest thanksgiving tablescapes

A table runner of edible finger foods will keep guests happy and relaxed while the turkey is carved. Pin: Apartment 34

Pinterest Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas Featuring Plaids And Checks

Plaids are classic for the holidays. This year, the buffalo plaid or check seems to be on-trend for a modern yet homestyle holiday season. Here’s a look at what Pinterest pinners have their eyes on this holiday.

thanksgiving table setting ideas

This buffalo plaid setting looks modern and lively, thanks to the emerald green monogrammed napkins. Pin: Domino

farmhouse table setting ideas

For a modern farmhouse look, layer blacks and ivory tableware over a buffalo plaid table runner. Pin: Amy Kimble

plaid decorating ideas for thanksgiving

A favorite plaid throw can double as a tablecloth for your harvest table. Pinterest: Canadian Living

Thanksgiving Tables Using Creative Greenery

To add polish and an architectural effect to your Thanksgiving table, get creative with greenery. Herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme have beautiful silvery sage leaves. Plus, their aromatic scent can create an unusual but pleasing feel at your table. Succulents are sturdy enough to withstand the most unusual ways you can think of displaying them. Check these Pinterest table setting ideas out.

table decorating ideas for the holidays

A simple, rustic table is decorated with candles and fragrant rosemary. Pin: Williams Sonoma

decorating with pumpkins

A cool way to repurpose your ordinary pumpkins is by using them as planters for groupings of sturdy succulent plants. Pin: Hannah Horom

thanksgiving tablescapes

A modern Thanksgiving table is decorated with a simple combination of eucalyptus and succulents. The hexagonal plates add a contemporary feel to the setting. Pin: Harlow and Grey

For the most dramatic and memorable of holiday tables, use several of these top Pinterest Thanksgiving table setting ideas together. How are you planning to decorate your table this holiday season?

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7 Celebrity Haunted Mansions Where It Feels Like Halloween Every Day

Celebrities are just like us, except they have more money, more fame and bigger haunted houses. Just in time for Halloween, we present you with seven celebrity haunted mansions that vary from unsettling to downright horrifying. At these houses, Halloween is an everyday event.

1. Amy Winehouse’s Camden Flat In London

celebrity haunted homes

Amy Winehouse’s haunted flat. Image: House Network

Amy moved out of her house because she was scared to death of a little boy that haunted her. In an interview, Amy said that the ghost, named Henry, would scratch her. The night before her death, several witnesses heard screams, drums and animal howls coming from her flat. Since her death, her parents have listed her home.

2. The Benedict Canyon House Where Sharon Tate Was Murdered

The home where Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s followers had a long, disturbing history. Image: Pinterest

We all know the horrific story of how Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by Charles Manson and his followers while at a party in this home. But this house was disturbing long before this event. It was originally owned in the 1920s by an MGM producer, Paul Bern, who gifted it to his wife, actress Jean Harlow, when they married.

Jean was so disturbed by the home she begged Paul to sell it. He unfortunately shot himself in the home four months later. According to House Crazy, Harlow moved out after her husband’s death but later died, at just 26 years old, from kidney disease.

In the years that followed (and before the horrible Manson massacre), two other people committed suicide in the house and one person drowned in the pool. Several sightings of male ghosts were reported throughout the years, including Paul Bern’s.

3. The New York City Apartment Building Where John Lennon Was Shot And Rosemary’s Baby Was Filmed

celebrity haunted houses

The building is surrounded by large, modern high rises and looks rather ominous. Image: NY Post

John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived at the exclusive Dakota on the Upper West Side when he was shot to death outside his door. According to the NY Post, Yoko Ono saw his ghost sitting at his white piano years after his death. She claims John turned to her and said, “Don’t be afraid. I am still with you.”

But it’s not just Lennon’s ghost that haunts the building. Lennon himself claimed there was a “crying lady ghost” wandering the halls. Other residents claim there’s a little girl that roams around.

The Dakota’s original owner had an interest in the paranormal and would often hold seances in the building, perhaps ushering in an array of ghosts that have moved in with the living.

4. Nicolas Cage’s Serial Killer Mansion in New Orleans

celebrity haunted mansions

The LaLaurie mansion, where slaves were often abused and murdered by Madame LaLaurie. Image: Wikimedia

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Nicholas Cage said, “I once lived in the most haunted house in America. The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans used to belong to Madame LaLaurie, a well-known 19th-century socialite and serial killer. I bought it in 2007, figuring it would be a good place in which to write the great American horror novel. I didn’t get too far with the novel.”

Nick sold the mansion less than two years later. Passersby still report hearing screams coming from the house.

5. Jayne Mansfield’s “Pink Palace” In Beverly Hills

celebrity haunted mansions

Jayne in her pink shag bathroom. Every room, as well as the exterior, was pink. Image: Curbed LA

According to American Hauntings, Jayne Mansfield was cursed. She died in a horrible car accident where reports say she was decapitated. Soon after her death, endless tragic incidents occurred in her beloved Pink Palace:

  • Ringo Starr had the home painted white when he moved in but claimed that the pink shade would seep through the new paint.
  • Jayne’s friends refused to go back in the house because they felt like they were being watched.
  • The son of the next owner of the Pink Palace found Jayne’s pink Honda and took it for a drive. He was killed in an accident the moment he exited the estate. His family moved out the same day.

The house was demolished in 2002.

6. Adele’s Haunted English Mansion

Adele refused to stay a single night alone in her sprawling mansion. Image: Daily Mail

Adele was so creeped out by the noises in her former rental that she hired a female bodyguard to stay with her. She vowed to never spend a night alone in the house and eventually moved out.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes, she said, “This bit is quite scary, really,” as they walked through a dark hall.  The 25-acre West Sussex property was a convent before, complete with a chapel.

7. Marylin Monroe Is Still Busy Making Appearances

celebrity haunted mansions

The home where Marylin Monroe lived and died. Eyewitnesses claim she still makes appearances. Image: Variety

According to several eyewitnesses, Marylin Monroe seems to be busy haunting places. She’s regularly seen in her former home where she died, and in the Roosevelt Hotel.

The Roosevelt Hotel was where she was staying in Hollywood when her modeling career took off. There have been sightings of her in her old suite 1200, her favorite Cabana Room Suite #246 overlooking the pool and in mirrors around the hotel.

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Fall Wreaths Your Front Door Can’t Live Without

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There’s a quick and easy way to infuse instant seasonal curb appeal to your door and entrance: fall wreaths. If you choose wisely, you can get a lot of mileage out of fall wreaths. Add some spiders or spooky elements to yours for Halloween, swap out the bugs for pumpkins or wheat for Thanksgiving and add red and/or sparkle for Christmas.

Do something different and innovative for your fall wreath look, like this Craft Patch blog accordion fold paper wreath.

Consider a wreath the perfect set of earrings. No outfit (or door) is complete without one. We’ve scoured the web to bring you fall wreaths to add to your front porch and inspire you to dress up your front door this season.

Square Wreaths

fall wreaths

Add a modern twist to your holiday decor with a square wreath. Image: Ask Wet & Forget

fall wreaths
fall wreaths
fall wreaths
fall wreaths

Monogram Wreaths

fall wreath ideas

The team at Martha Stewart dressed up a simple vine wreath with some fall foliage, ribbon and the letter M.

fall wreath ideas
fall wreath ideas
fall wreath ideas

Feather Wreaths

fall wreaths

Peacock feathers are paired with vivid teal feathers for a unique fall wreath look. Image: Elle Decor UK

Foliage Wreaths

Nothing says fall more than a leaf-themed wreath. Image: Christine Throckmorton

Succulent Wreaths

fall wreaths

Give fall a twist by featuring a succulent wreath on your front door. Image: Cals Farms

fall wreaths
fall wreaths
fall wreaths
fall wreaths

Pinecone Wreaths

For an updated fall wreath, paint the pinecones on your wreath in the latest fall colors like olive, pink and terracotta. Image: Sunset Magazine

Wreaths With White Pumpkins

fall wreaths

White pumpkins are a fresh alternative to the traditional orange pumpkins, and they look great with green foliage like eucalyptus leaves. Image: Dovie Scott

fall wreaths
fall wreaths
fall wreaths

Buffalo Check Black and White Wreaths

fall wreath ideas

Plaid is a fall staple. This year, try a black and white buffalo plaid pattern. Image: How To Nest For Less

fall wreath ideas
fall wreath ideas

Floral Wreaths

fall wreaths

Florals have been fashionable in the last couple of years. They’re on wallpaper, upholstery fabric and dinnerware. And a floral wreath, like this one featuring rich peonies, makes a stunning fall wreath display. Image: Country Living

fall wreaths
fall wreaths
fall wreaths

Choose a fall wreath that stands out against your front door. High contrast blacks and whites or brightly colored wreaths look great against a darker door. And earthier tones featuring off-whites, pinecones and white pumpkins flow beautifully with a wood door. Which is your favorite of these fall wreaths?

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