Cavern Clay: The Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year

Cavern Clay Dining Room

Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, warms up an inviting dining room. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019  Color of the Year

Cavern Clay is the Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year – and we are already falling in love with the possibilities. This unexpected, warm terracotta is a color chameleon with endless decorating opportunities. Cavern Clay looks like it fits with the heart of Southwestern decorating (which is making a comeback this year!). Paired with muted colors like blue, tan and even pink, the hues of the Painted Desert can be realized in your home’s decor.

Cavern Clay Living Room

Blue color accents balance the warmth of Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay. Image: Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay

“American Southwestern isn’t the only inspiration for Cavern Clay,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “We believe 2019 will be a renaissance of the 1970s — with a twist. In the coming year, we will embrace our pioneering spirits and artisan ingenuity. Our 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair.”

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay can be more than an accent wall color. Though muted, Cavern Clay is crisp enough for an entire room with the right lighting and accent colors. A rich terracotta paint color is the perfect palette for all types of wood and natural surfaces but, of course, you’ll want to sample it in your home before committing.

How to Use Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay In Your Home:

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay Accent Wall

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay is perfect as an accent wall color. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Cavern Clay

  • Cavern Clay is a classic front door color. This rich, warm hue is an awesome backdrop for a door wreath or porch decor.
  • If you’re not ready for Cavern Clay on every wall, your ceiling could be the perfect spot. Choose a room where a dramatic ceiling color can make a statement, like a foyer or dining room.
  • Don’t listen to the rumors that accent walls are out of style this year — they will always be in fashion, and Cavern Clay has the right amount of warmth and drama.
  • Your dining room is not the only gathering space that can handle a bold color; Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay can bring instant warmth and comfort to your kitchen.

Each year, Sherwin-Williams not only names a Color of the Year, but they also provide innovative color palettes that give inspiration for the coming year. (Cavern Clay is part of the Colormix Color Forecast for 2019, found in the Wanderer palette.) This stunning master palette is divided into six themes for 2019 — each with their own story:

The Shapeshifter Palette

Sherwin-Williams Shapeshifter palette

Soft colors create a relaxing living room color scheme. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter palette is the answer for all of us who love pastels but have yet to find a way to incorporate them into our homes. The subtle pastels of Shapeshifter are paired with anchoring colors to moderate the palette. This sweet color scheme is all about balance and creating a space that is truly “you.”

Sherwin-Williams says: “There are those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Visionary and creative, this palette reaches into the cosmos and returns with a whole universe of inspiration. Atmospheric wisps of colors, grounded by deep, dark blues, capture the unique space between technology and spirituality.”

The Wanderer Palette

Sherwin-Williams Wanderer Colormix Palette

The Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Wanderer color palette is rustic and relaxing. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Wanderer

The Wanderer color palette is a natural backdrop for all of your favorite treasures. Natural materials and artwork blend beautifully in this relaxing palette. Cavern Clay, the 2019 Color of the Year, can play a starring role on your walls, or as a perfect pop of warm color.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Some spirits can never be fenced in. They need to soak in the blue of endless horizon and the subtle earthy colors of the high plains and desert. Sun-washed and warm, this palette can be seen in the baked clay canyons, worn leather and woven wool blankets of the true New West.”

The Aficionado Palette

2019 Colormix Aficionado Palette

The Sherwin-Williams Aficionado palette is dramatic and welcoming. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Aficionado

The Aficionado palette signals a return to color. Neutral colors are still popular, but deep colors are joining them in many palettes today. The gorgeous smoky hue of Blue Charcoal or the rich Grandiose Gold are more than accent colors when you choose the right lighting and accessories.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Devotees of the best in life appreciate the well-worn, the bespoke and the rare. Like a bookcase of leather-bound classics, this polished palette evokes nostalgia and timeless tradition. With copper and gold anchored by merlot and deep, dark gray, these tailored tones make everything feel impeccable, tasteful and elegant.”

The Enthusiast Palette

Eclectic living room

The Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast palette is just the right mix for an eclectic living room. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Enthusiast

Eclectic style-lovers rejoice — the Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast theme is everything you’ve been craving in a color palette. These iconic and energetic colors work seamlessly with each other, tempered with a neutral or two for balance.

Sherwin-Williams says: “There are those who don’t know the meaning of ‘less is more.’ Passionate and eclectic, they have a calling to be unique. They embrace the details and create scene-stealing worlds that burst with beauty. The proof is in this palette that features bold pops of vivid color, maximum impact and lots of energy.”

The Naturalist Palette

Sherwin-Williams blue dining room

The Sherwin-Williams Naturalist palette in a light and airy dining room. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Naturalist

The Naturalist theme from the 2019 Colormix Forecast does natural without being boring. Reminiscent of the lush 1970s color palettes, the fresh green of Primavera plays off of Eros Pink for a charming and updated color scheme.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Walking barefoot in the garden, nature lovers instantly connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom. With roots in the forest, this palette’s colorful tendrils grew in hothouses and conservatories until they became these lush, sophisticated tones. Ranging from mushroom to leafy green to passionate floral pink, they’ve now found a place where they’ll never fade.”

The Raconteur Palette

Contemporary Bedroom Sherwin-Williams

The Sherwin-Williams Raconteur palette is perfect in a contemporary bedroom. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Raconteur

The Raconteur palette is all about finding beauty in our experiences and surroundings. Colors gathered from our shared histories create a soothing and meaningful backdrop for our favorite decor.

Sherwin-Williams says: “From ancient sagas to today’s motivational speakers, we love our storytellers. With colorful accounts, they sum up our very nature and remind us how we’re all connected. Passed from grandmothers, traders and nomads, the tales traveled the world, gaining artistry, until we’ve translated them into a rich and modern palette that spans space and time.”

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Thanksgiving Decorating Checklist

decorated fallmantel

Start your Thanksgiving decorating plans early to make the most of the season. Image: Improvements Catalog

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We love the colors and flavors of Thanksgiving. The highlight of fall is decorating our homes with warm hues while anticipating welcoming guests for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether your holiday will be spent as a couple, with your immediate family or with a large group of friends and relatives, great decorating requires a plan. With so many details to keep track of this season, a guide is helpful. We have your Thanksgiving decorating checklist.

1. Choose Your Theme

thanksgiving decorating mantel

Use the dramatic colors of late autumn for your Thanksgiving decorating. Image: Grandin Road

To create your Thanksgiving style, you can decorate elaborately or just add harvest-inspired accents around your home. Before you start buying anything, you’ll want to choose your decor theme so that your decorating is fun and easy.

Here are our favorite Thanksgiving theme inspirations:

  • Harvest – This theme features fruits, gourds and elements of the harvest.
  • Natural – Fabric and ribbons of burlap and linen combine with fall foliage for a natural theme.
  • Rustic – Incorporate antique decor and unfinished wood into your decorating vignettes.
  • Glamorous – If you love metallic or colorful candle holders and elegant dinnerware, this could be your theme.
  • Vineyard-Inspired – Love wine? This theme celebrates the wine harvest with the colors and art of the vineyards.

2. Create a Color Palette

Thanksgiving decorating

Find your Thanksgiving color palette inspiration in harvest patterns and accessories. Image: Pottery Barn

Once you’ve chosen your decorating theme (or have chosen to just do a little bit of decorating), it’s time to choose a color palette. Though it may feel like an unnecessary step, having a simple color palette in place can help you make the right purchases when shopping for decor and accessories.

Choosing color for seasonal decorating is easy because you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few colors. You’ll want to choose three main colors for your decorating plan, then add three accent colors to your palette. There are no must-not-break rules for choosing color for your Thanksgiving decor — just choose the colors that express the vibe you’d like for your home.

3. Gather the Basic Supplies You’ll Need for Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving craft ideas

A burlap wreath is a simple Thanksgiving project for your home. Image: Etsy – CraftnRelax

Whether you’re decorating for a big Thanksgiving dinner or for the entire season, your decorating supply list won’t change. Here are the basic supplies for any Thanksgiving decorating project:

  • Burlap
  • Foliage, gourds, pumpkins
  • Candles
  • Serving pieces
  • Tape, wire, glue gun, craft supplies
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon

4. Decorate Your Front Porch for Thanksgiving

Autumn porch

Create a beautiful welcome with a Thanksgiving wreath and foliage. Image:  Pottery Barn

Autumn and front porches are made for each other. You may have already decorated your porch for the fall season or Halloween with lots of orange and gold colors. Whether you’re updating your fall porch decor or starting fresh for Thanksgiving, the right colors will make decorating simple. The colors of Thanksgiving are richer than early fall colors. Plum, russet and ginger all reflect the colors of late autumn beautifully.

5. Welcome Your Thanksgiving Guests with a Decorated Foyer

Fall foyer decorating

Decorate your foyer with warm fall accessories. Image: Wayfair

Make a stunning first impression on guests stepping into your home by decorating your foyer or entryway. Your foyer sets the theme for the rest of your home, so don’t be shy about going a little overboard with the Thanksgiving decor. Seasonal foliage and garland can dress up your staircase, door frame or even a mirror — your entire foyer is a palette for the rich colors of the Thanksgiving holiday.

6. Give Your Living Room Thanksgiving Warmth

autumn living room decorating

A collection of elegant glass pumpkins dress up a simple Thanksgiving coffee table arrangement. Image: Pottery Barn

Your living room offers another Thanksgiving decorating palette in your home. Switch out throw pillows to reflect the colors and designs that inspire you for the season. Adding a cozy fall-colored throw on a couch or chair can incorporate your Thanksgiving color palette. If you have a fireplace, your mantel can be the focal point of your living room decorating plan. Foliage, candles and decorative accessories can be displayed on your mantel or, if you don’t have one or just want to mix it up, on a table.

7. Decorating Your Kitchen (Where Everyone Gathers)

Kitchen Gather Sign

For an easy kitchen Thanksgiving decorating idea, add a charming sign. Image: Etsy – Laurenmary Home

With all the care you’ve taken to create a beautiful and welcoming setting for your Thanksgiving guests, they will all end up in your kitchen at some point in the celebration. This is a fact of life when you entertain. On a holiday like Thanksgiving, your kitchen will be a hub of activity – and not necessarily organized. Though you can’t stop your food prep to tidy up, you can still add a few decorative touches in your kitchen. Choose accessories that will not interfere with the flow of your kitchen as you work. Seasonal kitchen towels, mats and wall art provide color and pattern without getting in your way.

8. Your Dining Room can be the Star of Your Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Dining Room

Dress up your dining room with a festive chair wrap adorned with fall decor. Image: Grandin Road

Of course, your dining room is the center of your Thanksgiving universe. Buying or bringing out your table linens and serving pieces is the first step to creating a breathtaking Thanksgiving table. When you have a decorating plan and color palette already in mind, it will be easy to see what linens and serving pieces you may need to purchase. Candles and a centerpiece are must-haves for even the most casual tables. The more formal your table design, the taller your candles can be. Votive candles are perfect for a simple table.

9. Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Guest Bathroom

Autumn Bathroom Accessories

Pretty jars and a soap dispenser are functional and festive for a guest bathroom. Image: Etsy – ChalkPaintMasonJars

Bring your seasonal decorating into the guest bathroom with just a few simple items. Decorative jars and a soap dispenser are functional and pretty for your guest bath. Seasonal scents like pumpkin and vanilla are perfect for autumn. One or two pretty guest towels in your color palette look festive, but many guests prefer disposable guest towels instead. (There’s nothing worse than a damp guest towel.) Look for paper guest towels in seasonal designs and colors.

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Decorating Ideas for Behr Blueprint: 2019 Color of the Year

Behr Blueprint in Kitchen

Behr Blueprint, their 2019 Color of the Year, brings fresh color to a kitchen. Image: Behr

Behr recently announced Blueprint as their 2019 Color of the Year – and we are in love with this versatile blue. Behr Blueprint is a true blue. There is no hint of green or aqua, which has been the trend for several years. Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr, explained why Blueprint was their choice for 2019. “Much like the sketches builders rely on to bring an architectural design to life, Blueprint S470-5 lays a foundation for consumers to make their unique vision a reality. This universally appealing hue provides a steady stream of positivity and is poised to be an instant classic for years to come.”

Blueprint is a rich and relaxing color that is suitable for any room in your home. The simplicity of this paint color means that it can be introduced into any room without making a lot of decorating or color changes.

Tips to Incorporate Behr Blueprint Into Your Color Palette

  • Use Blueprint as a neutral. Remember, blues like navy and denim can be paired with almost any color.
  • Replace a gray with Blueprint. This versatile blue can replace any cool gray color.
  • Use it in a monochromatic scheme. Blueprint can work with lighter and darker blue shades.
  • Add Blueprint as an accent color in your neutral color scheme.

Behr made it easy to use their 2019 Color of the Year by choosing a friendly blue without those surprise undertones that can pop up and ruin your color scheme. Here is our favorite inspiration for using Blueprint at home:

Behr Blueprint in the Living Room

Behr 2019 Color of the Year

An eclectic living room is made dramatic with Behr Blueprint. Image: Behr

  • If you love the look of saturated color, you can totally use a mid-tone blue like Blueprint in your living room with other mid-tone colors. Mid-tone is a way of identifying colors that may be different, but are of similar light or darkness. Using colors of similar tones can give you a hip, eclectic look.
  • Blueprint is a beautiful and rich blue, but perhaps you’re concerned about your living room appearing too dark. You can handle any darker paint color by pairing it with lighter colors. Light flooring, rugs, trim or ceiling paint can balance the darkness of your wall color.
  • Too soon to commit to Blueprint as an entire living room color? Painted furniture is a low-commitment way to introduce a new color into your space. Coffee tables, consoles or end tables are perfect spots for adding color to your living room.

Behr Blueprint in the Kitchen

Behr Blueprint Kitchen

Behr Blueprint is right at home in this comfortable kitchen. Image: Behr

  • We love the trend of colorful kitchen islands, and Behr’s Blueprint can transform your kitchen in a flash. Adding color on a kitchen island provides a pop to all of your cabinets without a long and complicated painting project. 
  • Glass cabinet doors or open shelving offer a fun way to add color to your kitchen. Paint your accent color on the inside of your cabinets, letting Blueprint peek out from behind your dishes. You can also use this pop of color in the back of shelving or bookcases.
  • If you’re ready to change your kitchen wall colors, a pretty blue like Blueprint can highlight your white or wood cabinetry. You can also replace your cabinet and drawer hardware for a total makeover. Burnished gold hardware looks especially beautiful with blue cabinetry if you really want to make a statement.

Behr Blueprint in the Bathroom

Blue Bathroom Color

Blueprint, Behr’s 2019 Color of the Year, works in most bathroom styles. Image: Behr

  • Behr’s Blueprint can give your walls more presence and warmth in a traditional-style bathroom.
  • If you love contemporary style, a mid-tone blue like Blueprint can soften simple lines and shiny surfaces without taking away from your decorating vision for the room.
  • Updating your powder room can be as simple as a new paint color. Blueprint works very well in small spaces if you add white fixtures and light accessories. A rich blue powder room is not only welcoming to guests, but it also offers that “wow” factor you want in a room.

Behr Blueprint in the Bedroom

Blue Bedroom Paint Color

Soothing and serene, Blueprint is a relaxing choice for a bedroom wall color. Image: Behr

  • If you’re looking for a way to create a serene space in your bedroom, Behr’s Blueprint offers a soothing blue that is very comfortable.
  • If you want to add a touch of color to your bedroom, an accent wall behind your headboard is the perfect spot. Painting an accent color behind your bed brings out your headboard and pillow shams, so be sure to add that rich blue as an accent color in your bedding to pull it all together.

Behr Blueprint for Your Front Door

Blue Front Door

Blue is a welcoming color for your front porch. Image: Behr

  • If you would like to boost your home’s curb appeal, a freshly painted door is the top way to make a dramatic change. Blue doors are welcoming, friendly and coordinate with most exterior paint colors. Add a few matching planters or outdoor accessories to really rev up your curb appeal. 

Behr Blueprint in the Laundry Room 

Blue Laundry Room

Create a laundry room you love with Behr Blueprint. Image: Behr

  • If you’d love to bring Blueprint into your decor but can’t find the right space, your laundry room could be the perfect spot. Our laundry rooms are considered a private space within the home — you or your family are the only users of the room. A private space is your personal palette to choose any colors you love, and that can (hopefully) make doing laundry less of a chore.

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4 Tips to Help You Create a Perfectly Cozy Breakfast Nook in Your Home

If you have enough space for it, we highly suggest incorporating a breakfast nook into your home. This space can serve as the perfect place for the family to gather, whether it’s over your morning cup of coffee or the kids’ homework after school. Keep reading to learn how to put together a breakfast nook that feels equally cozy and functional.

breakfast nook

Have your seating work with the angles of the room. Image: Moneyhill Interiors

Get creative with seating

Seating is the key feature of a breakfast nook. However, in this case, we’d encourage you to think beyond the standard table and chairs. Get a little creative with your seating. Breakfast nooks are supposed to be relaxed spaces and some shapely or otherwise out-of-the-box seating can go a long way toward driving home that feeling.

With that said, you have a few different options to consider. You could build your breakfast nook into a corner and offer rounded seating as shown in the picture above. Alternatively, you could create a full booth for a restaurant-style look or install bench seating underneath a kitchen window.


Make a statement with your lighting. Image: Twelve Chairs

Include statement lighting

Whenever you create a new functional area in your home, it’s important to include some visual clues to help denote it as separate from the rest of the space. Your breakfast nook is no exception. You’ll want to include a few design elements to help ground the nook as a space unto itself. The best way to do that is by hanging a statement lighting fixture over the table.

As for what we mean by “statement lighting,” in this case, we’re talking about anything that will catch the eye. It can either be through shape, like the one in the picture above, or size. A good rule of thumb is that, typically, your light fixture should run about 3/4 the width of your table.


Don’t forget the pillows and cushions. Image: Anne Becker Design

Keep it cozy

Picture it: You sit down at your breakfast nook every morning to enjoy a cup of coffee and ease into the day. That doesn’t sound like a space that should feel stark and cold, does it? Rather, just the opposite. We recommend that you make your breakfast nook as cozy as humanly possible. Create a space where people want to sit and lounge for a good, long while.

In terms of how to go about creating a cozy feeling in your space, it’s all about incorporating the right textiles. Here, you’ll want to opt for upholstered furniture over unupholstered seating, which tends to feel colder and less inviting. Then, pile on the accessories. A few well-placed throw pillows will go a long way here. If you live in a cooler climate, there’s no shame in including a throw blanket, as well.


Keep your breakfast nook a casual space. Image: Walker Architects

Stay casual and fun

Lastly, take the time to consider what aesthetic you’re going after in this space. Typically, breakfast nooks are more casual than formal. They’re spaces meant for a quick breakfast before work or school, an afternoon snack or an evening study session. Ideally, they should feel more fun than stuffy in order to encourage everyday use.

The two best ways to achieve this feel are through color and pattern. Take a note from the photo above and work these two design elements into your upholstery and accessories. Of course, you could also take things a step further and incorporate the wall into your design, as well. Consider adding a whimsical touch with a chalkboard wall or some patterned wallpaper.

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12 Times Acrylic Furniture Made All The Difference In A Room (And Why It Will Work In Your Interiors)

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Acrylic furniture, sometimes also known as lucite, has been around since the 70s. Yet, this look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The translucent material has what it takes to stand the test of time and still look the part of today’s modern interiors.

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling. We put together some design inspiration on how to pull this look off in your own space. By the end of this post, you, too, will be on Team Acrylic.


We’ll explain a little bit about why acrylic pieces are here to stay. Image: Portal Design Inc

Why it works

When working with any interior, you need to consider visual weight. Visual weight refers to the measure of force an object has on the eye, otherwise known as a measure of how heavy an object looks. Successfully pulling this off in a room is all about making sure that the visual weight is in balance.

Acrylic or lucite furniture is a great equalizer when it comes to achieving this goal. Since the furniture is literally see-through, it adds very little visual weight to the room, leaving plenty of opportunities for your other design elements to shine. Yet, at the same time, it adds a level of function to the room.

These pieces also pack a punch aesthetically. Their sleek lines and sharp edges lend themselves well to a modern look.

Convinced yet? Take a look at this acrylic inspiration


If you feel the need to ground your acrylic pieces to keep them from seeming too light, don’t be afraid to use textiles like seat covers or pillows. Image: cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

bar stools

Bar stools are a great addition to any kitchen island, but they can appear very bulky. Consider using acrylic versions to help them blend in with the rest of the space. Image: Michael Morris – Residential Project Advisory, Red Rock Development

Don’t think your acrylic furniture has to be simply-shaped or borderline boring. This material can be made into any shape or size your heart desires. Image: Raegan Ford Interior Design


If you want to create the illusion of more space without giving up a piece’s sense of presence, try opting for items with acrylic legs and solid seating. Image: Ann Lowengart Interiors


Alternatively, you can flip the script and have acrylic seating with solid legs. Image: Zehana Interiors


There is a way to get acrylic furniture to stand out. Make it the focal point of the room by only using one item in this material. Image: Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

Acrylic furniture is a natural fit for small dining spaces like the one pictured above. You can have a full set of chairs without adding much visual weight to the space at all. Image: Hilary Mac Interiors


You can use acrylic furniture to add a cool factor to your workspace. It doesn’t get much better than a see-through desk. Image: Maria Causey Interior Design

coffee table

If you’re working with a crowded room like the one pictured above, acrylic furniture can help you add function without bringing much more visual weight into the space. Image: Stephani Buchman Photography

bar cart

Occasional-use items like bar carts are a natural fit to be done in acrylic because they’re there when you need them and nearly out of sight when you don’t. Image: Rikki Snyder


Surfaces like coffee tables and side tables work especially well in acrylic. Image: Mina Brinkey

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Fall Head Over Heels for These 16 Headboards

Your bedroom is probably the room in your home that your guests see the least. That doesn’t mean it should be ignored, though. You spend a good part of your day in your bedroom, and you want to be able to wow the occasional guest who walks through. Fortunately, a single addition to your room can completely transform it. It’s time to start shopping headboards.

Adding an interesting headboard creates a focal point in your bedroom. A noteworthy headboard backing your bed is a multifunctional piece. It’s an interesting piece of furniture, it essentially doubles as art and it sets the tone for your room’s design. And your options for headboards are pretty much endless. Here are just a handful of ideas to get you started.

Geometric headboards

If you want to add a layer of visual interest to your bedroom, look no further than a geometric headboard. Different patterns, layers and textures draw the eye while also creating a canvas against which all other elements of the room can play.

geometric headboards 1

Geometric cutouts add depth and draw the eye to your headboard. Image: Belle Imaging

geometric headboards 2

A geometric headboard doesn’t have to look busy. A clean, white pattern adds texture without taking over the space. Image: Twinkle and Whistle

geometric headboards 3

You can use a geometric design to make your bedroom feel larger. Image: DVEKATI

geometric headboards 4

If you’re looking for a quirky, colorful touch in your bedroom, a geometric headboard can deliver. Image: Ensoul Ltd

Headboards with added height

Larger-than-life headboards define a room, adding a distinguished air and giving the entire space the sense that it’s been well-planned. If you want to make your bedroom look polished without having to buy an entire set of furniture and decor, a sky-high headboard is just the thing.

tall headboards 1

A headboard extending all the way to the ceiling gives your bedroom definition. Image: Morgante Wilson Architects

tall headboards 2

A tall, angled headboard draws the eye up and makes the space feel structured but open. Image: Castro Design Studio

tall headboards 3

Converting an entire section of wall into a headboard gives a luxe feel. Image: Elms Interior Design

tall headboards 4

Adding interesting touches, like this nailhead trim, helps a tall headboard make an even bigger splash. Image: Tamara Hubinsky Interiors

Headboards with extra width

If adding a tall headboard draws the eye up and makes a room feel open, adding a wide one makes it feel stable and established. And in a room where you go to rest and recuperate, a feeling of groundedness is key. If you’re looking to drop anchor with your bed, check out these wide headboards.

wide headboards 1

An extra-wide headboard can serve as the foundation for your bed – and a gallery wall. Image: Esther Hershcovich

wide headboards 2

Even if you already have a headboard you love, you can add a wide layer behind it to define your bed area. Image: Stephens Design Group, Inc.

wide headboards 3

A wide headboard is a prime spot for mounted lighting and art. Image: Billinkoff Architecture

wide headboards 4

Your wide headboard can wrap behind your nightstands, helping them feel rooted in the space. Image: Yiangou Architects

Headboards with storage

If you’re going to go all out with your headboard, why not make it do double-duty? A headboard with built-in storage can help you corral the items that inevitably collect on your nightstand, give a home to extra bedding or even create a place for you to showcase art. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

headboards with storage 1

Built-in nightstands with shelves and drawers give you the chance to show off what you want but hide what you don’t. Image: Sims Hilditch

headboards with storage 2

Headboard in the front, linen closet in the back, this furniture piece pulls its own weight. Image: Andra Birkerts Design

headboards with storage 3

Who says you can’t have both? A more traditional headboard blends with a shelf for highlighting your favorite pieces. Image: Hannotte Interiors

headboards with storage 4

This layered headboard incorporates nightstands while anchoring the semi-floating bed in the room. Image: Lori Dennis

And all of this is just to get you started. Because your headboard can be the focal point of your bedroom, you’ve got wide creative berth with which to play. Choose the right headboard and you’ve made it easy to design your entire room. Looking for more inspiration? We’ve gathered up even more headboard ideas for you. Happy hunting!

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The Best in Skeleton Decor for an Awesome Halloween

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If you’re decorating for Halloween, chances are you’re thinking of using skeleton decor. Skeletons just go with Halloween. However, there’s an art to using skeletons in your Halloween decorations. Done right, they can look creative, truly spooky and even classy. Done wrong, you end up with a tacky plastic skeleton haphazardly hung from a tree or thrown into a chair. Even worse, you could end up with one of the lame 2D cardboard skeletons. Below are some ideas for using skeleton decor in your Halloween decorations that will take your home to the next level this season.

Skeleton Décor Multicolor Design

Get a different multicolored look with this shimmery design. Image: Grandin Road

Iridescent skeleton

New this season from Grandin Road is this iridescent skeleton. Gone are the days of having to find a cheap-looking white skeleton to throw into a chair. The shimmering, multicolor design gives it a truly supernatural feel. It also makes it look more artistic, and the metallic finish makes it look more upscale.

It would work great placed into a chair, as the photo above shows. ItHe stands over five feet tall, making a good go at looking like a real, life-sized scare. You could also hang it so it looks like the skeleton is floating. It comes fully hinged for easy posing, so you could prop it standing against something. Dress it up or give it something to hold for added fun.

Skeleton Décor Jazz Time Dolls

Group your collectibles for a subtle way to use skeletons in your decor. Image: Grandin Road

Skeleton dolls

Another idea for incorporating skeletons is to work with dolls. An example is the Jazz Time skeletons from Grandin Road. This set is a handmade design from Mark Roberts. Designs like these can make fun collectibles you can display around Halloween year after year.

Because of the creative wardrobe, they make a fun, artistic addition to your home’s seasonal decor. They could work as an overall haunted theme. Or you could place them out on the mantel or other display areas as a fun, subtle addition this Halloween. A wonderful aspect of these pieces is the versatility of the design.

Skeleton Décor Black Skull

Skulls can look chic, too. Image: Target

Skeleton chic

Decorating with skulls is a classic way to get into the Halloween spirit using skeleton decor. And a great way to go upscale with that idea is this black skull with jewels on it, part of Target’s Dark Wonder Decor Collection. This is a line of indoor decorations that focuses on bringing the chic to Halloween decor. It features a darkly elegant style that’s easy to layer in your home.

And like any Halloween decor collection worth its salt, it features tons of skeleton decor items. There are skull wall hangings, a variety of skull statues and even a life-sized poseable skeleton that would look great dressed up in some gothic attire.

Skeleton Décor Plush Skull with Cat

Go plush for a cute take on using skeleton decor. Image: Target

The Hallow’s Eve Collection

Another idea for decorating with skeletons is to go cute and plush. You don’t have to always go for frights. A cuter, softer look can be great with fun Halloween styles. The piece is part of Target’s Hallows Eve Decor Collection. This line is more in the rustic chic and traditional vein. It’s a great option if you’re decorating a country style home or just looking for items that are on the cute side of things. In this collection, you’ll find adorable plush figures, a cute witch doll and classy painted pumpkins, to name a few items.

Skeleton Décor Climbing Spook

Simulate an invasion by creepy undead monsters. Image: Wayfair

Skeleton decor featuring creative placement

Here’s another fun idea for skeleton decor if you’re going for the spooky or scary side of Halloween. This skeleton is made to look like it’s climbing the walls. And the way it peers over its shoulder at people is delightfully unnerving.

This item would be great on fences or on the front door to greet trick-or-treaters. Or place it inside as part of a haunted house theme. It’s a neat way to make it look like your home is being invaded by the living dead, no matter where you choose to place it.

Skeleton Décor Realistic Painting

Anatomical paintings are an upscale way to use skeletons in your Halloween decor. Image: Anna Burles

Going artistic

You can also work skeletons into your Halloween decorating by using realistic anatomy paintings. You’ll want to look for something that’s highly realistic in the way the skeleton is depicted, like in the photo above. If it looks like it’s on parchment, all the better. That way, it appears that the skeleton drawing is out of an old anatomy book. Bonus points for subtle scientific labeling of the parts of the skeleton.

This idea allows you to use skeletons in your decor while looking artsy, scientific and classy. A neat way to use it in Halloween decor would be to go for a mad scientist party theme. You could have a skeleton painting hanging with some Frankenstein’s-monster-themed decor and faux mad scientist lab equipment. (For more ideas, check out our other tips for throwing Halloween parties.)

Are skeletons your go-to Halloween decor item, as they are for many people? What are some of the ways you’ve used them in the past?

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Benefit Cosmetics And PBTeen Have Teamed Up To Bring You The Home Decor Collection Of Your Girly-Glam Fantasies

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Get ready to say goodbye to your allowance – or paycheck – because two titan teen brands have teamed up to deliver you the home decor collection of your girly-glam fantasies. This collaboration between Benefit Cosmetics and PBTeen is unapologetically feminine and totally on-trend. Its beauty-inspired decor delivers plenty of rose gold with a little bit of a 70s art deco vibe. Trust us when we say you won’t be able to get enough.

The whole collection is utterly swoon-worthy, in the best way possible.

Does it get any more glamorous than this? Image: PBTeen

“The Benefit x PBteen Collection is mod with a nod to the 1970s! It’s inspired by the luxe glam rock aesthetics of the era with opposite forces fusing together in surprising ways,” said Shannon Clemence, Senior Vice President of Global Creative Services at Benefit Cosmetics.

If you like one item in this collection, you’re going to want them all. But, before you start making your wishlist, keep scrolling. We’ve picked out our top 10 favorite pieces from the Benefit Cosmetics and PBTeen line that we know you’ll love, too.

1. Benefit Gorgeous Pillow Case, $79 

Talk about getting your beauty sleep. This makeup-inspired pillowcase will ensure you wake up feeling – and looking – ready to take on the day.

If you love this look, you’ll also love their Benefit Face Framed Art, 18″x24″.

2. Benefit Hello Gorgeous Framed Art, 18″x24″, $99

Every day should start and end with a little positivity. This wall art makes sure you never have to look far to see how beautiful you really are.

3. Mongolian Fur Pillow Cover, $35 – $60

Who needs boring throw pillows when you can have these instead? They look plush, soft and utterly perfect for rounding out a bedroom design. We might want one in every color.

4. Benefit Gorgeous Round Marquee Mirror, $249

We clearly get the 70s vibe from this lighted makeup mirror and we’re loving it. It’s a little bit glam, a little bit punk and completely fit to help you get ready for the day in style.

5. Benefit Gorgeous Glass Shelves, $199

Sometimes the simplest things are the best and these shelves are no exception. The clean lines and barely-there shelving will always let prized possessions take center stage.

6. Farrah Side Table, $199

Other side tables have nothing on this one. The combination of rose gold and glass gives this piece a touch of modern elegance.

7. Kinetic Chandelier, $249

Who doesn’t want a chandelier in their bedroom? The blush gold tones and geometric shape of this one ensure that it feels totally in-line with today’s styles.

8. Benefit Gorgeous Travel Vanity, $599

Perfect for the girl on the go, this lighted travel vanity ensures that you’ll always have your favorite products at arm’s reach, whether you’re at home or off on a grand adventure.

Pair it with the Benefit Gorgeous Vanity Chair.

9. Customize-It Project Metal A-Frame Desk, $939

Whether you’re catching up on paperwork or homework, this minimalist, A-frame desk has everything you need to be the boss of your own space.

10. Avalon Channel Stitch Daybed, $1,299 – $1,399

Is there anything chicer than a daybed? While this one might be a luxurious purchase, it’s guaranteed to be the statement piece that takes your design to the next level.

Like what you see? You can view the entire 20-piece collection from Benefit Cosmetics and PBTeen here.

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Top Designer Tips to Style Your Nightstand

Style your nightstand tips

Style your nightstand with pastel colors and mid-century modern inspiration. Image: Williams Sonoma Home

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Nightstands have a way of attracting clutter with everyday use. Is there really a way to organize the items we keep close at hand every night? We spoke with top interior designers to find out their favorite ways of maximizing this small surface while making it a stylish focal point in the bedroom. Instead of using your nightstand as a catch-all, you can style it to be functional and attractive with these simple ideas:

Creative Nightstand styling

Use nightstands to express your unique creativity and taste. Image: Lisa Gilmore

Get creative with personal touches

Interior designer Lisa Gilmore, known for her colorful and glamorous design, shares her out-of-the-box tips to style your nightstand in unique ways:

  • Books: Choose some pretty books — it can be color, font or subject that attracts you — and make a neat little stack.
  • Table lamp: Have fun with your table lamp. It can be an artistic piece or something that complements the whole room nicely. Make sure that the scale is appropriate for the space you have.
  • Personal touches: Add something a little whimsical or sentimental. Those little pieces make a nightstand go from boring to perfectly styled!
neutral bedroom nightstands

Well-styled nightstands complement a neutral bedroom. Image: Mark Cutler Design

Style with technology in mind

Los Angeles-based interior designer Mark Cutler offers practical tips for incorporating your tech needs while styling a beautiful nightstand: “I think the first rule of thumb is to start with what you need. Are you a tech person with a bunch of remotes? Then find a beautiful box to store them in.” 

How we use our nightstands should also determine how we style them. “Another thing to consider is: What do you want to see first thing in the morning?” Cutler says. “A framed picture of your family? An alarm clock? Or maybe just glorious open space? Try to make the nightstand a reflection of you. As a general rule, my nightstand always has a decanter of water, a cool retro alarm clock, a book or two, a vase with fresh flowers from my garden and a tall table lamp.”

Pottery Barn Nightstand

Rustic meets industrial in Pottery Barn’s Juno Nightstand. Image: Pottery Barn

Consider functionality

Margaret Ash, a leading San Francisco-based interior designer, offers a formula for styling your nightstand to create the bedroom of your dreams:

  • Design: It’s important to start with a good foundation — the nightstand itself! Choose a nightstand with a drawer and/or lower shelf so you can hide the clutter and stack your books, magazines and iPad underneath.
  • Lighting: Lighting in a bedroom is key, as you want to create a warm and gentle ambiance to set a calm environment for bedtime. Choose a lamp that doesn’t take up the entire nightstand. If your nightstands are small, opt for a sconce mounted on the wall above the nightstand so you have more surface area for styling and storing the essentials.
  • Mirrors: If your room is small, a mirror mounted on the wall behind the nightstand can make the room feel bigger.
  • Ring holder or jewelry box: A box or small plate to hold your ring, watch and trinkets is important to help keep your bedside table organized.
  • Family photos: Having one professional photograph of a special milestone like a wedding or newborn photo is a nice way to remember the important people in your life. Make sure the frame doesn’t overpower the picture. Sterling silver frames or gold leaf frames are always best.
West Elm styled nightstand

Natural materials and clean lines enhance the feng shui energy of this simple nightstand from West Elm. Image: West Elm

Incorporate feng shui

Feng shui principals promote balance and positive energy in any bedroom. Feng shui expert Patricia Lohan claims that “the bedroom needs to represent rest, romance and relaxation.” When it comes to a nightstand, she says that equilibrium and balance is key. “For relationships, we want harmony and balance, so both sides of the bed need to be treated equally.”

To create a peaceful sleeping space, Patricia recommends incorporating solid wooden nightstands, soft-toned lamps and uplifting books. If you want to go even further, try placing a picture frame or object with inspirational quotes on your nightstand.

Above all, Patricia suggests keeping your nightstand uncluttered. Having too many items beside your bed may affect your sleep.

West Elm Nightstand

This simple and stunning piece from West Elm is the perfect match for a neutral bedroom. Image: West Elm

Avoid clutter

For some bedrooms, the best approach to a nightstand is simplicity. This helps keep the space relaxing. The Ida York Design Group agrees — here are their five simple tips for the perfect bedside space:

  • Keep it simple: Clutter has a way of stressing us out. Make sure your nightstand has built-in storage for all of your bedside accessories. Leave the top for essential accessories like a clock, lamp, phone, etc.
  • Add a plant: Plants are continuously evolving accessories that you can customize over time. Not only do they look great, but they also create better air quality.
  • Be consistent: Bed frames and nightstands are an investment. Make sure they all match in style and color so your space feels visually consistent.
  • Refresh your look: A quick and inexpensive way to style an outdated nightstand is to add contact paper to the top. Contact paper comes in many colors and textures, allowing for endless possibilities.
  • Mix and match: Use the same color while mixing different shades, patterns and textures throughout your nightstand accessories.

A nightstand doesn’t have to be an afterthought in your bedroom; with careful planning and a few intimate touches, it is a great instrument for bringing serenity to your sleeping quarters. Which items are must-haves on your nightstand?

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Past the Pumpkin: 5 Ways to Decorate with Produce This Fall

One of the best things about the fall season is gathering with loved ones as the weather cools. You share stories, glasses of wine and mugs of cider. It’s a cozy time of camaraderie. At least, that’s the idea. If you’re the one hosting, fall get-togethers can be a little stressful. The daunting task of decorating for the holidays is just around the corner. Are you supposed to double your work (and storage needs) by having a full lineup of fall decor, too? Fortunately, you can decorate with produce to get the right look and make cleanup simpler.

People have used pumpkins to give their homes an autumnal aesthetic for decades. But you might be ready to switch it up. To help, we’ve gathered five different ways to decorate with produce this fall. Bonus: you can toss it all into a recipe, your compost or the trash when you’re done. No additional storage space needed!

decorate with produce

Butternut squashes can be quickly converted into rustic, seasonal vases. Image: HGTV

Butternut squash

Why use a traditional vase at your table when you can use a seasonal produce item instead? Cut the top off a butternut squash and hollow it out. You have a perfect vase for fall flowers. Chrysanthemums, dahlias and daisies in oranges, reds and yellows add to the seasonal feel. You can even use kale as filler in your arrangements to lean on produce that’s in season at the moment. Arrange several squashes of different heights together for a memorable fall centerpiece.

decorate with produce - corn

Corn stalks can help you establish a fall feel from the moment guests approach your home. Image: Rikki Snyder


If you’re looking for a high-impact way to make your front door look ready for the season, corn stalks are just the thing. Their height draws the eye and their rustic aesthetic makes your home look harvest-ready. And your options for decorating with corn don’t stop there.

Arrange corn in a circle and mount it on your door for a seasonal wreath. Gather a few colorful ears together with a fall-colored ribbon and attach them anywhere you want a touch of fall. You can also string them together with a long piece of twine and use it as a garland over your mantel or behind your dining room table.

decorate with produce - apples

Give your table an upgrade with a simple-to-create apple topiary. Image: HGTV


Are you looking to add a sculptural element to your table before hosting dinner this fall? HGTV has a brilliant DIY idea for you. Using a topiary ball, a bunch of small apples and some greenery, you can create a beautiful topiary centerpiece. Just skewer the apples to the topiary ball, fill in the gaps with greenery and voilà! You’re ready to wow your guests at dinner.

Or, if you want a versatile way to fill empty space on a coffee table, console table or anywhere else, make some small tea light holders. Hollow out a basin in the top of a few apples and set tea lights into each of them. Arrange them in a bunch to add some ambiance and a fall feel.

floating pool decorations for wedding Best of Floating candles with cranberries

The vibrant red of cranberries is ideal for fall but transitions easily to winter, too. Image: Bright Wedding Ideas


If you want to add some seasonal decor that can seamlessly move from fall to winter, cranberries are a perfect choice. Plus, their small size and vibrant color make them equal parts easy to decorate with and visually interesting. A favorite (and easy) way to utilize them is in candle holders. Arrange them around the base of a pillar candle in a large, clear vase or float some in a vase and add a candle to bob on top. To move the look from fall to winter, add sprigs of evergreen as the weather gets colder.

If you want to add a splash of color across a mantel or on a wall, string cranberries together and hang them as a garland.

decorate with produce - acorn squash

The humble acorn squash can get a quick and easy DIY upgrade. Image: Inspired by Charm

Acorn squash

If you love the look of pumpkin but want a way to spice it up this year, pick up a few acorn squashes. They come in a variety of colors, much like pumpkins, but their interesting shape can freshen your seasonal decor. You can decorate with the produce as-is, or you can dress it up a big with this simple DIY from Inspired by Charm. All you need is your squash, some thick twine and a hot glue gun. Wrap the twine along the top of the squash to emulate the cap of an acorn. Arrange these decorations on your mantel or on your Thanksgiving table for some autumnal charm.

More ways to decorate with produce

Late-season pears (especially the red variety) and figs are also beautiful additions to a fall tablescape. And, of course, you can intersperse some pumpkins to give things a signature seasonal feel.

Have you been inspired by any items found in the produce aisle? Let us know your favorite ways to decorate with produce in the comments.

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