Wayfair’s New Line, Greyleigh, Puts Fully Styled Rooms At Your Fingertips

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With the holidays fast approaching, is your home or apartment ready to impress your guests? If the answer is no, you’re gonna love Wayfair’s new line. Greyleigh is a collection of super-chic room settings that are fully styled from ceiling to floor. All you need to do is click on your favorite pieces and you’ll have an insta-fab home just in time for the holidays.

Here are six of our favorite rooms (and the pieces that make it all come together) from Wayfair’s Greyleigh collection:

Wayfair Greyleigh

This Rustic Dining Room by Greyleigh would work just as well in a small studio or loft as it would in a larger home. All images: Wayfair

A note about prices: We love showing you the prices of items we select. But Wayfair’s very competitive pricing means prices may vary day to day as they discount the items or run special sales. Clicking on the item will take you to the best price available at the time. Get it before it’s gone!

Shop the look:

greyleigh living room rustic

The modern Rustic Living Room Design is elegant yet relaxed and casual enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Shop the look:

modern 4 poster bed

A contemporary four-poster bed, part of the Greyleigh Rustic Bedroom Design Collection, features storage underneath to add function to smaller spaces.

Shop the look:

wayfair greyleigh

For a more formal look, go with a rectangular dining table and slipcovered dining chairs, like the ones in this Greyleigh Rustic Dining Room.

Shop the look:

Greyleigh Rustic Bedroom

A perfectly polished and tailored bedroom can be yours. All you need to do is paint your bedroom walls grey and wait for delivery of this Rustic Bedroom Design.

Shop the look:


Get work done stylishly by turning a spare guest room or home office space into this Greyleigh Rustic Office Design.

Shop the look:

In addition to this new brand, Greyleigh, Wayfair is also introducing a new subscription program called MyWay.  MyWay is a subscription-based membership program that grants members the following benefits:
1. Free Shipping on Everything (even orders under $49)
2. 25% off In-Home Services, such as assembly and installation, and upgraded delivery services like “Room of Choice” and “Full Service Delivery”
3. Exclusive Perks, including access to insider sales
4. Free 1-day Shipping on Thousands of Items

So before you shop any of the great products above you may want to consider the MyWay program, especially if you are a frequent Wayfair buyer!

Greyleigh is affordable, high-end and, best of all, put together for you by the experts. Your home can look like the inspirational pictures in no time. What room setting is your favorite?

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These Home Accents Featuring Botanical Prints Are Perfect For Fall – And Year Round

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If you’re not the type to decorate for fall using pumpkins and turkeys, you’re going to love this holiday decorating alternative. Your favorite retailers are currently stocking leaf print patterns and botanical prints that are modern and timeless. We’ve rounded up the best ones for you.

The following botanical prints will offer you plenty of bang for your buck. They can be styled to go on or around your Thanksgiving table and freshened up when the seasons change. It’s okay to skip the turkeys – decorate with leaves instead.

Accent Furniture And Decor Featuring Botanical Prints

Choose a stunning botanical pattern for an accent chair, ottoman, curtains, your area rug or any other furniture or decor item. For fall, accessorize the item with warm, earthy toned accessories like throw pillows or blankets in colors like rust, gold or olive green. Here are some leaf-print accent furniture and decor pieces in stores now:

best botanical prints

The Crate and Barrel Clara Swivel Accent Chair, $1400, is shown in a neutral grey, but also comes in a warm gold tone. To give this chair a holiday look, add a throw pillow in pumpkin-colored velvet.

best botanical prints
best botanical prints

Botanical Print Throw Pillows

A selection of leaf-print pillows in different sizes, patterns and colors can dress up your living room for fall.

Crate and Barrel styled their fall looks by layering neutral tones with hints of vivid green.

Tabletop Settings For Fall Using Everyday Botanical Prints

You can take an everyday leaf-print placemat or runner and transform it into a fall or holiday centerpiece by layering it with fall decor and tableware in holiday colors.

Crate And Barrel’s Autumn Leaves table runner, $70, dressed up for fall, with leaves and pinecones in golds and rusts sprinkled throughout the table.

Leaf Motif Wall Decor

Botanical-themed wall art is popular year round, but you can give it a fall look. Just add colored paper behind the metal sculptures or place a fall-themed floral arrangement near the art.

The Binet Set of 2 Wall Decor at AllModern, $80, can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Botanical prints add a fall feel to your home and bring a bit of the outdoors in. Layer the look into your existing decor to add texture, interest and depth to your rooms.

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Enjoy Sweet Dreams With These DIY Headboard Ideas

A headboard is one of the last things you see before you fall asleep and one of the first things you see when you wake up. Demonstrate your unique design style by creating your own. Below are some ideas and tips to get you started.

chalk headboard

Do you think the formula for sleep is on this London bedroom’s headboard? Image: Clifton Interiors Ltd

Chalk headboard

Create this look with a can of black chalkboard paint. Almost any type of wall – drywall, plaster, wood, brick or concrete – will work, as long is it is properly prepped. Chalkboard paint is easy to apply, dries fast and can be cleaned with soap and water. But you’re not limited to the color black – chalkboard paint comes in just about every color. If you don’t want to use paint, consider chalkboard contact paper – and yes, you can use chalk on it.

hockey headboard

An Edmonton hockey-themed room. Image: Cameron Homes

Hockey goal headboard

For the ultimate hockey fan, nothing beats a hockey goal headboard. Complete the scene with a team blanket and life-size decal of a favorite player. Peel and stick decals are easy to apply and available for most major sports. In addition to decals of players, fans can also get team logo decals.

wallpaper headboard

A simply elegant Dorset, England, bedroom uses wallpaper behind the bed. Image: Farrow & Ball

Wallpaper headboard

This Silvergate wallpaper from Farrow & Ball creates a simple yet elegant headboard. The wallpaper is applied directly to the wall. For such an intricate pattern, the company recommends sketching the left side of the headboard in pencil and then cutting it out to use as a template for the right side. This ensures that the two sides are symmetrical. Be sure to prep the wall by removing all dirt, filling any cracks and sanding the wall smooth.

wood headboard

This Sydney, Australia, bedroom is full of surprises. Image: Capital Building

Floating laminate floor headboard

This beautiful headboard is actually a floating laminate floor placed on the wall to mimic a recycled wood wall. While the front and sides of the wall are laminate flooring, the back is plasterboard. The two bedside tables and the faux fireplace are actually painted medium density fiberboards (MDF).

graffiti headboard

This Toronto bedroom is artistic and colorful. Image: Meghan Carter Design, Inc.

Graffiti headboard

Turn your headboard into a work of art. This graffiti design is certainly colorful and creative. For the graffiti look you can also spray paint text on faux brick wallpaper. Use solid vinyl unpasted wallpaper as it’s peelable and easily cleaned. Another idea is to use a large printed tapestry that can be hung on the wall or wrapped around a piece of wood or MDF.

dramatic headboard

This Orlando master bedroom is dramatic, yet relaxing. Image: Studio KW Photography

Frame molding headboard

To create this elegant look, cut molding to the desired size and then drill the pieces to the wall. Molding is available in wood, polystyrene (which is a hard plastic) and MDF. You can then paint the cut molding any color. Molding creates architectural detail and defines each area.

wrought iron headboard

This New York beach house is light and airy. Image: Serenity Design

Wrought iron headboard

Wrought iron headboards are beautiful – and expensive. However, you can find wrought iron railing at flea markets, online and at places that sell outdoor furniture and fences. Unlike some other types of headboard material, wrought iron is durable and easy to clean. While wrought iron is available in a variety of patterns, none of them are bulky, which is an advantage in small spaces.

map headboard

This Mumbai bedroom is stylish and exotic. Image: SAGA Design Architects

Global headboard

The floor-to-ceiling world map in this bedroom serves as the headboard and the focal piece. The map also pulls all of the colors in the room together (including the red pumps on the floor). This type of wall mural requires a smooth surface. In lieu of using a primer, flat latex paint is best for creating the right surface. You’ll also need to mix and apply paste to each panel before hanging.

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5 Updated Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for a Classy Look

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If you helped decorate your home for Thanksgiving as a child, there’s a good chance you remember decorating with a few key items: turkey napkins, Pilgrim-themed window clings and the turkey placemat made from an outline of your own hand. These can be seasonal mainstays in many homes. But if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal as an adult, odds are you want your home to look a little more trendy and chic. We’ve covered some updated Thanksgiving decor that will give your home a classier look and bring your Thanksgiving into the 21st century. The ideas below are fast and easy additions to the home so you can focus on all that cooking.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Throw Pillow

Look updated and classy with realistic art. Image: Wayfair

Artistic throw pillow

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate updated Thanksgiving decor, go for more realistic artistic pieces. An example is the turkey throw pillow from Wayfair in the photo above. Turkey decor can look a little silly and hokey at times, with smiling cartoon birds sporting Pilgrim hats. But this decor piece, with a realistic turkey, fits right into any classy fall decorating scheme.

It also goes to show that finding a realistic, classy throw pillow is one of the best ways to decorate for the holidays. They’re super easy to put out, and they instantly set the tone. The burlap texture of the pillow fits in with the harvest theme. You’d almost expect the pillow to be full of freshly harvested wheat.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Fall Bouquet

A classic bouquet adds instant charm to a space. Image: Wayfair

Fall-themed bouquet

Another classy way to decorate using updated Thanksgiving decor is to find a fall-themed bouquet. An example is the design in the photo above. The deep yellow, cream and red hues instantly set the fall color scheme.

A bouquet like this would be easy to place in the middle of a table as a centerpiece, on a mantel or just on an end table. There’s really nothing quite like a well-designed bouquet to give a room or table setting an instant feeling of class.

Keep it looking updated with a trendy, metal vase for the arrangement to sit in, like in the photo above. You can find this item at Wayfair.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Table Luminaries

Add an ambient glow with small luminaries at the table. Image: Sterling Renovations and Design

Luminary table setting

Luminaries make just about anything classy in an instant. They add soft, atmospheric lighting at the table, creating a subdued, adult ambiance. The table setting in the photo above makes great use of small bird luminaries. The bird theme makes them a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving dinner table.

They also fit well around the clear vase, illuminating the pumpkins, berries and fall foliage within. They cast a pretty light over the bright yellow flowers and red leaves. What’s more, placing luminaries on a reflective surface can add an extra dimension of light. And the high-gloss texture of the reflective surface makes the whole scene look more modern and updated. It’s an all-around great way to get festive lighting at your Thanksgiving table.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Tree Centerpiece

This metal sculpture encourages guest participation. Image: Wayfair

Tabletop sculpture for updated Thanksgiving decor

An easy way to use updated Thanksgiving decor is to go for a classy tabletop sculpture piece. They’re easy to order online and even easier to place around the home. An example is the tree sculpture from Wayfair in the photo above. The metal design makes the piece look both modern and classy.

What’s fun about an idea like this is that it allows your guests to participate in your decorations by writing what they’re grateful for on the leaves. You could place this next to the entryway and encourage people to write what they’re grateful for on the way in, or use it as a dinner game.

Updated Thanksgiving Décor Chrome Pieces

For an updated look, try high-gloss reflective textures. Image: Lisa’s Creative Designs

Shimmering textures

A great way to make something look modern and updated is to choose high-gloss chrome textures. These tend to give a feeling of sleek, modern sensibility. An example of using this idea in Thanksgiving decor is to buy a reflective pumpkin piece, like in the photo above.

To integrate the piece, try going for other chrome items, like the candlesticks next to the pumpkin. You can also get the same look using different colors, like the reflective orange pumpkin in the photo above. Reflective textures like the glass turkey take the look even further.

What are some of your favorite updated Thanksgiving decor items?

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9 New Paint Colors By Farrow And Ball

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Farrow & Ball has been the go-to paint purveyor for perfectly polished English interiors since 1930. The company is very selective about its colors, which consist of a tight collection that never goes above or below 132 paint colors.

They just introduced nine new colors during the London Design Festival that left designers and home enthusiasts excited about paint again. The nine new colors are the first released by the company since 2016. They’re perfectly on trend, yet also bound to be classic enough for the most traditional home. They are available at a showroom near you, or online.

farrow and ball paints

The new Farrow & Ball colors all flow well together to create a color palette that can be used throughout the house cohesively. All images: Farrow & Ball

Here are the nine new paint colors by Farrow and Ball

1. Treron No. 292

Treron No. 292 is a darker, richer version of one of Farrow & Ball’s best selling colors: Pigeon. It’s one of two greens introduced. The new deep olive shade works well in nearly any design style where you want to update the space and also create a more intimate setting.

farrow and ball treron

The grey-green shade adds contrast to a crisp, white farmhouse-style kitchen. It also works well with cool tones like whites, blues and greys.

2. Sulking Room Pink No. 295

Sulking Room Pink No. 295 is a grown-up pink. Earthy and muted, the rose shade pairs well with ivories as well as warm wood tones.

farrow and ball sulking room pink

The dreamy, romantic pink would be a good addition to a bedroom, reading nook or bathroom.

3. De Nimes No. 299

The name and shade derive from the everyday work fabric made in the French city of Nimes. According to Farrow & Ball, De Nimes No. 299 is, “Like denim, its blue hue is ultimately fashionable and yet always feels grounded.”

farrow and ball paints denimes blue

The grounding shade of blue adds a zen feeling to any space. It’s a great paint tone for kitchen cabinets or in a master bathroom.

4. School House White No. 291

When a basic white looks cold and ordinary, choose the new School House White No. 291. It’s the lightest color of the introductions and is inspired by what white would look like after many years in an old school house.

school house white farrow and ball

The soft white shade is perfect for refreshing wood paneling. For a soothing, monochromatic effect, use various tones of the white hue in furniture, surfaces and textiles.

5. Bancha No. 298

A very modern green, Bancha No. 298 flows well with mid-century modern furniture. The serene green complements warm, natural wood tones. According to Farrow & Ball: “Named after Japanese tea leaves, Bancha, like a cup of green tea, provides a feeling of security.”

Bancha Farrow & Ball

A dramatic focal wall painted in the new green adds to the mid-century modern design of this kitchen interior.

6. Preference Red No. 297

Preference Red No. 297 is sure to be one of the company’s most beloved colors. Farrow and Ball also seem to think so – they named the deep red after the company’s original name, Preference Paints.

Farrow and Ball Preference Red

Designed to pair well with the new colors, Farrow and Ball says this red is, “striking when seen in combination with Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink.”

7. Paean Black No. 294

Paean Black No. 294 is a hybrid of deep indigo, ink and black with red undertones to create a rich, violet tone. Although Georgian-inspired to work with the most traditional rooms, the deep color can also be very contemporary.

paean black farrow and ball paints

A bathroom is partially painted in Paean Black No. 294 in order to add warmth and intimacy to the white design. Lavender and grey accents also work well with the color.

8. Jitney No. 293

Here’s a coastal-chic color that can freshen up a space. Jitney No. 293 may be muted, but the shade, according to Farrow & Ball, “is meant to evoke lazy days by the sea, hence being named after the bus that whisks New Yorkers to the similarly colored sandy beaches of the Hamptons.”

Jitney Farrow and Ball new color

The neutral, sand-inspired color is saturated enough to add depth to a room. Similar to a light mocha shade, you can layer various neutrals of browns, ivories and greys together for a modern look.

9. Rangwali No. 296

Rangwali No. 296 is the most daring of the nine new Farrow and Ball shades. Named after the bright powder thrown during the Holi festival of colors in India, its depth comes from the addition of a small amount of black pigment.

farrow and ball new paints

Add a tropical touch to your setting by painting a wall in Rangwali No. 296. Pair the color with bright yellow and orange accents and decor for a summer vibe.

Farrow & Ball’s paints are all earth friendly and low-odor. Love their highly fashionable paint colors? You can also order Farrow & Ball paints at Anthropologie. Let us know which new paint color is your favorite.

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The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Reveals What’s Trending

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) tracks yearly trends through its Best in American Living award winners and its Design Trends Roundtable. Alexandra Isham, Program Manager for Design at the NAHB, let Freshome in on some of the trends the organization has observed.

The lines are blurring between commercial and residential applications.

industrial features

Industrial features add to the beauty of this Seattle home. Image: Laurence Architecture

Materials are being used interchangeably in commercial and residential products, according to Isham. “A couple of examples include metal and wire railing systems in single-family houses, even ones with more traditional details where we would normally expect wood,” she says. “Another example is exposed metal beams, even in smaller cottages, that are tastefully incorporated.”

Isham explains that these are the kinds of details normally seen in trendy retail settings and other types of commercial spaces.

Mid-century modern takes a back seat.

Mid-century modern

This San Francisco kitchen combines form and function. Image: Fiorella Design

Transitional design blends traditional and contemporary architecture – and we’re seeing more of it. It’s also known as trans-contemporary, and incorporates aesthetics and function. “There should be a rhyme and reason to the shapes, as opposed to just being ‘modern,’’’ Isham says of transitional design. The NAHB has also noticed that there’s less of a focus on mid-century modern.

Less is more.

Less is more

Clean, simple style in a Chicago bathroom. Image: Bigane Construction Company

Clean and simple lines and detailing are in. However, Isham says that homebuyers still like traditional details. Another trend on the outs: rounded corners on drywall are becoming less popular.

Open floor plans gain definition.

Open floor plans

There are clearly-defined areas in this open concept floor plan. Image: Arthur Dyson Architects

While open floor plans are still the most popular choice among homebuyers, they want more definition between the spaces. “This can be achieved by altering ceiling heights or adding ceiling details like finishes or lighting, columns, a change in flooring type or direction, etc.,” Isham says.

“The beauty of open plans is that they can respond to the site conditions and needs and wants of the buyer.” For example, she says a living/family room can be placed at the front or the rear of a home. “Our members are also increasingly asked to include flex spaces in their plans that can be quickly converted to an office, extra seating, a craft room, a playroom, etc.”

Open floor plan2

This Austin home also has a clearly defined open floor plan. Image: Triton Austin

Isham says ceiling treatments are also being used to define spaces. “Another way to define separate areas is by using lighting, especially pendant light fixtures,” she says.

Formal dining rooms return.

Formal dining room

Surely this beautiful Manhattan dining room makes the food taste even better. Image: Robert Kaner Interior Design

Opinions are mixed on formal living rooms. However, Isham says formal dining rooms are making a comeback for two reasons. First, weekend chefs love to cook and entertain friends and family members. Secondly, large families and multigenerational families living in the same house are fueling the rising popularity of formal dining rooms.

Other trends.

Other trends

Wood and metal – always a good combination. Image: Ballantyne Design Associates

Isham is seeing more metal and wood on home exteriors, and shades of beige are also popular. “However, I don’t think that there is any one façade that defines single-family housing in the US – the regions, buyers and design aesthetics are so diverse that there’s really something for everyone.” Mixed materials are trending, but she says there are also a lot of traditional designs.  “Board and batten is very popular in some parts of the country, stone and wood in others.”


Shiplap reigns in this lakefront country estate in Greenville, SC. Image: Markalunas Architecture Group

“We’re seeing shiplap everywhere,” Isham says. “More detailed and unique tile patterns are also trending, from adding more interest to a kitchen backsplash to incorporating interesting geometry on a bathroom floor.”

Among flooring options, she says luxury plank vinyl is extremely trendy and wood remains a popular choice.

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Decorating With Olive Green: 30 Ideas For Fall And Beyond

Olive green is on-trend – and it appears it will be one of the topmost stylish colors for the next few years. It varies greatly in hue and saturation from cool to warm tones, giving you plenty of flexibility when decorating with olive green. Also known as cargo, sage and even chartreuse, the color is quite versatile. It’s the perfect shade to add to your living space this fall.

Here are some beautiful interiors to inspire you to try decorating with olive green. Update your space with olive to add a warm, modern fall feel to your home.

Add Olive Green Window Treatments

When decorating with olive green around your windows, go with a richer, bolder shade or pattern since you’ll only be seeing a small area of the curtain.

decorating with olive green

A floral setting featuring violet-colored flowers ties in the elegant olive silk curtains. Image: Scott Weston Architecture

decorating with olive green

A cool, grey neutral bedroom goes seasonal with a bright olive color featured on the windows, headboard and throw pillows. Image: Shake The Sky Interior Design

Add Accent Furniture In Olive Green For Fall

The olive tone works well with nearly any color and manages to warm up a room for fall. If you’re not ready to commit to an olive green sofa permanently, add an olive-colored slipcover to your dining chairs, sofa or ottoman to bring the tone in when you’re in the mood.

decorating with olive green

The striking leather chairs in this contemporary dining room add a warm, fall vibe to the space. Image: Mendelson Group

The olive-colored sofas flow well with the natural beiges, greys and splashes of orange in this modern living room. Image: Stressless Sofas

decorating with olive green and sage

A patterned olive textile is used in the curtains and draped over the headboard. The chaise in the room is covered in an olive green slipcover. Image: DeFrances and Associates

Dress Up Your Dining Room Table With Olive This Fall

The color olive works very well with other traditional fall tones like reds, oranges and golds. Add a touch of olive to your dining room or table to modernize your current space.

decorating with green

Small olive-colored details like seat cushions, napkins and glasses add a touch of fall to this table setting. Image: Robertson Lindsay

decorating with sage and olive green decor

An open living space features a monochromatic color theme with olive green textiles, tableware and upholstery. Image: Susan Venn

decorating with olive green

Olive green is an excellent color accent when you’re working with warm neutrals like ivory, beige and white. Image: McAlpine House

Paint A Focal Wall Olive Green

For a fast, bold way to add your favorite olive green tone to your home, paint a single wall in olive. Don’t forget to accessorize the room with the focal color to pull the look together.

decorating with green

This bedroom wall is painted in a rich, saturated olive color. The throw blanket ties in the focal wall color with the bed. Image: Kennedy Design Group

The small stripe created by painting the TV wall in a rich olive creates a bold focal point in the den. Image: Elad Gonen

decorating with olive green

A rich olive wall is combined with Scandinavian-style blond wood furniture and touches of warm rust, as shown on the seat cushions. Image: Snell David

Or Paint The Whole Room In Olive Green

Paint your room in a darker, more neutral tone of olive green or a light, cool version for a warm and peaceful setting. The color olive complements all wood tones and natural stone materials quite well, making decorating with olive green walls simple.

decorating with olive green paints

Change out the boring white walls in your living room and warm up the space for the colder days of the year with a rich olive green tone. Image: Brett Weber Architects

decorating with sage

A lighter, cooler olive tone creates a peaceful, airy bedroom environment. Image: Richman Interiors

Wallpaper A Wall With A Pattern Featuring Olive

Add life to your walls (and room) with a textured or patterned wallpaper featuring olive. The latest wallpapers are easy to clean and easy to remove if you rent.

decorating with green

A Nordic-style home features a fun, graphic wallpaper pattern in shades of olive and sage. Image: Brewster Wallcovering

You’ll find a great variety of botanical print wallpapers in olive green that would accent your room. Image: Richman Interiors

decorating with olive green

The rich olive wallpaper adds texture and depth to the headboard wall of this olive-themed master bedroom. Image: Jigsaw Interior Design

Pair Olive Green With Other Warm Fall Tones

Rust, terracotta, pumpkin and orange are natural partners to the color olive. Other warm fall tones that look great with the green include golds and reds like wines and burgundies.

sage and olive paint colors

A kitchen featuring a striking copper backsplash was painted with a cool olive tone to add a strong design element to the room. Image: Fontana Art And Design

Terracotta and olive are both on-trend colors at the moment and work well together for fall. Image: Cream And Black

decorating with olive color paint

This room, featuring an olive focal wall, can be accessorized year round according to the season. For fall, the throw pillows were changed out to pumpkin spice and terracotta tones. Image: Magnolia

Decorating With Olive Green Accents

There are many ways you can accessorize with olive green, including wall art, throw pillows and blankets, vases and other objects. Add a few in your favorite olive green shade to a neutral room.

If you feel your room is a bit too neutral, add splashes of bright olive tones to liven up the space. Image: AMW Design Group

decorating with green

When decorating with olive green, don’t be afraid to layer variations of the color, as shown here. You’ll notice designers added light sage, chartreuse and deep olive to this modern open living room. Image: Annette English

This restful bedroom was painted in a pale olive pastel and accessorized with olive accents like an ottoman and throw pillows. Image: Cyndi Parker Interiors

Add An Olive Green Rug To Your Room Setting

The walls are often the go-to place to add an accent color. But beyond the walls, your floors offer lots of square footage ready to be personalized. An area rug in olive green could be the perfect way to add the color to your room for fall.

decorating with green

A floral botanical wallpaper brings the outdoors in. So does the coordinating olive area rug. Image: Douglas Graneto Design

The chair and area rug add the fashion-forward color to the room, as well as the feeling of an expansive space that flows out into the outdoors. Image: Katie Leede & Co.

For A Fresh Look, Pair Olive Green With Yellow Or Turquoise

The 60s and 70s are hot in home decor. Which means you’ll see a lot of combinations of vintage colors (even for fall and the holidays) that add a smile to your face, like olive and bright yellow or olive and turquoise.

A kids’ bedroom featuring bright yellow, turquoise and olive is fresh and cheerful. Image: Amy Lau Design

Olive green works very well with aqua, teals and gold, as you can see by the pale olive wool throw blanket in this bedroom. Image: High Fashion Home

A vibrant, modern living room in olives, teals and turquoise. Image: Markatos Design

Greens repeat throughout the room with turquoise as the accent color. Image: James Rixner

This modern bedroom has a 70s vibe featuring olive and bright yellow textiles. White accents provide contrast against the deep olive grasscloth wallpaper. Image: Amy Lau Design

Are you attracted to the more vibrant, invigorating shade of olive? Or do you like the soft, restful cooler tone of olive green? If you love them both, mix and match the popular color in your home.

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Clever Ways to Hide an Ugly HVAC Unit

Hidden HVAC

Find ways to blend your air conditioner into your home’s exterior design. Image: New Eco Landscapes

Don’t let an unsightly HVAC unit or pool pump ruin your home’s outdoor aesthetic. There are plenty of great materials and ideas available to help your air conditioner blend in with the rest of your home. While we like to think design first, your HVAC system needs to be clear of leaves and debris and placed far enough away from any obstructions that could compromise airflow and efficiency. Your local HVAC specialist is your best bet for guidance on these issues.

Here are five options that can help hide your air conditioner without sacrificing style.

wicker screen

This wicker screen enclosure by Suncast offers is an easy and attractive way to hide your HVAC unit. Image: Target


A charming wicker screen can give your backyard a cottage garden feel and keep your HVAC unit tucked out of sight. Flexible and versatile, you can arrange them in multiple ways to fit your home’s exterior. Most are also freestanding so you don’t need to attach it to another structure. The clean white lines make an eye-catching addition to any garden or backyard.


Hedges or larger flowering plants can naturally mask your air conditioning unit. Image: Arrow Shop


One smart way to hide your HVAC unit is to use the greenery or shrubbery around your home. Taller plants, flowers or hedges offer a natural solution that not only disguises your air conditioner but also adds extra color and texture to the exterior of your home. If you don’t have a garden or shrubbery, faux ivy leaf netting can also mimic tall hedges. Keep in mind that you’ll need a fence to attach it to.

Wood Lattice

Wooden lattice panels use natural textures and colors to cover HVAC units. Image: Improvements Catalog

Lattice Panels

If you’re handy enough, pre-assembled panels might be perfect for your home. Natural wood materials, like cedar or fir, blend well into natural settings. You can also easily paint them to match your style. The design doesn’t have to be traditional lattice.  This will make your screen stand out — in a good way. Panels are sometimes sold individually, so you can order as many as you need to fit your space.

Outdoor privacy screen

An outdoor privacy screen lets you add color and a geometric design to your home’s exterior. Image: Dream Products

Privacy Screen

Geometric designs, like the horizontal stripes on this outdoor privacy screen, work perfectly in a modern outdoor living space. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from depending on your home and landscaping theme. The only snag is that you’ll need a fence or wooden structure to hang the plastic mesh screen on. It may work best as a decorative element on top of one of the other wooden screen options.


A bamboo screen can hide your air conditioner and fit perfectly with a zen garden themed space. Image: Great Lakes Landscape Design


A bamboo screen, or planting bamboo itself, is a visually interesting and design-forward way to cover your HVAC unit. Bamboo is ideal for outdoor spaces with a zen garden or tropical design. It pairs well with stone pathways, water installations and garden statues. When planting actual bamboo, however, know that it does grow quickly and can require more maintenance than other plants.

What are the best materials you’ve found for outdoor design or hiding an HVAC unit? Let us know in the comments.

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Cavern Clay: The Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year

Cavern Clay Dining Room

Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, warms up an inviting dining room. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019  Color of the Year

Cavern Clay is the Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year – and we are already falling in love with the possibilities. This unexpected, warm terracotta is a color chameleon with endless decorating opportunities. Cavern Clay looks like it fits with the heart of Southwestern decorating (which is making a comeback this year!). Paired with muted colors like blue, tan and even pink, the hues of the Painted Desert can be realized in your home’s decor.

Cavern Clay Living Room

Blue color accents balance the warmth of Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay. Image: Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay

“American Southwestern isn’t the only inspiration for Cavern Clay,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “We believe 2019 will be a renaissance of the 1970s — with a twist. In the coming year, we will embrace our pioneering spirits and artisan ingenuity. Our 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair.”

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay can be more than an accent wall color. Though muted, Cavern Clay is crisp enough for an entire room with the right lighting and accent colors. A rich terracotta paint color is the perfect palette for all types of wood and natural surfaces but, of course, you’ll want to sample it in your home before committing.

How to Use Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay In Your Home:

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay Accent Wall

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay is perfect as an accent wall color. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Cavern Clay

  • Cavern Clay is a classic front door color. This rich, warm hue is an awesome backdrop for a door wreath or porch decor.
  • If you’re not ready for Cavern Clay on every wall, your ceiling could be the perfect spot. Choose a room where a dramatic ceiling color can make a statement, like a foyer or dining room.
  • Don’t listen to the rumors that accent walls are out of style this year — they will always be in fashion, and Cavern Clay has the right amount of warmth and drama.
  • Your dining room is not the only gathering space that can handle a bold color; Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay can bring instant warmth and comfort to your kitchen.

Each year, Sherwin-Williams not only names a Color of the Year, but they also provide innovative color palettes that give inspiration for the coming year. (Cavern Clay is part of the Colormix Color Forecast for 2019, found in the Wanderer palette.) This stunning master palette is divided into six themes for 2019 — each with their own story:

The Shapeshifter Palette

Sherwin-Williams Shapeshifter palette

Soft colors create a relaxing living room color scheme. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter palette is the answer for all of us who love pastels but have yet to find a way to incorporate them into our homes. The subtle pastels of Shapeshifter are paired with anchoring colors to moderate the palette. This sweet color scheme is all about balance and creating a space that is truly “you.”

Sherwin-Williams says: “There are those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Visionary and creative, this palette reaches into the cosmos and returns with a whole universe of inspiration. Atmospheric wisps of colors, grounded by deep, dark blues, capture the unique space between technology and spirituality.”

The Wanderer Palette

Sherwin-Williams Wanderer Colormix Palette

The Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Wanderer color palette is rustic and relaxing. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Wanderer

The Wanderer color palette is a natural backdrop for all of your favorite treasures. Natural materials and artwork blend beautifully in this relaxing palette. Cavern Clay, the 2019 Color of the Year, can play a starring role on your walls, or as a perfect pop of warm color.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Some spirits can never be fenced in. They need to soak in the blue of endless horizon and the subtle earthy colors of the high plains and desert. Sun-washed and warm, this palette can be seen in the baked clay canyons, worn leather and woven wool blankets of the true New West.”

The Aficionado Palette

2019 Colormix Aficionado Palette

The Sherwin-Williams Aficionado palette is dramatic and welcoming. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Aficionado

The Aficionado palette signals a return to color. Neutral colors are still popular, but deep colors are joining them in many palettes today. The gorgeous smoky hue of Blue Charcoal or the rich Grandiose Gold are more than accent colors when you choose the right lighting and accessories.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Devotees of the best in life appreciate the well-worn, the bespoke and the rare. Like a bookcase of leather-bound classics, this polished palette evokes nostalgia and timeless tradition. With copper and gold anchored by merlot and deep, dark gray, these tailored tones make everything feel impeccable, tasteful and elegant.”

The Enthusiast Palette

Eclectic living room

The Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast palette is just the right mix for an eclectic living room. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Enthusiast

Eclectic style-lovers rejoice — the Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast theme is everything you’ve been craving in a color palette. These iconic and energetic colors work seamlessly with each other, tempered with a neutral or two for balance.

Sherwin-Williams says: “There are those who don’t know the meaning of ‘less is more.’ Passionate and eclectic, they have a calling to be unique. They embrace the details and create scene-stealing worlds that burst with beauty. The proof is in this palette that features bold pops of vivid color, maximum impact and lots of energy.”

The Naturalist Palette

Sherwin-Williams blue dining room

The Sherwin-Williams Naturalist palette in a light and airy dining room. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Naturalist

The Naturalist theme from the 2019 Colormix Forecast does natural without being boring. Reminiscent of the lush 1970s color palettes, the fresh green of Primavera plays off of Eros Pink for a charming and updated color scheme.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Walking barefoot in the garden, nature lovers instantly connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom. With roots in the forest, this palette’s colorful tendrils grew in hothouses and conservatories until they became these lush, sophisticated tones. Ranging from mushroom to leafy green to passionate floral pink, they’ve now found a place where they’ll never fade.”

The Raconteur Palette

Contemporary Bedroom Sherwin-Williams

The Sherwin-Williams Raconteur palette is perfect in a contemporary bedroom. Image: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Raconteur

The Raconteur palette is all about finding beauty in our experiences and surroundings. Colors gathered from our shared histories create a soothing and meaningful backdrop for our favorite decor.

Sherwin-Williams says: “From ancient sagas to today’s motivational speakers, we love our storytellers. With colorful accounts, they sum up our very nature and remind us how we’re all connected. Passed from grandmothers, traders and nomads, the tales traveled the world, gaining artistry, until we’ve translated them into a rich and modern palette that spans space and time.”

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Create Some HER Time With Woman Caves and She-Sheds

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When they want a timeout, men have been able to retreat to the man cave, the garage, the shed or other areas usually uninhabited by their family members. Women also deserve a place to escape and have some quiet time alone (or with other women). Whether it’s a place to relax, work, read, craft, sleep or just sit and do nothing, women are creating their own spaces. Below are some of the trends in woman caves, she-sheds and other relaxing spaces that women can design and decorate solely for their pleasure.

woman caves basement retreat

A fashionable woman’s cave in Calgary, Alberta. Image: Urban Abode

Basement retreat

The woman cave in the basement of this Calgary home has everything a woman needs to relax and spend time alone – or entertain friends. A mix of leather and crushed velvet furniture provides a relaxing place to kick back. The purple hues in the room range from the deep tones in the curtains, chair and wall-papered accent wall to the mauve carpet and crushed velvet loveseat. The neutral wall color and white tables help to balance the color scheme. The adjacent bar has Carrera marble countertops and a small stainless steel refrigerator.

woman caves craft room

Woman caves can double as craft rooms. Image: Van Metre Homes

Craft room retreat

This Washington, DC craft room is stylish and functional. Large, sturdy tables with plenty of work space are the central focus in this room.  The comfortable task chair provides mobility without having to stand up. Plenty of storage allows the homeowners to hide fabric and other sewing supplies out of sight and avoid clutter. However, some of the sewing materials are also displayed on the wall as art.

woman caves reading nook

Woman caves can be as simple as a reading nook. Image: Alex Findlater

Reading nook retreat

Consider carving out some room in your home to create a small library. The white faux fur pillow and rug add feminine touches, while the transparency of the glass coffee table doesn’t take up any visual space in the room. The unadorned window lets in plenty of natural light. And the mounted cabinet provides additional storage for your most valuable book collections, while the glass front allows you to display them.

woman caves porch

A London-based porch turned into a cozy nook. Image: Joanna Thornhill Interiors

Here’s another idea for a reading nook. Just carve out a space on your front porch. You can use plywood to create a bench seat – and ply-bead panels painted white create architectural detail. Cover the bench with foam and your favorite fabric. Add a few pillows and a comfortable throw to create a cozy area. The plants and natural light help to create a serene retreat.

woman caves powder room

This Seattle powder room serves a lot of functions. Image: Six Walls Interior Design

Powder room retreat

This spectacular powder room has it all. The custom cabinetry (seen through the mirror) provides space for showing off shoes and handbags. The wallpapered ceiling mimics the design in the bejeweled chandelier and the custom-made wool and silk rug. The multifunctional vanity has plenty of space for makeup essentials and can also be used as a desk, and the chaise lounge is perfect for relaxing.


She-sheds allow women to create a space separate from the main house. You can purchase a standard storage shed and add your own style to it, or it can be a DIY project.

woman caves she-shed

This is a not-so-basic she-shed in Australia. Image: SheShedz

This wooden shed with French doors can be installed by the builder or delivered completely flat on two pallets with easy-to-assemble instructions. When painted white, it looks like the perfect cottage. The shed is ideal for a daybed and the white patio furniture helps to complete the clean, airy look.

woman caves shed

This stylish Lynwood, WA she-shed is a sight for sore eyes. Image: Ethan Allen Design

If you want a little more detail in your she-shed, consider this space, which incorporates a coastal vibe. This shed has French windows and flower boxes against a cool gray background. Inside, the beachy blue wall color combines with grays and whites in the bed, curtains, chair, pictures and other decorations. The she-shed serves a dual purpose, since it also functions as a guest bedroom.

woman caves outdoor

Get your creative juices flowing in this Perthshire, Scotland she-shed. Image: JML Garden Rooms

This she-shed studio in Scotland was built with structurally insulated panels so the shed can be used in every season of the year. It also features triple glazed aluminum clad doors. There are two roof lights to take advantage of natural light and the floors are engineered oiled oak flooring. The deck, which includes outdoor furniture, provides a space for the artist to relax and entertain guests.

Do these woman caves inspire you? Which would you like to build in your home for some time away?

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