4 Ways to Use Script Wall Art in Your Home

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Using script in your wall art is a wonderful way to express yourself in your home. You can incorporate your favorite inspirational quotes, excerpts from beloved books or even a more abstract design. You can also use word art as boldly as you want – or as subtly as possible. And depending on how you design the script wall art, it can fit in with everything from the boldest of artsy styles to the most neutral and transitional of spaces.

There are two ways to go about script wall art. Many styles use stencils or decals placed right on the walls themselves. These have a more country look to them so, below, we’ll focus on some of the more modern applications of script wall art.

Script Wall Art Fork Hanging

Script-based wall art can often focus on different words to evoke a certain image, as you can see in the ‘Kitchen Words I’ Textual Art. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Word Themes

You can choose word art for your wall that focuses on a certain theme. The photo above shows how you can even combine different words with an image to evoke that theme. An item like this would be good for a dining area or a kitchen space. Its neutral colors also mean that it would work in a wide variety of home styles, though the slightly distressed style could place it well in rustic chic spaces.

The photo above also shows how choosing a larger print can help create a certain focal point. It’s big enough to act as a theme-setting piece to a room’s style.

Script Wall Art Music Sheet

Script wall art doesn’t just have to be about the words, as in the Leonard Cohen Quote Sheet Music Print. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Repurposed Sheet Music

One way to work with script wall art is to find a creative take on another item. An example is the sheet music with a song lyric over it in the photo above. An item like this would hang well by itself.

Another idea for script wall art is to use it as part of a larger art collage or gallery wall style. This allows you to work with many different quotes. Finding smaller script art can also be more affordable. If you need to cover a whole wall, this is a good idea for making maximum use of the space. And a high-contrast collage can also spice up more understated script wall art pieces.

Script Wall Art Letters Theme

Set the tone in any room’s theme with a letter collage. Image: Di Studio/Shutterstock

Individual Words

The word art in the photo above is a classy take on script art. Many styles just put stencils or decals on the walls, but using letters on a shelf against a wall adds some depth and dimension. It’s not technically wall art, but it’s a way to pull off a wall art cheat if you can’t hang heavy things due to renter restrictions.

This is also a great idea for theme rooms. It’s a neat way to evoke the images of any theme. For instance, words related to the beach and swimming could go a long way in creating a beachside, oceanic theme in a room. For some other ideas, a boho space could have words related to artistic styles or a purely nautical theme could have words related to sailing.

Script Wall Art Black and White Style

You can use subtle script wall art to accent a space, like with this ‘Words to Live by’ Textual Art on Canvas. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Understated Script Wall Art Hangings

You can also go for an understated wall hanging, like in the photo above. A basic, neutral-colored hanging with a black print style can fit in any room. It especially goes well in a space dominated by crisp, neutral colors.

The photo above shows how a piece like this can also fit anywhere as a classy accent to the space. For instance, this piece went right over a side table where the keys are placed. It shows how you can put inspirational messages in places that people stop at often. You could also hang an item like this above a coatrack, in front of a desk or by an eating area.

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All About the Moroccan Chic Style

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Chic is one of those words you often see thrown around in the design world. It’s especially common to see it added to certain design styles to update an older look for modern sensibilities, as is the case with rustic chic and even boho chic. And one style that’s easy to fall in love with is the Moroccan chic style.

Like other styles that make use of the word chic, Moroccan chic is about taking the classic Moroccan design style and updating it for a more modern appeal. The Moroccan style has very distinctive architectural, color and pattern traits. However, it can also look dated on its own since it has so many classical elements to it. Moroccan chic takes some of those Moroccan features and combines them with modern sensibilities, like a judicious use of color and choosing one pattern as a focal point. Below we’ll cover in detail how to get the very on-trend Moroccan chic style.

Moroccan Chic Pouf Style

If you want to get a Moroccan chic style, first focus on the furniture, like this Carnuel Moroccan Leather Pouf. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Moroccan Chic Furniture Details

One hallmark of the Moroccan style is its distinctive furniture and high use of textured patterns. So you’ll first want to focus on the furniture. To start off, it just isn’t a Moroccan style unless you have a pouf somewhere, like the tan one in the photo above. This is a good element that instantly sets the Moroccan tone thanks to its patterns.

In general, you’ll want to focus on pieces with a high degree of geometric pattern. For instance, you might choose a room divider with a patterned and geometric tone. Furniture featuring arches and diamond patterns are also common.

Moroccan Chic Bedroom Style

Layered fabrics give an instant Moroccan feel. Image: Pierivb/Getty Images

Fabric Textures Galore

Another hallmark of the Moroccan style is the use of plenty of textured fabrics. You can see in the photo above how this idea was updated for a more chic design. The fabrics have plenty of texture, but the space is still dominated by a neutral color scheme. That way, this room keeps a light, modern feel.

A common aspect of the Moroccan chic style is that it’s defined by different textures on top of and next to each other. You might even see multiple rugs placed on top of each other in some styles. In the photo above, you can see how the print on the wall sits above a textured pillow, which sits next to a textured bed accent.

Moroccan Chic Blue Bed

Combine the high dose of color in traditional Moroccan styles with the neutrals of modern styles by using an accent color. Image: Pierre-Yves Babelon/Getty Images

Go Subtle with Color

Traditional Moroccan styles are all about color saturation. However, more modern styles tend to veer towards neutrals. To strike a chic balance between the two of them, you could focus on one accent color. The Moroccan chic style in the photo above uses a deep blue as its main accent color. You can see how that shade is reflected in the bedspread and bench. The space also uses red as a secondary accent color.

You could use small punches of multicolored elements, too. Examples include colorful stained-glass pieces in the windows, artwork or a rug. However, these items should not overpower the space. Ground out these elements with neutral-colored items to keep it modern, like in the photo above.

Moroccan Chic Neutral Colors

To keep things more minimal and modern, focus on one main pattern. Image: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

Choose One Pattern as a Focal Point

The Moroccan style is all about patterns and texture. However, to keep things more on the Moroccan chic and modern side, work with just one or two large-scale patterns as your focal point to keep the room looking more visually streamlined.

An example is the space in the photo above, where the defining pattern of the room is the design behind the TV. A secondary texture comes from the geometric design in the carpeting. Moroccan styles are also all about layering tons of pillows together, so feel free to do that, as well. You can use smaller, subtle designs on the pillows. Again, this photo shows how layering visual textures in neutral shades keeps the style looking more modern.

Moroccan Chic Arch Style

Arches are a major aspect of Moroccan styles, but you can incorporate them in subtle ways. Image: Richman21/Shutterstock

Architectural Details

Another huge trend in the Moroccan style is notable architectural details. For example, a recurring detail is that doorways tend to have arches for more of a cultural appeal. However, we can’t all completely remodel our doorways. A good compromise is the wall facade design in the photo above. It still gives that arched Moroccan architecture feel without having to get out the sledgehammer.

You can also incorporate similar geometry into other home accents like coffee tables, mirrors or even headboards. You’ll most commonly see the horseshoe arch in Moroccan architecture, which is a style you can find in all kinds of home goods.

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Art Studios: Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Whether you paint, sculpt, illustrate or specialize in another type of art, an art studio provides a place to work in solitude, store your supplies and display your work. While some artists may work in warehouses, lofts or office buildings, you can create an art studio in your home. Below are several art studios to provide inspiration, along with tips for creating the type of workspace that will stimulate your imagination and inspire you to create your best work.


Art studio location

Location may be your most important choice. Image: LightFieldStudios./Getty Images

Your first and most important decision is determining where to place your art studio. An attic or an unused room in your home would be an excellent choice. A basement with sufficient sunlight is also a good option. If you don’t use your garage, consider transforming it into an art studio. Or you have enough space on your property to build or buy a small shed, this type of structure is ideal.


Art Studio yellow

White is a popular color, but yellow can stimulate creativity. Image: AlexD75/Getty Images

The color(s) of your studio will depend on your preferences. Art studios are often white, but Mary Kay Liston, president of Five Star Painting, recommends adding a pop of color.  If your paint colors consist of white, white and more white, you’ll create a sterilized feeling,” she says.

Liston recommends the color yellow. “This is often considered the cheeriest of colors. Yellow denotes a fun-loving, happy vibe,” she says. But there’s another reason to consider this color.  “Yellow stimulates the logical side of the brain, creates mental clarity and helps inspire imaginative thinking,” Liston explains.

If you decide to go with a traditional white art studio, she says you can add pops of color through accessories.


Art studio light

Art studios need natural light. Image: LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

Ideally, art studios will be designed so plenty of natural light is streaming in during the day. “Lighting is key to reading color correctly and anyone who has worked in art or design knows a piece can read completely differently in one space versus another because of lighting,” says Austin, Texas-based interior designer Stacy Murphy. “Your decorative ceiling fixtures or table lamps could turn the color medium you are working with either too warm or too cool, which is why natural daylight is truly your best friend in a creative working space. It’s also great for your wellbeing; you’ll be more creative if you’re connected to natural elements.”


Art studio space

You can never have too much space. Image: ondatra-m/Getty Images

While a small studio is fine, don’t underestimate the value of plenty of space. This will allow you to transition from one area to the next without worrying about accidentally knocking over your easel or stepping on artwork or supplies. “Also, you should get a comfortable chair or stool that is height adjustable so you can alternate between standing or sitting heights, depending on what type of art you are creating,” advises Murphy.

Place for Materials  

Art studio supplies

Keep supplies organized and easily accessible. Image: Hero Images/Getty Images

“Make sure you have an appropriate storage system to keep your supplies neat and organized,” advises Murphy. “IKEA hacks are a great way to get a chic supply storage system for less.” Depending on your type of art, you need a place to store paint, paint brushes and other supplies. Being organized helps you work more efficiently – and hide clutter.


Art studio windows

Windows need to be easily opened for ventilation. Image: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Proper ventilation will ensure that you don’t pass out from the fumes in paint, ink, glue, cleaning fluids and other chemicals. The art studio pictured above has a folding glass wall/door system that can create a completely open space in one corner of the room.

Durable Materials

Durable materials

Assume everything could be subject to paint splatters. Image: Monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

When choosing materials for art studios, make sure that everything is durable and easy to clean – or include well-used items and objects that you don’t mind soiling. The paint splatters on these floors can actually add character. However, if you would prefer not to add character to your floor, consider vinyl or laminate flooring, both of which are easy to clean. As a bonus, the cushion in the underlayment can help ease the pain in your feet or legs from standing all day.

Liston also recommends using paint with a satin finish in your art studio. “A satin finish reflects light for an elegant look,” she says. “Walls can be easily wiped clean and withstand exposure to moisture, making it a top choice for your craft room if things get messy.”

Cleanup Area   

Art studio cleanup

Clean up before you leave the studio. Image: Inti St Clair/Getty Images

Because art studios can indeed get messy, consider installing a sink so you can clean your supplies and work area and wash the paint, chemicals, dust and other matter off of yourself before returning to your living area.


Display artwork

Display your artwork in the studio. Image: ADA_Photo/Getty Images

Your art studio should also provide the inspiration to create your best work. “You want your at-home art studio to make you feel transported,” Murphy says. “Dreaming of being a painter in Paris? Pin up some photos that make you feel like you’re there. This space is all about you and your craft, so make a place where you can do you and be you,” she says.

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New Orleans Artist Debbie Boyd Hageman Looks to Mother Nature

The balance of cool and bold work perfectly in artist Debbie Boyd Hageman’s work. All images courtesy of Debbie Boyd Hageman.

New Orleans-based artist Debbie Boyd Hageman has always looked to mother nature for inspiration, solace and refuge. From the time she was a little girl out in the garden with her mother, helping to grow their vegetables, to photographing and painting outdoors in her beloved New Orleans, Boyd Hageman finds her creativity flows best when outside.

“I look at the landscape and I see something new every time,” says Boyd Hageman. She paints big, bold, colorful abstract paintings for commercial and retail clients around the globe.

The Philly native spent a good chunk of her childhood in the state of Indiana. In her early 20s, she headed south to Florida, where she began her artistic career. Though she had always painted and briefly spent time in college art classes, it wasn’t until the then 20-something hit the Sunshine state that she was able to sell her paintings and confirm she could be successful as an artist.

Her use of both bright and muted colors, often together, is part of what makes her art so appealing. Though she does sell smaller pieces so that her art is accessible at all price points, Boyd Hageman mostly creates larger pieces that can stand on their own. “I tend to express myself best using large-scale canvases,” she says.

Deep, dark colors from artist Debbie Boyd Hageman work well in a monotone room.

Freedom of expression

For this busy artist and mom, it truly is all about expression.

“Sometimes I hate a piece, then I love it, then I hate it. Eventually, I come to a place where I can stop working on it, which is where I love it again,” she says with a laugh. Though she works to keep the artistic temperament to a minimum, Boyd Hageman jokes she’s been known to throw a piece outside on the ground when completely unsatisfied. “I usually go pick it up later and get back to work on it.”

The prolific painter is also a talented cook who makes most of her family meals daily – and from scratch. Working as an artist has allowed her to spend more time with her husband and two children. Her family also loves the outdoors. Often, they will walk the levee overlooking the Mississippi River. The scenic walk is just a few hundred feet from her front door in the Algiers Point neighborhood of New Orleans. It’s that kind of freedom she finds most appealing.

“I love that I make my own schedule, set my own rules and can truly be myself,” she says.

New Orleans-based contemporary artist Debbie Boyd Hageman in her studio.

The creative process

The artist has set up a studio in her home and posts pictures of her process almost daily. Many collectors buy their pieces directly from Boyd Hageman through her social media channels. She says those channels are like a virtual art gallery and she has a huge appreciation for them. Some artists she follows and admires on Instagram are Adam Handler, Eileen Noonan and Joseph Conrad-Ferm, as well as many others.

The busy artist also sells her pieces at various art galleries and artistic spaces such as the Broad Theater. Plus, she sells at local hotels like the Old 77 Hotel through the curated collection from Where Y’Art. She also has pieces in the permanent collections of The Jung Hotel, Pigeon and Price and The Brent House Transplant Institute.

On days when her schedule and mother nature align, the natural beauty will pack up her paintings and her gear and head to the famous French Quarter. There, she often sets up shop in Jackson Square with a multitude of other talented artists.

“It’s a real community of people who take care of one another,” she says. She adds that she learns a great deal from her contemporaries on everything from the location of the best parking spaces to easy ways to haul canvases and equipment through the busy streets.

For more information on Debbie Boyd Hageman, visit her website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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5 Ways to Get a Creative and Fun Boho Style

Have you always wanted a more free-spirited and artsy space, but have never quite had the courage to try it? Then 2019 might be your year for getting an exciting boho style. Boho is showing back up in home trends this year. Short for bohemian, boho style is all about finding what’s unique, fun, interesting, artsy and relaxed for a home.

For instance, boho style tends to emphasize bright colors, complex prints, unique furniture and anything that makes a space unusual. Because of these elements, every boho style has its own unique look. So take a look below for some inspiration on how to incorporate this look into your home.

Boho Style Fabric on Wall

Don’t be afraid to make fabrics your wall art. Image: Jessica Forbes

Colorful Fabrics on the Wall

One key hallmark of the boho style is bold and colorful patterns in fabrics. Because they look so cultural, they also help give your space the globe-trotting, free-spirited vibe common in the boho style, even if you don’t travel as much as you’d like.

The photo above shows how using these prints and textures in unusual ways helps add to the artsy feel. For instance, you might hang one of these fabrics on the wall as unconventional, free-flowing artwork. You can also see how these bold textures and colors are reflected in other pieces in the space, like the lamp, tablecloth and pillow.

Boho Style Rustic Kitchen

Go rustic for a classic bohemian feel. Image: Kole

Rustic Texture and Bright Colors for a Boho Style

Not many people think to combine a boho look with rustic interiors. However, it makes sense. The boho look arose out of the bohemian lifestyle of the 19th Century and onward. It was once marked by unconventional lifestyles for the times, frugality and a life devoted to artistic pursuits. As such, many bohemians lived in the then-affordable artistic districts of large cities (Greenwich Village is one of the most popular examples).

So by choosing either a purposefully rustic or industrial interior, you could effectively create a feeling of those early art district apartments. You can see in the photo above how such a look combines well with bright shoots of color in the herbs, books, rug and tea kettle for an added boho vibe.

Boho Style Rustic Furniture Space

Set the casual and free-flowing feel with non-matching furniture. Image: STRUKTR

Purposefully Mismatched Furniture

One of the ways to get a boho look with the biggest impact is to go for uncommon furniture combinations. This instantly packs a feeling of free-spirited unconventionality. You can see in the photo above how such a look was achieved by combing a standard sectional sofa with rustic woven chairs. The upturned basket as a coffee table gives an additional feel of free-flowing space.

Additional elements in the room add to the boho look, too. Exposed rafters juxtapose with sleek, dark walls for an artsy feel. The pattern and bold colors in the carpet add those quintessential boho fabric textures. And the pillows add fun shots of color.

Boho Style Cover on Bed

A bright fabric makes a great focal point for more subtle, chic spaces. Image: Jungalow

Go Chic with a Single Bright Fabric

One way to go for a boho look that’s on the easier side is to choose a single bright and intricate fabric as the room’s focal point. A good example is the cover on the bed in the photo above. The neutral colors in the rest of the room help the cover easily become the focal point.

Once you have your focal point fabric, you can add subtle boho elements around the room. For instance, the free-flowing, minimalistic canopy over the bed is a common element in boho bedrooms. The rustic picture frames with small art elements in them give a funky, unconventional look. And the hanging lantern piece has a fun, artsy feel to it.

Boho Style Hanging Chair and Rocker

Go wild with your furniture choices for that fun, relaxed boho feel. Image: Kristin Laing

Unconventional Furniture Pieces

Another idea is to go for many outright unconventional furniture pieces, like in the photo above. As large fixtures in the room, furniture always instantly sets the tone of the space. An example is the artsy swinging moon chair. The ornate rocker also gives the space a feeling of unconventionality. Other elements like the hanging potted plant and large cushion on the floor give the space a fun, relaxed, free-spirited feel.

As you can see, it’s hard to prescribe exactly what should be in a boho space. These spaces are as unique as possible. So you might combine some of the ideas above or find fun, artsy items in a thrift store to make the space all your own. The true fun with the boho style is to make it uniquely you.

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15 Gorgeous Interior Skyscapes for a Celestial Home

One of the prettiest and most artistic developments in home design has to be statement ceilings. These ceilings usually feature bold colors, geometric designs or other amazing visuals. And a classic way to make a bold statement with your ceiling is to have some sort of skyscape on it. Whether it’s puffy clouds or starry vistas, interior skyscapes are a wonderful way to get an artsy home. Plus, they create the illusion of opening up any space. But it doesn’t stop with ceilings. Skyscapes also work as wall art. Take a look below to find some inspiration for interior skyscapes.

Starry Night Ceilings

One of the most common ways to work with interior skyscapes is to create the illusion that your ceiling is opening right into a starry night. The illusion is often created by small pinpricks of LED lights in the ceiling mimicking stars. Other styles opt for a cleverly painted design.

Starry night skies work in any space, too. Many designs can be found in home theater spaces to give a feel of watching a movie at an old-school, outdoor drive-in theater. One unique design places a starry night over an indoor swimming pool to make it look like you’re taking a moonlit swim. Below, you can even see how the concept works in a bathroom.

Interior Skyscapes Starry Lounge

Lighting systems can do an amazing job of mimicking nighttime stars. Image: Zeta Infografia

Interior Skyscapes Nautical Bathroom

This nautical-themed bathroom shows how a nighttime sky on the ceiling can give the look of sailing out under the stars. Image: ECLIPSE Designs

Interior Skyscapes Home Theater

Here’s another home theater that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie outside on a clear night. Image: Benson and Associates Interior Design

Interior Skyscapes Indoor Pool

The lit galaxy on this ceiling would make it feel like you’re swimming under the stars. Image: Suzanne Hunt Architect

Interior Skyscapes Starry Living Room

You can also create a conceptual star look in more traditional living spaces. Image: Sporadic Space

Daytime Sky Ceilings

Another option for interior skyscapes is to paint a daytime sky right on the ceiling. That will make it look like your space opens right to the heavens. It’s even a neat little hack to visually open up smaller spaces.

The bright azure of the blue sky adds some uplifting color to the space, along with the pristine white of the clouds. Blue and white tend to be a popular color choice for rooms, so you can also work those colors into the rest of the space easily. Take a look below for some inspiration on how to make an amazing interior skyscape using scenes of daytime skies.

Interior Skyscapes Sky Ceiling

Here’s an example of a realistic sky ceiling; you can see how it seems like you’re looking right up into the sky. Image: Interior Art

Interior Skyscapes Cherub Style

This design went for a more fanciful theme and added some cherubs. Image: Interior Art

Interior Skyscapes Balcony Design

Here you can fully see how a skyscape visually eliminates the ceiling for a more open appearance. Image: Nasrallah Architectural Group

Interior Skyscapes Nursery Space

This ceiling skyscape does a wonderful job of blending into the walls. Image: Amy Sklar Design

Here you can see how well a skyscape works in a child’s space. Even on the rainiest of days, kids can have the feeling of playing outside. Image: Ensoul

Wall Art Interior Skyscapes

Of course, you might be in a position where you can’t paint your ceiling, usually because of time, budget, logistical or renting constraints. Painting a ceiling is delicate and often messy work.

However, you can still work with interior skyscapes. By using wall art, you might create a more open feel in the space with minimal effort. All you have to do is mount a canvas to the wall. Other designs paint the walls themselves for an encompassing way to get the style. Read on to see easier ways of getting an uplifting interior skyscape right in your home.

Interior Skyscapes Reading Room Sky

Adding a skyscape to the walls of a reading, reflection and meditation space is an instant way to make the room feel more open and relaxed. Image: Art and Atmosphere

Interior Skyscapes Dining Room Sky

You can also go more traditional and use a wall painting that features a scene with a skyscape. Image: rlh Studio

Interior Skyscapes Whale Theme

This design uses a skyscape on a wall, which is then extended over the rest of the ceiling. Image: Fontana Painting

Interior Skyscapes Cloud Theme

You can also go more conceptual with cloud-themed wall hangings. Image: Rikki Snyder

Interior Skyscapes Canvas Theme

A large sky canvas is easy to hang and opens up any space. Image: Designer Premier

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Create a Hobby or Craft Room in 3 Easy Steps

If you have a hobby, like sewing, photography, music, DIY-ing, collecting stamps or trying to fix what your kids and significant other broke, it helps to have a dedicated workspace. Below are three easy steps to create a functional yet stylish hobby or craft room.

Decide Where to Put it

Multipurpose room

This multipurpose room combines laundry and crafting. Image: RW Anderson Homes

Think you don’t have space for a hobby or craft room? You’d be surprised at the possibilities. Mina Fies, creator of the Renovation Roadmap and Founder & CEO of Synergy Design & Construction, tells Freshome that a client recently contacted her firm for help after the teenage daughter took over the family’s dining room.  “It was no longer used for eating, but was overflowing with craft store supplies, half-finished projects and Mod Podge.” Fies helped the family turn the unfinished laundry room into a multifunctional room. The space has sliding wall panels hiding floor-to-ceiling storage and a standalone craft table in the center of the room that also doubles as a place to sort and fold laundry.

Garage hobby room

A garage hobby room with a large workspace and under-mounted LED cabinet lighting: Image: TransFORM Home

In fact, Jennifer Baldinger, a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty in Scarsdale, NY, believes there’s no wrong place for a craft room. “I love the idea of using odd spaces such as oversized closets, windowless rooms in a basement, even garage space,” she said. And one of Baldinger’s buyers repurposed the area under a staircase to create a “secret” fun play space for their young daughter to create art projects.

Decide How to Create It

Repurposed garage

This repurposed garage could be used for various types of crafts and hobbies. Image: Lynde Galloway Interior

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to create a craft or hobby room. “You need some good storage shelves and a workspace with a table,” Bellinger says. “I’ve seen some great ones in a back corner of a basement where my clients used an old kitchen table.”

Dining room

A dining room converted into a photographer’s work space. Image: CM Natural Designs

However, depending on how much time you’ll spend there and what you expect to accomplish in this space, you may need to put a little more thought into it. “For comfortable work, you will need sufficient space – reliable and easy to clean,” advises Katy Brut, interior design consultant at NY Furniture Outlets. “The table should either be fairly wide or be able to expand in the process of working on your project,” she says.

Colorful craft room

A colorful, comfortable and functional craft room. Image: BEHR

Comfortable seating is also important. “Sometimes, you want to look for ideas in books and, if your family is like mine, they want to come ask you questions while you work,” says Janet Perry, a needlepoint teacher and author at Napa Needlepoint in Mare Island, CA. “Having a comfy chair gives you a place for relaxation and them a place to sit when they come in.”


A fishing enthusiast’s dream workshop shed. Image: Epoch Solutions

Lighting is another important consideration. “You need a lot of light, and if the room is not bright enough, add lamps,” Brut recommends.

Decide How to Organize and Store Your Supplies


This hobby room has plenty of storage options. Image: Bart Edson Photography

To keep the room organized, Brut says you’ll need a storage system, and she takes a very detailed approach. “In advance, calculate the number of not only boxes and shelves, but even internal drawers,” she says.

“Ideally, all the most important stuff should be at hand. Begin by grouping your stuff by categories and types. For example, ribbons with ribbons, buttons with buttons.” She recommends dedicating larger drawers to tools and materials in large quantities. “Now it’s time for the finishing touch. You need to pick up suitable containers for each group. You will need boxes, jars and organizers – all this can be found in any home goods store.”

If you’re really creative, Brut says you can repurpose items. For example, decorate a glass jar and store threads, buttons or other small items in it. “If you have opaque containers, be sure to label them to help you locate them when needed,” Brut says.

Perry also recommends using repurposed items for storage. “One of the best things I have gotten for my craft room is card catalog ‘chunks’ – they are great storage and can be easy to find.”

Multipurpose craft room

Another multipurpose craft room. Image: Capital Cabinets & Floors

However, you can also purchase bookcases, storage or have custom shelving installed. “When being creative, it really helps to have quick and easy access to the inputs you need, whether yarn, sewing thread and paint, paper, canvas, research material or reference books,” says J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman.  “Consider the power of concealed storage – recessed cabinets, closet organizers, built-in bookcases and the idea of incorporating storage drawers or cabinets in your central work surface, custom built to match your unique needs and sense of style.”

In addition to storage and a workspace, Perry also recommends having a place to display your work. “Not only will having pieces you are proud of make you happy, they often can inspire future work,” she says. “I have many of my needlepoint pieces on display on walls and shelves and I love seeing them.”

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Easy and Fast Ways to Modernize A Home for 2019

Do you wish you could breathe some fresh life into your home for 2019? Then you may want to add some elements to your home featuring current design trends. But you might look at some of the trendiest contemporary spaces and feel those are out of reach. After all, many spaces incorporate a contemporary aesthetic in the way they are designed on an architectural level, meaning you might need a complete remodel or new build to achieve those looks. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to modernize a home that don’t require a wrecking ball. Below are some added embellishments that can make your home look more updated for the new year.

Modernize A Home Large Mirror

Mirrors add a new style in an instant. Image: Elad Gonen

Large Contemporary Mirror

An easy way to add stark, updated geometry to a space is to look into the different mirror designs out there. An example in the photo above uses circular and square geometry in juxtaposition. It really adds some sleek geometry to the space, and the gray frame matches the neutrals in the rest of the room.

Mirrors are an easy way to modernize a home. A large mirror can be its own focal point. They’re easy to source and hang and a large mirror can do wonders in opening up a space. Plus, the sleek texture of a mirror makes any space look more updated.

Modernize A Home Trendy Furniture

Change up your furniture to something more creative for an updated look. Image: Laurie Woods

Modernize a Home with Unconventional Furniture

Large pieces of furniture tend to be their own focal point. So if you want to overhaul how a room looks, simply change the furniture.

If you want a look that is on the more contemporary side, try for unique pieces of furniture, like in the photo above. Pieces that eschew the traditional sofa and chair shape have a more updated, almost futuristic look. The open back and freely placed armrests also add some interesting geometry to the space.

If you’re not looking to go too bold, you also might want to think about more understated contemporary ways people are using furniture. For instance, neutrals tend to be popular right now, but mixing them with brightly colored single accent pieces can help a room pop.

Modernize A Home Lighting Fixture

A new light fixture can add some instant style. Image: Paul Davis Architects

Geometric Light Fixtures

Another way to modernize a home is to think about the lighting fixtures. An intricate lighting fixture can breathe life into any room. An example is the highly interesting piece in the photo above. Its sleek chrome design and industrial-style exposed bulbs make it quite the eye-grabber.

A new lighting fixture is a good way to set the tone for a more updated look. You can go for industrial pieces, sleek metal pieces or even retro sunburst designs – they’re making a comeback. Lighting fixtures are also fairly easy to replace, but they make it look like you did some major hardware overhauls in your space.

Modernize A Home Wall Art

Set a new style or color tone with some updated wall art. Image: Hills and Grant Interior Design

Change the Wall Art

You can also change the art on your walls. That’s an easy way to update a space without doing anything too drastic. Like the other design elements above, large art tends to stand as a focal point so changing the art can help set a new tone in the space.

One idea is to go for abstract art, like in the photo above. Many people associate the height of abstract art with the mid-20th century. Because of that, it tends to pop up in mid-century modern styles. However, a good piece of modern art can transcend the ages with its color, raw emotion and eye-grabbing designs. Abstract art can also serve a design purpose. For instance, the piece in the photo above juxtaposes some earthy green color against an industrial space.

Modernize A Home Neutral Colors

Going for a neutral tone in a room can make the space look more open and updated. Image: StudioLab

Combine Neutrals

Neutrals are very popular in updated, contemporary spaces. They open up the room and tend to give a relaxed tone that won’t go out of style too soon. So if you want to modernize a home, try going for neutral tones.

An example is the space in the photo above. The room balances its neutral tones impeccably. The brown in the sofa reflects the wood coloring behind the TV and shelving. An area rug is a good way to add more neutral tones to a space, as well. Neutral throw pillows and a neutral-colored coffee table are even more easy ways to add these tones to a space without having to remodel.

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Artist Heather Gauthier Makes Art of Beauty and Wildlife

San Antonio artist Heather Gauthier captures the beauty and whimsy of our love of animals. Photo courtesy of Heather Gauthier

Artist Heather Gauthier doesn’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t creating things. From her childhood days as an imaginative, home-schooled “weirdo” growing up in Lubbock, Texas to her early married life living in South Africa, Gauthier has been sketching and painting scenes of beauty and wildlife her entire life.

“There wasn’t much to do or see in Lubbock, the flattest, ugliest, cowiest town in West Texas. It meant my inner life was a lot richer,” Gauthier says. Both she and her brother are artists. She attributes their artistry to the fact that both of them had to rely on their imaginations for stimulation.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

A dining room is illuminated with a piece of art from artist Heather Gauthier. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Though she took art classes briefly at Texas Tech (“I left running and shrieking for the hills, far, far away from Lubbock”), Gauthier has mostly been self-taught. Years of practice helped her hone her craft and find her voice as an artist. Her goal is to make art that is beautiful and that makes people happy. With pieces often featuring flora and fauna in exploding colors, Gauthier creates pictures that have a whimsical depiction of life and beauty.

“I am all about beauty. I create art that depicts a reality I wish was real,” she says.

Lions, tigers and bears, along with hippos, zebras and birds of every variety, are often the subjects of Gauthier’s art. Though the animals themselves are gorgeous and glorious and regal, Gauthier often lightens the mood of the painting by adding beautiful bouquets of flowers, hats, beads and other adornments on her subjects. Her art is playful and done with a sense of humor, despite her subject matters being serious creatures.

“I take pride in my work but I can’t take myself too seriously,” she says.

Playing the Artist Card

A client is dressed in black and white to complement her Heather Gauthier original. Photo courtesy of artist Heather Gauthier.

Asked what the best thing about being an artist is, Gauthier responds with “my Artist Card.”

“Why am I wearing hot dogs in my hair? Artist. Why does my house look like multiple factory explosions? Artist. Why can I never remember to sign my kids’ homework? Artist.”

Her offbeat sense of humor resonates with a particular audience and Gauthier has grown a following particularly in San Antonio, her current home base, along with a few other cities like Napa and Aspen. However, she says that New Orleans is her “artistic mothership” and it is there that she has been the most successful.

“People get me there and I deeply appreciate it. I paint the things I do for all the same reasons that I love New Orleans,” says Gauthier. Her work can be found at Gallery Orange on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

“I think the unusual and unique fun spirit of her work fits well into Nola, plus her love for anything flowery, joie de vivre and love of food all resonate with people here,” says Tracy Gielbert of Gallery Orange.

Work and Life Balance

Artist Heather Gauthier has a collection of homewares for sale on her website. Photo courtesy of Heather Gauthier.

Speaking of fitting, as a mother of two young children, Gauthier balances being a parent and an artist and paints in great bursts when her schedule allows. Sometimes, she says, she’ll let her kids pass some time in front of the television and work at a furious pace while they’re otherwise engaged. Often, she paints once they’ve headed off to bed. With school back in session, Gauthier plans to spend more time in her studio and on her easel.

The fall of 2018 will be a busy time for the adventure-seeking traveler. She’s working on a book cover for Harper Collins, a line of china and home linens and larger shows in San Antonio and New Orleans. Despite clocking in many hours painting, Gauthier says one of her goals this year is to take a little more time to just relax and ease up on her pace.

“I really want to chill some more this year,” she says. Gauthier has, to date, packed her schedule with events, launches and lots more painting. Her love for the creative process and painting means she will continue to produce works that will entice fans to keep buying her art – and will undoubtedly keep her busy.

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6 Tips to Get an Updated Color Scheme Without Painting

If you want to get a fresh look in your home for 2019, then you might want to try updating to a new color scheme. Playing with your room’s color is a great way to breathe some new life into the space. But you may be picturing major changes, like having to completely repaint the room or get all-new furniture. There are actually several different ways to update the color scheme in your home that don’t require a major overhaul. So take a look below for some easy ways to get a new or updated color scheme in your home for the new year.

Updated Color Scheme Two Colors

Don’t feel limited to just one accent color. Image: Mary Dewalt Design Group

Two Accent Colors

If you already have an accent color that you worked perfectly into your space, you can still have an updated color scheme. One idea is to incorporate a second accent color into the space. You can see how the concept works in the photo above.

The blue and lime green are both well-balanced in the space. The green in the area rug is balanced by the blue of the scenery outside. Small elements like chair cushions, vases and throw pillows are equally shared between the two shades. By creating a similar balance, you can combine any two colors for a fresh look in your space.

Updated Color Scheme Throw Pillows

Throw blankets and pillows are so easy to update, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Image: AVI Homes

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Another idea for breathing some color into your space is to choose new shades in the throw pillows. The photo above shows how some simple throw pillows add a layer of color to the neutral room. These do a good job of creating layers of color in red, orange and pale yellow. And you really can’t get any easier than placing some throw pillows.

Along the same lines, you can also use a large throw blanket over a sofa or chair in a bright color. That can breathe a good dose new color into the space and is also very easy to place.

Updated Color Scheme Tabletop Items

A variety of items work for bringing a new color into a space, like lamps, statues, ceramics and candles. Image: The Spotted Frog

Tabletop or Shelving Accents for an Updated Color Scheme

You can get an updated color scheme in any space by wisely choosing what elements you have on the tables and shelves. The photo above shows how some bright aqua works into the neutral space above simply by placing the lamps, a bowl on the coffee table and some bright candles back by the mirror.

This photo also shows how well uniform throw pillows placed throughout the space help add balance. By only focusing on tabletops and shelves, the color may not reflect on the furniture, leading to less balance. But the throw pillows are, again, an easy way to make a new color work in a space.

Updated Color Scheme Furniture Paint Job

Bring new life to a space with updated smaller pieces of furniture. Image: Burnham Design

Painted Accent Furniture

Another idea for an updated color scheme is to simply paint some accent furniture or buy small pieces that have the new color you wish to introduce. An example is the orange nightstand in the photo above. Furniture pieces like this are easy to find new, used or you can paint them yourself. You could get colorful wooden chairs, coffee tables or end tables, as a few other ideas. They’re a low-fuss way to get a new color in the room without having to do any major paint jobs or large-scale furniture replacements.

The photo also shows how well a colored furniture piece can work with colored tabletop accents. By choosing a shade that’s slightly different between the furniture and table pieces, you end up layering the color in the space in an attractive way.

Updated Color Scheme Wall Art

Wall art has always been a great way to bring color into a space. Image: Olive Interiors

New Wall Art

One major benefit of wall art is that it’s easy to swap out as your whims change. If you’d like a new color scheme in a space, start by changing or adding in wall art that incorporates the new color. An example is the wall art in the photo above, which has orange tones that reflect the chairs and tones in the throw pillows.

The photo above shows that you don’t have to be overbearing with your wall art, either. You can go for a more muted piece that features accents of the new color. Of course, if you’d like to go bold, you can also find art that features just your new shade.

Updated Color Scheme Colorful Rug

Area rugs are easy to place and often pack plenty of color. Image: Hollub Homes

A New Area Rug

Another easy way to get updated color in your space is to go for a new area rug. You get the color saturation on the floor without completely carpeting a room. And the look is more temporary if you like to update your space often.

The photo above shows the concept in action. The pink shades in the chairs, lighting fixture and ottoman are reflected in parts of the area rug. If you’re going for bold color, you can choose a multicolored rug like this that matches the accent color in the rest of the room. It’s a good way to get a multicolored look that still fits in with the room’s overall design. Or you could get a solid-colored rug that just has the new shade you wish to bring into the room.

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