The Coolest Designs From Tempaper Designs, Your Go-To For Removable Wallpaper

Whether your tastes change faster than you can say “interior design” or you want something that will keep your security deposit safely intact, you should know that removable wallpaper isn’t just for kids anymore. These days, Tempaper Designs is here to bring you fresh and modern takes on this fast decor solution.

We broke down their selection into seven themes that are currently on-trend. Look them over to find your next adventure in wallpaper.



Florals aren’t exactly new to the wallpaper scene, but these aren’t the dainty daisies that once adorned the walls of your grandmother’s house. Today’s florals take on much more of a cool, tropical vibe in order to help you make your home into the oasis it was destined to become.



Metallics are in and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you want something twee like the bird watching print above or something more in-your-face like the two bold, geometric prints, Tempaper has got you covered. Plus, with options in silver, gold and copper, no matter your personal taste, you’ve got options.

Surfaces and textures


Don’t have any natural architectural features in your apartment? No problem. With on-trend options like an exposed brick finish and wooden planks that look like shiplap, you should be able to recreate that sun-drenched loft feel.




If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the emerging 2019 interior design trends, it’s that the 70s are back in a big way. With that comes plenty of geometric patterns. No matter whether you prefer the small and subtle look of the CONNECT wallpaper or bolder styles like MAYA’S PAPAYAS, trust us when we say that you’re going to want to get into this style next year. Be ahead of the curve.



For those who can’t get enough flora and fauna, Tempaper also has a collection dedicated to jungle-inspired prints. There are palm leaves and ferns galore. This is a good opportunity for you to let your wild side shine with a border or accent wall. No tropical climate required.


Cherry Blossom

Asian-inspired styles have been around for years and, thanks to trends like Japandi, we’re still finding ways to keep these looks fresh. As you can see, Tempaper has chosen a muted take on these styles that will go well with a variety of applications. These looks allow you to give a subtle nod to Asian cultures without it feeling too over-the-top.



Removable wallpaper will always cater to kids. After all, when their tastes inevitably change, this makes it super easy for their decor to change with them. With styles ranging from celestial orbits to dinosaurs and medieval knights, there’s something here to pique every kid’s interest.

How to use removable wallpaper


Here’s how to use removable wallpaper in your home. Image:

There’s so much more that you can do with removable wallpaper than decorate all four walls. If you’re stuck on how to use this design element in a way that works, we have some inspiration. Keep scrolling for five unique ways to incorporate removable wallpaper into your home.

  • Accent walls: Accent walls are practically tailor-made for removable wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your pattern. Remember, the great thing is that, when your tastes change, you’ll easily be able to switch that wallpaper out with another print.
  • Lining drawers: If you want to give your home organization a little twist, consider lining your drawers with removable wallpaper. It’s a fun way to spice up a boring cabinet or dresser. Plus, it may even help you remember where everything goes.
  • Lining shelving: Boring shelving units are so last year. Give yours an extra pop of visual interest by lining the interior of your shelves with removable wallpaper. Just remember to pick a pattern that coordinates with the color of the shelving unit itself.
  • Gallery walls: The best part of a gallery wall is that it can include any piece of art that strikes your fancy – and who says removable wallpaper can’t be art? When you see a pattern that you love, consider framing it and making it part of your collection.
  • As a headboard: If you don’t want to go all out and spring for a real headboard, removable wallpaper can help you create the same look for pennies on the dollar. All you need to do is measure the width of your bed and cut your panel to size.

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