5 Ways to Make Modern Valentine’s Day Décor

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There’s always been a bit of an issue with Valentine’s Day: it’s marked by gaudy décor items like paper hearts, pink teddy bears and frilly Valentine’s Day cards. But you can decorate your home so that you can celebrate the holiday, yet keep it classy and sophisticated. There are plenty of ways to go about having a classy Valentine’s Day. However, they’re all marked by the principle of minimalism. If you place just a few accents to celebrate the holiday, you can set the mood without being surrounded by a frilly, overly pink nightmare. So take a look below to find some top ways to go about having a modern Valentine’s Day.

Modern Valentine’s Day Framed Art

Small, bright accents can set the tone for Valentine’s Day without overpowering the space. Image: Anna Oleksenko / Shutterstock

Small Framed Accents

One idea is to find a piece that works as a smaller focal point. For instance, you could find a framed piece, like in the photo above. Something like this would fit on the wall, or you could even place it over the mantel. Then you could place small red accents around the room for some design cohesion.

This concept works best with a piece of framed art. But you can get creative by finding other classy accents. For instance, you might find a modern red heart piece on a stand. Or you could go for a simple, classy Valentine’s Day wreath.

Modern Valentine’s Day Accent Color

The bold reds and pinks of the holiday are great as accent colors. Image: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

Using Accent Colors

Another idea for a modern Valentine’s Day is to make use of bold red or bright pink as your accent color. In today’s styles, accent colors are popular. They add a fun pop to otherwise neutral and light color schemes that define contemporary styles.

You can see an example of how something like this could work in the photo above. Bright shades of red pop in the space, a natural color for Valentine’s Day. Then you could easily add a red heart piece on a shelf to set the tone for the holiday. And if you already have red or pink as an accent color, a heart décor item idea is an obvious choice.

Modern Valentine’s Day Pink and White

Keep it understated with a white and light pink color scheme. Image: Jane Rix / Shutterstock

Add Subtle Pink Accents

Instead of going for bold accent colors that pop, you could also go for subtle pink. A light baby pink won’t visually compete with anything, especially if you have a lot of white in your space.

You can see an idea for how to incorporate pink into a space in the photo above. You can have some simple light pink confections in a clear jar, like these white and pink marshmallows. Don’t feel like you have to overtly go Valentine’s Day. An idea like this can create a subtle, modern Valentine’s Day by focusing on the color scheme of the holiday alone.

Modern Valentine’s Day Heart Sign

Go for word art to set an instant feeling of romance, like with this Hand Made Modern Unfinished Craft Be Mine Heart, Courtesy of Target.

Classy Art for a Modern Valentine’s Day

We covered framed wall art above, but you can use word art in other pieces. By working with word art like this, you can easily set the mood for the holiday. But a simple piece like this doesn’t overpower the space. It can hang on its own, or as part of an overall Valentine’s Day room design.

An element like this would be easy to hang, too. And it’s neutral color fits in with just about any room design. Though if you wanted to get a funky look, you could place it on a table askew for a more creative take. It’s unfinished, so you could also customize it.

Modern Valentine’s Day Throw Pillow

Valentine’s Day-themed throw pillows make easy and understated accents, as you can see with this Be Mine Linen Throw Pillow, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Small Throw Pillow Accents

The best way to keep things contemporary and easy is to simply add a holiday-themed throw pillow. This classic red heart pillow in the photo above sets the mood for the season, but its light backdrop would allow it to fit in with just about any room style.

The rustic print and burlap texture would also help it fit in with rustic chic styles. And the deep shade of the red pops, but it’s not an overly saturated or neon color like you’d see on some of the loudest Valentine’s Day cards. A classy throw pillow like this is just a good, basic piece that fits in with any modern Valentine’s Day.

What are your favorite modern Valentine’s Day decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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